Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Walgreens Deal

Walgreens has Starbucks Frappuccinos for 4 for $5.00. If you go to and fill out the form and print the coupon, you can print the coupon twice on each computer. If you can print out 4 of them, you would get 4 for $1.00 or 25cents each!


Go to Swagbucks and go to special offers, click on the Wall 2 link and watch the Karate Kid 2 promo for 2 swagbucks ( must watch entire promo) then go through the special offers and at the end of the special offers you will get more swagbucks. :) Have fun!

Recycle Bank has more points!

Starting March 1st you can get 15 free points added to your Recycle Bank Account when you enter code RECYCLEYOURMAGS into box that says {Promo Code}. If you are a member of Recycle Bank, just enter the code. IF you aren't a member of Recycle Bank, go to and sign up!

Bounce Fabric Softner Sample

Follow this LINK to get a free sample of Bounce 4 in 1 fabric softner.

WOO HOO!! Walgreens!!

Walgreens has a deal on Purex Laundry Detergent. It's on megasale this month for BOGO $5.99. Last Sunday there were coupons for BOGO Purex. to Walgreens I went!

Here is my transaction:

8 bottles of Purex laundry detergent, $5.99 BOGO, with BOGO coupons makes 8 bottles FREE, YMMV
2 boxes of Valentines, .25 cents on clearance
Boys Sleep Pants, 8.99, used $5.00 RR
2 Right Guard Deo., On sale $2.99 BOGO, I had a $2.00 off IP coupon, so I paid .99 cents for 2
RenPure Organic Shampoo, $6.99 BOGO with hangtag for $6.99 rebate. Used my other $5.00 RR. I will send in for the rebate.
Total before coupons: $46.42
After coupons: $12.48 and the coupon catalina machine spit out a coupon for a free Always Maxi I did a second transaction.

Transaction 2
Always maxis, Free with coupon
.21 cents for tax

Then I got home and realized they charged me $1.49 for the Valentines, not .25 cents, so I went back and got $2.62 cents back. So, $12.48 then became $9.86. So I spent the $9.86 plus the .21 cents equals $10.07 and I am sending in the for $6.99 rebate on the shampoo.  So OOP after rebate is $3.08.

Last Day of the Month....time to clean out those binders!

End of know what that means...time to clean out those binders!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Changes to Swagbucks...and my opinion...

Well, Swagbucks is changing!! IF you do swagbucks you will want to know that they are changing the structure of the program. Any swagbucks you have are now worth 10. So, 5 swagbucks now equals 50 bucks. But, they also did this to the prizes. A 100 point prize is now 1,000 points.

They added a new logo and some new search bonuses on their toolbar. I don't use the tool bar, but if you do, you may want to look into this.

To be honest, I am not that excited about this change. While right now, they are saying this is a great new update but I tend to think differently because I have seen this with so many point programs. For now, you will get 10 to 20 bucks when you surf, but slowly you will start earning a 5 bucks here ( which is really a 1/2 buck with the old system) and there. Then, you will start earning 3 or 4 bucks in your searching ( which is really 1/3 to 1/4 of the same buck of the old system). And, because they raised the the amount of money you earn on searches guess what you will see next? Prices will increase on those too.

I am not saying I am jumping ship, but I am saying keep an eye on the program and see what happens. I know there are ALOT of point programs out there and I do very few of them. Why? Because they are time consuming and I want it to be worth it.

We will see what happens in the next few weeks. I will continue to do it for now because I have earned over $50.00 in Starbucks gift cards....but I am going to wait and see my prediction is correct.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beech Nut Welcome Toddler Kit

Go to this LINK and sign up for the Beech Nut Newsletter and money saving coupons. When my kids were little, beech nut was great about mailing me coupons!!

New Quaker True Delights Oatmeal $1.00 off IP coupon

Go to the Quaker Website at this LINK and print out the $1.00 off Quaker True Delight Oatmeal Coupon!

More Hasbro Coupons!!

A New Link for Hasbro coupons! These coupons have been great with Target's sales or just finding a birthday gift! Go to this LINK and click and print!

If you get to Walgreens this week...

