Friday, July 30, 2010

Bath and Body Works Free Anti Bac Gel, This weekend only!!!

This weekend only, until August 1st, you can pick up a Free Anti Bac hand gel. No purchase required. Go to this LINK and print the coupon. Good Deal if you will be around a mall this weekend!

TGI Fridays' $10.00 Gift Card with Purchase

TGI Friday's has a deal for TGI Stripes Members! If you purchase 2 Caribbean Meals, you get a $10 gift card! So, if you have to go out to eat, here is a way to get a little bonus! Don't forget to use your Stripes card for points!

Other conditions apply. Offer valid at participating locations only. Promotion valid through 9/6/2010. $10 Promo Gift Card valid on next purchase. Full Terms & Conditions apply. The trademark CAPTAIN MORGAN is used under license to TGI Friday’s Inc.

My 2 days of Shopping.....and other frugal notes

Well, I haven't done any big shopping trips in awhile. I also haven't done many small trips due to the fact that money is very tight here at home. We have been living off the stockpile and veggies from my garden. We got 2 ice cream buckets FULL of green beans, 2 small bowls of raspberries and several bowls of strawberries.

But, my stockpile is about 1/3 of what it used to be. We were really running low on meat. So, the last two days I went out and shopped. I got very little and kept count of every penny! We still will eat down the stockpile and try to make due with what we have.

So, here is my trip:

Pick N Save:
Total before coupons: $96.16
After store card and coupons:$44.12
I picked up
1 ketchup, Free with meal deal
1 mustard, Free with meal deal
1 hamburger buns, 8 count, Free with meal deal
5 boxes of Quaker Granola Bars, 5/$10.00, had $1.00 off coupons for each, paid $5.00 and got the free milk coupon
1 box of Speghetti, on sale for $1.25, I had a $1.00 off coupon
8 Sobe Life waters, Had the BOGO coupons and they were on sale for $1.00.
6 Ice Cream Cups, On sale and I had $1.00 off coupons ( Yes, these weren't the best deal but my kids really wanted a treat and they came to .66 a cup. It was a fair trade because the kids wanted the $1.50 SINGLE ice cream bars at the pool the other day. This was my deal with them!)
MEAT COMBO DEAL: 3 pounds of boneless chicken, 3 pounds of brats and 2 pounds of hamburger patties.  $19.95
2 pounds of strawberries, on sale for $1.50 a pound
2 Country Crock Butter Tubs, they were BOGO and I had a coupon off
1 bag of bagels, on sale for $1.00
2 packs of Yo Plus yougart, BOGO sale and I had .55 cents off each pack. I paid .78 cents a pack
6 Dananino 6pks of Kids yougart, Free After Coupons
1 package of cheese slices, on sale for $1.89, not the "cheese product slices" acutal cheese slices. :)

I also stopped at Sentry:
Total before coupons: $54.22
Total after savings and coupons: $26.93
2 packages of Crab Legs, On sale BOGO and I had $1.00 off each package. So, $1.43 for 2
7 Dananino 6 pack Kids Yougart ( using up the last of my free coupons)
1 doz eggs, On sale for .69 cents, limit 1
1 package of english muffins
4 Dannon yogart cups, on sale for .62 cents, I had .15 cents off coupons that doubled.
4 Sobe juices, Used BOGO coupons
8 Sobe Life Waters, used BOGO coupons
3 pounds of ground beef for $1.99 a pound
6 pounds of chicken drumsticks, on sale for .89 cents a pound
1 gallon of milk, $1.99
2.27 pounds of grapes, on sale $1.29

Piggly Wiggly
Total before coupons: $44.66
Total after coupons and discounts: $25.53
1 Digarno Pizza, Free with coupon
6 Easy Mac Cups, on sale for .69 cents and I had BOGO coupons from the Kraft Mac Noodle Game ( save these cups for camping!)
M7M Pretzel bag, Free after coupon
5 Orvs Pizzas, on sale 5 for $11.00
2 boxes of Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese, $1.00 after sale and coupon
1 box of Smart Ones Scrambler, Free after Coupon
6 Starkist Tuna Pouch, on sale for $1.00 and I had B2GO coupons

