Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

I admit I go out on Black Friday, but here in my small town, it's a pretty simple easy deal. I go in (one store, Walmart, because they price match), get what I want and get out. Everyone is helpful and friendly. It's pretty simple. I don't shop all day and I don't go to a bunch of stores. Just one. For those that have to deal with people acting like materialist savages, my heart goes out to you. That man that died (in NJ) shouldn't have died. People can be so selfish. It's sad. Nothing in a store is worth killing or hurting someone for.

I spent about $300. Yeap, put it on credit card, got home and wrote the check out to pay for it. So no interest charges and I get my rewards points. Mailed the check today. I picked up some beautiful ornaments They are pewter and only $3.99, which will make great gifts. I picked up several $2.00 and $2.50 DVD's. So, those will be for a few family members. I bought gifts for the Christmas Angel's Program. I got home and wrapped it all.

I did stop at Menards. $61.00, but I am getting $25.00 back in rebates. I got something for the house, no gifts. I got the rebate lightbulbs, coloring books, pasta pots, and a few other items. So, I will get those rebate checks back and save them for after christmas shopping.

I also did some online shopping. Used my free photo credits to get some pictures made for some photo frames. I also got in on the free photo book, so that will be a gift also.

I got everyone done. I am only buying for immediate family and a few other people. My extended family is very large and I don't really know what to buy for them and to keep it fair I choose to buy for none of them.

Did you go out for Black Friday? I hope if you did, you were thoughtful of others and realize that whatever you bought is just "stuff".

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