The Excedrin Menstrual (20 ct) is $2.50 at Walgreens this week. You get a $2 RR when you buy Excedrin Menstrual this month. Go to LINK and print the $1.00 off coupon!

Into Yoga?? Free DVD for you!

If you enjoy Yoga, go here LINK and sign up for a free yoga DVD!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cashed in some points!!

Many of you know that I belong to many point programs. I went ahead and cashed in a few points! I have coming a $25.00 Chili's Gift Card, $10.00 Pizza Hut and a $10.00 Starbucks. :) Yeah. Also, I wonder if I will see the last $25.00 of my ShoppersHotline money. If you didn't know, ShoppersHotline closed it's doors!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trip to Walgreens...

Well, today in the mail I got my free Excedrin Coupon and my free Oreo Cakesters coupons. Also, Walgreens has medicine on sale and we need it, so I went!

So, I ran to Walgreens:
2 bottles of Theraflu Warming Liquid, on sale for 2 for $10.00, I had $1.50 off each bottle coupons, and got a $5.00 RR back
4 bags of Pieces, Reeses and Dark Herseys Chocolate. On sale for $2.50 each bag, I had a $1.00 off coupon on each bag and then when you buy 4 you get $5.00 RR back
1 bottle of Excedrin. We bought the bigger bottle because we wanted the Back and Body Excedrin ( our favorite). So, it was $6.49 for the 50 count, the coupon was for a max of $5.99, so I paid .50 cents.
1 box of Double Oreo Cakesters, $2.99, Free after coupon.

Total after coupons: $14.96, I got $10.00 in RR's back and I saved over $19.00. :)

Olay Total Effects Body Wash

Follow this LINK and sign up for a sample of Total Effects Body Wash.

South Beach Granola Sample

Follow this LINK and sign up for a South Beach Living Fit Granola Bar Sample.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you use Swagbucks...check your Widget!

Check your Widget..there is a one swagbuck code there until 8pm PST.

WOO HOO..... Frugal Weekend..Birthday Gifts...DONE!

My son's birthday is in March...and I haven't bought him birthday gifts. I had a few things put away, but I used them for other birthday parties he was invited too. So, using my swagbucks gift card that I earned, I bought my son 2 Lego Playsets and with their Super Saver Shipping. I paid $2.88 OOP! So, that is done. :)

Other than that, it's been a frugal weekend. We took advantage of an offer by a very generous community member. He invited all 3rd graders and their families to the Circus!! He paid for the tickets, transportation and lunch! Our whole trip cost us $15.00 OOP ( we bought the kids a small souvenir). My children had a great time. We got lots of photos!!

In the mail, I got a ProPel Water Samples to try. It's the type of samples you add to the 16 oz bottle of water. I really like them!

We also got my son's $3.00 Toys R Us Birthday Card. If your kids aren't a member, sign them up! Each birthday they get a $3.00 gift card to spend any way they want and you get a coupon for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. Then sign up for the Toys R US frequent shopper card and earn points on those purchases. :)

Bumble Bee Tuna IP Coupons

Since my husband loves tuna, I was very happy to come across these IP coupons. Go to this LINK and print them for your family!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Free Busy Mom's Bible

This is limited to the first 5000 so it may go quickly. Go to this LINK if you are a busy mom and need a busy mom's bible! :)

Free Sample of UnderJams Night Wear

If you have a kid who needs these, the samples are great for camping or overnights! Follow this LINK and fill out the form!

Free Sample of Tide with Febreze has samples of the new Tide with Febreze. Go to this LINK and fill out the form. If you are new to this site, and  you register then you will also get coupons and other samples you can choose!!

Free Hot Prints Photo Book

I love Photo Books! They make great gifts! I found another free one! Go to this LINK and make a photo book for free. You can get one free a month because they add an advertisers page (which you can remove). If you don't want the advertisers page, it's still only $7.00 a book with shipping! 

I love these books and let me share a great idea with this type of book. IF you have children that bring home TONS of art work and crafts from their school and you don't have the room to keep all the art, take pictures of each art piece and then add them all into a book like this!! Then you can add dates, and project names, to the book and save it for when your little one is no longer little! What a cool thing to show them when they grow up!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Excellent Question...Gas and Mileage...

