Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SC Johnson is having a $5.00 rebate deal!

go to this LINK and print the form. You buy 3 participating products and get a check for $5.00!

Trying to get Debt Free.

We are down to $2,970 left on our credit cards. We started 8 years ago with $52,000. Mostly in credit card but also with medical and legal bills too. We had hoped to be credit card free by th end of the year, but looking at our budget, it will be quite difficult to do.

So, our new goal will be to have half of it paid for by the end of the year. $1485. Then have the other half paid for by March 2010.

We are keeping track of every penny we spend. We are looking for opportunites to make some side cash by cleaning, pet sitting or other things.

We are going to try to sell some more on ebay or craigslist. Whatever we can to make our goals.

Once we hit this goal, the next will be to pay off the one car loan we have left.

Why are we doing this?
The biggest reason is we would like to have money in the bank and not worry about layoffs or other emergencies.  Second, we feel more financially secure knowing we aren't getting eatten alive by mounting interest rates.  Third, we want to retire without worring about financial security.

I will keep posting my goals and my successes...I will keep posting my notes. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Smuckers Uncrustable Deal!

Starting Tomorrow, you can follow this LINK  and sign up for Smuckers Uncrutables Coupon. You submit a tip on what you do for your kids lunches and we will send you a coupon for a Free Box of Uncrustables!!

Trip To Walgreens!

Walgreens has some great deal this week after RR's.  I did several transactions at 2 different stores. I used my Walgreens Gift Card, so nothing out of pocket.

Transaction #1
Robitussin DM 2 pk, $2.49, Free after RR
Dentek Floss Picks, $2.00, had a $1.00 coupon, Free after RR
Halls Cough Drops, $1.00, had a 75 cent coupons from today's paper, Free after RR
Oral B ToothBrush, $3.00, Free after RR.
Total was $6.58 with Tax and I got $8.50 back in RR's, I used my gift card, so nothing OOP

Transaction #2
Tylenol Allergy Medicine, On clearance for $1.00, had a $1.00 off coupon, FREE
Halls Cough Drops, $1.00, had a 75 cents coupon, Free after RR
Robitussin DM 2pk, $2.49, Free after RR
Chapstick,$2.99, Free after RR
Total was $6.15 with Tax, and I got $6.50 in RR's, I used my gift card, so nothing OOP

Transaction #3
3 dozen egg, on sale for .99 cents each
2 bottles of Laundry detergent, still on a $1.99 sale, Coupon from IVC
Gillette MVP Razor, $8.99, used a $2.00 off coupon and get a $6.00 RR back
2 Bottle of Theraflu, on sale 2 for $8.00, IVC coupon for $2.00 off each bottle and get a $4.00 off RR when you buy 2
Total: $24.94
After coupons: $18.94
Then I used RR's from the last two Trasactions so my total was: $3.94
and I got $10.00 back in RR's.

Then I went to meet a friend , so I stopped at another Walgreens. While I was getting ready I found a RR for $2.50 from a week or so ago! (Glad I cleaned out my purse!)

So I got:
3 more dozen eggs
Oral B Toothbrush
Halls cough drops
Dentek Floss
Total $9.00
Used $8.50 in RR's ($6.00 from Transaction 3 and $2.50 I found in my wallet)
Paid .81 cents with tax. Used my gift card, so nothing OOP
I got back $6.00 more in RR's. So I have $4.00 in RR's from Transaction #3 and $6.00 from this transaction. Total $10.00 RR's for next time. :) And I still have $3.90 balance on my gift card. Then I will finally be done with Walgreens Gift Cards. :( Bummer!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Morning!

