Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Deoderant Sample

LINK Follow this link to Costco Samples, click on the Free Sample button, fill out the form and wait for your sample!

City Wide Rummage Today!

Okay, so we had a city wide rummage sale off I went...I got to about 55 of the 80+ sales. I spent $82.00 total...but I got so much, including a beautiful new office desk!!! I am very happy to have only spent $30.00!! :) So, $52.00 was spent on this list, that includes 3 gifts and one thing I will resell in my upcoming rummage....

I picked up:
3 Leapster Video Games (these retail for $19 to $24 dollars each!!!)
PlayStation Game Console with 4 controllers and 15 games ( the games alone would have cost WAY more than the $52.00 I spent on everything!)
Leapter TV Game System (this came with the 3 Leapster Games, we will resell this at our rummage for $5.00, thus making the 3 leapster games for a great deal!)
1 skateboard scooter
Computer Games for my DH
3 matchbox cars
4 really cool toy trucks..three of them are semi trucks that have working lights, engine sounds, etc. One has 2 racecars inside that come out and you can play with, one has a motorcycle and hummer that you can take out and play with, one had a helicopter, and one had a space shuttle with satillite launch. So, my son is in "heaven"!!
Garden hoe (from a free box)
Yard Weeding Tools (from a free box)
bag of coin wrappers (from a free box)
4 empty CD cases ( free, we will use these for kids games)
package of new envelopes
6 VHS movies
3 DVD movies
3 Dora the Explorers Books
8 cloth napkins
Brand new Princess Stationary Set (Gift for my daughter's birthday)
2 Music CD's for the kids
4 pairs of Girls Jeans
Brand New Connect 4 Game ( we are saving it for the kids as a gift, they have it, but this will replace the one they have played with forever and is well used!)
22 different books, mostly for my kids, a few for me
Toy Collectible: VW Van with Remote control
2 cute pairs of Cat socks for me
Plastic drink pitcher ( you can never have too many of those!)
Star Wars Pencil box
Star Wars Movie Poster Puzzle ( my FIL collects this stuff, so those will be goodies for him!)
Hot Wheels Playing Card set with Tin ( for my kids to play "war")
Wooden 5 X 7 photo frame ( from a free box)
5 very nice leather belts (I have been looking for these for my kids)
Burgendy Sweater ( from a free box)
1 pair of Bid Overalls ( from a free box)
Black Hoodie ( from a free box)
Girls Shorts ( from a free box)
Garden Trowel (from a free box)
Garden purning shears ( from a free box)
4 L Brackets ( my husband will use these in the garage to make shelves/ From a free box)
Beautiful Bird Throw Blanket ( gift for my mom)
Brand new game: U.S.A. by the numbers ( game to teach the states and the capitals! Christmas gift!)
Tupperward Tote with 3 sandwich keeper inserts
Rescue Hero Action Figure : Wendy ( One more for my son's collection!)

So, we figured out how much we bought and it came to 112 items total, if you take the 112 items ( including the desk) and divide it by the money we spent $82.00, it comes to 73 cent each item....and all those items are tax free. Now, granted, I probably wouldn't have paid 73 cents for some of the kids books, but mostly everything else I would have!! So, this was a great fun shopping day!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Burt's Bees Lip Balm

I love this stuff and Burt’s Bees is celebrating its 25 years. They are giving away 25,000 Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balms, 1,000 of them per day. LINK
everyday for the next 25 day (starting today) after 9Am EST and be one of the first 1,000 people to claim your coupon for FREE lip balm. The limit is one per household.

Cool. I won on Shoppers Hotline!

I just got an email, I won a shoppers hotline prize! In the April RXPulse scanning contest! I won a pair of Coleman laterns for camping! YEAH!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Sample for your pet!

Come get a free sample of a dog or cat treat!
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First 5,000 Free Bag of King Arthur Flour

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A Few Frugal Notes Today....

