Saturday, December 31, 2011

LifeSavers Coupon, $1.00 off any ONE!

Hurry, before these are gone! Over on the right hand side of my blog, you will see the blue coupon banner, scroll through it until you see the LifeSavers Coupon! It's good for $1.00 off any ONE Bottle Product. Click and print!!!

Entertainment Book Deal!!

Most Entertainment Books are $35.00, but for this week only you can pick up your city book for $20.12 with Free Shipping!! Click this link to get yours:  All 2012 Entertainment Books are Only $20.12, plus Free Shipping! This Week Only!

Free LeapPad Ebook: The Book of Super Awesome Stuff

Do you  have a LeapPad? Now, LeapFrog has a free download for the Leappad Ebook “The Book of Super Awesome Stuff”.  Just follow these steps.  Click on the “LeapPad Home” once in the connect software, then click on “Go to App Center”. Once you are in the app center, you will see an arrow pointing down near the upper right hand corner – click on this and choose “redeem code” and enter the code 5813-1140-1518-1413 here. You ebook will automatically download.

Disney Rewards Deal!! Pop Secret Coupon for only 75 points!!!

Disney Rewards has a free Pop Secret Coupon for 100 points before. NOW, they lowered that to 75 points!! If you did the Christmas ABC Family Points, you probably have enough to get this deal! If you cashed in the 100 points for a coupon, it is now reset and you can get a 75 point coupon too!

Coupon Schedule for 2012

Here is the upcoming coupon schedule:

2012 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

  • 01/01/2012 – There will be (2) SmartSource, (2) RedPlum and (1) General Mills inserts.
  • 01/08/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 01/15/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource.
  • 01/22/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 01/29/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 02/05/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble Inserts.
  • 02/12/2012 - There will be (1) RedPlum and (2) SmartSource inserts.
  • 02/19/2012 - There will be (1) RedPlum insert.
  • 02/26/2012 - There will be (2) SmartSource inserts.
  • 03/04/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble Inserts.
  • 03/11/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 03/18/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 03/25/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 04/01/2012 - There will be (2) SmartSource, (2) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble Inserts.
  • 04/08/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Easter.
  • 04/15/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 04/22/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource insert.
  • 04/29/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 05/06/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) Redplum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 05/13/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 05/20/2012 - There will be (2) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 05/27/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Memorial Day.
  • 06/03/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) Redplum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 06/10/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 06/17/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 06/24/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 07/01/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Independence Day.
  • 07/08/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 07/15/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource Insert.
  • 07/22/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 07/29/2012  – There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 08/05/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (2) RedPlum inserts.
  • 08/12/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 08/19/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 08/26/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 09/02/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Labor Day.
  • 09/09/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (2) Redplum inserts.
  • 09/16/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 09/23/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource inserts.
  • 09/30/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 10/07/2012 - There will be (2) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 10/14/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 10/21/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 10/28/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 11/04/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 11/11/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (2) RedPlum inserts.
  • 11/18/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource inserts.
  • 11/25/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Thanksgiving.
  • 12/02/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource, (1) RedPlum and (1) Proctor & Gamble inserts.
  • 12/09/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum inserts.
  • 12/16/2012 - There will be (1) SmartSource insert.
  • 12/23/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to Christmas.
  • 12/30/2012 - There are no inserts scheduled due to New Year.

Just so you know, they can change this schedule without notice. So, Just use this as a guideline but at least this can give you an idea of when coupons should be in the news paper!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 free prints from Walgreens!!!

Walgreens now through Dec. 31st, you can get 25 prints FREE!!!  Go here and download 25 prints and get them free if you pick them up at the store.  Use coupon code PRINTNOW in the coupon code box to get the free prints.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speedy Rewards Members, January Email has a free Gold Peak Tea!

If you are a Speedy Rewards Member, make sure you are getting the email. January Monthly email just came out and it has a coupon for a free 18 oz. Gold Peak Tea. Just print the coupon, present it with your Speedy Rewards Member Card and get the tea free!!!

Ben And Jerry Gift Card on Saveology!

ben & Jerrys Saveology has a great deal for first time buyers! If you haven't signed up with Saveology and you have a Ben and Jerry's nearby, you will want to get this deal! You pay $5.00 for a $10.00 Ben and Jerry Gift Card. Follow this LINK to get yours!

