Thursday, March 28, 2013

DOUBLE DOUBLE DAZE!! Pick N Save! March 30th

Auntie Anne's Pretzel for $1.00!!!!

WOO HOO!! Auntie Anne's has a coupon for a $1.00 Pretzel! The coupon is only good for a few days but I LOVE these pretzels!! Click at this LINK to get yours! Make sure your pop-up blocker is off, the coupon is a pop-up!

Uncle Ben's Coupon on Facebook

Uncle Ben's Rice just posted a coupon on Facebook. $1.00 off 3 different varieties. Click this LINK to get your coupon!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taco Bell New "Happy Hour" items

Taco Bell now has Happy Hour!! Everyday from 2 to 5 p.m., they will have one beverage or Loaded Griller, for only $1.00.  You can check it out at your local Taco Bell!

New Program : Walk with Walgreens

Walgreens has a new program. It's called Walk with Walgreens and it connects to your Walgreens Balance Reward card! You can earn up to 100 points each month toward your Balance Reward card and get exclusive coupons!! 
Click on this LINK and sign up! Make sure you have your Balance Rewards Card so you can enter your card number in!!

Edited to note: The name of this program will be changing on March 28th...The new name will be Step with Balance Rewards! Keep an eye out for new coupons and opportunities!!!! For more information, click this LINK.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great Deal on Chutes and Ladders!!

Walmart has several Chutes and Ladders versions. I have heard that Sesame Street Chutes and Ladders is only $3.50. If you use this coupon, $3.00 off CANDY LAND or CHUTES AND LADDERS game, you can get the game for .50 cents!!! Would make a great gift!!

Free Roll of Scott's Toilet Paper by signing up for their Newsletter!

Cool Freebie! Sign up for Scott's Brand Shared Values Newsletter and get a free roll of Scott's Toilet paper. Follow this LINK and sign up!! Hurry! I am sure this won't last long!!

Piggly Wiggly has some great deals this week!

Piggly Wiggly has some great deals until Wednesday. First, they have Ham Portions for .69 cents a pound with the coupon and $25.00 purchase. Great Stock up price! Also, they have 10 for $10.00 ( $1.00 each) but when you buy 10 you get the 11th item free!
*Butterball Turkey Bacon $1.00 ( If you have ALL YOU Magazine, there is a .55 cents off coupon. So you pay .45 cents!)
*Red Gold Tomatoes $1.00 per can ( Printable from their company website $1.00 off 3 cans LINK)
*Colgate Toothpaste $1.00
*Reach Dental Floss, ( Print the coupon from their website $1.00 off 2 LINK)

So, For my scenario:

2 Dental Floss, $2.00 -$1.00 coupon
1 Turkey Bacon, $1.00 - .55 cents coupon
3 cans of Red Gold Tomatoes, $3.00 - $1.00 coupon
1 bottle of Ketchup
2 bags of veggies
1 bag of Bagels Forever
1 Cream Cheese
Total: 11 items : $10.00 - $2.55 in coupons = $7.45

Then I would pick up the .99 cents dozen eggs with store coupon, the ham is .69 cents a pound ( 10 pound minimum is $6.90) and the $1.49 a pound chicken breast ( buy 3 pounds) and the Maxwell house coffee $4.99 with store coupon.

My total is $27.35
Minus the coupons $2.55 in coupons
Total is  $24.88

That includes 10 pounds of ham and 3 pounds of chicken!  You can find Piggly Wigglys ad this week at this LINK.

Kwik Trip! .50 cents off a fountain drink or slushie!!

As most of you know, I love Kwik Trip! Well, on their Facebook page, you can vote for your favorite name for their new slushies! When you vote, you will get a coupon for .50 cents off a fountain drink or slushie!! The coupons are good until 06/30/13! So you get all spring to use them!! YEAH! Click this LINK to enter and get yours!!!

Also, don't forget! Kwik Trip has .99 cents for a dozen eggs right now! Excellent for dying Easter Eggs!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Great Deal on Deoderant at Walgreens This Week!!

Walgreens has a great deal on Brut and Sure Deoderant this coming week. Starting Tomorrow, Sunday 3/24/2013, they have Brut and Sure for $1.99 each. In the Sunday Paper Smart Source tomorrow morning, there is a coupon for $1.00 off ONE Brute and another coupon for $1.00 off ONE sure. So, you pay .99 cents each after then coupon. Then, you get 1000 Walgreens Rewards points, which is equal to $1.00. So it's like getting the item free!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Nalgene Water Bottle with the purchase of Welch's Juice.

There is a great offer for really nice water bottle with the purchase of Welch's Juice. Click this LINK to see all the details!

KIDS BOWL FREE Program is starting up again!!!!