First of all, on the way home, I saw some "leftover" rummage sale items next to a garbage can. I stopped and picked up a beautiful dark blue glass candle holder with star and moon design. My bathroom is done in that design so this is a perfect free addition! Then, I picked up a kids coat rack. It's got teddy bears and a heart, very country looking. It was loose and needs to be tighten. My husband said he could do that no problem. I am thinking of adding it the rummage sale pile or freecycling it. Don't know yet. Too cute to just throw it in the land fill.

Then, even though I told my hubby not to worry about it, he searched through my coupons and found 1 more Marcal free up to $4.00 coupon, and several of the free up to $1.00 coupons. He went back to Big K today because he had to go to Janesville for his plasma donation. He picked up 20 rolls of double roll Toilet Paper. Before coupons: $14.25..after coupons $8.18. That's about 41 cents a double roll, that is a decent price since the cost has gone up so much, so he bought them.

Also, my threshhold for shopping per month is $250.00. I have added up all of the month of May out of pocket expenses. $245.30, BUT that includes the Menards Trip and we are getting back $83.80 in rebates!!!! Also, that includes the gifts and weed wacker from Menards, which really don't qualify for my grocery budget!!! So, I feed my family, my cats, and supplied the house with cleaning products, paper products, and health and beauty products for under $250 again this month. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009 we went shopping...even I can't believe it!

So Yesterday,We did that big shopping trip, I wasn't in the mood to shop again for a long time......but my husband's weed wacker died today! He really uses the weed wacker alot, we live along a creek and the weeds are bad. So, I said,"Okay, let's use the Menards Rebate Certificates and get you a weed wacker." I had $87.00 in rebate certs, and the weed wacker was $94.00. So here is what I got:

Transaction 1:
Weed Waker $94.00
10 Green Shopper Bags 98 cents each, Free after rebate
Bag of onion bulbs, 99 cents on clearance
Trowel and Cultivator, $1.00 each, 50 cent rebates on each
2 Jar Air Freshners $1.00, Free after Rebate
Bottle of Car Wash, $5.00, Free after Rebate
2 bottles of Nano Glue, $5.00 each, Free after Rebate
4 6pk of Veggies for my garden, $1.69 each

Total: $137.73
After Rebate Cards (OOP): $50.57
Then I am getting back in rebates: $27.80

Then, I went to the service desk to get a raincheck on a rebate item I wanted, They told me they had it in stock, the problem is that with Free Rebates you have to spend $10.00 to qualify, so I had to come up with another $10 in purchases. ( my husband wanted to return everything and start over, but I wanted to just pick up a few more things, so we decided to do that)

Transaction 2:
Box of Ice Pops, $2.87, $1.00 rebate
Olive Oil, $4.76
Root Beer, $3.00
Bugles, $1.24 a bag ( Okay, this stuff is for a gathering tomorrow for Memorial day!)
2 Rag Rugs, $1.00 each, FREE after Rebate
3 Jar Air Freshners, $1.00 each, Free after Rebate
5 boxes of Crayola Model Magic with Paint Sets, $10.00 each, Free after Rebates, I am going to save these as gift for kids, either Christmas or Birthdays!

Total (OOP): $71.46
Then I am getting back in rebates: $56.00

So, OOP was $122.03, and I am getting $83.80 back in rebates. Which means everything really will cost me $38.23. Not bad for $209.19 worth of stuff ( and a Weed Wacker..LOL)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

BIG Shopping Trip ...

The last BIG shopping trip I did was April 13th, so it's been awhile. We have been living on short trips and stockpile for so long. We still have PLENTY in stock pile but it was time. Due to this being a holiday weekend, I noticed some stores were really empty but the prices on somethings were really high! This will be a long blog because I have so much to write about! ( and forgive me Penny if I can't remember where ALL the coupons are from! It's been a long day!) Anyways, I started at about 1:15pm, drove to Janesville and then finished at 6pm and headed home. I did log everything in on my Shopper's Hotline scanner so I should be getting enough points now to cash in for another $25.00 in gift card money. Okay I am going to list everything I bought, plus photos and then my 28 day menu plan. :) ALSO, I never found the Kashi Waffles, so if you know where to find them, please post it!