Fine Print: Valid for first-time buyers only. Limit 1 per household. Deal is good for 1 genuine BEN & JERRY’S Gift Card that will be mailed to your address once redeemed. Offer cannot be redeemed until the next business day after purchase at 10 AM EST. Although this gift card NEVER expires, this voucher must be redeemed within 60 days from date of purchase. Gift Card will be shipped via standard shipping to address provided on redemption site. No worries, there are no shipping charges to you and no hidden fees of any kind. Step-by-step redemption instructions will be on your voucher. This BEN & JERRY’S Card may only be used for purchases at participating BEN & JERRY’S stores.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tide $2.00 Coupon

Right now, on Facebook, you can request a coupon for $2.00 off Tide. Follow this LINK and like their Facebook page and request the coupon. The coupon will come via mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

Triaminic Deal at Walgreens this week!

Triaminic Kids Medicine is on sale at Walgreens this week.

On sale for 2 for $10.00
Go to the right side of my blog, click on the coupons banner and use zip code 01845 to find a coupon for $3.00 off of 2.
So you pay 2 for $7.00 and get a $5.00 RR back!

BlockBuster Groupon Deal! $2.00 for 5 rental vouchers!!!

Groupon has a great deal! For $2.00 you can get 5 $1.00 rentals. If you love movies, this is a great deal! The codes are good at Blockbuster Express Kiosks or The codes expire May 1, 2013, so you have more than one year to use them!! Follow this LINK to get this deal!

Olay Body Wash Gift Sets, Great Deal at Walmart

Walmart has their Christmas things 50% off. I picked up a boxed Olay Gift Set for $5.00. It included the Body Wash, Bar Soap, Mesh Puff, Body Lotion and Body Mist. Also, in the box are coupons and a deal for a free year subscription to several assorted magazines. You can go to the website and pick out a magazine free for one year.  IF you prefer not to get the magazine, you can get your money back. When you go to the Website, you can print the page ( the info is at the bottom of the page) and send it in and get your money back.

ArtsCow Free SHIPPING until Dec. 30th!

ArtsCow has free shipping on any order over $15.00!! Use code FREESHIP15 to get this deal. It can't be used with any other offer.

Also, ArtsCow has Premium Photo Books starting at $8.99 plus free shipping! Use coupon code BESTBOOKS to get the free shipping by 12/28/11! Make a photo book of this years Christmas Memories!! I use these books for gift all the time and people just love them!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and 25 Free Christmas Music MP3s

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday! Today you can download 25 free Christmas Songs from Amazon. Follow this LINK, pick the ones you like, download them and enjoy!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Menards Trip....$3.22 for 14 boxes of cereal

Well, I went out to Menards. I wanted to get the cereal before the sale ends tomorrow. The crowds were awful but the cashier was really nice. Anyway,  I bought 14 boxes of  cereal, 5 boxes of hot cocoa and 2 boxes of crackers. Total before coupons: 34.12, after coupons and my rebate card it was $3.22. We will have cereal for a long time. I checked the expiration dates and the cereal is good until August 2012. That would mean 2 boxes a month will need to be eaten. I know the kids will have no problem with that!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ArtsCow 450 free Photo Credits!

If you use ArtsCow, then you will love this! All members can go and enter the coupon code NEWYRPRTS before Dec. 24th and their account will be credited for 150 free prints for the next 3 months! You will still pay for shipping, but the prints are free! 
If you are new to ArtsCow, they are a great photo service! I have used them for 3 years and LOVE when they have free shipping coupon codes! Sign up with them at this LINK! According to their website, if you follow that link and sign up, you will get 1,200 free prints and coupons codes for 3 8X8 photo books! I love those books!!

IP Coupon for Scotch Brite Sponges

Here is a IP coupon for a coupon for .75 cents off 2 Scotch Brite Sponge Packs. If they go on sale, this could be a great coupon! LINK to coupon!

Great Old Navy Coupon Deal!

If you are a fan of Old Navy, and still doing some Christmas Shopping, this is a good deal. For $10 you get an $20.00 Old Navy Coupon Card! Follow this LINK to Groupon and get the deal! This deal is only good until Dec. 24th, the coupon will expire 1-28-2012, so make sure you will be at an Old Navy before that date! Also, please read the restrictions.