Every year, the Kids Bowl Free Program starts up. Well, they are offering it again this year!! What is the KBF program? You sign your kids up for a specific participating bowling alley. Then, you will get emails weekly for coupons that you can use at that bowling alley for 2 free bowling games everyday!!! (It doesn't include shoe rental). It's fun and the kids love it!!!

Want to know more! Go to and see if there is a bowling alley near you!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coke Rewards Deal!! FREE Danasi Rewards Drops!

If you collect Coke Rewards, you will want to check out the Danasi FREE PRODUCT coupon for 215 points! It's a limited time offer, so if you are interested, don't delay! Sign into your account and grab one for yourself!!

New to Coke Rewards, email me at and I will send you an invite!!!

Free Samples Tom's Toothpaste for kids and Peda-Lax

Target has a few new samples on their website.

Tom's Wicked Cool Toothpaste For Teens: If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 12, they will send you a sample! Here is the LINK. You fill out the short 3 question survey and then they will send it!

Also they have Pedia-Lax Probiotic Yums. These are for children with tummy troubles. You can get the sample at this LINK

WOO HOO!! coupons for Fresh Express Salad Veggies!!

Fresh Express has a coupon out there for .55 cents off their Veggie Medleys!! These will be great with the sales!! Go to this LINK!  They expire on May 31st, 2013!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Body Shop $20 Gift Card for $10!!!

Now until March 25th, you can get a $20.00 gift card for $10.00. Get more information at this link: 50% Savings at The Body Shop Hurry, it's only good until March 25th!

Nice Walgreens trip

Yesterday, I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a RR for $2.00 off $10.00 next day ONLY.  So, I decided to go back today and pick up the sale deodorant for $1.00 each.  So, after taxes I paid   $11.30 and earned another 100 points.

I bought..8 Speed Stick Deodorant. They were on sale for $1.00 each and I had a coupon for BOGO. The odd thing is that at the register it took off only .91 cents, not the full $1.00.  After talking to the manager, she added another .09 cents manually as a second coupon- Weird. Anyways, I also had a coupon for a Free Clear Men's Shampoo when you but Degree Deodorant.  I found one for $2.99. The Clear Men's Shampoo was $4.99.  The coupon should have taken off $4.99 but it took off $4.53.  Weird again!  Then I picked up the candy bars. IVC coupon for 3/$2.00, and I had a B2G1F.  I also picked up 4 boxes of Klennex. The coupon was for .50 cents, but the computer took off $1.00.  Is there a full moon?

So, after checking out, my total after tax was $11.30.  I saved $14.47 in coupons and collected 100 points for the candy. I also didn't get the Ibotta $1.00 off the Klennex, wrong box count. BUT, when I loaded Ibotta today, they had a new product. $1.25 back on the Clear Men's Shampoo!!!

I now have a new stock pile of deodorant. And Easter candy bars for each kid.  :

TODAY ONLY!! 3/20 Caribou Coffee BOGO

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Questions from tonight's Coupon Class...

Hey Everyone from my coupon class.....I wanted to add this to my blog to answer some of your questions!! These aren't coupon questions...but they came up!

#1. Can you freeze eggs? Here is's explanation. Not exactly the same as mine, but more in detail.

#2 Shampoo as Bug Spray? Yes. Here is one link and here is the other I will use dish soap, suave shampoo or any other soap I have around. I don't do all the fancy stuff they recommend. I just mix it with water and spray it on the bugs. The soap becomes slick and the bugs can't fly. They die off quickly.

Beyond that, I hope everyone learned something new! Enjoy and Good Luck..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bumble Bee Tuna Facebook Coupon!

If you "like" Bumble bee Tuna on Facebook, there is a $1.00/2 coupon. Here is the LINK. This special offer is only available online for up to 60,000 prints or until 3/30/13 - whichever occurs first.
I couldn't print this coupon because JAVA doesn't work on my computer..Good Luck...I hope you can get it! I would love to get this coupon!!

HURRY! BOGO Coupon for Old Orchard Juice!!

ON Facebook, limited to the first 35,000 prints, you can get a BOGO coupon for Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate!  Here is the LINK.

Free PINK VS Mini Speaker with any PINK purchase!

Right now, you can follow this LINK and get the coupon for a free Mini Heart Speaker with any PINK purchase.  You can use this on line or in the store. If you go into the store, it says ANY PINK purchase, which means you can use it on clearance or a small item. :)

Disney Rewards Email...25 Bonus Points!!

If you are a member of Disney Rewards, check your email!! There is an email with 5 Easter Eggs hiding in the email. They are worth 5 points each! Find all five and get 25 points!!!

New to Disney Rewards?? Go here to sign up!!

Kraft First Taste!! New $1.50 off coupons!!

Go to and register! Right now, they have 2 great coupons!! One, is for the new Miracle Whip Flavor Mayo. It's a coupon for $1.50 off. The other is for the new Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kits. It's also for $1.50 off!