Then I stopped at Kwik Trip and picked up 3 pounds of Bananas and some bread. $3.48
and Walmart for 2 liters of soda ( for camping) and some crackers for snacks $6.08

As you can see, this wasn't one of my big 80% off trips, but we really needed meat and such. I also wanted to use all the Free Coupons that expired by the end of the month. My total OOP was $106.14. I also got a free milk coupon for next time and my Fuel Perks for .20 cents off a gallon of gas on my next fill up.

Here is my menu for the next 3 weeks..I hope to have another paycheck for my summer work 3 weeks from now to do more shopping. I am still evaluating my stockpile to see what else I can make from that.

Pancakes and syrup (3 days)
Eggs ( 3 days)
Yogart ( 4 days)
Canned Fruit - goes with yogart
Cereal  ( 4 days)
Oatmeal (2 days)
Waffles (3 days)
Egg in an English Muffin Sandwich (2 days)

Soups (2 days)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (2 days)
Yogart (2 days)
Peanut Butter and Jelly (2 days)
Speghettis (2 days)
Mac and Cheese (6 days)
Bologna Sandwiches (3 days)

Husband's Lunches will include the Tuna pouches, shrimp bowls and the crab legs.

Chicken Drum Sticks ( 4 nights)
Boneless Chicken Breast ( 2 nights)
Hamburgers (2 nights)
Hamburger helper (2 nights)
Brats (2 nights)
Pizza (2 nights)
Speghetti (6 nights)
Beef Stew, with Beans, Potatoes and mixed veggies (1 night)

Sides for dinner
Green Beans
Mashed Potaotes
Pasta Salad
Apple sauce

One last note, I am sure some of you think that I must waste alot of gas running to all these stores. Well, the Piggly Wiggly is on the street I work on at my part time summer job so I jsut stopped on the way home. The Pick N Save is 15 minutes away and I had to pick up my husband's check from his part time job. I also had to run another errand out there. And the Sentry is very close to home. So, honestly, it's time more than gas that is spent. I am sure some people would think it's a waste of time. But, since I have time and almost no money, I will continue to shop this way because it gives me the most for my money.
Stay frugal everyone!

Trans Ocean $1.00 off IP coupon

Trans Ocean has an IP coupon for $1.00 off their Crab Classic Crab Legs. Follow this LINK for the coupon. It's in the upper right hand corner!

Some good deals at Pick N Save

From July 29th to August 4, Pick N Save has a great meat deal going on. You get 3 pounds of skinless, boneless chicken breast, 2 pounds of hamburger patties and 3 pounds of brats for $19.95 and when you buy the combo pack, you also get one free mustard, one free ketchup, and one 8 count package of hamburger buns!! That is $2.50 a pound for the meat and you get the freebies.

Limit one with your card. Also note that July 31st and August 4th are double daze. Which means you can double 5 $1.00 off coupons.

Beyond the meat deal, they also have eggs .79 cents with store coupon and a good quaker deal.
Buy 5 Quaker items for $2.00 each ( use coupons to bring that cost lower!) and get a free gallon of milk printed on your reciept!

Also, if you are playing the SOBE water game, they have Sobe on sale for $1.00 each, so they would be .50 cents each after the BOGO coupons.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Blockbuster Express Rental Code

There are alot of codes out there! Here is another one for a free night rental with Blockbuster Express! The code is GT18A and it expires 8/31/10.

Cool Program...Book Adventures!

I found a new program ( thanks Mickey!) that has kids reading!!  Go to this LINK and sign your children up for Reading Adventures. The children read books (ones that are on the book list) and get points for passing the reading tests.  Once they get so many points for passing the reading tests, they can get a 6 month subscription to Highlights Magazine or an activity book! Good way to motivate the kids to read!!

Free Bottle of Sunkist Soda!! Speedy Rewards Members!!!