2 4 pks of Angel Soft TP, on clearance for 87 cents and I used an RR
2 cans of Planters nuts, BOGO, $1.00 IP coupon and RR
2 bags of Shredded Cheese
2 packs of hot dogs BOGO, and $1.00 off IP

Total before coupons $26.88
After coupons: $6.32
I used my gift card so nothing OOP.

Kwik Trip:
6 bags of milk ( They lowered the price! YEAH .89 cents a bag!)
2 doz eggs (.79 cents for those too!)
3 pound of bananas, I learned on this trip that bananas may now be cheaper elsewhere, they raised their banana prices to 49 cents a pound and I found them at SuperWalmart for 45 cents a pound!! I will have to change my price book and where I buy them!
Total: 8.68
Used my gift card and paid nothing OOP

I planned to buy so much from Target but they didn't have alot of what I was looking for!

2 Crystal Light On the Go packs, $3.99 ( I KNOW OUCH! But I love those things for work!), I had a $1.00 each Target coupons and a $2.00 off IP coupon
2 Hot Dogs, on sale for $1.52, I had BOGO IP coupon.
Total $9.02
After coupons:$5.35
Not a great savings, but I really wanted the Crystal Light for work.

I found the Marcel!! They didn't have the T.P. I wanted, but they did have the Paper Towel and rather than letting the coupons expire, I bought the paper towels.

15 rolls of paper towels, coupons from Sunday paper for free up to $4.00
Before coupons: $18.46
After coupons: $1.01 (tax)


4 frozen pizzas
2 packs of salisbury steaks
3 packs of chicken parmesan
4 frozen juice (I have 4 more in stockpile, so that leaves us pretty thin! I will have to watch for a stockpile deal on those!)
1 head of lettuce
10 ears of sweet corn (on sale for 12 cents an ear! Great treat for summer cooking!)
4 jugs of cat litter (we have a lot in stockpile,so this was just to keep up with the stock)
2 packs of hot dogs
bag of corn chips
bag of potatoe chips
pound of strawberries (On sale for 99 cents and yummy! This will hold me over til our patch grows up!)
1 bottle pancake syrup
2 tomatoes
1 pound of apples
4 loafs of white bread
1 bag hamburger buns
2 bags of hot dog buns
2 packs of cheese slices
container of cottage cheese
2 packs of chunk cheese
2 packs of bologna
1 magarine
2 doz large eggs
2 12 packs of soda (again a memorial day treat! I splurged this trip!)

Total: $72.27


Bag of Cat Food, Price $3.98, had a $3.50 IP
1 box Aveeno Simple Bath Soak, $2.98, I had a $2.00 IP
ALL YOU Magazine, For the coupons OF COURSE! $2.24
2 Capri Sun Drink 10 packs, $1.70 I had the $1.00 coupon.
2 boxes of Veleeta Cheese and Shells, $1.50, I had $1.00 IP
1 bottle of wart remover for my sons little toe! :( $3.16 bought the generic, it was the cheapest
Total: $18.76
After Coupons: $9.77 after coupons


