Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clear out those coupon binders!!

It's the end of the month, time to clean out my coupon binder!! Some people find someone who can use expired coupons. I simply toss mine out while sitting at my kitchen table listening to my favorite radio talk show....LOL!!!

Have a great Labor Day everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What can you buy with 40 cents?

Here is what I bought today with 40 cents.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another great shopping trip!

Stopped at Logli's and CVS...

First photo above is Logli's.
I bought:
1 package of cat food
3 tomatoes
2 boxes of speghetti
3 loafs of bread
1 cup of cat food
1 package of brats
2 packages of hamburger patties
1 package of cheddar cheese
1 pacakge of marble cheese
6 bottles of raspberry tea
8 packages of Cat treats
2 boxes of Breakfast Breaks
1 box of Bagelfuls
1 box of cinnamon life
Total before coupons: $57.95
Total after coupons: $8.58

Then I went to CVS:
I bought:
12 pack of Toilet paper
1 pair of girls flip flops
2 sets of shovel and trowel garden set ( Dora and Diego, one for each child)
1 package of water balloons
2 giant pix sticks
2 bottles of Pert
2 tubes of Sure Deo
Total: 40.31
After coupons and EBC's: $1.54

Also we went and picked up a Dora the Explorer Toy Organizer. Someone had it on a "for sale" board I visit. I got it for $15.00. We really needed one for our childrens play room. here is a photo of it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


A family living about 2 blocks from us must have had a rummage sale this past weekend. We were walking home from church,past their house, and noticed the sign that said,"Rummage Sale OVER...everything free". We got a few great finds. My kids picked up lots of plastic toys for the bathtub. I got 2 brand new rubbermaid containers, a steel milk crate, a metal pail and a computer game for the kids.

Nice!!! I love it when I "accidentally" bump into finds like that!!

2 free Gooseberry Cookbooks!

These are really nice!

fill out the information and decide whether you want one or both cookbooks!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Walgreen's Trip

OK, I went back to Walgreen's. I wanted to use that $5.00 coupon. The total was $40.64. After coupons and register rewards, my total was $3.74!! I am getting a $5.00 refund back too! I really stocked up on school supplies! I will post the entire order tonight, after I get housework done!! Yeah!

Okay, so here is what I got...
1 6pk of raisins
2 packs of clear protective sheets
2 3packs of glue sticks
3 bottles of glue
3 packs of kids crayons
2 packages of markers
1 pencil sharpner
2 rolls of tape
3 Sharpie Markers
6 Bubble Mailer Envelopes
2 bottles of Pert Shampoo
3 cans of Pork and Beans
4 2 liters of Sprite ( that 12 more coke points!)
3 10 packs of Pens

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walgreens $5.00 Coupon

Walgreen's has it's $5.00 coupon off $20. Good August 22 and 23rd.

YOU MUST SPEND $20 after coupons and discounts to get this deal! But they have alot of 39 cents sales so you may find some good deals!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was just on the radio!!

Our Local 620 WTMJ radio station, the Jeff Wagner Show, was talking about coupons. There was a recent article in the Chicago Tribune. (,0,6719502.story) I got to speak about my "hobby". It was exciting! I hope I didn't sound nervous! Because I WAS!!!

They will be posting the podcast of it and as soon as they do, I will post it here for you to listen too!

Here is the link to the podcast. I am the second last person on the podcast! :) The pod cast is 8/19/2008 hour 2

Free Roll of Toilet Paper

Hey! It's free!!

Walgreen's run this morning

Went to walgreen's this morning. Just wanted to get the few deals.

2 Bertolli' Pasta Meals
3 jars of Pasta Sauce
1 cansister of salt
1 box of baking soda
2 cans of Mushrooms

Total $21.55
After Coupons: $4.98

I also got $6.50 in register rewards for next time.
So, for $4.98 I got this...

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Coupon Methods

I wrote this a few years ago, but I wanted to repost it due to a friend who has asked for it. This is some of what I try to teach.

My Coupon Methods

First of all, I collect coupons. I have friends and family save coupon packs. The ladies homes that I clean for saves the coupons for me. Ladies at church save coupons for me. In the past, I also have dumpster dive coupons. I always take 4 to 6coupons from the red catalina (blinkys) from the grocery stores. I always check packages before I throw them out, sometimes there are coupons printed inside. I also trade coupons on and trade on the coupon trade forum. I trade dog food coupons for cat food. Also, at the library and at the store itself, people leave coupons. Also if you see coupons attached to the products, you can take some and not use them that shopping trip. I have also been known to do a few coupon trains. Also, there is a Walmart Magazine called,"ALL YOU". It typically has great coupons in it!

