Friday, August 31, 2012

Speedway Email! 2 Freebies!!

Check your mailbox if you are a Speedy Rewards member from Speedway. There are 2 Freebies! One is for NOS Energy Drink and the other is for Free Arizona Lemonade or Tea. The coupon expire at the end of the month!!

Excellent deal on the Kraft Cheese!!!!

I posted yesterday about a deal that Jess shared with us. Today I went to Pick N Save to do it and I did great!!! Kraft Cheese is on sale for .99 cents each when you buy 5. Kraft still has that $10 RR when you buy 10. So I bought 10 bags of shredded cheese, 10 packs of Kraft American Cheese Slices and 10 Fresh Takes. I also used coupons that I printed from last weeks post for the Cheese Slices. ( no longer available, so I hope you printed yours!) I had coupons from the Sunday paper for the shredded cheese. Then, I stumbled upon a great deal! The Kraft Fresh Takes are on the .99 cent sale too! ( they are not on the Kraft RR deal!) and right next to the shelf of Fresh Takes were the red pull machines that spit out coupons. It had a coupon for .75 cents off ONE package of Fresh Takes. There was no limit on the coupon. Which makes those .24 cents each!!!!!! So, my total after coupons was $14.51 ( my total is slightly off because my kids each picked up a snack.) and I got $20 in RR's back! I also stocked up on cheese and have some to share!!!! If your store doesn't have the Fresh Take Pull Coupons you can still use this one:
$0.50 off ONE package of KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese $0.50 off ONE package of KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese
It will give you the Fresh Takes for .50 cents a package. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Back to School 5 by 7 Print from Walmart!

Walmart has a free 5 by 7 print during the month of September. Limit One per child. Offer good on One hour or Instant Print. No coupon required.

Another Pick N Save/ Kraft Deal!!

I have posted a lot of RR deals from is another one!!

Pick N Save has Kraft Cheese Shreads, Kraft Singles, Philadelphia Cream Cheese or Kraft Cheese Chunks.
Buy 5, pay .99 cents each!
So, buy 5 ( any combination) and pay $4.95 and get a $5.00 RR back!

Use the RR when you go double coupon shopping!!

( Thanks Jess! I will be going to Pick N Save tomorrow!!)

PLEASE NOTE: I tried the deal today with the chunk cheese and the cream cheese! Both do NOT give you the RR. IT's the Shreads and Singles ONLY!!!!

Got the Good Nights Deal at Walgreens!

So, I went and did the Good Nights Deal on Wednesday with the Friends and Family Coupon! I GOT A GREAT DEAL!!!

The Good Nights were on sale, then they had the 15% off.
So, each pack was $8.07 each. Then, so I could use my $5.00 RR, I picked up a pack of gum on clearance for .39 cents.
Total $16.53
Minus the IVC of $2.00 each - $4.00
Minus the Manufacture coupon of $2.00 off each ( $2.00 off one package of GOODNITES Underwear)
Minus the $5.00 RR from the Mac and Cheese Deal.
Paid $3.53 plus tax ( total for me was $4.08)

$3.53 for 2 $11.99 packs of GOOD NIGHTS!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great Shopping Trips today!!

I had two great shopping trips, so I thought I would post and share.

The first stop was Menards.  I needed battteries and they had more office school supplies on rebate. I brought my rebate cards. 

Rain Ponchos -FAR
Nature Valley Granola Thins - On Sale for $2.50 and they had a $1.50 rebate on them ( there are also coupons out there but I didn't have them with me.)
Infectiguard Hand Santizer - FAR, bought for the camper and cars
1 pack of index cards - on rebate
4 single subject notebooks - on rebate
2 3 subject notebooks - on rebate
6 bags of pens ( save for work, school, etc) - FAR
2 packs of safety glasses ( for work) - FAR
3 3pk Glue Sticks - on rebate
Pullchain for fan ( we broke ours)
5 Post It Notes Big - on rebate
2 pair of student scissors - on rebate
1 Post it note pad - on rebate
Touch Sensor for a touch lamp ( also ours was broken)
1 pk Dry Erase Marker - On rebate
4 plastic pocket folders - On rebate
1 5pk of Electrical tape - on rebate
1 10pk of Batteries - on rebate
8 rolls of paper towels - on sale

Total was $91.32
then I applied my rebate certificates
OOP: $31.88
 Then I sent in and I am getting back $50.44 in new rebates!!!