1 box of Taco Bell Dinner Kit, On sale for $2.00, had a $1.00 Coupon
2 boxes of Ritz Crackers, On Sale for $2.50 a box, I had coupons for $1.00 IP coupons
3 Healthy Choice Penne Pasta Micro Meals, on sale for $1.67, I had $1.00 coupons
1 Bottle of BBQ sauce, I had a buy a Kingsford Charcoal get a BBQ sauce free, so I used that and then I have a mail in rebate for $2.00, so I will mail that in
9 cups of Easy Mac, 67 cents on sale, I had $1.00 off 2 cups IP Coupon, so that is 17 cents a cup. Which I will use for work or take camping with us. :) The kids love these!
20 packs of Kool Aid, on sale for 10 cents each. I had IP coupons for 50 cents off 10 packs, the coupons doubled, so all of it was Free
1 box of Triscuits, on sale for $2.00, I had a $1.00 off IP coupon
6 4 pound bags of sugar, on sale for $1.79, I had 30 cents off coupons that doubled so $1.09 a bag. Our stockpile was LOW, and we use this for kool-aid so I had to stock up!
2 boxes of Parkay, on sale for $1.25, I had $1.00 when you buy 2 ( I bought cheaper margarine too, but since this was on sale and my hubby likes it, I got 2)
3 jars of Kraft Mayo, on sale for $1.00, I had $1.00 off IP, so all 3 free
2 packs of Fiber One Yogart, on sale $2.00, I had .50 cent coupons that double to $1.00
3 pouches of instant potatoes, $1.05, I had 25 cents coupons that doubled
2 Warm Delights, On sale $1.67, I had a 55 cent IP for each one, 57 cents each
1 bag of Brat Buns, I had a $1.00 off winetag
2 bagels, I had a $1.00 off winetag
2 containers of Sour Cream, 29 cents after coupon
1 container of cottage cheese
2 boxes of speghetti, Free with the purchase of the sauce
2 Dry Idea Roll On, on sale for $3.00, I had my $2.00 off coupon, My stockpile if FULL of deo. But my mom uses this brand so I picked it up for her, she will reimburse me
1 bottle of Dial Pump soap, on clearance for 1.00, I had a 35 cents off coupon
2 bottles of Franks hot sauce, $1.50, I had a $1.29 off coupons from the sunday paper
4 bottles of Snapple, $1.49, I had BOGO coupons on these
1 box of Hello Kitty Bandaids, $1.00, had a $1.00 off coupon, free
6 Thai Lemon Grass instant soups, 67 cents each, had a 50 coupon that doubled, making them free
4 jars of Ragu Sauce, On sale for $2.00, I had 60 cents off each jar
2 bottles of Weber Seasoning, on sale for 99 cents, I had a $1.00 off when you buy 2
4 envelopes of Taco Seasoning, 89 cents, I had 75 cents off 2
2 packages of nylons, $1.49 and $1.99, I had $1.00 off coupons
1 bag of Kingsford Charcoal
1 Frenchs Mustard, On sale for $1.34, I had a 50 cent coupon that doubled, So I paid 34 cents for the BIG Bottle!
1 can of Dole Fruit, $1.34, 55 cent off coupon that doubled, 24 cents for the can
2 bottles of Sierra Mist, $1.49, Had a BOGO coupon
5 pounds of Pot Roast, Had a winetag, buy $8.00 worth of meat, get $2.00 off
2 pounds of Chicken Drum Sticks, 3.10, had a $1.00 off instant value coupon
1.5 pounds of Pork Chops, 3.54, had a $1.00 off instant value coupon

Total: $125.99 (with tax)
After coupons: 65.48
Then I used my Test Drive Gift Card that I got for that Test Drive last fall. So, I paid $15.48 out of pocket!! YEAH!! And I have a $2.00 refund to send in for. I forgot the sloppy joe mix and black olives, so I am not sure whether I will still pick that up or not. Black olives go on sale at Walgreens every now and then, so I may stock pile then later.

So my total out of pocket is $103.88. Before coupons it would have been $280.06. So I had a 63% savings. For those of you who don't know, my goal is $250 a month. SO, even if I didn't have the gift cards for nothing OOP, I still would have done well. Now, I have been asked to list a menu. Please remember that this menu isn't based on what is the healthiest, but this menu is based on what I had money for and how can I afford to keep my out of pocket low, so I use that money to pay down debt! So, your family may eat differently, please keep that in mind.

I am planning this menu from May 25th to June 21st (28 days). Which means I will not be doing any major shopping until after school lets out. Also, I don't plan specific days on a menu, I just make a list of what we have in stock, then we can decide that day what we are in the mood for, so that we are not restricted to a rigid schedule. The paratheses are the number of days in this cycle that we will eat those meals.