Blockbuster Free Batteries!

I will not be going out on Christmas Day, but if you plan too, here is a great deal! Get a free pack of AA or AAA batteries from Blockbuster and you can pick up 2 more packs for .99 cents each!

Malt o Meal Cereal a great deal at Menards!

Menards has all sorts of great deals! One of them currently is Malt O Meal Cereal! The big 21 oz boxes are on sale for $1.77. If you go to Malt O Meals Website, you can sign up for their newsletter and get a coupon for $1.00 off 3 boxes. Making them $1.44 for the 21 oz box!!! Follow this LINK to get the coupon! Also, if you have any rebate credits, you can use the coupons and then the credits and pick up the cereal free!!!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Nabisco Crackers!

There is a great coupon!! It's a Brick's Coupon, so I hope you can print it! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't:( Anyways, it's for buy 2 Nabisco Crackers, get one free. With all the cracker sales, this will make a great deal!! Here is the LINK!

At Walgreens they are on sale this week 2 for $5.00
use the B2G1Free, and that takes off $2.50. Then use the IVC coupon from their December Sales book for another $1.50 off. That makes 3 boxes for $3.50!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WOW! Pillow Pet and Book for $10.99 with Free Shipping!

Right now, Amazon has the purple unicorn Pillow Pet with story book for $10.99. If you buy $25.00 in product you can get free super saver shipping!! The Pillow Pet alone was over $ this is a great gift for a young girl!!! WOW! To get to the amazon page, click on the photo!

They also have the dragon for $12.67

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IP Coupons $1.00 off of one toothbrush!

My box on the side of my screen has a great deal! Click on the "get more" box and print the $1.00 off Listerine or REACH kids Products. I know that Reach Kids products often go on sale. So, print that one and keep yours eyes open for a good price on those!!

Sunbelt Snacks coupon B1G1!!

Sunbelt Snacks has a coupon on their Facebook page! Go to this LINK and click on the icon to print! Coupon is good for Buy One Get One Free on any Granola Bars or Fruit Bars. Coupon Good for one month.

Pam Cooking Spray Money Back Guarantee Refund

Pam Cooking Spray has a Money Back Rebate. Now, until April 27, 2012, buy Pam Cooking Spray and get your money back. Go to this LINK to print the rebate form.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shop Your Way Kmart Reward Members....Coupons for Free items at Kmart!

Kmart just posted their ads online and if you are a Shop your Way Rewards member you can get some great coupons for free items! Follow this LINK to see what coupons they have. The only down side I see to this is that you are limited to one free item coupon per transaction and you must spend $25.00 in grocery and health care or beauty items in the transaction AFTER Discounts. So it's up to you whether you feel it's worth it!

Great Deal on Barbie and Ken Doll "She Said Yes!" from Shopko!

Shopko has no minimum free shipping today only! So, you can buy items for Christmas and not pay shipping! Here is one of the deals! LINK!

Get it for $4.99 and no shipping! Great Gift for young girls this Christmas!

They also have the SuperBowl Champs Towel for $4.99 too!! LINK and a lot in jewerly and home!

Double Double Daze at Pick N Save again!!

Tomorrow, one day only, Pick N Save will have Super Doubles. This means that with any transaction, over $25.00, you can use 10 $1.00 coupons that will double. So if your order is $25.00, and you used 10 coupons ($20.00) your OOP is $5.00. You can do about 8 to 10 transactions, depending on your saver card. So, try not to use your saver card unless you really need to. I am debating whether I want to do tomorrow, especially since I have not been feeling good.

Hope some of you can get out there and get the deals!!!

This week Pick N Save has butter, ham, potatoes, Nabisco Crackers, Chunk Cheese and lots of other great deals!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

$20.00 refund from MasterCard for spending $200 online

Well, if you are buying online and you plan to spend more then $200, you may want to check out this offer. MasterCard is giving you $20.00 when you spend $200 ( just make sure you can pay off the credit card before the interest builds on it!). Follow this LINK to get more information.

Another Awesome Gift Card Deal!!!