I had heard there was going to be a used book sale in the town near ours. So, we went out this morning to see what they had. We only bought $1.00 worth of books. We were kinda bummed, then we noticed rummages everywhere. Found out that the town was having city wide rummage sale!!!  We hit about 20 of them, only spent $15.00 but had so much fun. My son found some matchbox cars he has been looking for, my daughter found books (boxcar children and animal ark books! of course!), a disney computer game, A beautiful hard cover disney princess story book and I found 6 dresses for my daughter.  She had needed some new dresses. One lady gave loafs of homemade bread. My kids had a great time. We even found a big box of free new toys.

Just a nice overcast Saturday morning. Spent very little money for lots of fun! My kids are happily playing with the free toys they found in the free boxes.

Good, Interesting coupon article

I wanted to post this article LINK from the NY Times about couponing. I found it both interesting and funny. They state in the article that families are going back to board games and family dinners at the dinner table. In our home, board games are a common occurance and we almost never eat out. So, I guess I once weird life is more normal now?? Haha!

Couponing use has spiked. I know that many questions came from the article written about our family in the newspaper. I was called everything from crazy and OCD to amazing and wonderful. ( Laughing) It's amazing people perspectives on couponing! And it's interesting how that is changing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mussleman's Apple Sauce

Here is a link to $1.00/1 Musselman's Applesauce.

Free Sample of Kashi Cereal

I got a Free Sample already and this cereal wasn't too bad. Follow this LINK and try it for yourself!!!


HI Everyone! I got a comment on my last post to explain Swagbucks again. So here it is! Swagbucks is like Google. You use it as a search engine and they pay you in "bucks" to search with them. Typically I get one or two bucks a day. There are tons of different prizes that you can cash your bucks in for.  You can follow this LINK and sign up! They also have sweepstakes and a toolbar you can download for more bucks. I get my $10 Starbucks cards and $10.00 Mastercard Gift Cards from them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Starting to plan for Christmas!

I have gotten 4 $10.00 Swagbucks Mastercards. I have enough Swag bucks to get another one, which I plan on ordering. So, I will have $50.00 to spend on Christmas gifts!

Also, I traded and garbage picked enough Coke Points to get another $10.00 Subway gift card. I will save that as a Christmas Gift too!

I have started my list of who gets what.
I don't have nearly the stockpiled gifts as I have had in the past.  So I am going to have to stretch the $$$ big time for Christmas this year.

Trip to Menards

We needed cat litter badly. We have a house full of cats. So, Arm and Hammer Cat Litter was on sale at Menards. I had some IP coupons and I had over $100 in Rebate Cards from Menards. So I figured that was the best OOP choice.

We went to Menards and picked up 4 boxes of Cat litter, 4 12pk boxes of microwave popcorn, one baking soda and one laundry detergent. I used coupons on everything I bought, found some great peelies on the cat litters and used my Menards Rebate Certificates. So, nothing spent out of pocket and I have a few rebates to send in on the popcorn and the laundry detergent.

I am still not spending any money on food.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Become a Fan of Sara Lee!

Sara Lee Deli Meats will give you a $3.00 IP coupon if you become of fan of theirs on Facebook!! Go to and sign up! They will email you a coupon for $3.00 off any deli meat!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Healthy Choice House Party Tonight!

House Parties is a program where friends get together and get to try new products. I was invited to my first one tonight! I had a great time. I got to sample 5 or 6 ( I don't remember) different Healthy Choice Meals. I got Healthy Choice coupons. Our generous host even had door prizes and I won!! I really got some nice goodies! I felt so spoiled tonight!!  You can check out what a House Party is by going to http://www.http// They have alot of upcoming parties. So, you may find one that works for you!

My Plan during Readjustment of Income

If you noticed, I haven't been posting as many shopping trips in recent weeks. Although this week at Walgreens there are plenty of RR deals, My stockpile is full and I don't need most of what they have on sale. Also, with the change in my husband's job situation, for those who don't know, he is no longer getting full U.E. benefits.  He is working part time at a fast food restaurant, making minimum wage, thus bringing our income down even more. Which means our credit card payments to pay off our debt will also decrease slightly, but we will still be on  for payoff by the end of the year.   So, my goal has been and will be to NOT spend any cash. That doesn't mean I won't use my gift cards or use my freebie coupons, but it does mean that I have to spend as little out of pocket as I can. I also picked up a small, quick job in October pet sitting. Not alot of money, but every bit counts.