(3/17 - 3/23) 15% off your order w/ code LUCKY15

Lots of TOY coupon!!

Here are some new TOY coupons!!

$2.00 off when you buy $10.00 in Hot Wheels items
$2.00 off when you buy $10 in Fisher-Price items
$3.00 off when you buy $15.00 in Barbie items
$3.00 off when you buy $15.00 of Thomas & Friends
Remember you can use these on clearance toys, so check your Target, Walmart and other store for deals!!

Walgreens Free Photo Collage!

Walgreens, once again, has free photo collage photos!!!  You can pay shipping or pick it up from you local Walgreens store for FREE!! Go to Free 8x10 Collage w/ code COLLAGE4FREE , set up an account or log into your account, make your collage photo. At checkout, use photo code COLLAGE4FREE and do pick up at your store and it's totally free! These make great gifts!! This coupon code expires 3/20/2013.  ENJOY!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Burger King Small Coffee 25¢

Now, through March 10th,  you can pick up a small hot or iced  coffee for .25 cents!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Great Stockpile Prices at Kwik Trip

Yeah....March 8th through April 26, 2013, Kwik Trip will have eggs .99 cents a dozen and butter $1.99 for a pound!!!  Time to stock up!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is why poeple have no patience with couponers....

and why you always need to carry the coupon policy with you!! Read this LINK.

New Woodman Store coupons

These are new Woodman's Store coupons. Remember, these are store coupons so you can combine them with manufacture coupons for maximum savings!!!

Post it has new coupons out for March!

Here is the LINK for the new Post it Notes coupons!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

ArtsCow has another coupon code...

...if you love ArtsCow like I do, you will want to take advantage of this coupon code! 20% off your entire order PLUS free international shipping!!! The code is SPRING20OFF and it is good until 3/29/13. 

Great Deal from Radio Shack!

Again, On Facebook, Radio Shack has a great offer! You can claim a coupon for $10.00 off any $20.00 in store purchase! I am sure these will not last long, so hurry!! Here is the LINK.

ACE Hardware Facebook Offer!! HURRY!!

Right now on Facebook, Ace Hardware has a offer. You click on the offer and you will claim a coupon for $5.00 off any $25.00 in store purchase!  Here is the LINK..Hurry.. this won't last long!!

Fine print: Coupon good at participating Ace Hardware stores. Not valid on sale and clearance priced merchandise, city stickers, online purchases or in conjunction with any other coupon offer. May not be used toward rental, in-store services, Ace Gift Card purchases, or for previously purchased merchandise. Not redeemable for cash. Limit one coupon per customer.
Offer valid March 1- 31, 2013

Savings Star has LOTS of new coupons!

Have you used Savings Star before? If not, it's a great way to get more money off your grocery bill! These coupons are "attached" to your savings membership card at the grocery store. You can use your regular coupons at checkout, and then these coupons are given back to you after the transaction. You can add up your savings on the Savings Star website and then cash it in and have the $$$ go to Paypal.

Here are some of the great coupons available.

Save 50¢ when you buy any TWO (2) Pillsbury® Crescent Dinner Rolls

Save 40¢ when you buy THREE (3) CANS any size/variety Pillsbury Grands!

Save 40¢ when you buy any TWO (2) Pillsbury Sweet Rolls

Save $1.00 when you buy FIVE (5) any flavor/variety Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) 20 OZ. OR LARGER Original Bisquick®

Save 75¢ when you buy TWO (2) packages of Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts

Save 40¢ when you buy SIX (6) CUPS any variety Yoplait® Yogurt

Save 50¢ when you buy any (1) flavor Yoplait® Fruplait™ Yogurt Multipacks

Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) any variety Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any Nature Valley® Granola Bars

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX Lucky Charms cereal

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX any flavor Fiber One Protein Chewy Bars

Also, Dole has a great offer too. Buy $14.00 on frozen Dole Fruits, and get $5.00 back!

Save $5.00 when you spend $14.00 on any Frozen DOLE® Fruits

To see these deals, and many other deals that Savings Star offers, click on any of the above links and sign up!

$1.00 off Mrs. T's Pierogies Coupon

Currently, on Mrs. T's Facebook site, you can get a coupon for $1.00 off Mrs. T's Pierogies. Here is the LINK!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Great Trip to Office Max!!

I received my MaxPerks Rewards, so I went over to see what I could get. I had a 20% off coupon on my entire purchase.

I picked up a 8 pk of Toilet Paper, a 6 pack of shipping tape, a craft punch, an angry birds pencil case, craft glue dots, and 3 rolls of sticker tape on clearance.   After the coupon is was $31.00, then I used my Rewards and I paid nothing! YEAH!!!

If you don't do Max Perks, I would strongly encourage you to do so!! Here is the LINK to sign up!

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