If you are a Speedy Rewards Member, look at your August Newsletter! About half way down the page is a coupon for a free Sunkist 20 oz drink! You can try the New Solar Fusion or Citrus Fusion or a regular or diet Sunkist!

If you aren't a Speedy Rewards member, you can go to your local Speed way Gas Station and sign up.  Here is the LINK to find out how to join!

$2.00 off IP coupon for Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries

If you use hearing aid batteries, this is a great IP coupon! $2.00 off any one package of Hearing Aid Batteries. Follow this LINK and sign print!

Free Museum Day at Participating Museums

The Smithsonian is having a Museum Day. You can look up museums in your area and if they are listed, you can register and get a ticket for up to 2 people! The day is Sept. 25th, 2010. Here is the LINK with more information!

Go Gurt IP Coupon!

Follow this LINK to a high value ($1.00 off on one) any flavor of Yoplait Go Gurt.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Value Coupon ( Or possibly Free) for Pet Food From Natura!

This deal didn't work for me, because it said they didn't have a retailer in my area. Which is untrue, there is a retailer 15 minutes away. :(  But, I thought I would pass this deal along, because it's such a good one.

Natura dog, cat and ferret food is having a promotion for a high value coupon for their products. Go to this LINK and register. It should give you a map and you can pick a retailer. then you can submit and they will send you a coupon for dog, cat or ferret food.

Hope this works for some of you! It states that quanities are limited so hurry! I wish I could participate because of my many cats!! I hope some of my reader get in on this one!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery! IP coupon for 2 cups of LIke It Size Ice Cream for $5.00!!

Great Deal if you like Cold Stone. Cold Stone is very good but very expensive ice cream! Here is a coupon for 2 Like it Size Cups for $5.00. Here is the LINK! Enjoy!

Welch's Juice IP coupon

Go to this LINK for a $1.50 off IP coupon for Welch's Healthy Start Juice.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Trip Shopping!

Well, First of all, we stopped at Borders. The kids did the free summer reading program. My daughter got the book HOOT and my son got the book Dear Mr. Henshaw. I had posted about these book clubs earlier in the summer. Then the woman asked me if I wanted to register for the Borders Rewards. She told me I would get a free $5.00 coupon immediately upon registering. So I registered and picked out 3 cute bookmarks and a family tree book. Paid $1.17 out of pocket!  Also, register your Borders Reward Card online and put in your birthday for a birthday surprise too!

There is still time to get involved in the Summer Book Club!! You can read my old post at this LINK.

Then we ran to Menards. We spent $97.17 but we are getting $64.00 back in rebates! I have almost all my kids school supplies bought. I had some left overs from last year, plus what I bought at Menards. So the kids are pretty much set! I have to buy 4 things for my son. Then I am done school shopping for supplies! YIPPEE!! Also, included in my Menards trip was shampoo, they were free after rebate (limit 4) so I am getting the money back on those too! 4 more bottles of free shampoo!!

Menard's Deals this Week!!

Getting ready for school? Not yet? Well, You may want to head over to Menards to stock up on their school supply rebates! I did this last year and it was great!! Menards rebates are great!!

You can get several supplies .39 cents after rebate:
- scissors
- markers
- highlighters
- 3 subject notebooks
- colored pencils
- composition books
- loose leaf paper
- ruler
Limit 20 items

You can also get several supplies for .19 cents after rebate:
- book covers
- single subject notebooks
- glue sticks
- crayons
- pocket folders
- multi purpose
- index cards

You can get 2 different supplies for .59 cents after rebate:
- super sticky notes
- 7 inch scissors ( great for couponing!)

They also have basic Tshirts for .99 cents after rebate.

You can pick up 2 different types of backpacks. One is .99 after a $5.00 rebate and one is $3.99 after a $5.00 rebate. 

There is also Erasbale Hightlighters, Vball Pens and Stick pen 12 packs FREE after $10 additional purchase. This means you have to buy other things that are not on rebate to get the item refunded!! Please note that! The other rebates you don't need an additional purchase. They also have Physique Shampoo, Conditioner and 2 in 1 Free after rebate! Remember the $10 purchase with any Free after rebate item!!!