I had another excellent question..again, I want to post it here.
The email asked me if it's worth the gas to drive to all those different stores today just to save some money.

Here is my response:
Hi! Understand that all these stores are in a very close area to each other. They are about 25 minutes from my home, but my hometown has only one store.

If you look at just my Logli's Shopping Trip: I saved over $39.00 in coupon savings just from that store. My mileage from my home to the different stores was 36 miles round trip. If my big van gets 22 miles to the gallon, and I drove 36 miles, that means I used approximately 1 1/2 gallons of gas. Gas out here is $2.59 a gallon. So I used about $4.00 in gas..roughly.

So, would you pay $4.00 in gas to save $39.00 ( that is just my Logli's savings, I really saved more than that)? If not, then I guess it's not worth it for you. For me, since I know groceries in my home town can be okay, but not great, it's worth the $4.00 for me. :)


I would love to hear how other people feel about the mileage/gas vs savings. Please post your comments!

Grocery Shopping Day....

I haven't had a big grocery shopping trip in a long time, so today I spent the day shopping. I wanted to spend under $ did I do??? See at the bottom of my post. :)

Kwik Trip
3 pounds bananas
6 dozen eggs
1 bag of pretzels
1 bag of butter puff corn
2 loafs of bread
Total $11.03, but I used my shoppers hotline card so NOTHING OOP

3 Valentines T- Shirts, $1.49 on clearance, can wear year round they had kittens on them, nothing Valentines.
1 French's Mustard Bottle ( FAMILY SIZE!) on clearance for $1.38 and I had a .50 cent coupon
1 Ice Scrapper/ Brush, On clearance for $1.48 I wanted one for my car
2 Bonus Pack of Palmolive Dish Soap, On clearance for $4.24, used a .40 cent off coupon and it came with $10.00 of coupons
3 Valentines pencils and erasers, The pencils were sports related and aren't Valentines related, clearance 49 cents each
2 Votive Candles Sets, 50 cents on clearance. Saving for a time when I can take a bubble bath!
7 assorted dollar spot items on clearance, 50 cents each. I will not post what they are because they will be Easter Basket Stuffers!!!
5 bags of pretzels and tortilla chips, on clearance for 50 cents each.
Total after coupons: $20.03
I saved over $25.90 in just clearance savings

6 jugs of cat liter
2 12 packs of soda
2 bags of corn chips
3 cans of beef broth
2 packs of garlic bologna
1 loaf of french bread
3 cans of mushrooms
3 pounds of ground turkey
4 packs of hot dogs
1 box of Graham Crackers
1 jar apple sauce
1 5 pound bag of sugar
5 boxes of mac and cheese
3 cans of Speghettios
1 bag of hamburger buns
1 box of chicken parmasian
2 boxes of salisbury steak
8 containers of frozen juice
Total: $65.91

2 boxes of Oatmeal, on reduced price for $1.95, had $1.00 off sunday coupons)
1 bottle of Barq's Root Beer 2 liter, $1.34 and I had the $1.00 off coupon from Recycle bank
1 box of Nabisco Wheat thins Cheese, on reduced for $2.20 and I had a $1.00 off coupon
2 Taco Seasonings Mixes, .67 cents each, had a .75 cents off 2 coupon
4 Pouches of Tuna, had $1.00 off coupons, making them free
1 Yakisoba Chicken Meal, 1.09, had a 50 cents coupon that doubled
3 boxes of Klennex, .55 cent off 3 coupon that doubled
2 bottles of Gatorade, $1.10, had .50 cent coupons that doubled,
1 bottle of Dr. Pepper,  $1.59, had .55 cents off that doubled ( picked up coupon at Target)
2 packages of Oscar Mayer Lunch togethers, on clearance for $1.50 each and I had a $1.50 off of two
2 packages of Round Steaks, about 1/2 pound each, they had $2.00 off coupons on them and they were on sale.
1 package of beef stew meat, about 3/4 pound, on sale for $4.31, and they had a $2.00 off coupon
1 package of pork sirloin steaks, 2.3 pounds, had a $2.00 off coupon on it
3 packages of cottage cheese, on sale for $1.79 and I had a .55 cent off coupons that doubled
3 tubs of country crock butter, on sale for $1.69, and I had .40 cent off coupons that doubled
3 4 packs of Yo-Plus Yougarts, on sale for $1.49 and I had $1.00 off coupons
2 jars of Ragu sauce, on sale for $1.50, and I had a .75 cents off 2 coupon
3 Completes Lunch meals, on sale for $2.00, I had .$1.00 off coupons
1 jar of con queso cheese, on reduced for $1.25
2 packs of hot dogs, reduced to .89 cents
1 pack of Green Giant Veggies for one, $3.59, Free After Coupon
1 5 pound bag of corn meal. On reduced for .75 cents. We gonna have corn bread for awhile!!
2 Fuze Drinks, on sale for $1.50 and I had a BOGO coupon ( picked up coupon from Kwik Trip)
3 bags of Quaker Rice Cakes Treats, on sale for $1.00, had .75 cents off each bag
2 boxes of Betty Crocker Chessy Potatoes, $1.25 reduced, had .40 cents off coupon that doubled.