Currently, In Gift Cards I have Kmart, Target, Mastercard Gift Cards (4 of them), Starbucks, Subway, and Walgreens. We can use those to stretch our dollars if we need something.

My dishwasher died, so I am selling my entire Dishwasher Detergerent Stockpile to my mom. That will be enough to cover 2 tanks of gas for me, which will keep me going to work for 2 weeks.

My stockpile, which I reviewed yesterday, can make about 30 meals (dinner and lunch) and about 40 breakfasts ( as long as I have milk for cereal, which I would have to buy). I also have enough health, beauty and paper supplies to keep us for about 3 weeks. I have enough canned goods, frozen meals, pancake mix, etc to keep us for a while. I have 21 containers of Crystal Light and over 100+ packets of Kool Aid for drinks along with some frozen canned juice, tea and some milk. I have lots of cans of soup, mac and cheese, ground turkey and peanut butter and jelly. The kids get lunch at school for a reduced fee which makes their lunches great! I have lots of speghetti noodles and sauce. I have beans from my garden. I have recently gotten some left overs from a big gathering meal at my church. That is enough casserole to feed us for a few days. I got some potatoes from our garden so we will have a potatoe bar one night for dinner.  30 dinner and lunch meals can keep us about 3 weeks, which means I can plan a big shopping trip in October ( although there may be a small one before the end of Sept. if I have any good September expiring coupons, will see!)

So, that is what I am going to do for now.  My husband has been laid off since Jan, so it's been over 9 months. I just started back to work this month, so I will start getting paychecks soon. We will live off the stock pile until things get a bit better or until He or I can find another part time job or something for more money.

I will still post some deals, if I pick them up, but I haven't shopped since Sept 8th and that was a $35.00 trip!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free Magazine: Field & Stream!

IF you have a guy in your life or you yourself likes to hunt and fish, here is a free magazine for you!

Follow this link and fill out the forms!

Free Computer Game Download! Today only!

Today only you can down load for free a pirate computer game called Tales from Monkey Island. Follow this LINK and it will take you to the website for downloading!

WARNING! I don't know what age range this game is for..I couldn't find it on the site.

Know someone who is Unemployeed? Kmart can help!

I saw this promotion and I know not everyone is unemployed, but I thought I would post it anyway. Follow this LINK and follow the directions. The plan will give you 20% off any of their store generic brands. There are terms and conditions, but overall, it looks like a great way to save 20% on some basic household items if you are unemployed!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Geo Trax DVD

In the past these DVD"s have been great for my kids! The new one is out! Go to this LINK and register for the DVD!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I spoiled myself!!! Great Victoria Secret Deal!!

Recently, On Sept 7th, I posted a VS deal that was okay. I got a tote bag and a pair of undies for $3.15 (with shipping and tax). Well, I got that order and inside was a coupon for $10.00 off any items that total $10.01 or more. So, I went tonight on VS website. I used Ebates to get 2% back in my purchases.

Last time I was at the VS store, I saw cute college apparel but I didn't want to pay the $39.00 for the T Shirt and $22.50 for the flip flops. So,  of course I passed. Tonight I went on VS website. I found the T Shirt on clearance for $7.99 and the Flip Flops for $7.99. Now, I wouldn't pay that much for those plus shipping, but I used the Coupon that I received from my last order PLUS the current coupon code CLEAR20 (found on and got another 20% off. So, after those coupon codes, my total including shipping and tax was $9.80!!!! And I will get money back from Ebates!! (Don't know what Ebates is? Follow this LINK to find out more and to sign up!)

WOO HOO!!!!!

Great Coupons for Leapster Products!