These rebates and sale prices are from July 25th to August 8 and all supplies are limited!!

10 Free Pampers Grow With Me

If you collect Pampers Points, Here are 10 free points! Code: GTGFIVEMONTHS10

BOGO Baskin Robbins Soft Serve Coupon

Great Coupon to beat the summer heat!! Head over to Baskin Robbins with this coupon ( LINK) for a BOGO Soft Serve! One for you! One for a friend!!

Free Move Free Starter Kit

You can now sign up for a Move Free Starter Kit. Follow this LINK to sign up. 4 to 6 weeks delivery and one sample per household.

Woman's Day Magazine $5.00 for ONE YEAR!! OR FREE ( if you qualify)

Wow, if you like this magazine, then this is a great deal!!! Amazon has 15 issues ( 1 year) of Woman's Day Magazine for $5.00!!  That is .33 cents an issue!!!! Go to this LINK, add it to your shopping cart and check out!

Also, if you do Swagbucks, and you have 450 swagbucks, you can get a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card and get the magazine FREE!!!

Also, you can try to qualify for a free magazine at this LINK. If you qualify you will get one  year of Woman's Day Free. This will probably go fast! So Hurry!

These two offers are from seperate companies.

Monday, July 19, 2010

V-8 Fusion Tea Samples

Ok, this one is hit or miss. If you go to facebook, and type in V8 V-Fusion, you will get their facebook page. On Mondays, at random, they will offer a free sample of their new V-Fusion Tea.  They are only giving 1,000 samples a day, so they will go very quick!

Also, if you want to try this new product or any V8 Fusion, you can get a $1.00 off IP coupon from their website. Follow this LINK for the coupon.

Free Fruit Smoothie Coupon from McDonalds

In the Sunday Papers yesterday ( select areas) there were coupons for a free McDonalds Fruit Smoothie. They were in the USA Today Magazine part of the paper and it was a paperboard type postcard coupon. Check your paper!

Also, In July, McDonalds was going to have a free sample weekend for the Fruit Smoothies, that has been cancelled. So, if you see it posted on other sites, it's been halted. Just an FYI.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wisconsinites! Try for a Good Will gift card

For those of you who shop the Goodwills of Southern Wisconsin, you can try your hand at this game and win a $10 gift card. Go to this LINK to see the rules and play the game. :) You can play once a day. Have fun and stay frugal!

Disney Movie Rewards Code

Check your email! Members only Email was sent to all Disney Rewards members for 5points!!

Do you use Entertainment Books?

The 2010 books ( Which expire Nov. 1st) are now on sale for 2 books for $10!!!! Follow this LINK. The advertisment states free shipping but there is a handling charge of $1.00 per book. Shop through ebates and get 25% back!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Axe Body Spray Sample

Click the LINK and sign up for Axe Body Spray. When the page loads, click on the purple free sample button.

The Body Shop Coupon $5.00 off Purchase!

There is a coupon out there for $5.00 off any purchase of $5.00 or more. If you go to Body Shop, you can pick up some freebies with the use of this coupon, LINK. The coupon is good until Sunday July 18th. You can also use the coupon on line, it will cover the shipping for any online purchase. Also, if you shop online, you can get 5% back from Ebates.

Well, Cashiers can sometimes be a challenge!

