Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Walgreens and Target

If you are out and about today, stop by your Walgreens! My Walgreens had gift wrap for 25 cents a roll and gift tag stickers for 10 cents a pack! I stocked up! I got 8 rolls! So, now I am set for next Christmas ( and maybe the christmas after that!). I also picked up the 4 rebate items from the Walgreens Monthly book, which totaled $30.

Also, Target Christmas clearance has gone to 75% off. I picked up gifts for next year, teacher gifts and easter basket stuffers. I am now all set for Easter Baskets!

Between the 2 stores I spent $100 ( including the $30 in rebate items), but I got my fathers Birthday and Christmas gifts, 15 rolls of gift wrap (some for birthdays and other events, not just Christmas), my FIL's Christmas gifts for next year, and tons of other stuff!

I have spent a lot, so now, it's time to slow down for the new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Did the test drive today....

I went in and did the test drive today. I should expect my $50 gift card in 6 to 8 weeks!
I also picked up my 2 free video rentals. One is a 5 day rental and one is an overnight rental which we will watch tonight. So, 2 free movies and a $50 day!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Went out and grocery shopped...

I needed to get some shopping done..

Aldi's $61.03
Logli's $190.35 before coupons, $104.31 after coupons.

So, I spent $165.34, If I don't do another big shopping trip for 4 weeks, it comes to $41.34 for each week. :)

I am not going to post photos, because I have put most of it away, but some of my best buys were Holiday/Christmas items that were clearanced. Such as Holiday Toliet Paper, Paper Towels, Holday packaged Cream Cheese, Holiday Packaged Crackers, Holiday Packaged Oatmeal, etc. Since they were 30% off plus I used my double coupons, I got several items for next to nothing. :)

Sample of Coffee

Here is a link to a Don Francisco's Coffee Sample.


Do you want $50.00?

Dodge Ram has a test drive offer going on!
Dodge Test Drive

Follow the directions and get a $50.00 prepaid VISA gift card! Ends Feb. 2,2009.

I am going tomorrow!!

:) I am excited! $50 in free Groceries!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


New swag buck need to add it to your swagcode box...not the search box.

TOOLBARWIN expires 12/28

Ziploc BOGO coupon

You can print a BOGO IP coupon for Ziploc:

They have these at Super Walmart.

Did you go after Christmas Shopping?

I did venture out, and it was busy! I didn't buy much, but I did get a birthday gift for my son and a gift for my father. I bought 7 rolls of gift wrap. One roll is gold with white swirls, I will use it for wedding gift wrap. One is bright plain blue. I will use it for birthdays for men. One is red with sparkling circles. I will use it for birthdays, valentines day, etc. The rest were Christmas wrap so I am set for next year. I picked up 6 boxes of LED string lights. I used my Rebate Credits from Menards, so I didn't spend anything there. I also picked up some food items, marshmellows, cookie mixes, frosting, nuts and crackers. They also had lots of camping gear on clearance at Target, so I get a few more things for our camping trips. Target also had 4 pks of batteries for 50 cents a package. I bought 4 packages. Altogher I spent a tad over $58.00. I went to 6 stores. I didn't feel I did too bad but wished prices were better. :) I wish I could have found more gift sets. I know the TV stations are saying that the prices are slashed, but I haven't found that. It's about the same prices as I found last year.

Also, it's friday! So, DH got paid. I wrote out payments to our monthly credit cards, they are paid in full again. Put another $140 into savings and $400 on the big credit card. I want to send that out, but I need to wait for the new mailing address since we did a balance transfer. :) One more step to being debt free!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to stop by my blog today and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May your 2009 be happy, frugal and fun! Do you have goals for 2009? I try to make goals every year ( not new year resolutions). So, this year my goals are
1. Pay off our family Van ( Oct. 2009)
2. Pay off Large Credit card ( the one that is in the ticker at the bottom of the screen.
3. I also want to step up my cooking, refunding and recycling this year. Recycling doesn't just mean Cans and Bottles. I am talking about reusing instead of buying new. Borrowing instead of buying. AND, Use hand me downs and freecycle to keep my spending at a minimum.
4. Keep my $250 a month for my Large Shopping trips and $50 a month for my small runs!

I hope your Christmas was Merry and your New Year looks bright!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Freebie Monday..

I spent money over the weekend, not a frugal weekend at all. So, I have to watch my spending now this week!

Today has been a good day!
Redbox code for today is EC22KP.
You can rent a video for free using that code, just make sure you bring the movie back before 9pm tomorrow. My kids are watching Wall-E right now.

Also, my kids used their last Halloween Trick or Treat McDonald's Coupons. So, they got a treat!

And, a co worker gave me some hand me down clothes! YEAH!!! So, I have to go through them tonight and decide what I want to keep!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Taster's Choice Coffee Coupons

Here is IP's for Taster's Choice coffee

New Points Program

I do many point programs to earn free gift cards.

There is a new one I was just introduced too. They have Target, Starbucks and other gift cards, so I signed up. You get "bucks" for surfing the web and reading their forums.

Here is the link

It's called swagbucks. You get 3 bucks for signing up and here are two more codes.
Enter code SWAGGERNAUT by Dec 21 (1 Swag Buck)
Enter code SWAG1 by Dec 25 (1 Swag Buck)

It looks like it will take awhile for you to earn enough bucks, but there also looks like there are many oppuntunites to do so!


I always cash out my point programs in July and Jan. I cashed out a few points in Dec, but not many. I am planning on holding off for awhile since I did most of my christmas shopping online and I am getting lots of points/cash back on those purchases!

Friday, December 19, 2008

CVS trip...

Well, my ECB were about to expire tomorrow, so despite the 14 inches of snow, we went off to use them.

When I got there I scanned my card and got 2 more coupons. $10.00 off any gift and $5.00 any purchase. :)
I bought my hubby a $20.00 gift and I picked up a $15.00 gift card.
They wouldn't let me use the ECB on the gift card. So, I used my Shoppers Hotline Visa Debit card and I didn't spend anything out of pocket.

Then I did a second transaction. Two gifts for my hubby. After ECB's, I had $3.84 out of pocket. :)

So, 3 more gifts for him for $3.84 and I got a $15.00 gift card which I can either keep or use as a gift.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walgreens Run...


I ran to walgreens tonight on the way home from work. I wanted to cash in my rain check AND use up that $5.00 RR.

2 Johnson and Johnson Travel First Aid kids, One large kit and one small kit
4 boxes of cereal
2 cans of soup
1 jar of Marshmellow creme

I plan on making rice krispie squares with the marshmellows and cereal and sprinkle christmas sprinkles on them. :)

Total before coupons: $23.44
After coupons: $4.91

I also got a ROAK of coupons and a free bag of cat food coupon in the mail today!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Emergency fund saved us!!

Okay, We had our van break down. Both my husband and I just looked at each other, we both knew that we were so close to paying off our credit cards... UGH!

Thankfully, we found a place that will fix it for $1,600 labor and transmission and other work that needed to be done on the van. We were able to transfer $1,000 out of our emergency fund, get the other $500 from a refund on the earnest money that was returned to us on a purchase we didn't make, and $100 out of my husband's paycheck!

Now, we still choose to put the charge on credit card and just mail the CC a check! WHY? Well, we get rewards points for each dollar charged. SO, we will be getting 1,600 points and we still will have the credit card paid off. No interest and now BENEFITS! The feeling of knowing we don't have to worry about this big expense, an expense that would have broke us apart 5 years ago is now feeling of freedom! On top of that, we have gotten all our christmas shopping done and we were able to mail the credit cards another $500! So, our debt ticker is getting closer to our goal!!

Our hard work paying down our debt and starting an emergency fund has proven it's worth!!!


A few quick stops tonight

Well, I did run to get a few is what I got...

2 9pks of Toilet Paper
1 12 pack of Toilet Paper
1 pack of Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents
TOtal before coupons: $31.46
After coupons: $16.96
Used Rebates CG from last month: $9.89
So, out of pocket was $7.84, and i got a $5.00 RR which I will use on the Kellogg's Cereal Deal when they restock it. I had to get a raincheck!

Next stop Sentry:
1 box of Uncrustables
1 container of Coffeemate
2 bottles of Sierra Mist
2 containers of Fruit Naturals
Total after coupons; $3.39

2 pks of batteries
2 packs of cat food
1 panty hose
1 gift card ( for christmas gift)
Total 14.44
After coupons: $10.90
Would have been 90 cents if I didn't have to buy that gift card as a christmas gift.

Finally Blockbuster:
2 video rentals
1 brand new disney Movie
I used the last of my coke rewards blockbuster gift cards, the $3.00 disney movie coupon and a BOGO coupon on the rentals. NOTHING out of pocket and I got a Disney Rewards Movie Code!!!

So, I spent $22.13 but $10 was the gift card. So, I really spent $12.13 on things and $10.00 on a gift.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freecycle FIND!

I got a great freecycle find! My daughter just started getting into Barbies. But, I didn't want to spend anything until I KNOW she is going to play with them for awhile and make it worth any money I do spend.