Breakfast Options:
Cereal/Milk (8)
Pancakes (4) (use sryup or homemade blackberry spread)
Waffles (4)
Eggs, sausage (2)
Crepes (4)
French Toast (1)
Oatmeal (6)
Fruit and Yougart (1)
Total 30 days, and I have Pop Tarts and Bagels for me for my hurried days to work

Lunch Options:
Soups (4)
Mac and Cheese (3),
Hot Dogs (3),
Cold Sandwiches (3)
Pasta Salad (1)
Speghettio's (2), Mom and Dad will have soup!
Grilled Cheese (3)
19 meals, This is for options on weekends and after school lets out, during the school year, the kids get hot lunch at school ( reduced price due to hubby's lay off, so it's super cheap!) Also, I picked up frozen meals and the mac and cheese cups for me for work.

Dinner Options:
Pork Roast (2), Done in the slow cooker! Yummy!
Speghetti (5)
Hambuger Helper (3)
Walking Tacos (2)
Regular Tacos (1)
Chicken Drumsticks (2)
Frozen Pizza (4)
Round Steaks (1)
Turkey (2)
Salisbury Steaks (2)
Chicken Parmesan (3)
Pork Chops (1)
Brats and Hot Dogs (1)
Total of 29 meals

Sides for the Lunches and Dinners:
Apple Sauce
Rice a Roni
Pasta a Roni
Mashed Potatoes
Frozen Veggies
Canned Veggies
Pasta Salad
Scalloped or Au Grain Potatoes
Fruit Salad
Cheese and Crackers
Garlic Bread
Apple Slices

Chai Tea
Kool Aid
Soda (very limited)
Hawiaan Punch (one bottle left)
Grape Juice, Orange Juice and Apple Juice (for Breakfast)

Quakes Rice Cakes
Granola Bars
Cheese and Crackers (Ritz or Triscuits)
Candy (limited, still from Easter)
Canned Fruit
Rice Krispie Squares
Home made Cookies
Ice Pops

Now, I have enough health and beauty products, cleaning products, paper goods, cat supplies and food to last for the 28 days.

:) Stay Frugal Everyone!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday...

You can pick up another free chocolate tonight! Follow my link from last week's post!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Hot Dogs..TODAY ONLY!

Follow the link and fill out the form for a coupon for a free pack of hot dogs!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ever want to know if a coupon is counterfeit?

You can go to this LINK and get a current list of counterfeit coupons. They just updated the list, so I thought I would link it.

Quick Run to Walgreens..

I haven't been shopping because I have a writer from the Wisconsin State Journal contact me. He is going to follow me for an afternoon of shopping this upcoming weekend. So, I am saving my freebies and coupons for that day. BUT, I read at one of my forum sites that Walgreens had Good Night Sleep pants on sale for $2.79!! So, of course, I grabbed my coupons and went over there. I did find 2 packs at my Walgreens!! So I had a $2.00 off coupon from a mailing and a coupon from a coupon spitter for $1.50 off. I also found pancake mix for 15 cents and a bottle of nutmeg for 25 cents. Picked up both of those.
My total after coupons: $2.78

I also stopped by Blockbuster Video and picked up a free movie. So my kids have a movie this weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

In the mail...and running errands

Yesterday, I got 3 checks in the mail for odd jobs I did. I was able to send $600 to our credit card!! So, my Debt Free Ticker is down to $4,000!! YEAH!!! I started my debt free journey with $52,000 in credit card and medical bills...we are down to the last $4,000!!!

Today, we went errand running. We did stop at 2 rummage sales, because they were on the way. We spent $4.00 total and got a BIG box full of nylon and jersey "looms" for my daughter and a big box full of gift wrap! My daughter is now happily making potholders for everyone for christmas!! :) Gotta love that find!

Also, we went and bought are WI State Park Stickers. For $37.50, we get two stickers (one for each car). These stickers allow us to use all the Start Parks, hiking trails, Swimming, Beaches and Waterways in the state. It also allows my kids to do the Start Park Patch Program. It also allows us to go participate in any of the summer events at the campgrounds; last year we enjoyed a kite flying event, a concert from one of our favorite children's singer, a bike care workshop, a snakes and animals event and many other events...all free with those stickers!! If you live in Wisconsin, this is a great deal! Our local pool charges $5.00 per kid and $8.00 per adult. For our family, going to the pool once, plus taking the kids and I again one more time covers the cost of the entire summer of State Park events!!