Total: 75.06
Total After Coupons: $39.52

4 Cinnamon Rolls, On sale 2/$3.98, had the 95 cents off IP Coupons
3 Jacks Pizzas, on sale for $2.50 had a .40 cent coupon that doubled
3 bag of Reames Noodles, on sale for $1.50, had a .50 cents coupons that doubled
1 box of Chocolate Cheerios, on sale for $2.50, I had a $1.25 IP coupon
Total: 12.01 and I got a $2.00 off my next shopping trip coupon

9 rolls of TP, $4.29
2 candy necklaces, clearance 16 cents fillers ( will put in easter baskets)
1 8pk of Austin Cheese Crackers, sale $1.00
2 Gordon Fillets, Lemon Pepper, On clearance for $2.39, had .50 cent off coupons
Total after coupons and RR's from last shopping trip to Walgreens: $2.15
and I got a free Red Box Movie Promo Code!! WOO HOO!

Picked up some left over apples from an event. they were going to throw them out, I offered to take them.

Now, I want this to be for 3 weeks ( 21 days) of food. Here is my menu plan.

Eggs- 4 meals
Cereal -4 meals
Oatmeal- 4 meals
Canned fruit with side of cottage cheese - 2 meals
Yogart with fruit -2 meals
Frozen Waffles- 1 meal
Pancakes - 4 meals
Cinnamon Rolls - 2 meals

Lunches: ( kids have school lunches - 15 days, so 6 days at home)
Hot dogs - 2 meals
Soup - 2 meals
Mac and Cheese - 2 meals

Mom's lunches for work ( 15 days)
Yakisoba meals-  2 meals
Completes Meals - 3 meals
Bologna Sandwich - 3 meals
Left overs from previous dinners - 4 meals
Oscar Mayer Lunch To Go's - 2 meals
Soup - 1 meal

My husband fends for himself during the week. :) Typically left overs, tuna salad, PBJ's or Bologna sandwiches. :)

Sides with Lunches:
Apples and Peanut Butter
Bread rolls or crackers ( with the soup)
Quaker Mini Rice Cakes
Cottage Cheese

Frozen Pizza - 6 meals
Salisbury Steaks - 2 meals
Speghetti - 4 meals
Chicken Parmasan - 1 meal
Beef Pot Roast - 1 meal
Chicken Breast - 2 meals
Gordon Fish Fillets - 1 meal
Pork Sirlion Steaks - 1 meal
Beef Round Steaks - 1 meal
Beef Stew in Crock Pot - 1 meal
Tacos or Walking Tacos - 2 meals

Chessy Potatoes
Rice a roni
Pasta  Roni

Kiwi Water ( still have more of those!)
Kool aid
Hot cocoa

How much did I spend altogether? $150.65  and that includes the Kwik Trip amount which I really didn't spend out of pocket. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you a member of the PINK nation?

If you are, go and log in, then click on the In Store Coupon. Print it out and take it in. You will get a Free Fragrance Deluxe Sampler. If you are not a member, sign up! There is no purchase necessary but there will be limited quanities. The coupon is good from Feb. 17th to March 8th. :) Go to this LINK!