Second, I have a 3 ring binder, and inside it has plastic pocket sheets, I catagorize my coupons in that...and I always have that with me (in case of a good deal). The binder has my name and phone number, just in case I lose it (GOD FORBID!). I keep a calculator, a sissors, and a pen in there too!

Third, when I do find something on coupon, and matching a store sale. I buy as many as I can if the price is a great deal. I don't just use a coupon because I have it. Coupons can be worthless if you don't get the best deal possible. This week, Walgreens has deodarant for 99 cents, my husband perfers the gels and they are what are on sale. Also there is a 75 cent coupon in the paper. So I will be buying 10 deodarants this week for 25 cents each! I spend one hour/two hours on sunday going over the sales ads. Circling anyting we may need in our household then going to my binder and finding the coupons. Since I go shopping once every 5 to 6 weeks, I look over the paper and whatever week has the best sales, that is the week I go shopping. I rarely buy anything if it's not on a sale ad and has a coupon. And I stockpile, so I am not buying the same things every month. This last month, I bought 9 jars of peanut butter. 4 jars will go to the local food shelter and the other 5 to my food stockpile. Peanut butter can stay in my stockpile for up to 6 months. The jars were JIF and they were less than 40 cents each! I always match sales ads.

I cut coupons in piles, cutting all the same coupons at the same time, then taking the pile and filing it in the binder. I go through the binder ONCE a month to pull expired coupons.

TO maxiumize my savings, I go to Aldi's (or Save a Lot) and buy the basics. Whatever is cheapest. If the item is on sale at another store, I dont' buy it.

When I go shopping in my area, I have a plan..Go to Kwik Trip first (gas station) they have bagged milk cheap! It freezes well. ALso they sell bananas for .29 cents a pound all the time. SO that is also a source for fresh fruit for me. Then I stop at aldi's. Grap the basics, and the cheap cat litter, then I stop at Lolgi's and get all the coupon/sale items, then I stop at walgreens, and buy whatever I have coupons/sales for. Then I stop at Menards and do there rebates, then I stop at Fleet and Farm and get all pet food and supplies ( cheapest in my area!). I have to drive to the next town to do this. and it's a perfect loop for me from one store to another, so you may have to adjust this to fit your area.

Then that is it for a few weeks...I don't shop again. I don't keep a price book, but I know costs, so you may want to do that until you know if something is a good deal. Also, I keep a list of the things we need, so I only make a trip "into town" once.

Right now my kitchen is STOCKED! I have had some great shopping trips. My menus are planned based on what is on sale. We aren't brand specific on any thing except one thing...My husband has to have Mentadent toothpaste due to the taste of other toothpastes. Other than that...we aren't brand specific. We use ALOT Of generic.

Here is my last shopping trip into town.
Kwik Trip $8.00 milk and bananas. Used my frequent buyer card, I get a stamp for every bag of milk, after 20 stamps, I get $1.00 off the next purchase.
Then Aldi's $70.00 there. Buy the basics, frozen food, cat litter.
Then Walgreens, spent $25.00, but getting $15.00 in rebates
Then Logli's, spent $167 before coupons, and $53.00 after
Then Menards, didn't spend anything because I had rebate cards from last month, and I am getting $18.00 back in rebates again
Ad I didn't have to stop at Farm and Fleet becasue I got 100 pounds of cat food from freecycle.
Total trip $156.00
Rebates yet to get..$33.00

I do feed the family, the animals, all cleaning products, and health and beauty products, and all paper products on this method. I spend about 4 to 8 hours a month doing this...but if you take the money I save just at Logli's ($147.00 and divide that by 8 hours)'s $18.00 an hour...I don't make that kind of money, but I make our income stretch, so to me it's worth it.

Oh one more thing, I have a store in town that doubles coupons on wednesdays, I will go over there in a pinch or if they have some really good deals. I also will go over to our local Walmart. I can get pasta noodles for 50 cents a box...and unless Walgreens has there .33 cents sales that is the cheapest I have found. I stock up to the limit on the .33 cents sales. We eat alot of pasta with veggies. Cheap, quick easy meals.