Anyways, someone listed a Barbie Airplane on freecycle. I contacted her and picked it up! It's BIG and it has all the pieces!!! A food tray, seats with belts, a rolling cart and a working radio to make the "announcements" on.


I looked on ebay and this thing is ranging from $10 to $50! . I am not planning on ebaying it, but it's neat to see what it is selling for and to know I got it free!

If you don't do freecycle, you may want to find one in your area!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Victoria Secret Deal!

I just wanted to share a deal I just picked up.
I got a pair of jammies and a perfume gift set for $1.58. And I get my ebates percentage too. You need a Victoria Secret Credit card to do this, but if you are like me, you will write out the check and mail it before they even send you the bill!

Order Summary
Signature Cotton
Boxer pajama
(hot pink) L 1 In-Stock $14.99 $14.99

Vial Coffret
(icolor (99)) OS 1 In-Stock $0.00 $0.00

Billing Summary
$10 Off Your Order ( This was a coupon from my last order $10 off anything. If you did the last VS order you should have it. IF YOU DON"T have it from the last order, use code ORDER20 for 20% off. It won't give you $10 but it will help on the cost )
Free Fragrance Coffret with Any Sleepwear Purchase (CODE FA814233)
Dec 08 BDay $10 Off Any Angel Card Purchase (CODE FA810210)

Merchandise Subtotal $14.99
Shipping/Handling $5.99
Special Offer – $10.00
Taxable Subtotal $10.98
Sales Tax $0.60
Order Subtotal $11.58
Rebate – $10.00
$ 1.58

Girls n' Grace Contest

We have a Christmas contest we would like to share with you.
Pam Davis, creator of Girls ’n Grace and Authentic Books are sponsoring a contest that all moms will want to know about, just in time for Christmas.

What can you win?

Up for grabs are two character dolls from the Girls ’n Grace product line. (

One winner will be chosen from entries from blog readers, and another will be available for the blog who has the most entries submitted.

Each blogger who posts information about the contest, can receive one copy each of the latest books in Pam Davis’ Girls ’n Grace series, Sydney Claire: A Girl ’n Grace in the 1960’s and Mesi’s Season of Change: A Friendship Story. Books will be mailed once you send the link to me at

To enter the contest, participants will submit a story about their best teachable grace moment with a child in their life to They also must include the name or link to the blog that they read about the contest on. Pam Davis will read the entries and pick a winner.

The blog that has the most entries submitted also wins a doll! That means you can win a doll for yourself, or create your own contest on your blog.

***Please let other bloggers know about this too. The information to be posted on your site as well as graphics that can be used are attached.***

Below are the contest rules:
Contest begins December 9
Individual entries

All individual entries must be submitted by December 17 to

*Participants must include a story about a teachable grace moment
*Stories will be 400 words or less
*All entries must include the name of the blog site on which they saw the contest posted
*Bloggers may enter their stories as well, but may not win both dolls
*All entries may be reprinted/reposted by Girls ‘n Grace and Authentic
*Entries should include preference of Sydney Clair or Mesi doll
*Pam Davis will pick the best story and the winner of the contest and notify the winner

Blogger participation

*Each blogger posting the contest will receive 1 copy of each of the fall releases once they forward the link to
*The blog site with the most number of contest entries will receive one Girls ’n Grace doll to keep for themselves or turn around for another contest on their site

Sunday, December 7, 2008

As Economy slips, more choose to clip

Today's Green Bay Press-Gazette had a front page article in their paper. It spoke about the use of coupon clipping and the fact that as the economy gets worse, the number of people who use coupons will grow. I won't reprint the article, but I wanted to share with you these facts.

In 2007, shoppers redeemed 2.6 billion grocery coupons, but manufacturers distributed 302 billion coupons!! So, we are only redeeming a fraction of what we could!! The average value of a coupon in 2007? $1.28. Coupon distribution was up 6 percent in 2007.

Many Grocery Stores are trying to lure shoppers in with new ways to coupon shop. Internet printables, Double Daze promotions, "money boards" and other methods.

With the economy dipping the way it is, be ready for 2009 to be a good year for coupon distribution.

The newspaper article can be seen at

Frugal Fun Weekend!!

This weekend, we went to visit my In Laws who are 3 hours up north. We had to keep the money spending down, due to the fact our van died this Friday ( OH THANK GOODNESS FOR THE EMERGENCY FUND!!!). So, here is our visit.

First, we went and saw Bolt (The new disney movie). Free. We didn't spend anything ( we got the free movie tickets from the SOBE LIFE water deal!!) I brought in my purse a candy bar for each kid.
Then, Gas to get there and back $21.09
Dinner at Applebee's $13.32 ( had a $25.00 gift card from my point program, the balance was $7.32 and I added a tip)

We stayed at my in laws home for the most part, but I did run to Walgreens.

$51.13 before coupons
$30.17 after coupons
$5.17 after my $25.00 gift card I got from our last Walgreens visit
ZERO after I used my shoppers hotline gift card.

SO, nothing out of pocket. Here is a photo of what I bought:

Then, We took the kids to Build a Bear at the Mall. There is no Build a Bear store anywhere near us and my daughter has always wanted one. I had coupons for $5.00 off any $10 purchase from the magazines I get free. They had an offer, buy the boy and girl Christmas Moose and get a free hard cover story book. I asked if I could do 2 seperate transactions (so I could use both coupons) for the Christmas moose (boy and girl) they have and still get the free book offer. The woman said No, but they would take BOTH coupons off in one transaction. So, we agree to let the kids get the Christmas Moose. So, total was $39.99, after coupons and discounts, I paid $14.70!!! I got 2 Build a Bear Christmas mooses (the boy and the girl), the hardcover story book that goes with them, 2 Build a Bear 2009 calendars and 2 sticker sets. My kids were sooo thrilled and I saved a bunch of money while my daughter finally got to go to Build A Bear.

Our total trip Gas, one resturant trip, movies and a little shopping: $49.11. The rest of the meals we ate at my in laws. It was a relaxing and nice trip. :) I was thrilled with my Walgreens trip. Also, my father in law had to run to the grocery store, so while he did his shopping, I looked for coupons. I got 2 winetags for Bread, several reynolds baking supply coupons, kellogg's $1.00 off peelies, and some other great coupons. It was worth the trip with him. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Asked to set up "Followers"

Well, I didn't know about this until one of my favorite friends told me, HEY! You gotta do it's set up. Please sign up as a follower and check out my blog postings.

Thanks!! To sign up, click on the link along the right side column!

Disney Movie Coupon!

If you are a Disney Movie Rewards Member, you can print an IP coupon for $3.00 off any Disney Movie. You can print up to 10 coupons! This is a great deal if you are going to be buying any of these movies for Christmas!

You have to be a member.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of the Month..

Time to clean out those coupon binders! Throw away or give away expired coupons and mail in any monthly rebate items. Get ready for December!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you Snapfish!

I have to share with you a great customer service experience I just had. I ordered a photo book for my husband's grandmother for christmas. I ordered it through Snapfish. I had a free book code, so it just cost me shipping.

I got it last week and I didn't open it because I was going to ship it to her. My mother in law asked me to open it and take a look at it. When we did, we found that they put the cover on backwards. So the pages looked upside down!

I was concerned because Snapfish has always given me good quality things. I emailed them right away. Due to it being Thanksgiving, I expected to hear from them in about a week. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that they emailed me the next day (yesterday), I got a credit for the book and reordered it promptly. Then TODAY, I got another email, refunding my shipping on the order.

So, now another book will be on it's way to me for the gift.

Way to go Snapfish, that was excellent customer service, especially over the holidays!!

Black Friday

I admit I go out on Black Friday, but here in my small town, it's a pretty simple easy deal. I go in (one store, Walmart, because they price match), get what I want and get out. Everyone is helpful and friendly. It's pretty simple. I don't shop all day and I don't go to a bunch of stores. Just one. For those that have to deal with people acting like materialist savages, my heart goes out to you. That man that died (in NJ) shouldn't have died. People can be so selfish. It's sad. Nothing in a store is worth killing or hurting someone for.

I spent about $300. Yeap, put it on credit card, got home and wrote the check out to pay for it. So no interest charges and I get my rewards points. Mailed the check today. I picked up some beautiful ornaments They are pewter and only $3.99, which will make great gifts. I picked up several $2.00 and $2.50 DVD's. So, those will be for a few family members. I bought gifts for the Christmas Angel's Program. I got home and wrapped it all.

I did stop at Menards. $61.00, but I am getting $25.00 back in rebates. I got something for the house, no gifts. I got the rebate lightbulbs, coloring books, pasta pots, and a few other items. So, I will get those rebate checks back and save them for after christmas shopping.

I also did some online shopping. Used my free photo credits to get some pictures made for some photo frames. I also got in on the free photo book, so that will be a gift also.

I got everyone done. I am only buying for immediate family and a few other people. My extended family is very large and I don't really know what to buy for them and to keep it fair I choose to buy for none of them.