The rest of the day is just being home!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Chocolate Fridays

YOu can now register with M&M and if you are in the first 250,000 today you get free candy! Follow this LINK

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ran to Walmart

Ran to SuperWalmart after work

2 bottles of Ken's Dressing, had free coupons from Sunday paper
1 box of blueberry waffles, had free box coupon from Vocalpoint
4 bags of deli meats, most bags a half pound, had $1.00 off any deli meat from a winetag, making the bags .01 cent, .08 cents,.11 cents, and .08 cents
2 boxes of cotton swabs, $1.00 off any Johnson and Johnson's baby product, Sunday paper, making them 38 cents after coupon
1 bag of cough drops, $1.00 off coupon, Sunday Paper, making them 18 cents after coupon
1 package of nylons, $1.00 off any no nonsense product, Coupon from insert in package, making them free after coupon
3 boxes of kids soaps, $1.00 off any johnson and johnson baby product, making them a .03 money maker
1 box of Velveeta Cheese and Shells, on sale for $1.50, had a $1.00 off IP coupons, so 50 cents a box
1 box of Kraft Deluxe Mac and Chesse, on sale for $1.50, had a $1.00 off IP coupon, so 50 cents a box
1 box (10 pk) of Capri Sun Drinks, $1.00 off coupon from a Sunday Paper, making it 97 cents for the box
1 bottle of Vitamin Water, $1.00 off coupon from Sunday Paper, making it free after coupon.

Total before Coupons: $25.07
After coupons: 4.65 (that includes tax)

:) Not a bad trip :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menards Trip! and a life update...

Trip to Menards

2 - 3pk of Klennex facial Tissue $5.99, -50 cent coupons from sunday paper, with $2.00 rebate on each
10 rolls of paper towels, on sale 10 for $4.00
4 bottles of Hawiian Punch Drink, on sale for $1.24, with 75 cent rebate on each

Total $21.82
Minus $1.00 in coupons
Then I used a $20.00 refund credit from my last shopping trip with rebates
So, out of pocket .82 cents and I am getting $7.00 back in rebate certificates again!!

:) We are now fully stocked on klennex again (yeah! We were getting low!) and I have plentry of paper towel.

I plan to stop at Super Walmart tomorrow for a few cheapies and freebies! I will post later!!

Also,************Life Update********* Just to let you know what is going on financially. As some of you know I work Full time in a school, and part time in a college and part time in a church. My college job ended this week due to the semester being over. And, to my sadness, I was forced to leave my church job after 6 years. (long story I won't share here). So, I am now just working my school job and that ends June 12th. As of June 12th, my husband and I will both be unemployeed( unless he finds a job). I go back in Sept. So, my summer will be challenged with how much money I can save and how much I can live off my stockpile. My husband will collect unemployment so we will have to live on that.
We aren't completely credit card free as we have hoped but by June we should have it under $4,000. Which is a mole hill comparted to the mountains we have faced in the past.

Also, my husband started the garden. We are planting Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, garden beans, peas, radishes, and more. I will keep you posted on how we do!!

May 18th ...Free DiGiorio!

Visit this website on May 18th for a free sandwich!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots of Kraft Printable coupons

Kraft Printable Coupons

More Kraft Printables

Redbox Promo Code - May 11, 2009

Here is your one-day promo code for today:


Expires tonight (Mon, May 11) at midnight central time.

Remember, this is the last WEEKLY Monday code, and Redbox will start doing MONTHLY codes in June on the first Monday of the month. Stay tuned for more details as we get them…

Enjoy your movie!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Red Box Movie Mondays is ending!

The economy is effecting everything..I notice less coupons and good deals and now tonight I got this in my email.

Dear redbox customer,

The word is out that you can take home new release DVDs for only a $1 per night from the big red box. We know you know, because you've saved that dollar as part of redbox' Free Movie Mondays promotion, which is ending after May 11.

