Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you do point programs?

There are so many point programs out there! Several people ask me where I get my gift cards from. Many of them are from rebates but others are from different on line programs. Here are a few examples:

Shoppers Hotline: I love this program. I get a $25.00 debit card every 6 months (on average). I have to scan my groceries when I bring them in the house and do a survey every now and then.

My Points: You get emails from them about the things they and their partners sell. You get points for that and filling out surveys. I typically get 2 $25.00 gift cards a year. I usually get Applebee's or Target.

FreeRide: If you participate in their emails and their "hitchhikers" you can add up points pretty fast. Again I get 2 gift cards a year (on average).

Thank you Network: My husband insists on having one credit card for purchasing gas. We pay it off every month and we get thank you points for purchases. So, not only do we pay it off every month, but typically every 3 months we get a gift card for Walmart or Applebees. This is not a good point program for anyone who doesn't pay their credit cards off every month.

Survey Rewards: My husband does this one. He does surveys and they pay him. He doesn't get the cash, but when his account hits $25.00 he can "cash in" for 6 months of free video rentals at Blockbuster.

Coke Points: Save your Coke caps or box wrappers. They have codes on there and they add up. Most recently I have gotten Free Family NIghts at Blockbuster, but those are no longer available; So I am watching for new prizes to be listed.

Ebates: I get a check every 3 months from them. It typically is not a huge amount of money, but it's extra cash!

PointsandPrizes: This one has words of the day and week. You find the words, enter them in and get points. The points can be exchanged for movies, books and other odds and ends! It's fun to get a free video every now and then. This one is time consuming...but it's a nice freebie!

There are so many options for point programs!! Seach the internet, talk to online friends, or if you are interested in MyPoints or Freeride; email or PM me and I will get you hooked up!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's the End of the Month!

Time to clean out those coupon binders!! I started mine when I was watching ( listening to) the presidential debates. I have to finish it though. I have to catch up! I have many to clip too!

Also, I put a debt ticker on the bottom of my blog page. I am so close to being debt free. We had $52,000 in credit card debt when we got married. I posted our LAST credit card at the bottom of my blog...so I can keep track of that LAST card!!

Happy Couponing!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Big Shopping Trip today

Well, I haven't done a big shopping trip is so long. I started at 8:30 this morning and finished at 1:45 pm. I went to 10 stores but only used 1/5 of a tank of gas because they are all so close to one another.

My total was $188.10. Which, if I hold off my next shopping trip for 6 weeks, is $31.35 per week for groceries. I didn't take any photos, I was just too tired. But I will list where I went. PM me if you have questions.

Total After coupons 1.85
I got
3pk of girl socks
6 pack of womans socks
2 packages of Pantyhose
4 Easy Mac Mac and Cheese cups

2 cans of Coffee
1 4pk of Pudding
Total after coupons: 83 cents ( Iam getting $4.00 in rebates back too)

Kwik Trip
4 bagged milk
4 pounds of bananas
Total after Coupons: $4.97

6 boxes of Electrasol Tablets ( bonus boxes with 25 tablets in each box)
3 post it note memo books
placemat for learning the continents
2 packages of shoe laces
1 hello kitty magnet
1 headband
1 sensodine toothpaste
1 pair of flip flops
1 set of stickers
5 70ct notebooks
1 card
2 pocket folders
Total after coupons: ZERO

Sentry Foods
1 4pound sugar
1 dozen eggs
2 packs of butter
Total after coupons: $2.98

Transaction 1
3 packages of post it notes
Revlon Color Nail Polish
crest Toothpaste
Walgreens Acid Controller
Nivea Body Wash for men
Excedrin Tension Headache
3 packs of Schick Razors
4 bottles of 7 up
Rimmel Eye Shadow
Total after coupons: ZERO and I am getting $25.25 back in rebates)
Transaction 2
3 pacakges of sugar free candy
Total after coupons: ZERO

Dollar Tree
7 multi pack batteries
1 roll of gift wrap
Total: $8.44


Pert Shampoo
2 count School Fun Long Erasers
2 Lip Slicks
1 glade spray
1 powerade
1 bottle excedrin
2 cover girl eyeshadows
4 pack of toilet paper (double rolls)
Magazine ( full of coupons!!)
Total after coupons: $16.16 ( and I am got $6.99 in ECB's for next trip!)

Cat Litter 6 containers
6 instant noodles cups
salisbury steaks
2 chicken parmasana packs
hamburger buns
6 pounds of ground turkey
2 jars of applesauce
jar of mayo
1 package of Bologna
bag of corn chips
bag of tortilla chips
2 cans of sloppy joe mix
12 boxes of mac and cheese
Total ( no coupons): $53.97


15 Bottles of Powerade
33 packages of Kool Aid
7 packages of cheese singles
2 boxes of speghetti noodles
Crystal Light Raspberry Tea
2 packages of 8 oz cheese
6 Yougarts
1 package of hot dogs
9 cans of Chef Boy R de Pastas
1 box of Wheat Pasta
5 boxes of Bundinos
2 pounds of tomatoes
1 boxes of Tea Bags
1 canned ham
2 6 pks of Apples Sauce
7 cans of Speghettios
1 bottle of dressing
2 cans of speghetti sauce
2 packs of fruit bowls
4 loafs of bread
8 packages of taco seasoning
2 cans of chicken soup
2 boxes of specialty potatoes
a package of brats
a pacakge of pork steaks
a package of chicken breasts
1/2 pound of deli corned beef
4 cans of chunky soups
3 cans of cinnamon rolls
2 cans of cresent rolls
creamy chicken instant noodle cup
7 bottles of Sobe Juice
2 packages of turkey breast
1 package of sliced ham
2 pounds of ground beef
1 package of South beach Pizza
5 4 pound bags of sugar
4 frozen pizza
6 breakfast breaks
2 boxes of sandwich zip bags
1 box of wheat thins
4 boxes of Toaster Strudel
2 6pks of kids yougart
2 frozen dinners
2 boxes of bagelfuls
3 bottles of 7 up
1 can of mighty dog food ( will donate to the animal shelter)
Total before coupons $235.32
Total after coupons: $98.90

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Freebie Day..