Also, while I am doing couponing, I also participate in shoppers hotline where I get points for scanning what I buy. I redeem those points for gift debit cards. So, I am even getting more benefits from my shopping.

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas! Happy Couponing!

Free Clothes!!!

YEAH!! We visited some friends yesterday and their son is 1 1/2 years older than my son. SO, I got a full garbage of boys clothes!! Including 5 pairs of jeans and 8 pairs of "Gym" type pants!!! Right before the school year!!!

I never buy back to school clothes but this is an excellent hand me down for my son!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Morning Rummaging!

We decided to go out and rummage sale today. I spent in total $24.40. I got a ton of nice stuff.

Pair of Brand New Winter Boots
Brand New Package of napkins
2 Brand New Kitchen Towels
Brand new Disney Princess Art Poster with crayons, stickers, and 30 feet of coloring paper(Save for my daughters birthday)
Brand New Tooth Brush
Pair of Socks
2 My Little Ponies
2 heart shaped cozy trivits
Cute Stuffed Kitten in a purse
2 men's shirts for my DH
Sally ( from Cars) slam toy
Sign Language Pack ( 3 study books!!!)
Computer Game for Kids : Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Sara Evans Music CD
Brand New Table Cloth is Clips and Weights

Dora's Story Book
Debbie Macomber - Orchard Vally Weddings
Samantha - An American Girl Book
Disney Princess Thanksgiving Book
A Pet for Princess
The Dinosaur and the Tooth Fairy

Dora's Halloween
Care Bears Thanksgiving
Mission Impossible
Scooby Doo
3 Stooges VHS PACK
The Princess Bride
#1 and #2 of X- Men
Care Bears Bedtime Stories Video
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Juicy Juice Coupons!

If you log into Juicy Juice, you can print some internet coupons for $1.00 off a bottle of juice!

Go to

Click on the box with the juice bottles that says Savings for You!

So, I went to the Sentry in Fort Atkinson..

I got everything I planned to get in whitewater, plus a bonus catalina coupon! No Problems! They didn't double, so a great shopping plan became a good shopping plan, but It was worth it for the nice service!

Here is what I got.

10 Warm Delights
5 boxes of fruit snacks
5 bags/boxs of Chex Mix
8 packages of cat treats
2 containers of Orange Juice
1 package of chunk cheese
1 dozen eggs

Total after coupons: $16.66
Saved in coupons: $26.72

Daniel's Sentry Store Whitewater...Do NOT SHOP THERE!

So, I have had several bad experiences with Sentry Foods Whitewater in the past. They are so rude when it comes to coupons. In July, I walked out without the Kellogg's Deal. Today, I walked out without my purchases again. They have a General Mills deal. If you are a couponer, do not use this store!!! I got there this morning, shopped, got to the register and the cashier INSTANTLY started her comments and "double" checking my coupons. She goes over each and every one. Which is fine, I am not trying to defraud her. Anyways, She gets to the SENTRY coupon and says,"You can't use manufactures coupons with this Sentry Coupon." I ask why not, she says because the coupon states,"One coupon with transaction". I explain that that means one sentry coupon. That Manufacture coupons are a seperate catagory. She comes back with."Well, then you would get thing too cheap!" WTH?? What does she care what I pay for my groceries? I ask her to ask the manager, which I am then told, the same thing. NO. Then the cashier turns to me and says," This happened yesterday too and we wouldn't let any of those customers use manufactures coupons either." She says this all smug.

Don't they realize how much business they are losing? They are the only store in town here so they feel that they can do anything they please. Including treating customers like criminals if they use coupons. What they don't realize is that next time I need milk, eggs, or other non coupon products, I will go to the gas station or out to another town to pick up my items. I am not shopping in such a customer unfriendly store.

I called the Fort Atkinson Store and had a great conversation with the man there. He said that is definitely a Store coupon and YES you can use manufactures coupons with it and that they should be honoring it. He told me to come to his store and he would give me the deal, but his store doesn't double coupons so it's not worth the gas and time.

Don't shop there!! I really believe that because they are the only store in town they don't feel they have to treat customers well. Where else would we be able to go? My vote is with my pocket book..I will go to another town.

Ebates! Great Deals!

I have used Ebates for a few months now and I have to share that I am really impressed! I haven't gotten my first check, so we will see how smoothly that goes but I have already earned $12.98 back in ebates!

