Friday, December 12, 2008

A few quick stops tonight

Well, I did run to get a few is what I got...

2 9pks of Toilet Paper
1 12 pack of Toilet Paper
1 pack of Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents
TOtal before coupons: $31.46
After coupons: $16.96
Used Rebates CG from last month: $9.89
So, out of pocket was $7.84, and i got a $5.00 RR which I will use on the Kellogg's Cereal Deal when they restock it. I had to get a raincheck!

Next stop Sentry:
1 box of Uncrustables
1 container of Coffeemate
2 bottles of Sierra Mist
2 containers of Fruit Naturals
Total after coupons; $3.39

2 pks of batteries
2 packs of cat food
1 panty hose
1 gift card ( for christmas gift)
Total 14.44
After coupons: $10.90
Would have been 90 cents if I didn't have to buy that gift card as a christmas gift.

Finally Blockbuster:
2 video rentals
1 brand new disney Movie
I used the last of my coke rewards blockbuster gift cards, the $3.00 disney movie coupon and a BOGO coupon on the rentals. NOTHING out of pocket and I got a Disney Rewards Movie Code!!!

So, I spent $22.13 but $10 was the gift card. So, I really spent $12.13 on things and $10.00 on a gift.

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