My kids love Leapsters! This week I got this in an email and I wanted to share it with my readers. Follow this LINK to find $5.00 off any Leapster game! This would make a great upcoming Christmas Gift!!! My Walmart has Leapster Games go on sale every now and then, so maybe you can find a good deal with these!!

Free Samples of Dog and Cat Treats!

First, for you dog owners! Follow this LINK to a Science Diet Simple Essentials Dog Treats Sample!

Second, for you cat owners! Follow this LINK to Catster. If you are registered you can sign up for FREE 10-12 oz. Bag of Royal Canin® Feline Health Nutrition™.  If you aren't registered, join Catster today!!

Fazoli's has new offers every week!

If you go to this LINK you will find that Fazoli's is offering different deals each week. This week is a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal! Go sign up and grab a free kids meal at Fazoli's!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do You Have to Buy Some Girls' Gifts for Christmas??

American Girl Dolls have a sale going on right now for their movies! $5.00 each DVD!!  Go to the AMERICAN GIRL STORE. Shipping was $4.95 for a basic order.  So, for around $6.00 (shipping), you could have several gifts bought!! This Sale ends Sept 30th!

$2.00 coupon for Gain Detergent

Good coupon if you find Gain on sale. Follow this LINK to get a $2.00 off coupon!

Lots of New Coupons!

On the right hand side of my blog you will see a window. There are many new coupons. Including Bagel Bites.  $1.00 off one box, which can be a good, quick, cheap snack! Check out all the great coupons!

Free Download of Tracy Adkins new song

Follow this LINK to the sweepstakes that gives you a Tracy Adkins new single download!

Coke Rewards, Powerades Double on Sept 22nd

You can double your Powerade Points on Sept 22nd!!!

IP Coupon for Nature Valley Nut Clusters

This coupon is for $1.60 off one package! You can print two! Follow this LINK! HURRY these won't last long!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walmart's Free Music Downloads

Did you know that Walmart has free music downloads? Each week they list new music. You can check out the weekly music freebies at Walmart's Website! This week they have some country, rock and accoustic.

Micheal's Craft Stores have free events on Saturdays!

Micheal's craft stores have free events! Check out this LINK for a schedule of events. The next date Sept. 19th is Free Spoon People and an American Girl craft!

Every girl can make her own gifts inspired by American Girl books. Join us in store for a FREE craft event and create three American Girl® projects. While supplies last. See store for details.

FYI! Tomorrows Sunday Paper!

Tomorrows Sunday Paper should have 5 inserts!! Including inserts from Nestle and General Mills! So, you may want to pick up an extra paper tomorrow!

KIDS EAT FREE at Fazoli's.

Fazoli's is having Kids Eat Free every weekend in September. Look at the detals and enjoy!!

Home Depot Free Clinics

If you live near a Home Depot, they give free clinics. Check out their website.

For kids clinics click here LINK

For weeklyclinics, click here LINK

For do - it - herself clinics, click here LINK

Enjoy some free FUN!

Free 3 years subscription to the Magazine, Town and Country

Follow this link and fill out the form to get a 3 year subscription to Town and Country. YOu can also pick up a free Audio Book.

IP Coupon for Lunchables, Salad Dressing, and Pillsbury Products

$1.00 off a Lunchable! Click on the LINK to sign up. You need to make the promise, then the next screen has a get your coupon link. Click on that, and you can print your coupon.

75 cents off one Wish Bone Salad Dressing. LINK

Several Pillsbury Products, you must register with their site. Follow this LINK.

Friday, September 11, 2009

IP Coupon for Bagelfuls!

Click this LINK for a $1.00 off ONE Bagelfuls coupon.

Free Sample of Bear Naked Cereal!

Go to this LINK and sign up for a free sample of Bare Naked Cereal!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uncle Ben's IP coupon

Uncle Ben's Rice has a IP coupon. Follow this LINK to a coupon for $1.00 of any 2 products.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IP Coupons for Keebler Cookies!