This deal is for new Saveology Members, so if you are already a member, you can't grab this deal!!! But, My kids love Build-a-Bear, and rarely can you get a gift card at a discount! Right now, you can get a $25.00 Build-a-Bear Card for $17.50!!!! Click on the box below! Again, it's one per household, and there is only 5 hours left to get them!

itunes gift card

$10.00 Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card for $5.00!!!

This is awesome!!! If you have to buy a sweet small gift for someone, this is the deal!!! For $5.00 you can get a $10.00!! Click on the box below and get it now!!! Limit one per household!

cold stone

$13.00 of new Arm&Hammer Coupons are out!

Arm&Hammer has posted their new coupons! Follow this LINK to get them for yourself!

Holiday Spirit! I found 75% off Toys!!

I am not going to post photos because they are going to be Christmas gifts, but I do want to tell you about it! I was at Shopko this week and they had 2 aisles full of 50 to 75% off toys!! I checked my kids lists and I found some things they wanted. I got $318.28 worth of toys for $97.19!!!! I got gifts for donations for charities and for my son's birthday!!! WOO HOO!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free bag of Lay's Chips!

If you are a Speedy Rewards member from Speed Way, check your email. They sent out the December Newsletter and there is a coupon for a free bag of single serve chips! Coupon Expires 12-31-11. If you don't belong to Speedy Rewards, you can sign up at any Speed Way Gas Station! You earn points on everything you buy and get redeem those points for gift cards and coupons!

Dove Hair Care Samples

Dove Damage Therapy Daily Shampoo and Condition. Click here for the LINK. You don't have to be a Costco Member to get the freebie!

Get a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card with the Purchase of 3 Packages of Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks has a promotion that if you buy 3 Starbucks coffee or Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, you can mail in for a $5.00 Starbucks Card by Mail. Excludes the VIA 3 packs and K-cups. Purchases must by made by 12/31/11. Follow this LINK for the rebate form.

Earn $20 Free!!

Currently American Express is setting up a system similar to PayPal. A program where you can send and receive money. When you sign up for it, you get a free $10 into your account, Then when you play their trivia game you can earn another $10. IF you refer anyone and they sign up, you get $5.00! You can request that the money you made be sent to you in a check!

So if you are interested, please Post your name and email in the comments section and I will send you a referral!

Excellent Christmas Gift for the Couponer on your LIST!

Almost Every Year, my mom gets me an Entertainment Book for Christmas. As Christmas approaches, and you are stuck on what to get that person who has everything, this is a great gift! There are so many awesome coupons in these books! Pick the book that is in your area and order it! Right now, the books are 25% off and Free Shipping!!
Which means all cities are $19.99 and have free shippping!! Click on the advertisement below to get that special price!

Save on all the things you love to do!

PS...Mom, if you are reading this...could you buy me one again! If not, I am going to buy one for myself!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Great Deal on Jones Farm Sausage!

Today I was shopping with my mom and I came across this great deal! So, keep your eyes peeled for $2.00 off 2 boxes of Jones All Natural Sausage Links peelies!! The sausages are on sale for $1.49 at Sentry and with the coupon, that makes them .49 cents a box!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

ABC Family 15 points from Disney Rewards for the weekend!

Remember to go to ABC Family and click on the Disney Rewards box for 15 points! It's 15 because you only have to do it once for the weekend! Click this LINK to get your points!

Recycle Bank, 10 more points and Kaski coupon for only 50 points!

Right now, you can get a $2/1 Any Kashi product coupon for ONLY 50 points! Normally these coupons are 240 points! That is a great savings.

Also they  have 10 more points for a Kashi Pledge at this LINK!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

90 more points on Recycle Bank!

Recycle Bank has another 90 points!! They now have "Winter" posted in the Green your Seasons program.  Get the points while you can!

New to Recycle Bank?  Follow this LINK to sign up! Recycle Bank collects points and you can trade those points for coupons!

Free Coca Cola Polar Bear!

If you do Coke Rewards, here is another deal! Use the Coke Reward Code: POLARBEAR when you have 6 20oz bottle caps and get a free Polar Bear! Since I had lots of codes already entered, I didn't need to add more. One more cute Stocking stuffer for a coca-cola drinker on my Christmas List!

