Thursday, April 30, 2009


Free Degree Fine Fragrance Sample

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Mother's Day Card

Hallmark has a free Mother's Day Card!
Follow this link LINK

Use code CARD4MOM to get it for free

You must sign in or register before you do the card!!!!

You can add your own photos or personalize it and you can have it sent right to the person!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's shopping trip....

Today I had to work, so I sent my husband out to do the shopping. I gave him a detailed list and the coupons. A reader left a comment that she wants more details in my here I go!

Here is his trip.
First stop CVS:

2 Speedstick Deo. 2/$5.00, used .75 off coupon, got back $3.00 in ECB
2 All small and Mighty detergent buy one at $7.49, get one free. I had $1.00 off each bottle ( 2 coupons), making it $5.49.

Total: $12.49
Used my coupons: -$2.75 in coupons, Balance $9.74 - $7.00 in ECB's from last time. Total after everything: $3.04 (remember tax) and he got $3.00 in ECB"s for the Deoderant. I will save that $3.00 for next time.

Second stop:

1 box of Minute Maid Ice bars, Price $2.00 had $1.00 off coupon
1 box of Luigi's Ice, Price $2.00 had a $1.00 off coupon
2 4pks of YoPlus Yougart, Price $2.19, had a $1.00 off coupon for each
4 deli packs of lunch meat, each bag $2.07, $2.07, $2.03, $2.15, had $2.00 off coupons from winetags.
1 bog of shredded lettuce $1.00 a bag on sale
4 packs of steak, Total Price $8.18, had a coupon for $2.00 off any $8.00 in meat winetag
1 pound of roma tomatoes, on sale for $1.00 per pound
2 bags of Quaker Torillaz, Price $1.25 on sale, .50 cent coupons, doubled to $1.00
3 Welch's juice (frozen Concentrete, Price $1.00 on sale. I had a coupon, buy 3 get $1.00 off.
3 Oscar Mayer Lunchables, on sale for $1.00, no coupon but I need for an up coming trip so that I dont' stop at fast food joints!
3 packs of taco seasoning, on sale 3 for $2.00, had a 75 cents off on 3 coupon, also got a $1.00 back catalina
2 Right Guard Deoderants, had free deo coupons
11 cans of pillsbury crescent, sweet or dinner rolls, on sale for $1.00 each, had 30 and 40 cents off coupons that doubled, making each can around 40 cents a can.
4 hunts ketchup, on sale for $1.00, had a coupon 50 cents off when you buy 2. Used 2 coupons. The 50 cents doubled so he got $2.00 off, making it 50 cents a bottle.

Total: $59.84
After after coupons:$31.24
Then, I had a gift cert for $25.00 from a pharmacy perscription transfer. I transfer perscriptions all the time to get the gift cards. Right now, the only medicine we have to buy is my husband's one pill. So, we don't transfer often, but I take advantage of the offers when I can.
He used the Gift card from that, so out of pocket after gift card: $6.64

Monday, April 27, 2009

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Kids can earn a free book.

Here's How It Works:
1. Kids read any eight (8) books of their own choosing.

2. Kids use the Summer Reading Journal to tell us their favorite part of each book. A parent/guardian signs the journal when it's complete. You can also get a Spanish-language Reading Journal.

3. Children bring their completed Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 26th & September 7th, 2009.

4. We'll give them a coupon for a FREE book! They choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.*

* Eligible books will be listed on the coupon. Choices must be made from available stock. No special orders. Limit of one (1) form per school-age child (grades 1-6), please. Incomplete forms will be ineligible for free books.

QUICK! Printable coupon! (DEAD ALREADY)


Hurry, who knows how long this will last! Celebrity Apprentice is giving away new RIGHT GUARD Fast Break Deoderant.

Limited to the first 10,000 coupon prints. I was able to print two.