Follow this link to IP coupons for Keebler. One is for 55 cents of one package, one is for $1.00 off and Fudge Shoppe Cookies! ENJOY!! LINK

Another Great Deal at

If you use, there is a great deal right now! 90% off now through Sunday. That means a 25% gift certificate can be as low as $1.00!!! Not every area in the country has participating restaurants, but if yours does, this is worth it! Go to and use the code word NINETY.

IF you go through Ebates, you will get another 15% back on your purchase! You can join Ebate by following this LINK.

Free Magic School Bus Book!

The Enviromental Protection Agency is giving away free Magic School Bus Books! Go to their website LINK and get the 800 number which is 800-490-9198.

The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up book. (EPA420-K-07-001, September 2007)
Ordering information:

The item number is EPA420-K-07-001, which is needed for ordering.
Quantities must be limited due to the popularity of the book.
Individuals, schools and libraries may order one copy each.
Non-profit organizations, and State and local governments working on diesel environmental education issues may order up to 100 copies.

Hurry! Free Sample of Organic Skincare Discovery Kit

Allure Magazine has a great giveway! It will go fast! IT's for a free skincare kit. Due to the problems I am having linking this, you will have to cut and paste!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Cereal!!

Mercedes just posted this on her blog (  and I thought I would share it with you! It's such a good deal! THANKS MERCEDES! Walgreens has General Mills cereal $1.99 a box right now. If you got to the Target coupon Generator at this LINK print off the $1.00 off any box of General Mills Cereal. Then you go to Betty Crockers site and print the $1.00 off one box cereal coupons there.  You should be able to print that at least twice per computer. Then, go to Target (make sure that they price match) and pick up there cereal there. Use the manufactures coupons first, then the Target coupons and you will get 2 boxes of free cereal!

Mercedes also mentions that you should take everything to the service counter and be rung up there so you don't hold up the lines at the check out.

Free Sample of Palmolive Pure and Clear Dish Soap

Follow this LINK to a free mini bottle!

Shopping trip! $35.00 for everything in the photo.

My last big shopping trip was August 10th, with a few small trips to Walgreens/Kmart in between. I wanted to plan to hold off another week because money is tight, but Logli's had their $1.00 deals and so I decided to go. I didn't buy any basics ( milk, meats, fresh veggies) because I had limited funds and we still have enough for about 2 weeks worth of meals. I only picked up things that were really cheap and I will incorporate them into our menu plan. It was a smaller trip, so in about 2 weeks, I might have to go back out there again for a big trip.

First stop Target:
Did the cereal deal ( see previous post). OOP was $5.50 and I got a $5.00 gift card back.

Second Stop Loglis:

4 boxes of rice
4 boxes of potatoes
2 boxes of suddenly salad pasta
5 jars of baby food ( donation)
2 betty crocker delights
2 thai noodle soups
4 Reese peanut butter cups/bars
4 loafs of wonder bread
3 bottles of hand soap
5 boxes of Pretzelfuls
2 boxes of Toaster Strudels
1 jar of pickle relish
1 box of Kashi Cereal
2 boxes of Minutes maid juice pops
2 boxes of Luigi Ice cups
4 bags of fozen veggies
1 bag of skillet dinner ( frozen veggies with chicken)
2 rolls of biscuits
1 head of lettuce
12 tootbrushes
1 steamer microwave lunch
4 Healthy choice meals ( from the IP coupon, see previous post!)
2 tubs of butter

Before coupons: $96.41
After coupons: $30.43

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Deal! 5 boxes of Cereal for 50 cents!!

In my article on the Wisconsin State Journal, I mentioned that I don't pay more than 50 cent a box for cereal. I got many emails saying that is IMPOSSIBLE, but it's not. About 1 month ago, A brand new Target opened up by my parents home, they had a grand opening special for their private label cereal for 50 cents a box. I stockpiled a few boxes. Now, Target has another great deal.