I went today to use the Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink Mix. I had the $2.00 Vocal Point Coupon and Walmart had it on sale for $1.97. I bought other things so that I wouldn't have a zero balance. Anyways, got to the cashier and she would not except the coupons. She said they don't accept coupons that are higher amounts then the cost of the product. She called the head cashier. Head cashier said no. I suggested asking the management. While I am waiting, the cashier "suspends" my transaction and helps the next customer. I am fine with that but it was kinda funny because the man say,"You definitely want to save $2.00!". I wasn't sure if he was being condensending or funny. I just responded to him that,"Yes, I want to save the $6.00 dollars and that if they don't want to accept the coupons I will have to call corporate and find out what the company policy is." I know the 2 cashiers heard that. I said it politely and I wasn't rude, but I wasn't going to accept no for an answer until I understood why!!! Next, the assistant manager came and she said she wasn't sure and called up the store manager. All this time I am still just standing there while they didn't say anything to me and just whispered among themselves. Finally the store manager came and he asked,"Well, did you try to scan the coupons to see if they would work?" All 3 cashiers just looked at him and said no. I explained to the manager that I understood they could only take off the $1.97 and not the $2.00, and that Walmart would be reimbursed for the $2.00 from the manufacture. He stood there while the cashier scanned the coupons. They scanned $2.00 off. The manager said,"Fine, give her the $2.00." and walked away.

So, I have no idea what their coupon policy is for this type of situation. It isn't on their offical coupon policy on the web ( see it here at this LINK). I wasn't trying to be difficult, but I believe that cashiers shouldn't just be able to make up coupon policies on a whim.  I am going to call corporate Walmart and find out what the actual policy is.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthdays are for Freebies!!

This month is my birthday and I got lots of goodies from companies. If you haven't signed up for birthday goodies, you really should. First set up an email only for your freebies and point programs, that way your email with your friends and family isn't overwhelmed with emails. Second, go sign up! You can sign up your spouse and your long as they have separate email accounts. :)

Here is what I got free:
1 Baskin Robbins Scoop of Ice Cream
1 Culver's Scoop with Topping Ice Cream
1 Cold Stone Creamery Scoop of Ice Cream
1 Any size Drink from Starbucks
1 Noodle Bowl at Noodles and Company
1 Dessert from Buffalo Wild Wings
1 Dessert from Fazoli's
$10 from Victoria Secret
200 points from Speedway
25 free points from Nature Made
Points from My Points, Swagbucks,
100 Points from Disney Rewards
Coupon for $1.00 combo meal at Wendy's
Coupon for BOGO Dairy Queen Blizzard
Coupon for $1.00 off any Shake at Arby's

That is what I can remember, I think there was a few more.

How can you participate in the birthday clubs? Here is a short list to get  you started. You can search for your favorite company and see what they have for you!

Baskin Robbins
LINK here, click on bottom right hand box that states," Free scoop"

LINK here, Sign up for their Eclub!

Cold Stone Creamery
LINK here, go sign up on the birthday club!

Here’s how it works:
1. Register any Starbucks Card at LINK
2. Click ‘Manage My Account’ and then click ‘Personal Info’ and add your birthday
3. Check your email and physical mailing address for accuracy in the ‘Email Info’ tab
4. Make sure you’re opted into receiving postal and email offers from Starbucks
5. Bring in your birthday postcard for your FREE beverage on your birthday

If you don’t already have a account with them, set one up. All you have to do is visit and create your free account online. You have to have a Starbucks gift card for this! So, save one if you get it from Swagbucks!

Noodles and Company
LINK sign up for Noodlegrams and you will get a email on your birthday for a free meal!

There are a lot more. Pick a favorite restaurant, store or place and search on swagbucks to see if they have a free birthday goodie for you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where have I been???

Sorry I haven't posted for several days. Over the weekend we went to Mount Olympus with the free water park passes I posted about. It was alot of fun!!! But, when we got home, our internet was down!! The phone company has been working on it for 3 days. This morning it is working but we don't know how long we will have it. It's intermitten. The phone company said they would be out here again today.

So, I haven't had the time to research my emails and websites to find freebies, deals, etc.  I hope to be back online full time again soon so I can post my deals. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Extra Swagbucks Code in the Swidget

If you have a Swidget on your website connected to Swagbucks, it has an extra swag code on it right now! You can see my Swidget at the bottom of my blog!

New to swagbucks? You can learn all about the search engine that pays you in gift cards and prizes by following this LINK.  Remember you can get a $10 Starbucks gift card for only 1,300 swagbucks. I have over $40 if Starbucks cards already! I have also earned several other gift cards including a $50 Amazon gift card! So Join! It's quick and easy!