New to Coke Rewards, leave me an email with your email and I will send you an invite. When I do, you get 50 extra bonus Coke Points!

My Coke Rewards has a great deal! 12 pack coupon for 30 points! Today ONLY!

Woo Hoo! Coke Rewards has a great deal today only!  Normally, it costs 240 points to get a free product coupon! Today you can get a coupon for a free 12 pack for only 30 points!!! Go to their website LINK and get yours today! You can find more information on their scrolling ads on the front page of the website!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

ABC Family Channel and Disney Rewards have 5 point Christmas Bonus Days!!

Every year Disney Rewards teamed with ABC for the Holidays to bring you Disney Rewards Bonuses! This year I heard they weren't going to do it, but today I found out they are! So, everyday until Christmas, you can go to this LINK webpage and pick up 5 bonus points!! Typically  you will find it at the bottom of the webpage so you will have to look for it! Today the box says,"Deck the Halls".

Nestle Jingles Coupon $2.00/3!

If you look on the right of my blog, you will see the orange box with coupons. Those are IP coupons you can quick print right from this site. One of the coupons as you scroll through is for 3 bags of Nestle Jingles with a $2.00 off coupon!  Dollar General has the small bags for $2.00 a bag!

20 Christmas Photo Cards from SeeMore for $1.49 Shipped!

This is a great deal!!! If you are new to SeeHere Photos, you can register at a new member and get 20 Christmas Photo Cards for $1.49 shipped! Go to this LINK and register as a new member! Then after you make your cards, use coupon code 25cards, and they will be free with $1.49 shipping!

Some Great Groupon Deals!!!

Groupon has some awesome deals today! I just wanted to make sure you all caught these!

Sonic Drive In, $10 gift coupon for $5.00. You pay the $5.00 and spend $10.00 on anything on the menu! Deal expires June 2012. Here is the LINK!

The Body Shop also has a great one! Buy a $20 gift coupon for $10!! You can even use it on clearance things. This is good in any retail The Body Works store and not online. Pick up yours at this LINK!

Friday, December 2, 2011

ArtsCow deal that is fantastic!

If you have any photo type gifts are you going to give this year, now is the time to do it! ArtsCow is once again doing the 20% off and FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! The last time they did this, I got photo gifts AND 3 photo books for $26.00!! The coupon code is SALE20OFF and it expires 12/7/2011. So, you have a week! Enjoy! this is one of the best codes out there for photo type gifts!! If you never visited the site, you can find out about it at this LINK.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Post..then I am heading to bed!

It's the last day of November! Time to organize those coupon binders, files and whatever you use! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time to enjoy the fall on to December!! Here comes the snow!!

Another BlockBuster Express Deal!!!

Lots of New deals today!! Yeah!! This one is great! 5 one night rentals for $2.00!!! Since RedBox raised their prices, this is a great deal!!
Click this LINK and get your deal!!! You have one day to snag this deal! It codes will expire in May 2013!

Another nice deal!!! Entertainment Books!

I know that this books are very popular, and the new 2012 is coming out soon! Right now on Ebates, you can buy a Entertainment book for $29.99 with Free Shipping AND get 35% cash back!! That's right!! Right now it's 35% cash back! IF you are new to Ebates, you can sign up at this LINK! ( if you sign up through my link, you will get a bonus gift card!)

So, the book will be $29.99
you will get 35% back on Ebates, $10.50 back!!
And Free Shipping!
Not bad for the brand new Entertainment book! These make great gifts for your coupon friends!!!

An other nice Christmas Gift!

I am still trying to find Men's Gifts! Today, I found a good one. A cute personal gift. had a cute Men's T-shirt that said,"Grandpa's Pit Crew" on sale for $14.99.  I had it personalized to "Papa's Pit Crew" then added my children's names. I used a coupon code RMN20 that gave me 20% off and free shipping. (which expires tonight but the other coupon code CYBERWK20 gives you the same discount but you pay shipping).  Then I went through Ebates and I am going to get 7% cash back! YEAH!
(If you don't know Ebates, they pay you a percentage back for everything you buy. Go to this LINK to learn more)

So I paid $11.96 shipped and my husband's dad, who likes race cars, will get this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

28 bottles of juice for $1.19!