Free Sample of Berres Brothers Coffee

Free Sample of Berres Brothers Coffee. Go to this LINK and sign up. You will need coupon code 21 RR . You will get some samples of their coffee and their catalog. They sell their coffee at our local supermaket and my husband loves the smell when we go through that aisle! So I am really looking forward to these samples!!

Right Guard Total Defense 5 IP Coupon

RIght Guard has a great IP Coupon! $1.50 off of one. Follow this LINK and click on the ALL STAR Special Savings picture. Fill it out and print!

Being Debt Free...not Impossible...

I recently recieved an email from someone who challenged me. They said that people don't really live like me and become debt free. I am not going to get into the details of the email, but I am going to comment here on my blog. You can skip over this post if you are just looking for the deal posts.

We, in the last 9 years, have had major changes in our lives. My husband spiral fractured his leg about 5 years ago the same week we had our second child. Then, I went through college. We bought a house, on top of $50,000 in credit card, lawyer bills and living expenses, we also had a ton of medical expenses and some college costs. We knew we had to really work hard if we wanted to be debt free and have money for a future. IF you want to be debt free or have a savings for your future, and you don't make much money, you have to make some serious changes in your paradigm.  You need to decide if you REALLY, REALLY want to be debt free. This is a lifestyle change and choice, it's not magic.

Here are the major things we did.
1.Transferred all balances on our credit cards to zero percent offers. This gave us time to work on the balances. WE DIDN'T USE THE CREDIT CARDS! If we didn't have the money, we had to figure something out!
2. Used coupons and stockpiled. If there was a good sale, we bought what we would need for 6 months. Papertowels, shampoo, light bulbs...anything that wasn't perishable, we stockpiled it cheap!.
3. We took things that were offered for free. Many times we were offered things, and we took them. If we didn't need them, we would find someone who could. People began to learn that we would take used things. I found neighbors who would give me beautiful hand me down clothes. I found a church member who would give me hand me down work clothes.  We were always gracious and thankful for someone helping us. Don't turn your nose to used items, everything is used after you take it home from the store! ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU to the person who is giving something!
4. We found support. I joined online forums to discuss frugal ideas and learned grocery shopping senerios!
5. GIVE UP ON NAME BRANDS!!! After working in the grocery business for years, I know the tricks of the trade. Many name brand companies sell to ALDI's and other generic brands. So, many times the products taste the same!!!  You can cut down a lot of your expenses just by trying generic.
6. Any extra money, put towards debt. My husband and I did odd jobs. Petsitting, babysitting, computer work, cleaning...anything for some extra money. That money went to pay debt.
7. Do everything possible to NOT get behind on the bills. If your late fee is $15.00, and you are late 6 months of the year, you are paying an extra $90.00 a year to get NOTHING!!! This means plan your budget!! Also, think about this if it's 3 or 4 late bills each month!!!
8. We got rid of satillite. Yes, it was drastic at first. But it saved us $65 a month!! And it helped us become better readers and board game players. :) Also, you aren't being tempted by advertisments for things you JUST HAVE TO HAVE!!!!
9. We took care of our cars. A big major expense that isn't typically budgeted is when the car breaks down.
10. Refunds!! Do the good refunds! Menards, Walgreens, etc. I made over $400 in cash back last year!!
11. Tax Refunds. Any money you get back should be put on the debt.  That "extra" money is not for you to buy something else, pay off what you already bought!

I hope this post doesn't sound angry, it's not at all! I am just surprised with the excuses some people use for being unhappy and broke. The email sounded so hopeless, yet the person who is unemployeed and homeless insisted they had to "treat" themselves to things. The best treat you can give yourself in your life is being financially secure!  The best thing in life is knowing you can take EXTRA wealth and share it with your church, or other worthy cause!

Recently, before Christmas, I was able for the first time, to make a large donation to my favorite charity. I am not telling you this to get accolades, I am telling you this because life CHANGES dramatically when you aren't feeling overwhelmed by debt.

Again, IF I CAN DO IT...anyone who has the will and the drive can too!!