Did you go out for Black Friday? I hope if you did, you were thoughtful of others and realize that whatever you bought is just "stuff".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Well, it's that time of year when we take a look at our lives and realize how blest we are. Even during the hard times, we have so many blessings!!! These past 7 years of my life have been a work in progress, but knowing how blest I am to live in America, have the will to suceed and the blessing of my family makes my life pretty good!!

I don't live in a huge house (who would want to clean it!). I don't have a fancy car ( don't need something with low gas mileage!). I don't have lots diamonds and eat 8 course meals everyday (which is okay to me too...I don't like most fancy meal foods and diamonds are not my best friend).

I am blessed. I have a roof over my head and a vehicle to get to work in. I am blessed by having a wonderfully supportive husband who believes in me. I am blessed because I have 2 great kids who I am very proud of. I am blessed because with the love, support and prayers of friends, we have gotten our debt down to almost nothing (Our goal is debt free in Summer 2009). I am blessed to be surrounded by animals that I love and spoil. I am blessed because I have a great job and work with awesome people. I am blessed because GOD himself has had a hand in my life becoming what it is. I came from a bad marriage with no future and lots of fear, I have come into a wonderful marriage ( 7 years this January) with a great future and lots of years to look forward too.

The economy is bad, but I am not afraid. I am already frugal. I already know that in order to make my life more fufilled and happy, I need to want less and be thankful more for what I have.

I hope everyone is blessed in their own way this Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coke Points!! ONE MORE YEAR!

Coke Points were set to expire Dec. 31st, 2008. Well, I just got an email this morning. They are going to do it again in 2009! This is the 3rd year of doing it! Yeah!!!!!

I have gotten some great prizes from Coke Points! I love the program! We drink very little soda but my parent, my in laws and my brother all drink it and they give me their points. This is great becuase it provides movie rentals and other great prizes for my kids!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

To be debt free.....

My goal has always been to be debt free....I am so close (as you can see by my counter at the bottom of this blog). I started my marriage with $52,000 in debt and a huge car payment. I believe we will be debt free by July 2009. I am going to do another balance transfer of my last credit card to keep the interest rate to zero and to keep my debt snowball going. Our big vehicle payment is done Oct. 2009.

How do you get out of debt...
1. Stop using your credit cards...You DON'T NEED EVERYTHING YOU SEE!!! ( I know it's hard and it stinks but it's WORTH IT!)
2. Get things free! Use freecycle, free coupons, trades, clothing exchanges, rebates, what ever you have to do to get debt free.
3. Use the snowball method and pay off those debts!
4. Transfer balances to Zero promotion credit card deals, BUT watch the fine print and keep track of when they expire, so you can transfer them again.
5. Don't get behind on the cards you do have. Even if you pay them just the minimum, you are saving yourself tons of hassle.
6. It's okay to say no. IF you don't have the money, don't say yes to going to lunch with friends. Tell them so, don't just "charge it".
7. If you can't spend less, you need to make more. Either you cut back and use that money to pay down debt, or you find more work and bring in more income. One or the other, OR BOTH!!

I admit our family is not typical. We don't have Cable, or Satillite TV. We don't fancy things. All our furniture is hand me downs. BUT, all of that has helped us get to our Goal. We do free events, enjoy cheaper activities, and we do what we can to reach our goal. That is the most important thing, getting down our debt!!!

Someday, I will scream I AM DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freebie Day Yesterday!!

Well, What a freebie day it was yesterday!

My husband and kids went to the Grand Opening of Walgreens in our town. They got Coloring Books, Water Bottles, Klennex, Hand Santizer, pill organizers, and crayons. Then my husband got not only a $25.00 gift card for transferring the prescription, but another $25.00 extra off the prescript!!

Then in the mail I got a free gym bag, 4 free movie tickets and a coupon trade.

Then I got to go to the Badger Football Game yesterday ( of course I got the ticket free, we parked for free, so the only money spent was dinner afterward!). It was not only fun, but they gave away tons of freebies!!! The game itself was wonderful. They gave out beef Jerky, plastic red ball, 2 hot drinking travel cups, 2 bucky tattoos ( temporary), lots of Football cards and free music download cards! BTW, the Badgers won, and I had a wonderful time!!

Keep your eyes open for freebies...they are everywhere, even in bad economic times!!!

Great Free Thing for Kids!!

If you live in Wisconsin, you will want to know about this!! Every Saturday, Overture Center (Madison) has a children program FREE! I can tell you that many of these performances are wonderful!! I have meet and know Ken Lonnquist ( Dec. 6th) and Magic Matt ( March 28th).

Join in the Free Fun!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Trip Again....

My last BIG Trip was Oct. 19th. SO, it's been a month.. I try to make it 5 weeks, but with the kids getting older and now we are making their school lunches, it does seem to be every 4 weeks.


14 pound Turkey
2 Glade Candle Refils
4 Pluge in Warmers
1 bag of Cherry Tomatoes
8 boxes of Pop Tarts
2 containers of Sour Cream
2 bags of Chex Mix
1 Free Magazine
2 boxes of Chex Bars
2 bottles of Buddies Conditioner
1 box of Teas
3 boxes of Cereal
2 boxes of Cereal Breaks
3 containers of Butter
2 6pks of Yougart
1 jar of Coffeemate
4 boxes of Hot chocolate
13 bars of Buddies Soap
1 bottle of Buddies Shampoo
1 bottle of Buddies Spray
3 packages of Pantyhose
1 4 pound sugar
2 containers of Cooking Spray
1 jar of Olives
1 cup of cat food
5 pouches of Mashed Potatoes
.75 pounds corned beef
.75 pounds of Chicken Breast
.75 pounds of corned beef
1 package of sliced turkey ( lunch meat)
1 package of crab meat
1 package of Assorted Lunch Meats
1 package of Brown and Serve rolls
4 cans of Manderin Oranges
2 starkist tuna Pouches
2 cans of Speghettios
4 cans of Gravy
2 boxes of Speghetti Noodles
1 package of Ziploc Bags
Total: $162. 74
Total After Coupons: $51.46

6 Ramen Noodle Cups
Can of Pears
2 bottles of Mulit Vitamins
6 boxed Frozen Family Meals ( Chicken Parmasean and Salisbury Steaks)
6 Frozen Juice Concentrates
Jar of Gravy
6 bean Burritos
2 cans of Cranberry Sauce
1 bag of skillet Dinner
2 jars of Apple Sauce
3 cans of Chunky Soup
1 box Popcorn Shrimp
1 package of Sugar Cookies
1 chunk cheese
1 pk. Hamburger Buns
3 Loafs of Bread
6 Pounds of Ground Turkey
3 Microwave Meals
6 boxes Mac and Cheese
6 packages of Hot Dogs
2 cans of speghetti and meatballs
2 cans of Speghettio
Pancake Syrup
3 dozen Eggs
6 containers of Cat LItter
2 pks of Bologna
1 box of raisins
2 jars of Sloppy Joe Mix
4 cans of Tuna
1 box of cream cheese
Head of Lettuce
Bag of Cheese Puffs
Corn Curls
Bag of Tortilla Shells
Total; $108.54

7 bags of Veggies
2 Goody Hair Bands Packs ( 17 count)
Total: $11.24
Total After Coupons: .47 cents

Kwik Trip:
3 pounds bananas
4 bags of Milk
Total: $6.04

4 packs of Durcell Batteries
2 Glade Candles
2 Glade Glass Scents
1 Glade Oil Refill
Total $35.15
Total after coupons: 3.78
And I got another $20 in ECB's for my next trip!!!!

NO Photos Tonight, I am too Tired!!! But I will write more about my shopping next time! I spent $170.29 between 5 stores. If you divide that by 4 weeks.. you get $42.57. I am feeding my family for $42.57 a week. That includes my animals and health and beauty products.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walgreen's Run

Now that I have a Walgreens so close to my house, I will probably be running there weekly.

Here is what I got today ( no photos sorry!)

4 2 liters of soda
2 3pks of Scotch Tape
2 boxes of Lipton Tea
Glade Plug In Warmers
Glade Plug In Warmer with Night Light
2 boxes of Puffs Klennex
2 cans of Mushrooms
3 cans of Cranberry Sauce

Total Before Coupons:$43.15
Out of pocket after coupons: $18.14

I hope to get to CVS and Logli's yet this week!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Gifts Deal...

KB Toys has a good clearance going on. I got 7 toys for under $51.00 shipped. I used coupon code KBNLTR for an extra $5.00 off (helped cut down on shipping costs)

I got
4 Doodle ponys (for girl gifts)
1 Doodle Bops Board Game ( for a birthday gift)
1 LIttle Tikes Remote Control Car ( for my son)
1 Leap Pad Batman Learning book ( for my son)

So that makes the toys $7.29 each!! I also went through Ebates and got 2% back on my purchase!

I have just a few children to buy for on my christmas the adults..that is a bit harder!!

Cashed in my Points...

Typically I cash in all my point programs in July and December but, due to the fact I need to do some holiday shopping, I decided to cash in this week.