Question...and other notes

I have a question for my readers, please post a response in the comment section.
Here is the question..what would you like to learn about being frugal? The reason I ask is that my couponing methods are only one way I am frugal. I want to know what else you would like to learn about. IF it is something I know about, I will share with you what I do. If it's not, I will try to find the answers.

I am frugal is so many ways, and sometimes I don't know if I should write about them or not. Please leave your comments or ideas.

Also, just an added note: in the sunday paper today, The Purina coupons have a coupon for FREE kitten food. Now, maybe you don't have a kitten, you can either A, trade the coupons to someone who does OR B, buy the product and donate it to a local shelter. Due to the economy, so many animal shelters are in need.

AND, this week at Walgreen's there is Nivea Body Wash for $4.99 and you get a $4.99 RR back, a few weeks back there was a coupon for $1.00 Nivea Body Wash in the paper, so you would pay $3.99 and get a $4.99 RR back. Very good deal for new stockpilers, especially if you have multiple coupons. Remember to do multiple transactions. Also note that you can't roll your register rewards. This means that if you get a $4.99 RR from the Nivea deal, you can use it for the next Nivea you buy. You have to use the $4.99 Nivea RR on another deal. Walgreen's also has Bayer Crystals $2.49 and you get a $2.49 RR back. There are many RR deals this week at Walgreens. Check your local store ad for more details.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Good Finds!

I went to Walmart this morning to use some coupons, but after price checking, I learned that it's cheaper to go to the Super Walmart close to where I work. SO, I am going to wait and go Monday. BUT, my trip wasn't a total loss, I have been hearing on other frugal boards that Leap Frog's Dijis are on clearance. My kids have the Leapfrog's Leapsters and love them, and my daughter is getting older so I thought this would be good as a gift. I had a coupon for $10.00 off a didj system, so I went and took a look. They had the game machine but not the games. The price on the shelf was $54.00, I didn't really want to pay $44 (price with my coupon) so I thought I would just skip it, but for some reason, I decided to scan it at one of those price scanners and I am SO Happy I did! It scanned at $29.99!! So, after coupons I paid $19.99! I don't have any games for it yet, but her birthday isn't until Oct.,so I have plenty of time to look for games. Between coupon, rummage sales or ebates, I am sure I will come up with something! Yeah!! Originally, the machine costs $89.99! I am thrilled to have something so nice to give her for her birthday in fall!

Then my husband said,"I'm going to town to get chicken wire for the garden." So, I quickly grabbed a few coupons and said,"I'm going with you". ( so much for waiting til Monday!!)

We stopped at

I didn't find everything I had coupons for but here is what I got:
1 pack of Huggies Wipes
4 bags of Halls Cough Drops
1 box of 10 Diego Bandaids
2 ALL YOU Magazines
Total: 12.37
After coupons: 6.05

Then We stopped at Target:

I was able to find:
6 packs of gum
2 boxes of cracker snacks
1 burt bee's lip balm
1 roll of renyold's wrap
1 bottle of Cascade Rinse
Total: $16.04
Total after coupons:$3.01
And I am sending in for the Renyold's wrap rebate, so that should be $2.50 back.

Then we went to Menards for the chicken wire:
At Menards:

2 rolls of chicken wire for garden
2 Chalk stamper playsets
2 money counter coin machines
1 pack of fuses for the car

Total: 37.06
I will be getting $20.00 back in refunds. So I can put those items away as gifts for kids.

Not a bad short trip. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Samples

Nivea Body Wash
Get a free sample of Nivea Body Wash

Go Fresh Dove Sample
Get a free sample of deoderant

Free bag of dog food
Good only to the first 10,000 people
Axe Shampoo Sample

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walgreens again...

When I heard that Walgreens had a deal for earth day, I went back and got one more thing today. They had a coupon for today, 15% off your entire order AND a free tote bag. So I got 3 Crystal Light Drink Mixes. On sale for $2.50 each, then I got 15% off, used a buy 2 get one free coupon, and a $3.00 RR. Out of Pocket was $1.60. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Renyold's Wrap Deal

Remember tomorrow only!!

