Monday, February 23, 2009

.15 cent Grocery Trip

Yesterday, at Logli's, I came across some $1.00 Green Giant Veggie Coupons that were to expire 2/28/09. I asked Logli's if I could take several of them since they expire this week. The woman told me to help myself and take what a wanted. I grabbed a handful. Got home and counted what I grabbed. 19 inserts.

So, I knew that Pick N Save had these veggies for 1.00 a bag. :) So I sent my husband over there today. After coupons, 15 cents. :)

Here is what he picked up:

19 bags of veggies
1 doz eggs
3 pounds of ground turkey
15 cents. :)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some new Coupons

Free Kashi meal

Free Can of Dog Food

So, a friend of mine asked me to go out shopping again...

I met a really nice woman on HCW and we decided to go and do the KMart Doubling Event.

First of all, they were OUT of everything! Second, they are so overpriced I was in sticker shock. Finally, they didn't double a handful of my coupons, so I overpaid. After discussing it with my husband, we decided not to return the items, but instead I will not do Kmart doubling anymore. I have had many bad experiences with Kmart so I feel that I have given them enough chances. Thankfully, my coupon friend did a great job, so I was thrilled for her! She also traded me some stockpile stuff! THANK YOU!!

************UPDATE 2/25/09******************
Kmart called me! The manager of the store talked to me. We tried to figure out why my recipet was off. We found it. It was missing 3 $1.00 coupons and one item was over priced by $1.00 (I bought 2 of that item, which would be $2.00 dollars) So that is where my $8.00 was that I couldn't account for.

Anyways, the manager was very nice. He admitted that they were out of everything because Sunday morning, they were hit so hard with coupon shoppers ( not really his fault) and many of the couponers were buying more then the 4 item limit). He said that he wishes Kmart had a better way to handle the coupons at the register.
Anyways, he is sending me a $10.00 gift card for my troubles!! YEAH!!! THANK YOU KMART!

So, here is my trip:

Kotex Liners
2 bottles of Gillette Shampoo
4 10 pack bags of Twin Select Razors
2 bags of Halls
4 boxes of 3pks of Rolaids
1 Roll of Johnson and Johnson Medical Tape
2 boxes of J&J Gauze
2 cans of Lysol
3 packs of 4 count Shick Extreme Razors
1 pack of Good Night pull ups
10 cans of Clearanced cat food
3 packs of Juicy Fruit Gum

Total Before Coupons: $81.80
Total After Coupons: $29.70

Still a 64% savings. I figured I should have had about $8 more dollars off from coupons. But, most of those things were things I needed.

Next Stop:

( AGAIN!!! LOL!)
1 bottle of Excedrin
1 cute stuffed animal doggie ( for myself, 90% off!)
11 pencils
2 rolls of Reynolds wrap

Total before coupons and clearance: $12.46
After clearance and coupons: 2.95
And I got a RR back for $1.00

JC Penney's
3 pack of Boys Underware ( my son is very happy right now!!LOL..)
Before coupons: 7.99
After coupons: 3.15

2 boxes of Pop Tarts
2 boxes of Fruit Snacks
2 doz eggs
6 cans of cat food
1 box of Glucerna Cereal
3 Ham Steaks
9 Schick Razors
7 Snapple Teas
1 package of Pork Chops
1 packs of Brats
1 packs of Pork Steaks
2 cans of OJ
1 Bath Buddy Bar
2 Reuseable Shopping bags

Total Before coupons: $72.17
After Coupons: $17.02

Also, I got 10 cans of Tomato Paste and 2 packs of Chuck Cheese from my coupon friend that I went with today in exchange for some coupons!

We are so welled stocked right now, the nice thing is that even with my husband being out of work, we have so much food right now. We got our tax refunds back and were able to put the entire amount in our emergency fund. This will help us during the summer I am not working. I have one more shopping trip planned. That will happen on Wednesday, then I should be done for a long while!!!

Yesterday, I spent $35.94 OOP and today I spent $52.82. So in two days all these groceries cost $88.76. Not a bad weekend.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Small trip ended up being a BIG TRIP!!!

I went to use some coupons and I did really well!

4 small OJ's
1 steak
4 bags of Tortilla Chips
1 2liter of Dr. Pepper
1 head of Lettuce
1 Tomatoe

Total $16.70
After Coupons: $9.12
Used my Visa Gift Card ZERO OOP.