Second shopping trip: Pick N Save
I bought $89.37 worth of groceries for $16.14.

Transaction One:
6 boxes of cereal
Roundys Apple Juice
Bag of Hot Dog Buns
2 pounds of green grapes
Total: $31.04
-$9.00 off for buying 6 boxes of cereal
-$5.00 worth of Double Coupons
-.51 cents for the store coupon on the juice
- $10.00 from the bologna deal from this past week
- $4.91 in sale prices on the apple juice, grapes and the hot dog buns.
-.10 cent bag refund
Total OOP: $1.52, with the buying of the cereal you get RR's for free eggs and free milk.

Transaction Two:
2 jugs of Lemon Tea
5 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
1 bag of Baked Lays
1 bottle of Era
1 pound of pears
 Total: $30.77
-  $5.67 in sales on the tea, fruit snacks, Lays, and Pears
- $10.00 from the bologna deal this past week
- $7.00 in double coupons
- .25 cents off the Monopoly Game Ticket
- .51 cents store coupon off the ERA.
OOP: $7.34

Transaction Three:
1 bottle of Vinegar
4 boxes of Capri Sun 100% juice boxes
2 Star Wars Toothbrushes
1 Qrt of Chocolate Milk
1 jug of 2% Milk
1 Large Eggs
1 package of String Cheese
Total: $27.56
- $3.09 store sales
- .20 cent bag refund
- $10.73 in double coupons
- $3.50 RR for the Milk (from first transaction)
- $1.25 RR for the Eggs (from first transaction)
- $1.51 in store coupons
OOP: $7.28

Total OOP: $16.14

Who Reads My Posts???

The first 2 people who post a reply comment to this post will get a coupon for a free Shutterfly 8 by 8 Photo Book. As you all know, I love making these books! I have several from the past few years and they are nicely constructed and they are great to share with family as gifts.

The Coupon expires 9-25-12. This coupon is for new customers only. And you have to pay the shipping.

Starbucks Runner Reward!!! Cool Freebie!!!

Do you ever have to run and get coffee for everyone in the office? Well, Starbucks has a treat for you! When 4 of your pals buys coffee, you get yours free!  YEAP! Now through Sept. 30th, 2012. Click here for the LINK to the website and to download the form!

Walgreens 15% off TODAY ONLY IN STORE!

If you are planning a trip to Walgreens, Today is the day! They have a friends and family coupon for 15% your entire eligible store purchase and 20% if it's W Brand or NICE brand items!!

Here is the LINK to the coupon.

I am going to try to do this scenerio;
2 packs of Good Nights $9.99
Total $19.98
- 2.00 EACH ( found in the new September coupon book)
- 2.00 EACH manufacture coupons
Total $11.98
-$1.80 for the 15% coupon
Total: $10.18 for two packages of Good Nights.

Free Zone Perfect Bar!

Follow this LINK and fill out the form! Get your Zone Perfect Sample!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dollar Tree now excepts coupons!!!

WOW! I can't believe this but the whole coupon world is talking about it and now I have confirmed it! Dollar Tree is now taking coupons!! Here is their LINK to their website with the coupon rules (it's at the bottom of the page!).   You will want these for your binder!

Cheap Capri Sun Drink Pouches!