Well, it's getting to the end of the month. Tonight, I was cleaning out my binder and found 28 juice coupons I forgot about. I asked my husband,"Should I trash them or should we drive over to the grocery store?" He said," Let's go." and drove me to the store.

Total before coupons: $32.11 and after coupons $1.19.:) Glad we went!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Coupon for Free Popcorn at Disney Rewards!!

If you participate in Disney Rewards, then you will want to hurry and pick this one up! For only 100 points, you will get a coupon for a free box of Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 3 pk ( coupon good for up to $3.49). Coupon will be mailed and only good in the USA.

If you are new to Disney Rewards, all Disney DVD's and Movie Tickets can be used to receive points to obtain prizes! Go to this LINK and sign up. They also have surveys if you want to earn points!

What did you buy this Cyber Monday?

Well, I am happy to report that I didn't make a single purchase today. My Christmas list is pretty much done, except for a few men's gifts that I will not pick up until we are closer to the big day.

How did you all do? Please post a comment with your stories!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Groupon Deal! $20 Gift Card for $10 at OLD NAVY!!!

WOW! Old Navy is on Groupon right now with a $10 dollar deal! GO TO THIS LINK! Hurry! Get yours soon! This will be great for Christmas shopping!!!!

Up To 40 free Prints from! has a new visitor deal! Get up to 40 free photos! *Offer includes 5 PHOTO SHEETS FREE. Each photo sheet contains either: 1-8x10 print, 2-5x7 prints, 4-3.5x5 prints or 8 wallet prints.

Here is how you do it!
1.Go to
2. Enter your email and zip code.
3. wait for an email from
4. go back to the fotonet website, and click on "Already a subscriber". A window will open that shows a 6 digit code ( that is your coupon code for the 5 free sheets).
5. Go to Order Prints on that will take you to My Online
6. Upload photos. ( you will have to download their software to get the photos uploaded)
7. When you go to order prints, you can order any 5 sheets. In the coupon code box, add your 6 digit coupon code.
The total should be free.
Shipping is $5.99.

I am using the photos for Christmas gifts!!!

Another Good Price on a Game for Christmas!

and it qualifies for free Super Saver Shipping!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

HURRY! Free Photo Collage from Walgreens! TODAY only!

Walgreens, today only, has a free photo collage! Follow this Free 8x10 Collage w/ promo code RGIFT2U and enjoy!!!

Free Art Cow Photo Books!!!

ArtsCow has a great deal right now! is now giving out free credits for five regular 8" x 8" and two regular 9" x 7" (20 pages) photo books. All you need to do is to validate the coupon code by November 30 and free credits will be automatically applied to your order. You will pay shipping. 

Expiration Date : 11 / 30 / 2011
Effective Period: 30 Days

You need to put the code in your account before Nov. 30th and then you have 30 days to use the code. I have made photo books with ArtsCow before and have been very happy with them. The shipping can be expensive but you can combine codes if you fine a good shipping code!

How did you do yesterday? Black Friday Report.

Well, how did everyone do? After talking with a few friends, and talking with some shoppers, I heard that most people got what they wanted and did everything they needed to do.  I did go out for a short bit, from 8am to 9:30am. I walked right into Walmart, it was a ghost town. I didn't want to get any of the high end electronics, but they had PLENTY of computers, TV's., etc. I wanted to pick up the kids PJ's ( my kids needed them) and pick up gifts for my grandparents. Which I did. Overall, very little spent and very little time wasted.

I watched the video clips of shoppers on the news from yesterday. I can all understand getting a good bargain, but trying to fight or hurt people in the process I completely don't understand. :)

How did everyone else do? Do you go out at night? Did you get the deal of the century? Share your stories!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I hope you all were able to enjoy some special time with family and friends AND everyone got to enjoy turkey, stuffing, with all the good stuff!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Co-Worker's Story....had to share

I have to share what my co-worker does. For privacy purposes, I will call my co-worker Fred ( although it may be a man or a woman..for this post he/she is Fred). 

Fred applies for credit cards that give gift cards for reward points. Fred said that one card offered a $500 gift card if he/she purchased $2,500 in purchases. So, for a few months, everything he/she bought was on that credit card. He/she hit the $2,500, collected the gift card and paid off the card so no interest was built on it. Then, Fred got another offer for a $400 gift card if purchases are made up to a specific limit. So, Fred did that. Spent the purchase amount, paid it off, collected the gift card.