Zucol Medicine
ThermaCare Heat Wraps
Glade Sense and Spray
2 Starbucks Chocolates
2 LIfe Water
Revlon Lip Gloss
Revlon Make up
Fructis Shampoo

Total: $56.42
After coupons: 40.52
Used my Rebate Refund Card from Last month: $4.28
I paid $4.28, but I am getting back $37.45 back from refunds. So, Really, I made money.

2 Calendars (On clearance, for my Husbands birthday)
12 boxes of Pencil and Tatto Valentines ( We are going to use the pencils for school and the Tatoos will be put into Easter Eggs for baskets and hunting. Each box was only 25 cents! There was 16 pencils in each box!!!!! I know I just bought Valentines last night, but at 25cents a box of pencils, it makes it under 2 cents a pencil!!)
Total: $8.29 ( Most of that was the 2 calendars)

Pick N Save:
20 pounds of Ground Turkey
2 Thin Crust Pizzas
2.7 pounds of Bananas
4 dozen eggs
Glucerna Cereal
2 Honey Hams (Sliced Pieces)
2 packs of Chicken Nuggets
2 Packs of Chicken Strips
2 packs of Honey Ham Lunch Meat
2 cans of Tuna
1 pack os Chicken Legs
3 packs of Chicken Drum Sticks (over 6 pounds of Drum Sticks!)
1 Pack of Chicken Breasts

Total Before Coupons: $96.84
After Coupons: $23.37

So, Out of Pocket, I spent $35.94 and I am getting $37.45 in Walgreens Rebates!!! I got 20 pounds of Ground Turkey!! That will keep us going for a LONG time!!

For those of you who have emailed me and said you can't do this because you have no double coupons stores, that is untrue. I did all of this with no double coupons. :) I did this with rebates, winetags, interprintable coupons and regular coupons! :)


Walgreens Trip last night

My mother called me to let me know that Walgreens had their Valentine's Day stuff 90%off. We need Valentines day cards for next year so I headed over there. Also my husband's birthday is this week and with him being laid off, I knew I had to spend very little money.

I picked up
2 pairs of Boxer Shorts (Birthday gifts for hubby! These shorts come with little gift bags, so I just used one for his gifts)
2 cute stuffed animals ( one for my hubby's birthday and one for easter basket stuffer!)
7 boxes of Valentine's Cards (we are now set for 3 years!)
2 pez dispensers ( will add to easter baskets!)

Total was $7.80 but I used my rebate card so I spent no money out of pocket. I also went to starbucks last night, used my gift card from Swagbucks and spent nothing out of pocket.

I have to run out and buy some cat food! One of my cats needs special cat food with medicine!! EXPENSIVE, but I have to do it because the alternative is more expensive. Also, I plan to hit Kmarts Double Coupon Event tomorrow with a friend!
Stay Frugal!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few Freebies and Coupons and Other Random Comments

Coupons for Gain Laundry Detergent They will send them in the mail.

Sure Deodorant Coupon

JC PENNY's Rewards
A new point program, sign up and get $5.00 off any first purchase. No need to enter your CC or debit card, you can bypass that and still get the $5.00 gift cert.LINK

Sample of Quaker True Delights

Free Sample of Rachel Ray Dog Food

Sample of Dove Shampoo and Conditioner

Sample of Under Jams

That is it for now, I am heading to bed. I am planning to go to Pick n Save on Saturday. They have Ground Turkey $1.00 a pound!! We are going to stock pile!! Also, I have some other things I have coupons for. I am also planning to stop at Walgreens sometimes soon. I haven't picked up the freebies this month, so I am hoping they still have some. If not, oh well!!

Also, you may have noticed in my TV piece that said I shop once every 5 weeks, well, due to my husbands lay off, that has changed a bit. I am still not doing ANY big shopping trips ( nothing over $50.00) but, when we have to run into a neighboring town, I will see what I need from their loss leaders and pick up those items and that is it.