This week, at Target, you can buy Fiber One Cereal for $2.50 a box. Buy 5 boxes and you get a $5.00 Target Gift card. Go to this LINK from Hot Coupon World to print 5 of the $1.00 off any General Mills Cereal Target Coupons. Then look in the recent sunday paper coupon inserts. There was $1.00 off when you buy two boxes of Fiber One Cereals.

So 5 boxes at $2.50 a box is $12.50. $12.50 minus the $5.00 from the Target coupons is $7.50. Then subtract 2 of the $1.00 off coupons. Which brings you to $5.50. Which is $1.10 a box. Then, you get your $5.00 Target gift card. So, $5.50 minus the savings of the $5.00 for the gift card is equal to 50 cents for $5 boxes of cereal! :) Sweet deal!

Nature Valley Granola Samples!

IF you haven't signed up for Eat Better America, then now is the time! Sign up for this Nature Valley Newsletter and get 2 free samples! Go to and sign up! You will get a Free Sample of the new Granola Nut Clusters and a Granola Bar.

Hurry! Healthy Choice Printable Coupon!

These won't last! Healthy Choice on their website has $2.00 off any Healthy Choice Frozen Meal Coupon and $2.00 off any Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer Coupon! Follow this LINK! These will be great with the Logli's Deal this week on the Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees!!


This month's Redbox code! Use code T46T3Q7. Please remember this code is only good until midnight tonight and you must return the DVD tomorrow in order not to occur charges! Enjoy!!!

Good Victoria Secrets deal

I just found this out and it's today only. You can go to Victoria Secret's website and find a clearance PINK item. I chose a pair of underware. Then put in the PINK bag that is the freebie with any PINK purchase.  Use the coupon code SHIPFREE and get free shipping then add the PINK09 to get the bag free. If you go through EBATES and get 2% back on your purchase. Also, if you use your PINK card, you get points towards a future reward ( just make sure you pay it off so that you don't accure interest!). So, for $2.99 I am getting VS underware and a cute PINK tote bag!

Trip to Walgreens

Well, I ran to Walgreens to do the Starbucks Ice Cream deal.

Here is what I came back with:

3 bottles of Laundry Detergent ( On sale for $1.99 a bottle! and my stockpile was getting low! YEAH! They also had my favorite scent, so I had to buy it!!)
2 Campbells Soup at Hand ( use for work, IVC coupon for 99 cents each, had coupon from Sunday paper for $1.00 off 2, so 50 cents each after coupon)
3 Carefree Panty Liners( IVC coupon makes them .99each, had coupons from ALL YOU for $1.00 off one, so they were all free)
1 Glade 3 wick candle, (On sale for $5.99, got a $3.00 off coupon but don't remember where I got it from and got a $2.00 RR back)
1 pack of Sandwich cookies, on clearance 70 cents
1 pack of Durcell Batteries ( on sale for $2.99, had a 75 cent off coupon from sunday paper, then you get a $1.00 RR)
2 battery powered toothbrushes, 25 cents on clearance
2 packs of cupcake liners
1 Gorton Scrimp Bowl (on sale $1.99 and I had a $1.00 off coupon can't remember where I got it.)

Total: $42.63
Used $11.50 in RR's from previous trips
After coupons, RR's and with tax: $11.95 and I got back $8.00 in RR's for next time!
Well, next time came a bit sooner than I thought. My husband needed CLR for the toilet issues we have been having. Since Walgreens had it on sale, I went back.

I picked up:
5 bottles of Laundry Detergent
1 bottle of CLR
2 Reese's Candy bars ( 55 cent off coupons from the sunday paper and you get a $1.00 RR back)
Total: $18.44
After coupons and the $8.00 RR's: $7.27  and I got another $1.00 RR from the candy. :) Yeah, 5 bottles of laudry soap for $7.27!!! WOO HOO!