New Redbox Code

RedBox Movie Code - Expires 3/14/10

v7j6d4v   Good for one night free movie rental.

I haven't tested this one yet, but I wanted to let you know about it!!

Free Pretzel from Auntie Annes

Free Pretzels!!! YEAH!!

Kids Songs FREE DOWNLOAD Sampler has a free sampler. Follow this LINK and down load the songs for free!

Fazoli's 5 day Deals

All Detergent Coupons

Go to this LINK and sign up for ALL Detergent coupons.

Free Sample of AXE body wash for Sam's Club Members!

If you have a Sam's Card then they have a freebie for you!
Follow this LINK and sign up for a free sample of AXE body wash.

It says membership number is optional. So, if you are not a Sam's Club member and you want to try for it, go ahead. I am not sure you will get a sample but you can try!

Right Guard Deo. IP Coupon

Here is a LINK for Right Guard. It's an  IP coupon for $1.50 off!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Betty Crocker IP Coupons!

Betty Crocker has a new site for baking. Go to and print the new coupons they have!

Free Sample of Tropical Lemonheads Candy!

Follow this LINK to get a free sample of Tropical Lemonheads!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scholastic Dollar Days!

Dollar Days are back at Scholastic Teachers Store. I am not sure about the shipping yet but they have some great deals!! Go to and take a look! Try this coupon code SSPDS for 15% off and free shipping over $25.00.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots of New Disney Rewards Codes

Disney Rewards Codes!

Log into your DisneyMovieRewards account and enter code 9FTMRYWEK to get 50 points added to your account. Also, enter code HT6G7K3XW for another 50 points.
Plus there was a 5 point code in the newsletter (29VM48FNDZ)

105 points!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Early Season Rummage Sale!! ..and a dumpster dive!!!

Well, I know it's not rummage sale season, but a local school in the area was having a fundraiser type rummage. All the families could have a space and bring things. I spent $10.45 and I did GREAT!

*  Brand New Go Diego Go Art Set, $1.50, will use for my son's birthday next month. Here is a photo! I am so happy it was brand new!!!
*  Spider Man folding kids camping chair. $3.00, in great shape and still had the carry bag! You can see a photo of it here
*  I SPY card game, 10 cents. All the cards were there!! Now, I just have to find the directions on the 'net!
* Spider Man Book, 10 cents
* 2 Scooby Doo DVD movies, $1.00 each
* 3 VHS Magic School Bus Movies, .75 cents each
* Pair of Jammies, $1.00
* Brand New Disney Princess Bath Set had 2 shower gels and a soap .50 cents

Total: $10.45

Also, my husband got something totally different...but cool...a local doctor office was getting rid of their furniture because they were remodeling. There was nothing wrong with the stuff, but they had it out by there dumpsters. My husband picked up a laid back type chair. The kind they use in doctors offices to take blood or have someone rest. It's burgendy and a nice quality leather. What are we going to do with it?? Not sure..Maybe sell it in the rummage. Maybe keep it ( because eventually my husband wants a "man cave" and he thinks that would be something fun to have in there). I started looking around the is a photo of a similar chair. The chair in the photo is $1,100! WHOA!

Friday, February 12, 2010

IHOP Free Pancake Day!

About National Pancake Day

February 23, 2010

Join IHOP and celebrate National Pancake Day on Tuesday, February 23rd from 7am to 10pm. We will give you a short stack ( 3 ) of our famous buttermilk pancakes. All we ask of you is that you make a small donation to the Children's Miracle Network. For more information, go to

New Free Red Box Code!

Remember the great Red Box codes...well, here is a new one! I don't know it's experation date. Use code 2DGTAL22 to get a one night movie rental for free!!!

Great Small Shopping Trip and other frugal notes.

I wanted to use up my Freebie Coupons, so I ran and picked up just a few things.

