Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Trip Again....

My last BIG Trip was Oct. 19th. SO, it's been a month.. I try to make it 5 weeks, but with the kids getting older and now we are making their school lunches, it does seem to be every 4 weeks.


14 pound Turkey
2 Glade Candle Refils
4 Pluge in Warmers
1 bag of Cherry Tomatoes
8 boxes of Pop Tarts
2 containers of Sour Cream
2 bags of Chex Mix
1 Free Magazine
2 boxes of Chex Bars
2 bottles of Buddies Conditioner
1 box of Teas
3 boxes of Cereal
2 boxes of Cereal Breaks
3 containers of Butter
2 6pks of Yougart
1 jar of Coffeemate
4 boxes of Hot chocolate
13 bars of Buddies Soap
1 bottle of Buddies Shampoo
1 bottle of Buddies Spray
3 packages of Pantyhose
1 4 pound sugar
2 containers of Cooking Spray
1 jar of Olives
1 cup of cat food
5 pouches of Mashed Potatoes
.75 pounds corned beef
.75 pounds of Chicken Breast
.75 pounds of corned beef
1 package of sliced turkey ( lunch meat)
1 package of crab meat
1 package of Assorted Lunch Meats
1 package of Brown and Serve rolls
4 cans of Manderin Oranges
2 starkist tuna Pouches
2 cans of Speghettios
4 cans of Gravy
2 boxes of Speghetti Noodles
1 package of Ziploc Bags
Total: $162. 74
Total After Coupons: $51.46

6 Ramen Noodle Cups
Can of Pears
2 bottles of Mulit Vitamins
6 boxed Frozen Family Meals ( Chicken Parmasean and Salisbury Steaks)
6 Frozen Juice Concentrates
Jar of Gravy
6 bean Burritos
2 cans of Cranberry Sauce
1 bag of skillet Dinner
2 jars of Apple Sauce
3 cans of Chunky Soup
1 box Popcorn Shrimp
1 package of Sugar Cookies
1 chunk cheese
1 pk. Hamburger Buns
3 Loafs of Bread
6 Pounds of Ground Turkey
3 Microwave Meals
6 boxes Mac and Cheese
6 packages of Hot Dogs
2 cans of speghetti and meatballs
2 cans of Speghettio
Pancake Syrup
3 dozen Eggs
6 containers of Cat LItter
2 pks of Bologna
1 box of raisins
2 jars of Sloppy Joe Mix
4 cans of Tuna
1 box of cream cheese
Head of Lettuce
Bag of Cheese Puffs
Corn Curls
Bag of Tortilla Shells
Total; $108.54

7 bags of Veggies
2 Goody Hair Bands Packs ( 17 count)
Total: $11.24
Total After Coupons: .47 cents

Kwik Trip:
3 pounds bananas
4 bags of Milk
Total: $6.04

4 packs of Durcell Batteries
2 Glade Candles
2 Glade Glass Scents
1 Glade Oil Refill
Total $35.15
Total after coupons: 3.78
And I got another $20 in ECB's for my next trip!!!!

NO Photos Tonight, I am too Tired!!! But I will write more about my shopping next time! I spent $170.29 between 5 stores. If you divide that by 4 weeks.. you get $42.57. I am feeding my family for $42.57 a week. That includes my animals and health and beauty products.

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