.50 cents IP coupon from Goldfish Crackers

My family loves goldfish crackers, but we rarely buy them because of the price. On their website LINK bottom left hand corner there is a coupon for .50 cents off. You can print it once per email address. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Free Mount Olympus Water Park Tickets!!!

Right Now, Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells is having free admisstion tickets to the water park. This is for the water park only and not the dry amusument park. Also, you have to RSVP on a specific date. The Mt. Olympus Birthday RSVP is July 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16th, 2010. This is for a one time admission. You can not come and go after you enter the park. Please check the details on the website. Here is the LINK.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy this!! I know my family will!!

When you click on the date and how many people, you hit submit. It will then take you to a screen showing you all the hotels they have. On the right hand side of that screen you will see IN YELLOW is says click here for RSVP for free water park tickets. Click on that yellow link. Fill out the form. It will confirm that it has your information and will send you an email. Check your email and find the email they send. Print the email and it will have the reservation informaiton on it!

Noodlette Game from Kraft Mac and Cheese

WOW...seems like alot of contests lately! Anways, Kraft has a Noodlette Game where you can play until you win. I won a coupon for .55 cents off 2 Kraft Mac and Cheese Boxes and a coupon for one free Mac Cups when you buy 2.

Go to this LINK to play.  You can play until you win. You can win IP coupons.

Cool! I won a prize! Sobe Water Contest!

WOO HOO! I played the Sobe Water Contest again today so I could get more coupons..and I won! I won a black sobe jacket!!! YEAH!! If you haven't had a chance to play the contest, see my previous post for the link. You can win BOGO IP coupons!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Large Popcorn at AMC when you go see an IMAX movie

Go to see an IMAX movie at any participating AMC theater and get a free popcorn. Coupon expires 9/16/10. Go here for the coupon LINK.

Do you use Swagbucks??

I haven't posted about swagbucks for awhile but I thought I would bring it up again. Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you. It pays you in Swagbucks and you cash in those bucks for gift certificates, video games, or a ton of other prizes. They have a daily poll that will get you 1 buck a day just for answering. Typically you can get 5 to 10 swag bucks a day just for searching. If you haven't signed up for them yet, you should! Follow this LINK to sign up and start earning  your bucks today!!

Sobe Game, can win BOGO IP COUPON

You can play Sobe Waters Heads or Tails game without a code. Go to this LINK and click Play. Then pick your player and register ( I registered through facebook because it was giving me problems with signing up). If you win, you can win a Sobe BOGO IP coupon. I got it to print twice, but some people are saying they got it to work several times!  Good Luck. I won today so maybe I will get more coupons this week if I win again!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Great IP coupons, Including Free Veggies!!

$1.00 off one package of New Keebler Treasure Baked Cookies

FREE can of Libby's Veggies

BOGO coupon for Meaty Bone Dog Snacks

You can check out all the IP coupon at RedPlum! Go to this LINK and click grocery. Make sure you type in your Zip code for the location!

Sports Illustrated for Kids for $5.00 for the YEAR!

Great deal! If you have a sports minded son or daughter, this is great! Go to this LINK and pick up Sports Illustrated for $5.00 for 12 issues ( one year). No shipping charges.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope you have a wonderful independance day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kodak Free PhotoBook and Mommy Cards!

Now, through July 20th, Kodak is offering a free photo book. Go to this LINK for more detals. You will see the auto fill book for free.  Just upload the photos and make a cute brag book for a grandma or family member!  Just so you know, Shipping will be $1.99.

They are also offering Mommy Cards. These cards have everything you want your children's playdates or babysitters to know. You can add any information you want.  The first 50 cards are free but there is a $3.99 shipping fee. Which I decided was too high for my spending limits. But, you may want these!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Audio Books from Amazon

Amazon has audio books for free today and tomorrow. Go to this LINK and look at the available titles. No credit card required.

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