So, I cashed in and here is what I am getting:
$25 Applebee's Gift Card
$10.00 Check
$14.75 Check
Big Red Toy Semi-Truck ( it came this past week! Christmas Gift)
Disney sticker sheets ( stocking Stuffers)
3 music downloads ( I put them on my ILO)

Not as big as the first half of the year, but I haven't done my point programs as much as I should. But, it's still free stuff for just my time. :)

New Ebates Bonus!!

If you are an Ebates member, you can get in on a great deal. Spent $10 and get a $10 bonus.

Or if you aren't a member, click and sign up. For signing up, you will get the $10.00 bonus with your purchase!

If you do the Victoria Secret Sale, you spend $13.00 and make $10.00 on EBATES!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free Coupon For Del Monte Tomatoes

Join their DelMonte Dish and get a coupon for free Salt Free Tomatoes. Must be one of the first 50,000.

My walgreens trip....

I went to the brand new Walgreen's here in my town. Walgreen's had $5.00 off when you spend $20 coupons.

Here are my transactions:
Transaction one:
4 Start Smart/Special K Cereals (used $1.00 off each from the sunday paper)
2 4 pk Toilet Papers
2 Reeses Candy(needed these to make my $20.00)
2 Rimmel Eye Liners ( used Coupons from Kmart Beauty Book)
1 Goody Brush ( used IP coupon)
2 Glade Oil Refills ( used my BOGO coupon)
1 Bottle Soda ( had $1.00 off)
Total before coupons:
After coupons: $15.23 and I got $2.00 cash back for the not working register rewards

Transaction 2:
8 Glade Oil refills
2 Rimmel Mascaras
2 Littles Pet Shop Toys ( not pictured because they are christmas gifts!)
1 Diego Explorer Toy (christmas gifts they were buy 2 get one free)
1 Goody Hair Brush
$90.46 before coupons
$27.96 after coupons and gift card from last months refund

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Cheap week...

Well, it's not a complete week yet, but Hey! I have to tell you what deals I have gotten!

First, On Monday after work, I picked up my Redbox code and got a free movie for the kids. So they watched the movie and I got an extra 2 1/2 hours of work done at my office! Also, as we headed out to pick up our Redbox free movie, I also used the free Apple dippers coupons from McDonalds....So nothing out of pocket! The kids had a fun Monday night! Also, at work today, one of my co workers gave me her Coke rewards tops! Yeah! More free video rentals!

Tuesday, after work, I dropped off the redbox movie, and crossed the street to Blockbuster. There I picked up 3 movies, using the Free Rental coupon I had from my Erewards Survey and their tuesday buy 1 get 1 free rental night. I should have paid for 1 of those movies ( from the BOGO coupon) but I used my gift card ( still have from coke rewards!) So, all three movies were free. Then we stopped at McDonalds again (I KNOW! 2 DAYS IN A ROW AND WE NEVER TYPICALLY EAT THERE!!). We used my kids Happy Meal Coupons (They earn for a school reading program). So I had to pay for my meal. Which, I had a BOGO coupon for, so I got 2 sandwiches and a large soda for under $4.00 plus the kids free meals. Kids got meals, I got another extra 2 hours of extra work done at the office.

Then today, after work, I picked up the mail and got another coke rewards item. The red Semi Truck. I will save it as a christmas gift for my son! I know he will love it!

Besides getting gas in my car, I haven't had any out of pocket expenses. I was able to send another $200 to the BIG Credit card and put my husband's bonus work check in the bank for our emergency fund!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

and a few coupons....

Here are so great IP coupons! Enjoy!

Chex Bars Coupons

Blue Bunny Holiday Sandwich Coupon register as a IScream Member and get $1.00 off coupon

Goody Hair Ouchless Coupon
* Enter comfortlicious site
* Click coupon at top right

Johnson Buddies Coupon

Johnson and Johnson Printables;jsessionid=-Wo2gIHVqAWc1Ct0S5-eihNY2Xk#

A Few Freebies

Ziploc Bag Sample

Always Maxi Pad

Greenies Cat Treats

Also, Try register and see what freebies they will have for you! You can tell them AMILLER53 referred you! :)

CVS Pharmacy Trip

Went to CVS today:
4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal
4 boxes of Halloween Fruit Roll Ups
4 bottles of Dish Soap
1 bottle of Frutis Shampoo
1 bottle of Listerine Cool Blue
3 boxes of Well Patches
2 tubes of Crest Toothpaste
1 20 oz Sprite

After coupons, my total was $24.00, and I got $18.98 in EBC's for my next trip. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Walmart Trip!

Stopped at walmart on the way home from work!

Bag of kitten chow
2 cans of progresso soup
2 cards of hair band elastic pony tail holders
Can of grilling beans
2 boxes bagelfuls
1 box of breakfast brakes
4 bags of veggies

Total: $22.77
After coupons: $4.01

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Walgreens Trip!!

Great Walgreens Trip.
$93.99 before coupons
$74.98 after sales were taken off
then after coupons, I paid $10.30. I used my refund gift card from last months refunds to pay for it. So nothing out of pocket. Then I I got $1.00 in register rewards and $6.00 is coming back in rebates. :)

I got 8 3pks of razors, 2 package of pantyhose, 4 boxes of teas, box of ice pops, one box of maxi pads, and a tube of mascara.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great Victoria Secret Deal!!

I got 2 sweaters, flip flops and a lip gloss gift set for $13.00 shipped!!
Here how it works:

There is currently a promotion, buy one sweater, get $15 off the second (the one of higher value!) Code: SWEATER15 I got a cardigan and a cami

And this one..
Add code: RUSH08 for free lip gloss set.

Then choose one of these to add..
Add code: FA810189 for another $10 off (VS Cardmembers only) - This seems to work for some and not others
Add code: FA813549 for $10 of your NEXT purchase

The discount is available on sale items but not clearance items.

Since the FA810189 needed to be over $10 and my discounts put me at exactly $10 I added the $7.00 flip flops, which put me at $17.00, but then I got the $10.00 FA810189 discount. So, with shipping it was $13.00!!! YEAH!!! More work clothes for me!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner..

I used to be so good about christmas gifts. I would shop all year long, finding clearance items and hiding them until christmas. This year has been different. I am working 3 jobs and we have had one thing after another happen in our lives. So, I have been watching internet deals for gifts. I found one that is pretty good. For men, a Laser Level Tool. It's $9.99 and free shipping.

So, many family members will be getting one of those!

After Halloween Shopping

I have nothing on the calendar today, so we have been home. The kids were playing so I ran to Walmart. I wanted to check the halloween deals. I didn't get much in decorations or anything, but I did find a few things.

*30 pack of Doritios (they are small bags you can give out for trick or treat, I will use them for my kids lunch box snack)
*3 pack of girls socks, White, Purple and Black ( nothing halloween about them but the 3 basic colors)
*2 pairs of boxer shorts ( plaid blue, will use a extra christmas gift for hubby..I know...boring but it's an extra thing to unwrap)
bag of Halloween Erasers ( I work in a school, so save for next years halloween)
*2 packs of cupcake liners
*9 6 inch glowsticks ( pink and blue)
*1 bag of 15 assorted color glow sticks ( all glow sticks will be saved for camping! The kids love that!)
*2 kids plastic treat bags ( nothing halloween about them, I use the for birthday gift bags)
*Package of Paper Plates ( halloween themeed but we use them camping)

Total Spent: $19.76

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kamrt Super Doubles Trip

Well, I am back. Despite my daugther having pink eye and a fever and being up with her; I woke up at 7am and headed over to our closest Kmart. It's about 20 minutes away. I got there just as they opened. I hadn't been there in over 2 years and I never shop Kmarts so I didn't know what to expect. The employees were friendly. BUT, the store was so overpriced! They had a very limited selection, so I wasn't able to get a lot of things I was hoping to buy.

Here is my trip:
1 package of Pantyhose
7 greeting cards
2 tubes of toothpaste
4 bottles of Gillette Shampoo
3 10 pks of Gillette Slim Razors
1 bottle of Visine
2 bottles of Maalox Antacids
4 bottles of Tums
1 box of Pepcid AC Max
4 cans of Cat food
2 bags of Dry Cat Food
2 packages of Cat Treats
2 other brand packages of Cat Treats
4 pacakges of Dog treats ( donate to shelter)
3 HUGE bottles of PUrex Fabric Softner
3 boxes of 2000 flushes blue tablets
2 containers of Clorox Wipes
1 canister of Oust Spray
1 bag of Gummie Life Savers
1 box of Special K Cereal
2 boxes of assorted flavor teas
1 box of ice cream cones
1 package of Wet Wipes

Total was: $145.65
After Double Coupons: $30.12

Then I got 2 $1.00 on your next shopping order catalina's. So I went back and used a rimmel coupon and got an eyeliner.
Eyeliner: $5.79
Minus Double coupon: $2.00
Minus Catalinas: $2.00
Paid after tax: $2.05

I bought 55 items so that comes to about 60 cents an item. :) The cat and dog treats will go to the shelter!