They had the Quaker Deal where you buy 5 Quaker Products and get a $5.00 gift card.  I wanted to pick up the Quaker Express Cups that are included in the deal. Those are $1.02 and so you spend $5.10 and get $5.00 gift card back. Well, they didn't have the right flavor, Brown Sugar. So, I went to customer service, I asked if there was any way they would honor the deal with the other flavor. I know that the advertisment said no rain checks. The customer service rep said that they can't give me the $5.00 Gift Card but she would give me $5.00 off instant coupon. So, I walked out with 5 oatmeal cups for .10 cents!! Target is not a store I typically use due to customer no-service, but I have to say the woman was very nice and customer friendly! WAY TO GO TARGET!!!

The I went to Frank's County Market. I had signed up for their frequent shopper card. They sent me a coupon for a free milk. I also had my Free Oreo Coupon from the Facebook Promo. I found bananas .19 cents a pound. I bought a few pounds and will make banana chips with them. So, OOP was $1.32.

Then my husband stopped at Sentry on the way home from his errands. Sentry had butter .99 a pound, 5 pound bag of potatoes .99 cents and chicken breast $1.49 a pound. My price break on chicken breast is $1.50 a pound so we stocked up and bought $8.00 in chicken. :) Total OOP: $12.39.

That will have to keep us going again, along with my stockpile, because we are almost done paying my dental bill and putting away more money into savings. :)

For the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps, we are almost complete with Step 3!!! We did our taxes last night and we will be paying a small amount on State, but getting some money back on Federal, so that will go into our savings and give us our 3 months expenses!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hurry! Kraft First Taste!!

Hurry over to Kraft First Taste!! They have a first taste trial of Oreo Cakesters!!! New to First Taste? Follow this LINK to learn more!! If you aren't a member and are interested, leave me an email and I will invite you! My email is

Monday, February 8, 2010

IP coupon for Keebler

Print this IP for $1.00 off one package of new Cheesecake Middles!!! Follow this LINK.

Walgreens trip!

Okay, Isaid am not going grocery shopping for awhile...but I had to run to Walgreens to get my son some medicine he is now required to take daily. Since they had the free after RR body wash, I decided to do some I was half right this morning when I wrote my post. I don't plan on grocery shopping, but I didn't want to pass by these deals...

Transaction One:
1 bottle of medicine $9.99
1 bottle of Men's Dove Body Wash $5.00 - 1.50 coupon ( home mailer)
1 small car for my son who was a good boy at the doctors office!

Total with Tax:$17.69
After coupons: 9.19 and got a $6.00 RR back

Transaction Two:
5 Mennan Deo. On sale for $1.00 had .50 cents off coupons for each ( Sunday Paper coupons)
1 package of Toilet Paper, on sale $3.99, had a $1.00 off coupon ( Sunday Paper)
3 Bottles of Soda ( YES SODA!) On sale for $1.33, had $1.00 off coupons ( from Recycle Bank Coupons)
1 Bottle of Dish Washing Liquid, IVC .99 and I had a .30 off coupon (Sunday paper)
1 Bottle of Gilette Body Wash, $3.33
1 Gilette Deo., On sale for $3.99, had a coupon for free Gilette Body wash with the purchase of the Deo., Also had a $1.50 RR.

Total with Tax: $23.48
After Coupons and RR from Transaction 1: $6.35 and I got a $1.50 RR back from the deoderant

Transaction 3 and 4:
1 bottle of Dove Men's Body Wash, $1.50 coupon
Total after coupons: $4.82 each and I got 2 $6.00 RR's for next time.

So, Total OOP is $25.18, I got $19.50 in RR's ( Used one in Transaction 2 so I have a balance of $13.50 in RR's).  Also, $10.00 was my son's medicine so that wasn't in the grocery budget, that was in the medical budget. :)

Burt's Bees Toothpaste Sample!

This will probably go quickly as most Burt's Bees samples do!! Follow this LINK to get to the sample page!!

Living off my stockpile...and other ramblings....

If you have followed my blog, you may have noticed I haven't had a big shopping trip in awhile. When I describe "big", I mean a trip where I take a Saturday and spend most of the day going and doing about 5 weeks worth of groceries. My last couple large trips was about Christmas time for $34.00 and one is January for $30.00.  I have made A LOT of little trips, all under $15.00 to get loss leaders and perishable items, but not a big trip.