I changed this only because of our financial situation, as soon as he is working, I will go back to that style of shopping because of our busy lifestyle. :)

Also, we paid off the VAN yesterday!!! And I paid off 2 medical bills today!!! THANK GOD!!!! We now have less than $2,000 in monthly expenses including our home. Hopefully we can make it through this tough economic time!! Also, praying to GOD that my husband finds a job!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Point Programs

Penny commented that she would like to learn about point programs. I am going to list what I do, but you have to learn as you go and there are other programs that I don't do.
I do My Points, Swagbucks , Buzz Agent, FreeRide, and e-Rewards. Then I collect product points from Coke Points, Fresh Step Paw Points, and BTFE (Box Tops for Education). I also participate in the Speedy Rewards (gas station) point program and my credit card point program. My husband and I will use the credit card for gas, then I pay it off every month and we get points for the purchases from the gas station and points on the credit card ( only do this if the card in paid off, if you are paying interest, the points aren't worth it!)

If you are interested in My Points, I can refer you and you will get 250 points upon sign up. Post a comment that you are interested, and I help you sign up. My points has Surverys you can earn points on, and emails that you can earn points on. You can also purchase things through their site. Every year I purchase my Entertainment book through them.

Same with Buzz Agent and FreeRide, you can contact me for the link to join. BuzzAgent has campaigns you can join, but they also have surveys, those surveys can pay in you MY POINTS ( that is the option I take). Freeride has points that pop up when you visit and click on the links in their site. Limit is 10 per day. Also, you can watch videos for more points.

E- Rewards, my husband does. I also do a few survey sites. Examples are Harris Poll Online and Shopper Hotline Surveys. I don't do to many because sometimes they can be time consuming.

I also do Shopper’s Hotline, that is a program that is not online (their website is but the program is not). I scan my groceries and other purchases every time I shop, I get points for scanning, and then the points get changed into money and put on a Visa Gift card.

I typically try to find Visa Gift Cards for my points because you can use those anywhere. I also try to get BlockBuster Gift cards, Walgreens, or Walmart, because those are stores we use most often. We don't have cable or dish TV, just an antenna, so renting movies (free or cheap) is one form of entertainment for us.

There are TONS of point programs on the internet. You just have to find what works for you. There is one for TV watchers (I don’t have time for TV so that one isn’t for me) There are many different programs, just search them out!

Here are some tips I have:
1. If they want your credit card info, then it's not a good point program, don't sign up! (same goes for freebies, if it's truly free, then they don't need your CC number).
2. Set up a separate email account for point programs and freebies. That way, you can have your friend’s email you at one email addy and your "advertising" email at a separate account, thus not cluttering up your email account.
3. Spend a little amount of time every day on point programs, I typically spend under 15 minutes at night, I go to the sites, click on the links or use the search engine and that is it.

One, last thing, I also do E-bates. Ebates is great because you go through it when you make an online purchase. I used them for Christmas gifts and got $28.00 back. Here is the link EBATES . You get $5.00 when you sign up and make your first purchase.

Any more questions? Just Post a comment!! THANKS!!!

Free Samples: Baby Wipes, Paper Towels

Walmart always has a freebies pages, they just listed some new freebies!

There is Paper Towels, Baby wipes, Always Pads, Benefiber and Metamucil.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Redbox Free Movie Code

Tonight's Free Code
for 2/16 expires at midnight M7DM23

Go Enjoy a free movie, but make sure you return it tomorrow so you don't get late charges.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Son and I Were In The Local Paper Today!

My son and I were in the local paper today. It was a story about Freecycle and saving money! My son did great for the photographer. It's a great story. They mention many people who save money using freecycle.

If you don't know what freecycle is, it's a online community group. You post things you have and no longer need, or you post something you really need and don't have the money for. The members read the posts, if they have what you need they contact you. If you post something to give away, you get emails from people who are interested.

My family have gotten so much over the years, from Lilac Bushes for our yard, to playground equipment, toys, clothes, books and videos. I, several years ago, got a collection of cross stitching things that were so beautiful. I work on one when times allows.

You can check out freecycle at You can search for you city or county.

Sentry has a good deal on yougart.

We eat alot of yougart in our home. Sentry this week as Yo+ Yougart 2 4pks for $3.98.
You follow the link and IP print YO+ Coupon The coupon is for $1.50 off one package. Two coupons would give you $3.00 off.
So, 2 packs of Yougart will be 98 cents!

Also, check Sentry for winetags! There are some great ones right now ( THANKS DEJA VU FOR THE HEADS UP! YOU ROCK!!)