Another great deal ( glad to see so  many lately!!!) Capri Sun Drink Pouches at Walmart are priced differently in many areas. Here in my area, they are $1.97. There is this coupon $1.00 off on Any ONE (1) CAPRI SUN Product and get a box of Capri Sun for .97 cents!!!
$1.00 off on Any ONE (1) CAPRI SUN Product

Lots of new points at Recyclebank!!!

I just earned 145 points on Recyclebank!!! The Eco Academy has a new classroom open. If you don't do Recyclebank, it's a website that teaches you about environmental living and how to recycle and reuse. You can do their surveys and pledges to earn points. Then, use those points to get coupons and gift certificates. Here is the LINK to learn more!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freebie in today's Sunday Coupon Section!!

Smart Source Coupon inserts had a freebie in it. Bic Flame Disk. The coupon is for one Free Flame Disk (up to $4.99) Expires 9/23/12. Check your paper for this coupon!!!

Another Great Kraft Deal...Velveeta Mac And Cheese!

Walgreens has a sale on Velvetta Mac and Cheese. It's 2 for $4.00. Then the IVC is $1.00 off of 2. Then you can print this coupon $1.00 off on Any ONE VELVEETA Shells and Cheese Dinner 4 times ( 2 prints each/ 2 computers).

Here is the scenerio:
6 boxes of Velveeta Mac and Cheese $12.00

Minus IVC -$3.00

Minus 4 Printables -$4.00
$1.00 off on Any ONE VELVEETA Shells and Cheese Dinner
Pay $5.00
Get a $5.00 RR BACK!!!
So you pay less than $1.00 a box and get $5.00 RR Back!!!!

Claires Clearance!!!

I don't know if you know, but I love Claires!! My daughter is the perfect age for their things and they have great prices!! Right now, they have a great clearance. AND if you buy $45.00 worth of items shipping is free. ( THINK CHRISTMAS!! it's only 4 months away!!!) Click $2 Select Clearance Items at this LINK
So, here is some of the things I found!

Only $2.00

Only $3.25

Only $2.00
Plus you can use Ebates to get 2.5% back! Ebates is this LINK.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Awesome deals at Pick N Save!!

So, I just posted the $10 Kraft RR in my previous post. I was thinking about how to get the best deal when I noticed the Pick N Save ad with Oscar Mayer Bologna. I looked on a few websites to see if it qualified and it did!! So, It's on sale for .99 cents each and it qualifies for the $10.00 RR!! The scenario is: Buy 10 Oscar Mayer Bologna for 9.90 Pay the $9.90 and get a $10.00 RR back!

Then buy the General Mill's Cereal deal. 6 boxes of GM Cereal ($3.66 each, 6 boxes is $21.96) Then use these General Mills Coupons
$0.50 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
$0.50 off ONE BOX Lucky Charms cereal
$0.50 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (Second Coupon)
$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal
$0.75 off ONE BOX Total cereal
$0.75 off ONE BOX Fiber One cereal

So, buy 2 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, 1 box of Lucky Charms,  1 box of Cheerios, 1 box of Total and 1 box of Fiber One.
Total $21.96
Add a few things to get your total up to $25.00. 
Go on Wednesday so that the coupons double.
New Total $18.50
Use the $10.00 coupon from buying the bologna.
Pay $8.50 for 6 boxes of cereal AND get a RR for Free Milk and Free Eggs!!!!!

So OOP for the two transactions is: $18.40 for 6 boxes of cereal, a few items to bring your total to $25.00, 10 packs of bologna, milk and eggs.  WOO HOO!!!

$10.00 Kraft Catalina!!!

Now until 9/15/12, when you buy 10 Kraft Participating Items, you will get a $10.00 RR back!!! It has to be at participating stores and only participating items. Click this LINK to get the list of stores and items.