The reason is we are trying to put our money toward some medical bills and pay them off, which means I have to live off our stock pile. We have been creative in our menu and have been eating meatless dishes about 3 times a week. We have been eating alot of soup because I have alot in stockpile and it warms the family up on these cold days. We are eating down our bags of veggies that I picked up. Also, eating fruit or oatmeal most mornings.

I had planned on going shopping this weekend, but a small medical emergency made a change in my plans. So, hubby and I said we will continue to live off the stock pile for 2 more weeks and see if we can stretch our stockpile to that point. My freezer is about 1/2 empty (we typically don't have it get that empty). We know when we see another meat deal, we will have to stock pile meat.

Since the economy is still struggling, I was thinking about all the things I do to make ends meet. I want to add more tips or things I do to be and stay frugal. This will kinda give me a jump start to my frugal journey. I admit paying off the credit cards and cars has caused me to kinda relax a little bit!

So, for starters, I am not going shopping for another 2 weeks, making the stockpile stretch. ( except for Loss leaders).  Every morning, I bring tea or hot cocoa with me to work. I don't buy it at the gas station or the coffee shops. I have been going back to the library to get books or buying them from the sale flyers from my kids school or using paperbackswap. I have Valentines that I bought last year really cheap and will use those, free pencils and free coupons for the kids for Valentines Day. We keep our wood burning stove going to add heat to the house with free wood that was offered to us. It has REALLY kept our utilites low this year. Also, we have cooked on the top of the wood stove. We have made soup, hot dogs, and bread rolls on the stove. This saves us from heating up the kitchen stove. We have been looking for free events to do with the children. We have come up with a free day at the Circus, and a free day at the zoo. :) We will pack snacks for those to keep the costs low. I WANT TO PAY OFF THE DENTAL BILL!!!

In the days to come I will try to think about other ways I save, I will keep adding to the tips or ideas. This blog has always been just a think tank for me and a place to post freebies and deals.  So, maybe I can help someone else.

Do you have a tip to being frugal? Post it in my comments sections.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Denny's SuperBowl Ad

If you didn't see the Super Bowl Denny's Ad, then I need to share it with you! It said Tuesday, Feb. 9th from 6am to 2pm you can get a free Grand Slam Breakfast!!! WOW!

New Coupons at Chunky Soup!

You can go to Campbells' Chunky Soup and print their new coupons! Follow this LINK to get $5.00 worth of coupons!

Chuck E Cheese Valentines!

Print this LINK for Chuck E Cheese Valentine Cards. Each card has 5 free Tokens on it!!!

Walgreens 25 Free Prints with the Purchase of 25 prints!

If you did get prints from your christmas photos, now is the time!! Use the coupon code LOVE10 at Walgreens Photos. That would give you 50 prints for $4.75.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

If you are member of Recycle Bank...

Log in and join the Ebay Recycle Team! When you do you get another 50 points. 50 points can get you an assortment of different coupons from their food section.

I hope they soon have curbside recycling in my area!!!

Tropicana New Rewards Program

Tropicana has a new program!! Follow this LINK to sign up!

From the website:
Saving money is easier and more fun than ever with Tropicana Juicy Rewards. Explore 20,000 ways to save on everything from golf and workout gear to waterpark and zoo admissions.

A big hello and warm welcome to the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program. We are so glad you decided to join. After you purchase specially marked packages and enter the codes to get your points, the next step is to search for offers that appeal to you and redeem them for great savings!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls IP coupon

Click this LINK to get a .95 cents off one tube of Pillsbury Sweet Rolls!! YUMMY!

$1.25 off coupon for New Chocolate Cheerios!!!

Cheerios has a new flavor....Chocolate! You can get a $1.25 coupons, just follow this LINK. You can print up to 2 coupons.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Eat Better America Coupon Booklet

Follow this LINK to request a coupon booklet from Eat Better America!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cat's Pride Cat Litter Free Coupon

Do you have a cat? Then follow this LINK to Caster. Register yourself and your cat and get a coupon for a free jug of cat litter from Cat's Pride!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Great IP Coupons!!!

Check out my coupons bar on the right side of the page!! Lots of Coupons for toys, Hasbro and Playskool! If you have any birthdays or easter gifts to think is the time to print those coupons out!!!

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