Get a FREE roll of 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil from Reynolds Wrap by mail-in rebate on Wednesday (4/22).

Head to the site starting at 4:22 a.m. ET to print out a rebate form. Each form is personalized to the user who prints it out.

You do not need to buy the aluminum foil on Wednesday, you just need to print out the rebate form that day.

Also, look out for the $.55/1 coupon or .75/1 coupon from the 4/19 Smart Source insert to turn this freebie into a money-maker.

Walgreen's Trip

I haven't been shopping much. I am so busy with work and I did that big shopping trip, but I stopped by Walgreen's on the way home.

Transaction one:
Tums Dual Action Tablets
Total: $7.99
minus coupon total and with taxes: $5.43
Got back $3.00 in RR.

Transaction two:
2 packages of 12 roll Angel Soft Toilet Paper
Total: $8.98
Minus coupons and RR's: $1.33

OOP: $6.76 and I have $3.00 in RR's for next trip.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Redbox Code - April 20, 2009

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Free Gillette Fusion Razor ~ 500 per day for a month ~ April 16 - May 16
this just started TODAY, April 16 ... so if you didn't get one today, you have an entire month to try every day

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Free Sports Bottle

Good Frugal Days!

The last two days I have gotten:

$10 starbucks gift card from Swagbucks
$2.37 refund from dish soap
$5.00 refund from Ham
bag of lettuce, bag of spinach and 1/2 gallon milk
Free music CD
Free basketful of fruit
Free Pull Over Hoodie for my son

Keep Staying Frugal! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Did a big trip today....

I wanted to get a big trip in and I figured since I had today off..I would go. I didn't photograph everything and due to limited time I am not going to list everything...

Here is where I went:
Walgreens, after coupons and 2 RR's...63 cents

Sentry Grocery Store: 2 packages of meat, and a few items: $4.29 after coupons
Also, picked up 2 free Redbox videos.

Logli's, total $83.34, after coupons $36.69 and my husband filled his presciption so I have a $25.00 gift card for my next trip. So highlights, 8 boxes of cereal, 4 bags of doritos, 2 Lenders Bagels Packs, 3 tubs of Sour Creams, 4 Axe Shower Gels, 10 cat food cans, 4 packs of butter, frozen foods, etc.

CVS: Total after coupons was $8.32 and I got $7.00 in ECB's. But I also got news that they are closing their store!! My store!! I guess I will be going out to my father's store.....OHH!!!!!!!

Victoria's Secret, One bra, One underware, one big bag, and a 4 tube sample of their new perfume. Total: $44.99 after coupons and email for sample: $6.34

Stopped for lunch, $7.28 for 2 people.

Post Office, bought stamps, mailed packages $12.95 Used visa gift card so nothing out of pocket

Aldi's: $75.70 Bought most of my groceries here.

Walmart: $26.69, after coupons $17.69. I bought a "suit" for my son for our uncoming family event.

Target: $26.18, after coupons: 14.87. Used Visa gift card so nothing out of pocket. I did get several toys on clearance.

So out of pocket, $156.01 including lunch.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frugal Day and Shopping on Easter

Okay, It's Easter and normally I wouldn't shop on Easter, but we were visiting my parents when my father explains that last week he was at CVS and they had shelving and VHS racks for 75% off. He got some for $3.00 and $4.00!! I got excited because I have been looking for more shelving for books and videos. I asked him if they were open today and he said,"Come on, we will go look." We got there and the lady said there was very little left but that it was now 90% off!!! Now, understand this is cheap pressed board furniture and nothing great but It's usable for what we wanted for our kids room and basement.

I spent $13.07 and I got
1 3 drawer plastic unit on wheels
1 bookshelf
2 end tables
1 small entertainment center
1 large entertainment center
1 audio shelving unit

I was so thrilled!!! Also, I used a VISA gift card, so nothing out of pocket! I saved over $112 off full price. Granted, I wouldn't spend full price but think, for people that do buy things at full price, they would have paid $112 more than I did!! WOW!!