Then use these coupons to bring your OOP down!
$1.00 off on Any TWO (2) KRAFT American Singles
$1.00 off on Any ONE KRAFT Mayo or MIRACLE WHIP
$1.00 off on Any TWO KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese
$1.00 off Any ONE KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
$1.00 off Any TWO (2) OSCAR MAYER Hot Dogs (16oz.)
$1.00 off on Any ONE (1) MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee
$1.00 off on Any ONE VELVEETA Shells and Cheese Dinner

So, buy any 1o items and get a $10.00 RR.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Frugal Friday Notes!!!!

Well, how was your week?? Mine was crazy! Get any good deals?

I picked up my Walgreens Free Photo Collage! It was great! I took photos from everyone's wedding; My Mom and Dad, My Grandparents, and all three of of us siblings and put it together. It turned our really nice and I can't wait to frame it!
Also, I went to two different shopping trips. Last Saturday at Pick N Save and yesterday at Piggly Wiggly. Other than that, I used my free 100 prints from Artscow to make a scrapbook of my cats. I got the scrapbook at Goodwill for $1.99 and used free stickers I got on Freecycle. So the cost of my scrapbook was under $10.00 and it worked out great!!

Hope your week was Frugal and Fun!!! I will keep posting deals as I find them!!!

Free Tea from Kwik Trip!

Have you tried our new Nature’s Touch Tea line? New and existing Kwik Trip Text Alert members can receive a coupon for one FREE 20oz. bottle this weekend! Text the keyword 'COLD' to 75309 to receive your text message coupon and weekly KT coupons on your cell phone.

Msg and Data Rates May Apply. 3 messages per week.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saveology Deals...Gift Cards for new members!!

If you aren't a member on Saveology, now is the time to sign up! When you sign up, you can pick up one of these great gift cards for $3.00! Saveology is similar to Groupon! You can get some great deals!! Here is the current $3.00 gift cards!

$3 For A $10 Ben & Jerry's Gift Card New Members!
$3 For A $10 Boston Market Card -New Members!
$3 For A $10 Gift Card To Cold Stone Creamery - New Members!
$3 For A $10 Steak 'n Shake® Gift Card - Exclusively For You!

Coke Rewards has a new $25.00 Gift Card...TJ MAXX!!

If you have enough points, you will want to hurry! I doubt these will last long!! Coke Rewards has $25.00 gift cards right now for 1,750 points! Here is the LINK!

Great Cereal Deal at Piggly Wiggly!

Piggly Wiggly has a great deal on General Mills Cereal! On sale for $1.49 a box when you buy 4 boxes. If you use two printable Cheerios Coupons. $0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal and two printable Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupons. $0.50 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal Then you can get each box for .99 cents!!!

Here is the scenerio:
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2 boxes of Cheerios
Total $ 5.96
Subtract $2.00 worth of coupons
OOP: $3.96 or .99 cents EACH!!!!

You can also use two of these coupons $1.00 off any 2 Kellogg's Cereals 
and get the same deal!!!

Another Free Greeting Card from Cardstore

We all know when Mother's Day and Father's Day are, but did you know there was a day to show your Grandparents how much they mean to you? Grandparent's Day is Sunday, September 9th! And since loves helping share memories and sending smiles, you can personalize and send a card straight from your heart for FREE! Starting today, use coupon code CCK2248 from 8/23 through Sunday, 8/26, and pick a greeting card that best suites the relationship you have with your Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, (or whatever fun name you grew up calling them). Cardstore has a great selection of brand new Grandparent's Day cards, as well as cards you can use to just say Thanks, or Thinking of you on their special day! You know they've given you some of the best advice, recipes, or great stories, so take a minute to add a custom message that says thanks, and I love you. Once it's signed with your X's and O's, Cardstore will print the card, seal the envelope, stamp it, and send it for you for FREE. Send a card today and become the world's best grandkid!

This offer is good now through this Sunday, 8/26/12 at 11:59pm ET. Enjoy! Follow this LINK!!! FREE Grandparents Day Cards + FREE Shipping at! Use Code: CCK2248 at checkout. FREE Grandparents Day Cards + Free Shipping at! Use Code: CCK2248 at checkout

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