Also, yesterday, I went over to Walgreens.
Walgreens has their $5.00 off a $20.00 order. AND I had register rewards, SO, I went over there.
I got:
3 pairs of kids socks
1 bottle of Pink Eye Relief
1 bottle of Acid Controller
2 bags of shredded cheese
one kids squirt water gun

Total: $25.32
Total after coupons and RR's: $8.98

So, those were my deals!
Now, I am still dealing with a 8 year old with Pink EYE!! Back to taking care of her!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Kmarts all across the US are doing Super DOUBLES this weekend! My local one included! I am so excited. I organized my coupons for the last hour. I want to be ready for this one!

The new ALL YOU Magazine is out.

The new All You Magazine is out. It's Nov. 21st issue. They raised the price!! BUMMER! $2.24 instead of $1.77.
There are a few coupons in it. Some of the highlights are:
50 cents off White Castle Froze Cheeseburgers ( my kids like this as a snack)
$1.50 on 3 Healthy Choice Mixers (Find them on sale and they will be a good Deal for working moms!!)
Glade Coupons: Including a BOGO pull ins and Scented Oil Candles refills.
Buy a Mascara and get a Free Eye Shadow from RImmel
$1.00 on one package of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats. Blueberry, Strawberry or Brown sugar. Yummy!
Free Ore IDa Steam and Mash Potatoes when you purchase 2 Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes.
Save $1.00 from White Cloud TP.

There is also a free sample of Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipe.

This is just a sample of coupons. There are a few more. We shall see what sales are going on and try to make it worth the $2.24 I paid for the magazine!!!

Book It is back!

My kids got there BOOK IT coupons this week from school. Book It is a program set up by Pizza Hut to encourage kids to read. My son had to read 8 books, my daughter 10. They turn the paperwork into their teacher and they get a coupon for a free personal pan pizza. So we went to Pizza Hut tonight. Our total was just over $6.00. I got a personal pan pizza and each of us got a drink.

We don't eat out much, but $6.00 for my family to go out to dinner. Not bad! I really commend Pizza Hut for doing such an awesome program!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tote Bags!

I am not a huge enviromentalist. I believe we have to help the enviroment, but not at the extent some people push it. But, I must say I love the reusable totebags I am seeing at many stores. I have collected a few free ones already, including yesterday when Logli's had them. It's a great way to cut down on the amount of plastic bags in our house.

So, here is an offer for one from Target. You will get a coupon for the beginning of the year and then you can go to your store and pick one up! You do have to pay for the postage, but if it's a nice reuseable bag, it will probably be worth it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Went out shopping!

We still had lots of food in our home, but I had some EBC's and RR's that I wanted to use before the expire, so off I went...

First stop
I won't write everything down that I bought, but here are the photos. Before Coupons: 137.10, after coupons $61.05
Some of my best deals were 16 bottles of tea ( all free after coupons), and the chicken breasts cost 93 cents!

$58.90 everything in the photos plus 6 jugs of cat litter!

CVS Pharmacy:
Before coupons: $35.47
After coupons: 11.49
And I got $10.57 in ECB back for the next trip!

Kwik Trip:
4 bagged milks, 3 pounds of bananas and 4 potatoes
Total: $7.77

Before coupons:$10.78
After coupons: .25

Before coupons: $30.31
After coupons: $10.06
I am getting back $10.50 in rebates

6 pk socks
1 girls pencil and eraser set
1 boys pencil and eraser set
Before coupons: $9.32
After coupons: $4.83
My son needed not a great deal, but very much needed!

Toys R Us:
2 Kenex toys
1 Littlest Pet Shop 2 pk.
Before Free Birthday Gift Card: $6.30
After Gift Card: 3.15

Bath and Body Works:
Total after coupons: $2.53

Here is the photo from Sears, Toys R US and Bath and Body Works:

Before coupons: $45.65
After coupons: $4.27
I got $9.00 in Register Rewards
And I am getting $15.48 back in refunds

So Total all together:$313.82
After coupons, ECB's, RR's and gift cards: $164.30
I am getting $10.50 in Menards Rebates and $15,48 in Walgreens Rebates.
I got $9.00 RR's and $10.57 in ECB's for next trip!

One more note to add. I drive a yellow VW Bettle. I fit all this stuff plus my two kids in their car seats! It can be done!!! Good deals and great gas mileage!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to Shopko!

My husband had to get a prescription filled, so I found a coupon for a $25.00 gift card from Shopko when you transfer a perscription. So, we headed over there to fill it.

Since I had a $5.50 gift check from the last super combo rebate, I grabbed my coupons and headed out.

So, Transaction one:
My husbands prescription and a $25.00 gift card. :) Thankfully, his prescription is partially covered by insurance.

Second Transaction:
School Batman Set (it has folders, notebook, pencils, eraser, sharper, zip pouch and little assignment notebook)
School Barbie Set ( same as above)
3 pocket folders
1 eraser set
1 chip clip
Cascade Dishwasher Powder
2 bottles of Dish Washer Spot Remover
Before Coupons: $17.87
After coupons and $5.50 gift check: $3.79
And I got the $25.00 gift card for next time. :)

So, just a quick stop at Shopko! And some school supplies for next year!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

In the Mood to shop....

I am almost never in the mood to shop. I don't like the stores when they are busy and I don't like just wasting time in a store. BUT, the other day I was in the mood. I can't tell you why, but I just felt like looking around.

So, I had to go to Walmart to pick up envelopes for my home office. 94 cents. I could have gotten out of the store spending 94 cents. But I didn't. I looked around. I found one of those bike racks that attaches to a car so you can tranport your bikes. We have 4 bikes, this one held 3, but my husband has been wanting one of these for a long time. They typically range from $50 to $100. This one originially priced $58.98. This one was on clearance for $15.00!!!! I was thrilled. Brand new ( we had been looking at rummage sales for one). So, of course, I bought it.

Then I found flip flops for my son for next year, clearanced for $1.50. I found a tent camping game stool thing ( wish I could describe it better). Originally, $24.00, it was clearanced at $6.00. It's a cooler for drinks and a game thing on top. Anyways, I picked that up for our camping. Then, my kids ( who are learning to fish), found fishing gear on clearance. They each got a tackle box with kids sunglasses and fisher lures for $1.50 a package. They were both thrilled with their goodies. My husband picked up some fishing bait on clearance ( normally $10.00, each package was $2.00 on clearance). I also found a yard game, crochet. The set was clearanced for $5.00. It was $18.00 originally. The kids were happy because we love to play yard games. We have so many games to play. This is how we spend family time. This game was made for 4 people..perfect for a family of 4.

So, when we went through the cashier line, my total came to $40.60. I wasn't sure I was happy that I saved so much money (since the bike carrier itself was $58.00) or if I was disappointed I spent money that I hadn't planned on spending. My husband was thrilled because he got some fishing gear. My kids were thrilled because they got cute kids tackle box set with goodies. My husband was also thrilled that he got "his" bike I guess it was worth it for the $40.00....right??

That is why I write this Frugal Notes Blog....Frugality is different to different people. We try to not spend any money that is not planned or budgetted. I rarely shop, but I just felt like looking around. I could have spent alot more buying these items at full price. I could look at this as,"We just spent $40 on "wants" and we could have spent 94 cents just getting my envelopes". Or I could look at this as," Yippie! I just saved us a bunch of money on things the kids and hubby have been wanting! Good Shopping Trip!!"

What do you think? :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you do point programs?

There are so many point programs out there! Several people ask me where I get my gift cards from. Many of them are from rebates but others are from different on line programs. Here are a few examples:

Shoppers Hotline: I love this program. I get a $25.00 debit card every 6 months (on average). I have to scan my groceries when I bring them in the house and do a survey every now and then.

My Points: You get emails from them about the things they and their partners sell. You get points for that and filling out surveys. I typically get 2 $25.00 gift cards a year. I usually get Applebee's or Target.

FreeRide: If you participate in their emails and their "hitchhikers" you can add up points pretty fast. Again I get 2 gift cards a year (on average).

Thank you Network: My husband insists on having one credit card for purchasing gas. We pay it off every month and we get thank you points for purchases. So, not only do we pay it off every month, but typically every 3 months we get a gift card for Walmart or Applebees. This is not a good point program for anyone who doesn't pay their credit cards off every month.

Survey Rewards: My husband does this one. He does surveys and they pay him. He doesn't get the cash, but when his account hits $25.00 he can "cash in" for 6 months of free video rentals at Blockbuster.

Coke Points: Save your Coke caps or box wrappers. They have codes on there and they add up. Most recently I have gotten Free Family NIghts at Blockbuster, but those are no longer available; So I am watching for new prizes to be listed.

Ebates: I get a check every 3 months from them. It typically is not a huge amount of money, but it's extra cash!

PointsandPrizes: This one has words of the day and week. You find the words, enter them in and get points. The points can be exchanged for movies, books and other odds and ends! It's fun to get a free video every now and then. This one is time consuming...but it's a nice freebie!

There are so many options for point programs!! Seach the internet, talk to online friends, or if you are interested in MyPoints or Freeride; email or PM me and I will get you hooked up!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's the End of the Month!

Time to clean out those coupon binders!! I started mine when I was watching ( listening to) the presidential debates. I have to finish it though. I have to catch up! I have many to clip too!