Free Secret Clincial Deodorant at Vocal Point

If you are a Vocal Point member, go log in and you will find a offer for a Free Secret Clinical Deodorant. You have to give feedback for using it. If you are not a Vocal Point Member, follow this LINK and sign up! You will get coupons, freebies, and product reviews.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coupons for Cheerios!

Cheerios is sending out 4 $1.00 coupons! You can sign up here! LINK

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun Frugal Day!

Well, I ran some errands and overall it was a great frugal day.

First, We made more applesauce. While that was going on, I got 3 loads of laundry hung on the lines. :)

Then, we ran my son to a birthday party. While he was there, we stopped at a rummage sale. Spent $1.60 on 8 kids books, Magic School bus video, a sweatshirt, 2 free toys and 2 small doilies ( don't know if that is spelled right!).

Then we ran to Walgreens and to Kmart ( last double coupon day!)

Transaction one:
Again they had some 75% clearance, so I got a few things.
Take the Train Game
4 packs of Stickers
1 Lisa Frand sticker and tattoo box.
Total before clearance prices: $9.94
Total after RR's: $1.21

Transaction Two:
Aquafresh Toothpaste, I used a IP coupon from Red Plum, Got an RR back
Sensodyn Childrens Toothpaste, I had a IP coupon from Red Plum and the Sept. Coupon book from Walgreens has another $2.00 off IVC
Reach Toothbrush, Used a .50 cent off coupon, Got an RR back
Total: $11.27
Total after Coupons: $7.39, I got $3.50 back in RR's.

Transaction one:
2 Rimmel Mascaras, Used the $2.00 coupon in Sunday Paper
1 VO5 Shampoo, used Kmart Special Coupon
2 Men's Pert Shampoo, Used $1.50 coupon from Sunday Paper
2 packages of Ziploc Bags, Used 55 cents off from Sunday Paper
3 packs of Chinet Plates, Used $2.00 off coupon from Sunday Paper
1 Cocoa Krispies, Used an IP coupon from
Total before coupons: $32.39
Total after double coupons: $1.06

Transaction two:
Flour sifter ( $2.00 on clearance and I have been looking for one! YEAH!)
Batter Bowl (.90 cents on clearance and we have wanted one of these too!)
1 bottle of clean and clear toner, $2.00 off IP Coupon from
2 Ziploc Sandwich Bag boxes, 55 cent off coupons from Sunday Paper
2 packages of Good Night Boxer Pants, on sale $9.99 and I got $2.00 off coupons from ?? (don't remember)
Cute Pair of Shoes for my daughter, $2.99!
Total: $38.36
Total: $18.49 after double coupons.

While we were at Kmart, My husband got his medication refilled. We had a transfer coupon so we got a $25.00 gift card for the transfer. I will save that for Christmas shopping. :)

TGI Friday's Free Burger through Facebook!

IF you are a Facebook User, go sign up for Woody's TGI Friday Challenge. If he gets 500,000 friends, then we will all get a free burger at TGI Friday's! Here is the addy

Also you can print a coupon for BOGO burger's at TGI Fridays. Here is the LINK.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No Sunday Paper Coupons and other notes!

Just to let you know, there will be no Sunday Newspaper Coupons due to Labor Day Holiday! So, it gives us 3 days to clean out and organize those binders!

Tomorrow is the last day of Kmarts Super Doubles Event. Also, I got this in an email for a free Cereal when you spend $15.00. LINK So you can use it with your double coupons. Also, When I was checking Mercedes site, Common Sense with She also had two other Kmart Coupons. Zest Soap and V05 Shampoo

Today was a great day! I got 3 FULL bags of books at the library book sale. It was the last day, so it was fill a bag for $2.00. I got many books I was looking for and several for my trading.

Then I came home to find my mail box had another $10.00 Swagbucks Mastercard! I am saving those for Christmas Shopping!! I also had 2 free samples in there!