Tonight, I found a great coupon code on line. So I went through ebates and shopped. I have been asking my husband for new bedding. Our bed needs it! Our quilt is ripped and stained! UGH! So, Anyways, I used the coupon code and I got a comforter, bed ruffle, 2 pillow shams, sheet set (fitted sheet, flat and 2 pillow cases) for $39 shipped! It's a beautiful rose and vine set! Yeah! I will also get another 3% back with ebates. :) So I am happy! I got a bedding set, it cost me under $40 and I get a little back too!

If you want to learn more about ebates click here

You automatically get $5.00 for joining!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fruit Sense Fruit Waters Coupon

From the Maker's of Old Orchard comes Fruit Sense.

Fill out the form and get a coupon for BOGO!

Folger's Coffee Coupon

fill this out and they will send you a coupon in the mail!

Monday, August 11, 2008

All YOU Magazine 8-29-08 Edition!

Get to your Walmart and buy the ALL YOU Magazine!! It's only $1.77 but it has some great B3G1Free Kraft coupons! That is how I got my last shopping deal! You buy 3 kraft items and get the free item! There are free hot dogs, salad dressing, cheese, wheat thins and crystal light! Excellent deals!! There are also many other coupons! This magazine is not to be missed!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Went on a quick trip into town!

Went into town for a few short stops.
One bottle of Dawn Dishsoap and a hand santizer.
43 cents after coupons. I had to get rainchecks on several items.

4 boxes of Cereal
2 boxes of Cereal Bars
2 boxes of crackers
2 boxes of PopTarts
1 bottle of Glade Pet Deoderizer

After coupons it was $20.15 I will be getting back $10.00 in a Kelloggs Rebate and I got my $10.00 in RR's.


6 bottles of Sobe Fruit Punch
3 pounds of Chicken
1 pound of ground beef
2 pounds of pork steaks
1 pound of brats
2 doz eggs
1 head of lettuce
1 tomatoe
1 packages of shredded cheese
1 bag of corn chips

Before coupons $21.75
After coupons $7.25!!

I wanted to use up the Catalina's from Lolgi's before they expire, so meat, eggs and cheese were a good way to do that!!!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shoestrings at Walgreens

Lsat Night, I went to Walgreens (had to pick up my husband's medicine). They had Kiwi Brand Shoe products on clearance, including shoestrings for $1.09 on clearance. I had 5 $1.00 coupons, so I got 5 pairs of shoestrings for 45 cents plus tax. The coupons are in a recent sunday paper! You may want to check your walgreens too! Good items to have on hand. Just in case!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get $5.00 in coupons from Fast Fixin's

Register for their club and get $5.00 in coupons

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My shopping trip today was great!!

First I went to Target.

I got my 5 boxes Electrsol, Yogo Fruit Rolls, 10 bottles of Sobe, and they had clearanced Old Spice Body Wash.

$27.80 before coupons
$5.80 after coupons and I used my $5.00 gift card from the last sobe deal....then I got another $5.00 on this Sobe water deal!

Then I went to CVS.

I got the Dawn, Advil, Clean and Clear items, Revlon Eye Shadow, Pert Plus and Sure, Folgers, and some eye shadow applicators.

$48.78 before coupons

$10.57 after coupons

I also got $13.79 in EBC's for next trip and a coupon for a free hand sanitizer. :)

Finally I went to Logli's. My favorite store. I have two photos from this transaction. I am not going to post everything I bought but I got 6 bags of cat food, 13 packages of hot dogs, 14 packages of Crystal Light, 5 packages of cheese slices, 14 boxes of wheat thins, 7 bottles of gaterade, 7 bottles of Aquafina flavored water, 6 bottles of iced tea, and assorted other goodies. Picture do not show the 153 packs of kool aid. Some of this will be donated to the food pantry. It was $323.74 before coupons; after coupons it was $81.26.

I am tired, but it was well worth it!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chex Mix IP Coupon

Here is a Chex Mix Coupon...good deal.

I am getting ready for a big grocery trip tomorrow night. I will post my results when I get the chance.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Big Chunk of Debt...GONE!

I got my summer school paycheck today. We paid off some huge medical bills and sent another $300 to the credit card. SO, relief from medical bills and our CC debt at $7,475!
YEAH!! I am hoping to really kill this debt by the end of next year!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

One of my Published Articles

I just wanted to share a article that was on Helium recently! Enjoy

Free Sample UnderJams

Here is a free sample for today...if you have kids this freebie will come in handy

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.