Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My shopping trip today was great!!

First I went to Target.

I got my 5 boxes Electrsol, Yogo Fruit Rolls, 10 bottles of Sobe, and they had clearanced Old Spice Body Wash.

$27.80 before coupons
$5.80 after coupons and I used my $5.00 gift card from the last sobe deal....then I got another $5.00 on this Sobe water deal!

Then I went to CVS.

I got the Dawn, Advil, Clean and Clear items, Revlon Eye Shadow, Pert Plus and Sure, Folgers, and some eye shadow applicators.

$48.78 before coupons

$10.57 after coupons

I also got $13.79 in EBC's for next trip and a coupon for a free hand sanitizer. :)

Finally I went to Logli's. My favorite store. I have two photos from this transaction. I am not going to post everything I bought but I got 6 bags of cat food, 13 packages of hot dogs, 14 packages of Crystal Light, 5 packages of cheese slices, 14 boxes of wheat thins, 7 bottles of gaterade, 7 bottles of Aquafina flavored water, 6 bottles of iced tea, and assorted other goodies. Picture do not show the 153 packs of kool aid. Some of this will be donated to the food pantry. It was $323.74 before coupons; after coupons it was $81.26.

I am tired, but it was well worth it!!!

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