Then for lunch my husband and I went out to eat! We went to Subway. I had a $5.00 gift card from Coke Rewards and a coupon from my entertainment book for "Buy one sub and soda get the second sub and soda free". So, I paid $1.80 out of pocket for lunch!!

FINALLY a few more IP coupons:
LINK! IP coupon, $1.00 off of ONE Pillsbury Toaster Strudel!

Also, LINK! IP Coupon for $1.00 off any ONE pillsbury Grands!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IP coupons!!!!

Wheat Thins Flat Bread Coupon. $1.00 off one box. LINK

Grand's Frozen Biscuits. $1.00 off ONE! LINK

Grand's Any size Refrigerated Grands $1.00 off ONE! LINK

Also, go to this Link and you can print all sorts of IP coupons for Lysol, Spray and Wash, Finish and other products!

If you go to, you can register, go to promotions and get a IP coupon for $1.00 off any package of Nestle Cookie Dough! It's a $1.00 off One package of Toll House Cookies any variety!

Print a $3.00 off Greenworks Laundry coupon (Greenworks sold at Kmart). LINK

Redplum has just listed it's new monthly coupons. :) got to and see what you can use!

Have you started to think about Christmas???

OK, I know school just started, but now is the time...with the kids back to school and Labor day just around the corner you need to start thinking about your Christmas budget. I like to have it mostly done by the end of October. First, make a list of everyone you HAVE to buy for. Then figure out how much money you are going to need to spend on each person. Add it up, and that is approximately how much you will need. Looks like alot? Well, that is why we plan now. You have a few months to plan and not get stuck the week of Christmas buying some over priced junk that the kids will forget about the week after Christmas. Also, Decide now that using the credit card is NOT AN OPTION!!!

I have been doing Shoppers Hotline and Swagbucks to earn gift cards to spent while shopping. I have $55.00 to spend with those gift cards and I will try to get a few more yet. I also have been saving My Points and have a gift card coming from that. I did some after Christmas Shopping last year and I have those things put away ( which covers about 6 family members gifts). Also, each time Menards had their Crayola Stuff on rebate I bought some. These items makes great kids gifts!!

For teachers I do the same gift every year (so don't read this if you are my kids teacher!), since they get so much apple stuff and nic nak stuff, I refuse to gift that. Instead, I buy a dollar store basket and fill it with clearanced back to school supplies. I spend about $20.00 on each teacher, but I get so much because I buy it after school has started and the supplies have been clearanced. This year, Menards had there Dry Erase Markers on rebate and the teachers loves those! I picked them up cheap. Pens, free from Walgreens. Highlighters, free from Walgreens. Crayons, 24 cents a box from Walmart sale. The teacher then have supplies on hand when they need them!! I have done this the last 3 years and the teachers are always very grateful and thankful!!

For co workers, we bring in food and snacks to their work stations or break room. Then everyone gets a little bit and I am not buying a ton of gifts.

For Friends, We keep it simple. We have done things like, "Free babysitting for the kids for one night" coupons. Which is a great gift. They get a night of free babysitting, we spend nothing out of pocket and my kids have a play night! We have also done other coupons, like making meals, etc.

I will shop at Walmart on Black Friday, which I always do, because they accept competitors ads and my Walmart is in a small town so it is rarely busy. I refuse to go to busy stores with crazy people on Black Friday due to the fact that I have learned MOST sale items are either sold out, or they put them on sale again closer to Christmas.

What ideas do you have for Christmas? Are you even thinking about it? Have you decided on a list of who you are buying for? Post a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beginning of a new coupons!

Make sure you clean out your coupon binders! Also, a new month means new coupons. Check out ( located at the bar on the right) for new coupons out for this month. Some new coupons include Tea, Leapster Games coupons ( great coupons to start christmas shopping), Green Giant coupons, 55 cents off one Wonder Bread coupon (great if you have a double coupon store!), and many more!!!

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