I also stopped at Walgreens:
Transaction one:
1 SD Card
Total $9.99
Used a RR: $7.04
and I got a $5.00RR back

Transaction Two:
2 bottles of AXE Shower Gel
1 pack of hair elastics
Used coupons and $5.00 from previous transaction:$5.66
I got another $2.00 RR and $3.00 RR

Tranaction Three:
1 pack of hair elastics
1 Organic Powdered Makeup
1 Colgate Toothbrush
Total: $19.78
Used coupons: $19.12
I got another $2.00RR and a $3.50 RR and I am getting a $10.00 rebate on the makeup.

So OPP was $31.82, I have $10.50 in RR's for my next trip and a $10.00 rebate to mail in for. :) I am thinking of saving these RR's and use them for the swiffer rebate. I don't know..we will have to see what I do. Also, I will use the SD card for mother's day. My mother got a photo frame for christmas. So, I will use the SD card to put photos on it and that will be her mother's day gift. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free Precious Places DVD for little girls!

Fisher Price has a cute free DVD of the Precious Places Princess

Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Swiffer Rebate

Thought I would share this. $10 debit card when you buy $20 in swiffer refills.
Here is a link to some printable coupons too! LINK

Use those coupons to cut down on your out of pocket costs!!!

Trip To Walgreens

I had some RR's that expire tomorrow, so I had to get over there! LOL

Transaction 1:
4 boxes of Lipton Tea
3 containers of Mentos Gum
2 tubs of chocolate Frosting
Colgate toothpaste
1 container of Men's Deoderant
I bottle of OUST spray
Total Before coupons:$31.31
After Coupons, RR's and Walgreens Coupons: 10.57
Used my rebate gift card to pay for it, so no out of pocket. I then got $4.50 back in register rewards. AND I will get a $2.00 rebate on the Oust.

Transaction 2:
4 packages of Good Night Sleep Pull ups
3 mens deoderants
2 womans deoderants
Total Before Coupons: $51.83
Total after sale prices, register rewards and coupons: 29.91
Used my rebate gift card, balance after gift card: $13.01 OOP

So, OPP for everything was $13.01. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medical Care for the Unemployeed

I wanted to share this, I was surfing the web and found this. Walgreens and The Take Care Clinic are offering a program called Take Care Recovery Plan. If you get unemployeed after March 31st,2009 of this year, and you lose your medical insurance, Walgreens will give you basic care for colds, flu, strep, etc. YOu can go to their website for more information. You have to apply and follow the steps, in order to qualify, but for those families who could use some type of basic health care, this may turn out to be a great deal for you!

Stay Frugal Everyone!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Samples

Diaper Sample from Huggies

Free Mom's Day Photo Card

The Monday (04/06/09) Rebox Code Is.........

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Enjoy your movie!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I was in a shopping mood!

Rarely am I in a shopping mood. But, after church, I was and I wanted to price check a few things. So, my husband, kids and I went over to Walmart. They were having a lot of clearance. I spent $27.17 with tax and I got:

1 winter coat for my son $5.00 ( put away for next year)
1 winter coat for my daughter $5.00 ( put away for next year)
a pair slippers for my son $2.00 ( which he is happily wearing now)
1 pack of 6 socks for me $5.00 (I really need some new ones!)
2 single pairs of socks for me 75 cents a pair
3 pairs of sweatpants $1.00 each (for my daughter)
1 sweat shirt $1.00 matches 2 pairs of sweatpants(for my daughter)
2 pairs of Thermal pants and shirts ( I bought 2 sizes for my daughter, since we go camping and are in the cold midwest, these were a steal! Added bonus: they were of populat characters my daughters likes!)

I didn't add up all the full price of these items. But I know the thermals were $9.99 a set and the coat was $35.00 full price. I was pretty happy with my haul, I got the "shopping mood" out of me and my kids got free photos with the Easter Bunny too!!!

Stay frugal!!

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.