Also, I put a debt ticker on the bottom of my blog page. I am so close to being debt free. We had $52,000 in credit card debt when we got married. I posted our LAST credit card at the bottom of my I can keep track of that LAST card!!

Happy Couponing!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Big Shopping Trip today

Well, I haven't done a big shopping trip is so long. I started at 8:30 this morning and finished at 1:45 pm. I went to 10 stores but only used 1/5 of a tank of gas because they are all so close to one another.

My total was $188.10. Which, if I hold off my next shopping trip for 6 weeks, is $31.35 per week for groceries. I didn't take any photos, I was just too tired. But I will list where I went. PM me if you have questions.

Total After coupons 1.85
I got
3pk of girl socks
6 pack of womans socks
2 packages of Pantyhose
4 Easy Mac Mac and Cheese cups

2 cans of Coffee
1 4pk of Pudding
Total after coupons: 83 cents ( Iam getting $4.00 in rebates back too)

Kwik Trip
4 bagged milk
4 pounds of bananas
Total after Coupons: $4.97

6 boxes of Electrasol Tablets ( bonus boxes with 25 tablets in each box)
3 post it note memo books
placemat for learning the continents
2 packages of shoe laces
1 hello kitty magnet
1 headband
1 sensodine toothpaste
1 pair of flip flops
1 set of stickers
5 70ct notebooks
1 card
2 pocket folders
Total after coupons: ZERO

Sentry Foods
1 4pound sugar
1 dozen eggs
2 packs of butter
Total after coupons: $2.98

Transaction 1
3 packages of post it notes
Revlon Color Nail Polish
crest Toothpaste
Walgreens Acid Controller
Nivea Body Wash for men
Excedrin Tension Headache
3 packs of Schick Razors
4 bottles of 7 up
Rimmel Eye Shadow
Total after coupons: ZERO and I am getting $25.25 back in rebates)
Transaction 2
3 pacakges of sugar free candy
Total after coupons: ZERO

Dollar Tree
7 multi pack batteries
1 roll of gift wrap
Total: $8.44


Pert Shampoo
2 count School Fun Long Erasers
2 Lip Slicks
1 glade spray
1 powerade
1 bottle excedrin
2 cover girl eyeshadows
4 pack of toilet paper (double rolls)
Magazine ( full of coupons!!)
Total after coupons: $16.16 ( and I am got $6.99 in ECB's for next trip!)

Cat Litter 6 containers
6 instant noodles cups
salisbury steaks
2 chicken parmasana packs
hamburger buns
6 pounds of ground turkey
2 jars of applesauce
jar of mayo
1 package of Bologna
bag of corn chips
bag of tortilla chips
2 cans of sloppy joe mix
12 boxes of mac and cheese
Total ( no coupons): $53.97


15 Bottles of Powerade
33 packages of Kool Aid
7 packages of cheese singles
2 boxes of speghetti noodles
Crystal Light Raspberry Tea
2 packages of 8 oz cheese
6 Yougarts
1 package of hot dogs
9 cans of Chef Boy R de Pastas
1 box of Wheat Pasta
5 boxes of Bundinos
2 pounds of tomatoes
1 boxes of Tea Bags
1 canned ham
2 6 pks of Apples Sauce
7 cans of Speghettios
1 bottle of dressing
2 cans of speghetti sauce
2 packs of fruit bowls
4 loafs of bread
8 packages of taco seasoning
2 cans of chicken soup
2 boxes of specialty potatoes
a package of brats
a pacakge of pork steaks
a package of chicken breasts
1/2 pound of deli corned beef
4 cans of chunky soups
3 cans of cinnamon rolls
2 cans of cresent rolls
creamy chicken instant noodle cup
7 bottles of Sobe Juice
2 packages of turkey breast
1 package of sliced ham
2 pounds of ground beef
1 package of South beach Pizza
5 4 pound bags of sugar
4 frozen pizza
6 breakfast breaks
2 boxes of sandwich zip bags
1 box of wheat thins
4 boxes of Toaster Strudel
2 6pks of kids yougart
2 frozen dinners
2 boxes of bagelfuls
3 bottles of 7 up
1 can of mighty dog food ( will donate to the animal shelter)
Total before coupons $235.32
Total after coupons: $98.90

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Freebie Day..

Today was a great freebie day!

First of all, in my mail box was a gift from Quaker Granola Bars. The box contained one box of granola bars ( 8pack), 2 trial size boxes of cereal, 2 breakfast simply bars, 2 packages of granola bites ( YUMMY!) and some coupons. YEAH!!

Second, my dear friend ( she's like a sister to me!) sent me her coupons from the last few sundays AND some winetags!! YEAH!!

Finally, technically not free, a co worker gave me a "get well" bag with lots of goodies. I have had a terrible cold this past week. Coughing, Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. She gave me a bag with klennex, chicken soup, tea bags, bottled water, instant drink mixes and cough drops!! It made my whole week! What a nice thing to do for a co worker!!! SO A BIG THANK YOU TO HER!!!!

Tonight I will get my coupons organized, I am doing my once every 8 weeks shopping trip tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Movie Rentals.

I just went to Block Buster. I rented 2 movies (one for each kid) and I didn't pay anything out of pocket.

One of my free coupons is from a survey company that my husband participates in. He gets one free rental for 6 months with the points he collects.

My other free coupon is from their Blockbuster club deal. I paid $10.00 for a year (I used a gift card so nothing out of pocket there) and they give you one free rental a month and if you rent 4 movies in a month, they give you another free rental. We never rent 4 movies but since I never actually paid the $10.00 originally, we are getting one free rental a month.

Keep your eyes open for deals like this. Redbox has codes every monday for a free rental. So, about 2 Mondays a month we get a free rental there. And they include new releases!!

We don't have regular cable or dish. We only get to watch some basic free TV, so these free movies are such special treats for my kids!!! Don't pay for movies or TV. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick run to Sentry

I ran to the Sentry in Fort Atkinson. They had buy 10 General Mills Products, get $5.00 off. It wasn't my best trip, but I felt I did okay. Sorry, NO photo this time.

4 boxes of Taco shells
3 cans of Stargish Gourmet Tuna
2 Taco Dinner Kits
1 box of Toaster Strudels
4 Cinnamon Rolls
1 can of Cresent Rolls
3 packages of Drinkable Kids Yougart
1 2pk of Warm Delights
Bag of Pasta Veggies
Bag of Broccoli and Corn
2 boxes of Go Gurts

Total before coupons $43.97
After Coupons $18.82 after coupons

I also picked up $16.00 in winetags while I was there. Which I will use on my big shopping trip I am planning for next week.

Then I ran to Walmart, picked up the BOGO Cat foods and the Easy Mac. Total out of pocket $4.22.

Happy Couponing!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I haven't been shopping this week...

I haven't been shopping this week. So, I am going to plan a big trip for sometime next week. I have today off of work, but I don't have enough $$ to go, so I will plan for after next weeks paychecks. That means I have to make our food stockpile stretch another week. I am glad I am back to work!

:) Happy Couponing!

The New ALL YOU magazine is out!

The new ALL YOU Magazine is out. It's Sept 08 and it's filled with coupons again. $1.77 an issue at WALMART is a great deal. Here is what they have this month.
page 12 $1/1 Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal
page 24 $1/1 Jergens naturals/moisturizer
page 29 $2 off Rimmel New Glam Eyes Mascara (only @ walmart)
page 32 $1/1 any John Frieda Collection product
page 38 $1 off any Pure & Natural Body wash, liquid hand, or bar soap
page 41 $2 off Jane Be Pure mineral item
page 51 $.35 on any 20ct or larger bag of Halls
cardstock between 56 & 57
.50 off any Peter Pan PB
.75 off any 2 Snack Pack
page 59 $1.50 on any Colgate Total 4.0 oz+
page 63 $2 Whole Body Cleanse or Ultra Liver Cleanse
page 65 Free Contour Meter from Bayer wy present prescription for BCMS
page 78 $3 off Made of Honor DVD
page 83 Free Charlie Brown DVD form
Page 83 $1 off any 1 Birds Eye Viola Varieties
page 87 $1 any Brut product
page 94 $1 any Kotex product
page 96 B2G1 Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna
page 103 $1 any bag Tyson Anytizers
page 107 $1/3 Birds Eye Freshlike Vegetables
page 109 OR popcorn cakes $5 coupon offer/or rebate up to $2.98
page 111 .55 any 1 Marzetti Apple Dip 12 oz. +
page 123 .50 any Underwood product
page 138 .50 White Cloud Green Earth TP
page 147 .75 on any Palmolive Pure + Clear liquid dish soap
page 155 .75 on Windex Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner or Canister wipes
page 158 $1 on any Sani-Hands
page 161 $1 on any Colgate Max Fresh TP 4.0 oz+
Page 161 $1 on any Colgate manual or 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush
page 166 $2 on any size Purina Fit & Trim Adult dog food
page 168 .75 on NEW Little Debbie Family Pack Muffin varieties
page 171 $1 on any Flexitol product
page 175 $2 on any 3.6 lb + bag Kibbles n Bits dry dog food

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clear out those coupon binders!!