However, since so many of us could use an extra buck these days, redbox is going to keep the free flicks coming once a month throughout the summer. Beginning June 1, redbox will send a free movie code to your phone on the first Monday of the month as a thank you for using redbox.


BUMMER!!! Now I have to find more free video rental sources...I guess I will be using the library more and do more Esurvey's for free monthly rentals!

I will update again when I find a different resource for free rentals!

Great Trip to Walgreens!

I had some time before I did my volunteer work tonight, so I stopped at Walgreens!

I picked up
1 bag (6 pk) of ladies socks ( on clearance for $2.49!), used a $2.00 RR
1 stick of Men's Deoderant, used a $3.00 RR
1 tube of sensitive toothpaste, 75 cents off coupon from sunday paper
2 Kraft microwave mac and cheese, coupon for B1G1F coupon from sunday paper, on sale for $1.00 each

Total: $11.97
After coupons and RR: $5.73
Then used the last of my refund card: $2.96

So, I paid $2.96 out of pocket and got $6.50 back in RR's from the toothpaste and the deoderant. I am thrilled with 6 new pairs of socks. Original price on those was $6.00.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Also wanted to add.....some more great free for me's!!

My mother got a bag of handme downs for my daughter today! I just went through them. OH MY! It was great! Many name brands, Many very cute styles, all were in decent/nice condition. There had to be about $100 worth of clothes in there ( maybe more!)

Also, we got a free meal tonight at a picnic that my Aunt's company gave! IT was very nice. My kids got keychains, candy, balloons, note pads, little screwdriver and pens. The kids had a great time and it was nice to sit and talk to my Aunt.

Also, update on my husband;s unemployment. He still hasn't found a job...but we are still on track to pay off that last credit card bill!!


Quick Walgreens Trip

I stopped at Walgreens. I picked up:

2 Healthy Choice Mixin Meals, on sale for $3.00 each, had a $1.00 off coupon from ALL YOU mag.
2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers, on sale for $2.50 each, had no coupons but used my two RR's from my last shopping to trip. I will also get $3.00 off in register rewards for buying them with the mixin meals.
2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches, $2.50 on sale, used a $1.00 off coupon from the sunday paper
2 Pert shampoos, on sale 2 for $5.00, used coupons for $1.00 off from an Internet printable and got $2.00 back in RR's.

Total $21.00
After coupons and RR's from last Walgreens Trip: $10.78
I used my Walgreens gift card to pay the $10.78 so no out of pocket spent.
I got $5.00 back in RR's for my next trip. I bought the Mixing Meals and Cafe Steamers for work lunches, so that covers 4 days of work lunches for free!! YEAH!!!

Free 2 piece KFC meal!

This has now been changed!! You can print out the coupon, bring it to KFC and they will have you fill out a form to get a usable coupon!*************

LINK to KFC coupon!

Check out the deal Oprah has! Download and print this coupons ( limited time so hurry!) and have a chicken meal on the house!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Freebie Weekend

First off, my husband was able to get a trailer load of mulch for FREE! We have put mulch in all our gardens. We hope this cuts down on the weed problems we have!
The second great freebie was in the form of a $50 visa gift card. WAY BACK (Dec 29th, 2008) there was a DODGE RAM test drive offer. I went and tested a Dodge Ram and I got the $50 gift card today!!WOO HOO!
Third, I got 2 of my Menards rebates back! So we will use those to buy items for our gardens.
Forth, I got a free sample of deoderant and body wash today!!

So, pretty great freebie weekend! Hope you are all getting coupons and freebies you have asked for!!

Redbox Promo Code - May 4, 2009

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Enjoy your movie!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good IP Coupon

I heard rumor that some Walmarts have Velveeta Cheese and Shells on sale right now for $1.25 a box. There is an IP coupon LINK HERE for $1.50 off two boxes. If you use the coupon, it will make the cheese and shells .50 cents a box. I will be checking it out this weekend IF I get the chance!!

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