This week is a quiet week in sales, which is good for my family, we have a stockpile to eat from and I have a very busy week!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Debt Reduction!

During my husband's lay off, I have taken on an extra job. I am now working 3 jobs and he is collecting unemployment. He is applying for every job he can find, so far nothing has popped up. We are still hopeful things will happen and he will find something.

Anyways, I told you my debt snowball had to be frozen, well, it has for the most part. BUT, this past Friday, we had a windfall of money. It's enough to pay off our VAN. Since I know that this summer, I will be without my full time income and my one part time job ends in may, I want to cut our monthly expenses as best I can. The van payment will be a big cut in our expenses. So, my husband will be going to the bank tomorrow to pay the van off.

We also got our State Refund back and we put that directly into our savings account. I want to make sure our emergency fund is well padded for the summer months.

We are going to keep watching our pennies and doing everything we can to be frugal. Couponing, Freecycling, Point programs, hand me downs and clothing exchanges. In May, My husband will curbside shop as the college kids move out.

We will still be putting about $100 on our debt during the next few months, but summer will be very tight. I will keep you posted. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pick n Save Stop for a few things...

My husband went into the neighboring town, so I asked him to pick up my freebie coupons and their deal on milk.

He picked up:
2 gallons milk
1 Sauve Body Wash
1 carton of ice cream
1 2liter bottle of Dr. Pepper

Total before coupons: $11.98
Total after coupons: $4.50

He used the last $3.47 on my Gift card, so my OOP was $1.05 :)

He also picked up some coupons and refund forms he found. :) So, I got $16.00 in "more" coupons from coupons he found in the store. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just random stuff...and a few IP coupons

One of my issues with Sentry was that they didn't accept internet coupons. Well, there is a sign on their door that they now do accept internet coupons! WOO HOO!! That will make for some better trips there.

Also, my DH got another Redbox code in his email today, so we returned Mondays Movie and picked up another free movie!

Also, I now have enough swagbucks to get another gift card, but I think I am going to wait and keep working on it. If you dont do swagbucks, you should!! You can sign up at SWAGBUCKS

I updated my coupons binder. It's full. I am sending my husband over to Pick n Save tomorrow because there are things I want to pick up and I don't have the time. This is the first time he is going. :) I will report back how he did. I did list everything to buy ( 5 things) and the coordinating coupons. I will post tomorrow on his adventure.

IP Coupons:
$3.00 off any Purina Pet Food or Pet Treats any size, any variety...
Go to
Click on "Get Your Free Quote". Fill out the page and enter code B3KCA
Click continue, choose one of the deductibles, then click SAVE.
Enter your email and a password and click SAVE.
They will send you an email immediately with the link to the coupon.
It let me print two coupons (with unique numbers).

Progresso Soup
$1.10 off one can of Progresso Soup, You can print 2 of this coupon.

Sudafed coupon

Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers

I will keep adding more as I find more.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Where do you get all those coupons...

Well, I have had many emails about my Fox 6 segment. They are asking where I get all my coupons. So here is what I do:

First, I have two papers delivered every Sunday, One Big city and One Local paper. I get the grocery store ads and the coupons.

Two, I get coupons from the internet. IP coupons are typically higher in value because you use your own paper and ink. They have SHORT expiration dates too. So you have to keep your eyes open. Also, Some stores don't allow IP coupons, You need to ask. I have been known to talk to managers to get my IP coupons allowed. YMMV!

Three, My kids have a job when I am shopping. Their job is too watch the coupon spitters. Those red boxes that have coupons. They also look for tear pads and other forms. I typically don't use them the same trip but I refile them when I get home and can look at them.

Four, gas stations and liquour stores. Some gas stations have tear pads for drinks. I will grab a few coupons from the tear pad. ONE of my pet peeves is someone who takes them all! DON"T DO THIS!! You will ruin it for everyone! Anyways, I grab them then on double coupon days, you can get those single serve drinks cheap. Example: Kwik Trip had 50 cents off one bottle of Nestle Chocolate Milk. I took 4 coupons, saved them and then when I was at the grocery store, they were on a $1.00 deal. Since I was in Janesville picking up a freecycle item, I stopped and picked them up along with my other groceries. Liquor stores. NOT all liqour stores do this, and some people feel it's not right, BUT some wine bottles have hang tags. Most of the time those hang tags are for coupons WITH THE PURCHASE of the wine. BUT, occasionally, they will say WITHOUT WINE PURCHASE or NO WINE PURCHASE NECESSARY. Those are just coupons. I will grab about 3. Again, I refuse to be greedy, I feel I am blest enough!

