Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you do point programs?

There are so many point programs out there! Several people ask me where I get my gift cards from. Many of them are from rebates but others are from different on line programs. Here are a few examples:

Shoppers Hotline: I love this program. I get a $25.00 debit card every 6 months (on average). I have to scan my groceries when I bring them in the house and do a survey every now and then.

My Points: You get emails from them about the things they and their partners sell. You get points for that and filling out surveys. I typically get 2 $25.00 gift cards a year. I usually get Applebee's or Target.

FreeRide: If you participate in their emails and their "hitchhikers" you can add up points pretty fast. Again I get 2 gift cards a year (on average).

Thank you Network: My husband insists on having one credit card for purchasing gas. We pay it off every month and we get thank you points for purchases. So, not only do we pay it off every month, but typically every 3 months we get a gift card for Walmart or Applebees. This is not a good point program for anyone who doesn't pay their credit cards off every month.

Survey Rewards: My husband does this one. He does surveys and they pay him. He doesn't get the cash, but when his account hits $25.00 he can "cash in" for 6 months of free video rentals at Blockbuster.

Coke Points: Save your Coke caps or box wrappers. They have codes on there and they add up. Most recently I have gotten Free Family NIghts at Blockbuster, but those are no longer available; So I am watching for new prizes to be listed.

Ebates: I get a check every 3 months from them. It typically is not a huge amount of money, but it's extra cash!

PointsandPrizes: This one has words of the day and week. You find the words, enter them in and get points. The points can be exchanged for movies, books and other odds and ends! It's fun to get a free video every now and then. This one is time consuming...but it's a nice freebie!

There are so many options for point programs!! Seach the internet, talk to online friends, or if you are interested in MyPoints or Freeride; email or PM me and I will get you hooked up!

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