It's the end of the month, time to clean out my coupon binder!! Some people find someone who can use expired coupons. I simply toss mine out while sitting at my kitchen table listening to my favorite radio talk show....LOL!!!

Have a great Labor Day everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What can you buy with 40 cents?

Here is what I bought today with 40 cents.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another great shopping trip!

Stopped at Logli's and CVS...

First photo above is Logli's.
I bought:
1 package of cat food
3 tomatoes
2 boxes of speghetti
3 loafs of bread
1 cup of cat food
1 package of brats
2 packages of hamburger patties
1 package of cheddar cheese
1 pacakge of marble cheese
6 bottles of raspberry tea
8 packages of Cat treats
2 boxes of Breakfast Breaks
1 box of Bagelfuls
1 box of cinnamon life
Total before coupons: $57.95
Total after coupons: $8.58

Then I went to CVS:
I bought:
12 pack of Toilet paper
1 pair of girls flip flops
2 sets of shovel and trowel garden set ( Dora and Diego, one for each child)
1 package of water balloons
2 giant pix sticks
2 bottles of Pert
2 tubes of Sure Deo
Total: 40.31
After coupons and EBC's: $1.54

Also we went and picked up a Dora the Explorer Toy Organizer. Someone had it on a "for sale" board I visit. I got it for $15.00. We really needed one for our childrens play room. here is a photo of it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


A family living about 2 blocks from us must have had a rummage sale this past weekend. We were walking home from church,past their house, and noticed the sign that said,"Rummage Sale OVER...everything free". We got a few great finds. My kids picked up lots of plastic toys for the bathtub. I got 2 brand new rubbermaid containers, a steel milk crate, a metal pail and a computer game for the kids.

Nice!!! I love it when I "accidentally" bump into finds like that!!

2 free Gooseberry Cookbooks!

These are really nice!

fill out the information and decide whether you want one or both cookbooks!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Walgreen's Trip

OK, I went back to Walgreen's. I wanted to use that $5.00 coupon. The total was $40.64. After coupons and register rewards, my total was $3.74!! I am getting a $5.00 refund back too! I really stocked up on school supplies! I will post the entire order tonight, after I get housework done!! Yeah!

Okay, so here is what I got...
1 6pk of raisins
2 packs of clear protective sheets
2 3packs of glue sticks
3 bottles of glue
3 packs of kids crayons
2 packages of markers
1 pencil sharpner
2 rolls of tape
3 Sharpie Markers
6 Bubble Mailer Envelopes
2 bottles of Pert Shampoo
3 cans of Pork and Beans
4 2 liters of Sprite ( that 12 more coke points!)
3 10 packs of Pens

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walgreens $5.00 Coupon

Walgreen's has it's $5.00 coupon off $20. Good August 22 and 23rd.

YOU MUST SPEND $20 after coupons and discounts to get this deal! But they have alot of 39 cents sales so you may find some good deals!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was just on the radio!!

Our Local 620 WTMJ radio station, the Jeff Wagner Show, was talking about coupons. There was a recent article in the Chicago Tribune. (,0,6719502.story) I got to speak about my "hobby". It was exciting! I hope I didn't sound nervous! Because I WAS!!!

They will be posting the podcast of it and as soon as they do, I will post it here for you to listen too!

Here is the link to the podcast. I am the second last person on the podcast! :) The pod cast is 8/19/2008 hour 2

Free Roll of Toilet Paper

Hey! It's free!!

Walgreen's run this morning

Went to walgreen's this morning. Just wanted to get the few deals.

2 Bertolli' Pasta Meals
3 jars of Pasta Sauce
1 cansister of salt
1 box of baking soda
2 cans of Mushrooms

Total $21.55
After Coupons: $4.98

I also got $6.50 in register rewards for next time.
So, for $4.98 I got this...

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Coupon Methods

I wrote this a few years ago, but I wanted to repost it due to a friend who has asked for it. This is some of what I try to teach.

My Coupon Methods

First of all, I collect coupons. I have friends and family save coupon packs. The ladies homes that I clean for saves the coupons for me. Ladies at church save coupons for me. In the past, I also have dumpster dive coupons. I always take 4 to 6coupons from the red catalina (blinkys) from the grocery stores. I always check packages before I throw them out, sometimes there are coupons printed inside. I also trade coupons on and trade on the coupon trade forum. I trade dog food coupons for cat food. Also, at the library and at the store itself, people leave coupons. Also if you see coupons attached to the products, you can take some and not use them that shopping trip. I have also been known to do a few coupon trains. Also, there is a Walmart Magazine called,"ALL YOU". It typically has great coupons in it!

Second, I have a 3 ring binder, and inside it has plastic pocket sheets, I catagorize my coupons in that...and I always have that with me (in case of a good deal). The binder has my name and phone number, just in case I lose it (GOD FORBID!). I keep a calculator, a sissors, and a pen in there too!

Third, when I do find something on coupon, and matching a store sale. I buy as many as I can if the price is a great deal. I don't just use a coupon because I have it. Coupons can be worthless if you don't get the best deal possible. This week, Walgreens has deodarant for 99 cents, my husband perfers the gels and they are what are on sale. Also there is a 75 cent coupon in the paper. So I will be buying 10 deodarants this week for 25 cents each! I spend one hour/two hours on sunday going over the sales ads. Circling anyting we may need in our household then going to my binder and finding the coupons. Since I go shopping once every 5 to 6 weeks, I look over the paper and whatever week has the best sales, that is the week I go shopping. I rarely buy anything if it's not on a sale ad and has a coupon. And I stockpile, so I am not buying the same things every month. This last month, I bought 9 jars of peanut butter. 4 jars will go to the local food shelter and the other 5 to my food stockpile. Peanut butter can stay in my stockpile for up to 6 months. The jars were JIF and they were less than 40 cents each! I always match sales ads.

I cut coupons in piles, cutting all the same coupons at the same time, then taking the pile and filing it in the binder. I go through the binder ONCE a month to pull expired coupons.

TO maxiumize my savings, I go to Aldi's (or Save a Lot) and buy the basics. Whatever is cheapest. If the item is on sale at another store, I dont' buy it.

When I go shopping in my area, I have a plan..Go to Kwik Trip first (gas station) they have bagged milk cheap! It freezes well. ALso they sell bananas for .29 cents a pound all the time. SO that is also a source for fresh fruit for me. Then I stop at aldi's. Grap the basics, and the cheap cat litter, then I stop at Lolgi's and get all the coupon/sale items, then I stop at walgreens, and buy whatever I have coupons/sales for. Then I stop at Menards and do there rebates, then I stop at Fleet and Farm and get all pet food and supplies ( cheapest in my area!). I have to drive to the next town to do this. and it's a perfect loop for me from one store to another, so you may have to adjust this to fit your area.

Then that is it for a few weeks...I don't shop again. I don't keep a price book, but I know costs, so you may want to do that until you know if something is a good deal. Also, I keep a list of the things we need, so I only make a trip "into town" once.

Right now my kitchen is STOCKED! I have had some great shopping trips. My menus are planned based on what is on sale. We aren't brand specific on any thing except one thing...My husband has to have Mentadent toothpaste due to the taste of other toothpastes. Other than that...we aren't brand specific. We use ALOT Of generic.

Here is my last shopping trip into town.
Kwik Trip $8.00 milk and bananas. Used my frequent buyer card, I get a stamp for every bag of milk, after 20 stamps, I get $1.00 off the next purchase.
Then Aldi's $70.00 there. Buy the basics, frozen food, cat litter.
Then Walgreens, spent $25.00, but getting $15.00 in rebates
Then Logli's, spent $167 before coupons, and $53.00 after
Then Menards, didn't spend anything because I had rebate cards from last month, and I am getting $18.00 back in rebates again
Ad I didn't have to stop at Farm and Fleet becasue I got 100 pounds of cat food from freecycle.
Total trip $156.00
Rebates yet to get..$33.00

I do feed the family, the animals, all cleaning products, and health and beauty products, and all paper products on this method. I spend about 4 to 8 hours a month doing this...but if you take the money I save just at Logli's ($147.00 and divide that by 8 hours)'s $18.00 an hour...I don't make that kind of money, but I make our income stretch, so to me it's worth it.

Oh one more thing, I have a store in town that doubles coupons on wednesdays, I will go over there in a pinch or if they have some really good deals. I also will go over to our local Walmart. I can get pasta noodles for 50 cents a box...and unless Walgreens has there .33 cents sales that is the cheapest I have found. I stock up to the limit on the .33 cents sales. We eat alot of pasta with veggies. Cheap, quick easy meals.

Also, while I am doing couponing, I also participate in shoppers hotline where I get points for scanning what I buy. I redeem those points for gift debit cards. So, I am even getting more benefits from my shopping.

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas! Happy Couponing!

Free Clothes!!!

YEAH!! We visited some friends yesterday and their son is 1 1/2 years older than my son. SO, I got a full garbage of boys clothes!! Including 5 pairs of jeans and 8 pairs of "Gym" type pants!!! Right before the school year!!!