Fifth, Get coupons from others. My Mother in law, My mother, My grandfather, and several ladies at church who don't coupon are more than happy to save coupons for me. I even have my Father in Law up north, when he is shopping with my Mother in Law, find coupons and tear pads for me.

Six, Trade. I don't buy coupons, that defeats the purpose of using coupons. I do trade though. I have cats, no dogs, but I trade my dog food coupons for cat coupons. I don't have any babies in the house anymore, but I can trade baby coupons for items I will use. Recently, while visiting family. I found $2.00 Swimmer Diaper coupons at a local waterpark, they were in the lobby. I grabbed 2 inserts. ( Yes, I asked if I could take them) Now, my kids don't need them, but I traded them for one free box of Smuckers Uncrustables. Which was a treat for my kids, because I typically will not buy those.

That is all I can think of right now. I will post again when I have more questions come in. I had one person ask how I organize my binder. You can find that under "coupon binder" in my blog.

Monday Redbox Code

Today's Free Monday 2/9 Code 25CH63 good at any location, expires at midnight. make sure you return the video the next day so you don't get charged late fees.

Also, I got my Dr. Pepper Free Bottle Coupon in the mail today. And Saturday I got my coupon for a free bottle of Suave Shampoo or body wash. So I have a free bottle of soda and a free sauve item coming! :)

Other than that, I will post some responses to emails I have received since being on TV. I will try to answer everyone's questions.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame...

Someone once said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. I had mine tonight. I was on TV. Despite being nervous, it was fun.

You can check out my segment here
Clipping Coupons

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just an Update!

Well, this is just an update. My husband is still unemployeed, several more rounds of unemployment happened at my husbands old company. My husband is looking for work, but we are fine and hanging in there.

I got the $25.00 Visa Gift Card from my Thank you points. I used a few dollars of it to buy stamps. I will use the rest for groceries and some night pullups for son. We don't plan on grocery shopping for the next few weeks.

My husband did get unemployement. So, we are thankful for that. It's only 40% of his income, but it will help.

I stopped by the Clothing Closet this morning. My daughter was in need of pants, I swear she grew overnight! Anyways, We found about 6 pairs of pants; 2 of them were really cute jeans, one pair of bib overalls, 1 pair of sweat pants, and one pair of leggings. She was so happy! Also, I picked up some shirts for her ( long sleeve) and a pair of Aqua Socks for my son. As we were leaving, they opened up a box and it had all books!! My daughter, who is a avid reader, was so excited, she brough home and armload of books. Everything at the clothing closet if free. It was VERY BUSY but it was worth it!

So, we really haven't spent any money. We have all our February bills paid, and we are taking every extra cent and saving it for summer when I will not be working.

I will be posting more freebies and free sites, while my debt snowball is frozen and not rolling.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cute Valentines Idea

If your kids have to give Valentines at School, here is a fun idea to add to those Valentines. Chuck E Cheese's has printable Valentines that have 5 free tokens on them ( with food purchase and expires 3/2/09)

Chuck E Cheese Valentines

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Logli's Trip

Here is what I got for $3.82.

12 bags of veggies
5 boxes of Pizza Rolls
2 bottles of PowerAde
1 can of diced tomatoes
Boost Essentials Multipack of Chocolate Drinks
1 package of cat treats
6 cans of soup
2 cans of OJ
2 ham steaks
2 dozen eggs
1 bath buddy soap
1 bag of Quaker Rice Cake Treats

Total before coupons $52.06
After coupons: $3.82

Monday, February 2, 2009

Red Box Code, Free Breakfast and other notes

* Todays Redbox Code D9P24G good at any location, expires at midnight. Make sure you return the DVD in the morning!

* Tomorrow from 6am to 2pm, if you live near a Denny's Resturant, you can stop by for a free Grand Slam Breakfast. (Unfortunely I work, but I hope some of you get take advantage of it!

* It's the beginning of a new month. Remember to clean out those binders!

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.