Today was a great freebie day!

First of all, in my mail box was a gift from Quaker Granola Bars. The box contained one box of granola bars ( 8pack), 2 trial size boxes of cereal, 2 breakfast simply bars, 2 packages of granola bites ( YUMMY!) and some coupons. YEAH!!

Second, my dear friend ( she's like a sister to me!) sent me her coupons from the last few sundays AND some winetags!! YEAH!!

Finally, technically not free, a co worker gave me a "get well" bag with lots of goodies. I have had a terrible cold this past week. Coughing, Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. She gave me a bag with klennex, chicken soup, tea bags, bottled water, instant drink mixes and cough drops!! It made my whole week! What a nice thing to do for a co worker!!! SO A BIG THANK YOU TO HER!!!!

Tonight I will get my coupons organized, I am doing my once every 8 weeks shopping trip tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Movie Rentals.

I just went to Block Buster. I rented 2 movies (one for each kid) and I didn't pay anything out of pocket.

One of my free coupons is from a survey company that my husband participates in. He gets one free rental for 6 months with the points he collects.

My other free coupon is from their Blockbuster club deal. I paid $10.00 for a year (I used a gift card so nothing out of pocket there) and they give you one free rental a month and if you rent 4 movies in a month, they give you another free rental. We never rent 4 movies but since I never actually paid the $10.00 originally, we are getting one free rental a month.

Keep your eyes open for deals like this. Redbox has codes every monday for a free rental. So, about 2 Mondays a month we get a free rental there. And they include new releases!!

We don't have regular cable or dish. We only get to watch some basic free TV, so these free movies are such special treats for my kids!!! Don't pay for movies or TV. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick run to Sentry

I ran to the Sentry in Fort Atkinson. They had buy 10 General Mills Products, get $5.00 off. It wasn't my best trip, but I felt I did okay. Sorry, NO photo this time.

4 boxes of Taco shells
3 cans of Stargish Gourmet Tuna
2 Taco Dinner Kits
1 box of Toaster Strudels
4 Cinnamon Rolls
1 can of Cresent Rolls
3 packages of Drinkable Kids Yougart
1 2pk of Warm Delights
Bag of Pasta Veggies
Bag of Broccoli and Corn
2 boxes of Go Gurts

Total before coupons $43.97
After Coupons $18.82 after coupons

I also picked up $16.00 in winetags while I was there. Which I will use on my big shopping trip I am planning for next week.

Then I ran to Walmart, picked up the BOGO Cat foods and the Easy Mac. Total out of pocket $4.22.

Happy Couponing!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I haven't been shopping this week...

I haven't been shopping this week. So, I am going to plan a big trip for sometime next week. I have today off of work, but I don't have enough $$ to go, so I will plan for after next weeks paychecks. That means I have to make our food stockpile stretch another week. I am glad I am back to work!

:) Happy Couponing!

The New ALL YOU magazine is out!

The new ALL YOU Magazine is out. It's Sept 08 and it's filled with coupons again. $1.77 an issue at WALMART is a great deal. Here is what they have this month.
page 12 $1/1 Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal
page 24 $1/1 Jergens naturals/moisturizer
page 29 $2 off Rimmel New Glam Eyes Mascara (only @ walmart)
page 32 $1/1 any John Frieda Collection product
page 38 $1 off any Pure & Natural Body wash, liquid hand, or bar soap
page 41 $2 off Jane Be Pure mineral item
page 51 $.35 on any 20ct or larger bag of Halls
cardstock between 56 & 57
.50 off any Peter Pan PB
.75 off any 2 Snack Pack
page 59 $1.50 on any Colgate Total 4.0 oz+
page 63 $2 Whole Body Cleanse or Ultra Liver Cleanse
page 65 Free Contour Meter from Bayer wy present prescription for BCMS
page 78 $3 off Made of Honor DVD
page 83 Free Charlie Brown DVD form
Page 83 $1 off any 1 Birds Eye Viola Varieties
page 87 $1 any Brut product
page 94 $1 any Kotex product
page 96 B2G1 Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna
page 103 $1 any bag Tyson Anytizers
page 107 $1/3 Birds Eye Freshlike Vegetables
page 109 OR popcorn cakes $5 coupon offer/or rebate up to $2.98
page 111 .55 any 1 Marzetti Apple Dip 12 oz. +
page 123 .50 any Underwood product
page 138 .50 White Cloud Green Earth TP
page 147 .75 on any Palmolive Pure + Clear liquid dish soap
page 155 .75 on Windex Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner or Canister wipes
page 158 $1 on any Sani-Hands
page 161 $1 on any Colgate Max Fresh TP 4.0 oz+
Page 161 $1 on any Colgate manual or 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush
page 166 $2 on any size Purina Fit & Trim Adult dog food
page 168 .75 on NEW Little Debbie Family Pack Muffin varieties
page 171 $1 on any Flexitol product
page 175 $2 on any 3.6 lb + bag Kibbles n Bits dry dog food

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.