Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daniel's Sentry Store Whitewater...Do NOT SHOP THERE!

So, I have had several bad experiences with Sentry Foods Whitewater in the past. They are so rude when it comes to coupons. In July, I walked out without the Kellogg's Deal. Today, I walked out without my purchases again. They have a General Mills deal. If you are a couponer, do not use this store!!! I got there this morning, shopped, got to the register and the cashier INSTANTLY started her comments and "double" checking my coupons. She goes over each and every one. Which is fine, I am not trying to defraud her. Anyways, She gets to the SENTRY coupon and says,"You can't use manufactures coupons with this Sentry Coupon." I ask why not, she says because the coupon states,"One coupon with transaction". I explain that that means one sentry coupon. That Manufacture coupons are a seperate catagory. She comes back with."Well, then you would get thing too cheap!" WTH?? What does she care what I pay for my groceries? I ask her to ask the manager, which I am then told, the same thing. NO. Then the cashier turns to me and says," This happened yesterday too and we wouldn't let any of those customers use manufactures coupons either." She says this all smug.

Don't they realize how much business they are losing? They are the only store in town here so they feel that they can do anything they please. Including treating customers like criminals if they use coupons. What they don't realize is that next time I need milk, eggs, or other non coupon products, I will go to the gas station or out to another town to pick up my items. I am not shopping in such a customer unfriendly store.

I called the Fort Atkinson Store and had a great conversation with the man there. He said that is definitely a Store coupon and YES you can use manufactures coupons with it and that they should be honoring it. He told me to come to his store and he would give me the deal, but his store doesn't double coupons so it's not worth the gas and time.

Don't shop there!! I really believe that because they are the only store in town they don't feel they have to treat customers well. Where else would we be able to go? My vote is with my pocket book..I will go to another town.

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