I never buy back to school clothes but this is an excellent hand me down for my son!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Morning Rummaging!

We decided to go out and rummage sale today. I spent in total $24.40. I got a ton of nice stuff.

Pair of Brand New Winter Boots
Brand New Package of napkins
2 Brand New Kitchen Towels
Brand new Disney Princess Art Poster with crayons, stickers, and 30 feet of coloring paper(Save for my daughters birthday)
Brand New Tooth Brush
Pair of Socks
2 My Little Ponies
2 heart shaped cozy trivits
Cute Stuffed Kitten in a purse
2 men's shirts for my DH
Sally ( from Cars) slam toy
Sign Language Pack ( 3 study books!!!)
Computer Game for Kids : Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Sara Evans Music CD
Brand New Table Cloth is Clips and Weights

Dora's Story Book
Debbie Macomber - Orchard Vally Weddings
Samantha - An American Girl Book
Disney Princess Thanksgiving Book
A Pet for Princess
The Dinosaur and the Tooth Fairy

Dora's Halloween
Care Bears Thanksgiving
Mission Impossible
Scooby Doo
3 Stooges VHS PACK
The Princess Bride
#1 and #2 of X- Men
Care Bears Bedtime Stories Video
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Juicy Juice Coupons!

If you log into Juicy Juice, you can print some internet coupons for $1.00 off a bottle of juice!

Go to

Click on the box with the juice bottles that says Savings for You!

So, I went to the Sentry in Fort Atkinson..

I got everything I planned to get in whitewater, plus a bonus catalina coupon! No Problems! They didn't double, so a great shopping plan became a good shopping plan, but It was worth it for the nice service!

Here is what I got.

10 Warm Delights
5 boxes of fruit snacks
5 bags/boxs of Chex Mix
8 packages of cat treats
2 containers of Orange Juice
1 package of chunk cheese
1 dozen eggs

Total after coupons: $16.66
Saved in coupons: $26.72

Daniel's Sentry Store Whitewater...Do NOT SHOP THERE!

So, I have had several bad experiences with Sentry Foods Whitewater in the past. They are so rude when it comes to coupons. In July, I walked out without the Kellogg's Deal. Today, I walked out without my purchases again. They have a General Mills deal. If you are a couponer, do not use this store!!! I got there this morning, shopped, got to the register and the cashier INSTANTLY started her comments and "double" checking my coupons. She goes over each and every one. Which is fine, I am not trying to defraud her. Anyways, She gets to the SENTRY coupon and says,"You can't use manufactures coupons with this Sentry Coupon." I ask why not, she says because the coupon states,"One coupon with transaction". I explain that that means one sentry coupon. That Manufacture coupons are a seperate catagory. She comes back with."Well, then you would get thing too cheap!" WTH?? What does she care what I pay for my groceries? I ask her to ask the manager, which I am then told, the same thing. NO. Then the cashier turns to me and says," This happened yesterday too and we wouldn't let any of those customers use manufactures coupons either." She says this all smug.

Don't they realize how much business they are losing? They are the only store in town here so they feel that they can do anything they please. Including treating customers like criminals if they use coupons. What they don't realize is that next time I need milk, eggs, or other non coupon products, I will go to the gas station or out to another town to pick up my items. I am not shopping in such a customer unfriendly store.

I called the Fort Atkinson Store and had a great conversation with the man there. He said that is definitely a Store coupon and YES you can use manufactures coupons with it and that they should be honoring it. He told me to come to his store and he would give me the deal, but his store doesn't double coupons so it's not worth the gas and time.

Don't shop there!! I really believe that because they are the only store in town they don't feel they have to treat customers well. Where else would we be able to go? My vote is with my pocket book..I will go to another town.

Ebates! Great Deals!

I have used Ebates for a few months now and I have to share that I am really impressed! I haven't gotten my first check, so we will see how smoothly that goes but I have already earned $12.98 back in ebates!

Tonight, I found a great coupon code on line. So I went through ebates and shopped. I have been asking my husband for new bedding. Our bed needs it! Our quilt is ripped and stained! UGH! So, Anyways, I used the coupon code and I got a comforter, bed ruffle, 2 pillow shams, sheet set (fitted sheet, flat and 2 pillow cases) for $39 shipped! It's a beautiful rose and vine set! Yeah! I will also get another 3% back with ebates. :) So I am happy! I got a bedding set, it cost me under $40 and I get a little back too!

If you want to learn more about ebates click here

You automatically get $5.00 for joining!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fruit Sense Fruit Waters Coupon

From the Maker's of Old Orchard comes Fruit Sense.

Fill out the form and get a coupon for BOGO!

Folger's Coffee Coupon

fill this out and they will send you a coupon in the mail!

Monday, August 11, 2008

All YOU Magazine 8-29-08 Edition!

Get to your Walmart and buy the ALL YOU Magazine!! It's only $1.77 but it has some great B3G1Free Kraft coupons! That is how I got my last shopping deal! You buy 3 kraft items and get the free item! There are free hot dogs, salad dressing, cheese, wheat thins and crystal light! Excellent deals!! There are also many other coupons! This magazine is not to be missed!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Went on a quick trip into town!

Went into town for a few short stops.
One bottle of Dawn Dishsoap and a hand santizer.
43 cents after coupons. I had to get rainchecks on several items.

4 boxes of Cereal
2 boxes of Cereal Bars
2 boxes of crackers
2 boxes of PopTarts
1 bottle of Glade Pet Deoderizer

After coupons it was $20.15 I will be getting back $10.00 in a Kelloggs Rebate and I got my $10.00 in RR's.


6 bottles of Sobe Fruit Punch
3 pounds of Chicken
1 pound of ground beef
2 pounds of pork steaks
1 pound of brats
2 doz eggs
1 head of lettuce
1 tomatoe
1 packages of shredded cheese
1 bag of corn chips

Before coupons $21.75
After coupons $7.25!!

I wanted to use up the Catalina's from Lolgi's before they expire, so meat, eggs and cheese were a good way to do that!!!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shoestrings at Walgreens

Lsat Night, I went to Walgreens (had to pick up my husband's medicine). They had Kiwi Brand Shoe products on clearance, including shoestrings for $1.09 on clearance. I had 5 $1.00 coupons, so I got 5 pairs of shoestrings for 45 cents plus tax. The coupons are in a recent sunday paper! You may want to check your walgreens too! Good items to have on hand. Just in case!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get $5.00 in coupons from Fast Fixin's

Register for their club and get $5.00 in coupons

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My shopping trip today was great!!

First I went to Target.

I got my 5 boxes Electrsol, Yogo Fruit Rolls, 10 bottles of Sobe, and they had clearanced Old Spice Body Wash.

$27.80 before coupons
$5.80 after coupons and I used my $5.00 gift card from the last sobe deal....then I got another $5.00 on this Sobe water deal!

Then I went to CVS.

I got the Dawn, Advil, Clean and Clear items, Revlon Eye Shadow, Pert Plus and Sure, Folgers, and some eye shadow applicators.

$48.78 before coupons

$10.57 after coupons

I also got $13.79 in EBC's for next trip and a coupon for a free hand sanitizer. :)

Finally I went to Logli's. My favorite store. I have two photos from this transaction. I am not going to post everything I bought but I got 6 bags of cat food, 13 packages of hot dogs, 14 packages of Crystal Light, 5 packages of cheese slices, 14 boxes of wheat thins, 7 bottles of gaterade, 7 bottles of Aquafina flavored water, 6 bottles of iced tea, and assorted other goodies. Picture do not show the 153 packs of kool aid. Some of this will be donated to the food pantry. It was $323.74 before coupons; after coupons it was $81.26.

I am tired, but it was well worth it!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chex Mix IP Coupon

Here is a Chex Mix Coupon...good deal.

I am getting ready for a big grocery trip tomorrow night. I will post my results when I get the chance.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Big Chunk of Debt...GONE!

I got my summer school paycheck today. We paid off some huge medical bills and sent another $300 to the credit card. SO, relief from medical bills and our CC debt at $7,475!
YEAH!! I am hoping to really kill this debt by the end of next year!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

One of my Published Articles

I just wanted to share a article that was on Helium recently! Enjoy

Free Sample UnderJams

Here is a free sample for today...if you have kids this freebie will come in handy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th, 2008

Okay. I am going to start posting my shopping trips. I stockpile so I can have the most on hand without spending a fortune. Today I spent $32.50. It was $118.25 before coupons. I got 81 packages of kool aid, 6 boxes of wheat thins, 9 packages of hot dogs, etc. :)

July 30th, 2008

I have been talking to friends about starting to blog. I am just a frugal mom with 2 kids. I use coupons, stockpile and live cheap. I am on a mission. I want to be debt free and have a nice house. I got married 6 years ago and we had approx. $52,000 in credit card debt. We live in an old 1876 farmhouse. Our goal is to pay off the debt and buy a new house. We are now at $7,775 left in debt, we have started working on a plan to build a home. So, this blog will be about my shopping, my saving and my paying down this debt. I may also go off on side topics, who knows. I have never blogged before. :)

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.