Now, if you have the discipline and income to do this, it's a great idea! Fred now has $900 in gift cards to use for Christmas shopping and it's basically free money ( as long as you don't collect any interest on the credit card). 

As of right now, due to my car breaking down, I have credit card debt again. It's not a lot of debt and I am doing everything I can to get it paid off. After it's paid off, I would like to do this same thing and see what kind of gift cards, or points I can collect.

Do you do this? How successful have you been? If you have any stories, please post in my comments section!

Black Friday...notes

Well, I didn't post any Black Friday deals and tonight, I went to Walmart and found several of the items they are advertising for Black Friday were available tonight. The TV and the Laptop were both available tonight.

So, why haven't I posted any Black Friday deals? Two reasons. One, I have gone Black Friday shopping the last few years and I have noticed that the shoppers are getting more rude and nasty every I am not going to deal with all that just to save money. Second, I have looked at the deals and I don't see anything that is such a super deal that I think it's worth waking up at the crack of dawn for.

Now this is not to say that if you plan on going out tomorrow, that I think you are wrong. Your not! If you have found a great deal, and you can deal with the crowds, then have fun and shop til you drop!!  Last year, I got some great deals for my kids Christmas gifts. This year I am already done getting my kids gifts due to deals I have posted here!!!

I hope you all have fun on Black Friday, but remember, you are buying STUFF!! People and their feelings are important too. Stuff will not bring eternal happiness..stuff brings temporary happiness.

Have FUN and Happy Thanksgiving!

Great deal on Lego's at Amazon!

$15.00 for a tub of Legos!! If you buy one of each,  you qualify with Free Super Shipping! Forget going out on black friday! Get these and your kids are all set!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Results of FreeTalk Phone Connector

Well, we bought the FreeTalk Phone connector for our Skype. We plugged it in. Three times we tried to use it and it connected, but as soon as the person on the other end answered the phone, the phone disconnected. We are dissappointed because we are trying to cut down on long distance bills without buying a cell phone monthly package.

I will keep you posted. We will end up returning the FreeTalk. :(

Woman's Day Magazine!!! $5.00 Hallmark Coupon!

Check your Woman's Day Magazine! Inside there is a coupon for Hallmark! Get $5.00 off any $10 purchase! I used this last year! I bought a $10 gift and paid $5.00.

If you don't get Woman's Day, you can also get a coupon on Facebook. Go to this LINK and click on special offers.

Either way, this is a great deal!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

$1.50 coupon off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Sticks!!!

If you look to the right of my blog, you will see my orange coupon box. When you scroll through it, you will find a high value coupon to ICBINB $1.50 off ONE All Purpose Sticks!! You can also find this coupon at the COUPONS LINK. Walmart has these priced between $2.50 and $3.00, depending on your location!!!

$5.00 Savings Pass from and $5.00 coupon code!!!

If you want to grab a freebie or cheapie magazine, this is great! Go to Magazines on Facebook ( LINK), "like" them then click on "fan event". You will get a pass code for $5.00 off any magazine!!!

Then you can go to Ebates. Ebates is a cash back program that I have posted about before. If you are new to Ebates,  you will need to sign up for them to get this deal! Go to on Ebates and click through the link that has the coupon code HOLIDAYMAGS. That code will give you $5.00 off any magazine subscription in the Holiday Magazine Catagory.  Use the codes and the coupon pass and get these magazines free!!! You could also use this as a gift! If you know someone who might enjoy a magazine all year, this could make a great Christmas Gift!

Here are a few samples of some of the Holiday Magazines!
National Geographic for Kids, 10 issues, $14.95 ( get $5.00 more off with the Pass Code)
Woman's Health, 10 issues, $11.00 (get $5.00 more off with the pass code)
Motor Trend, 12 issues , $5.00 (Use the $5.00 pass code and get the magazine FREE)
Parenting, 22 issues, $4.97 (Use the $5.00 pass code and get the magazine FREE)
OutDoor Life, 12 issues, $4.97 (Use the $5.00 pass code and get the magazine FREE)

And Many more!!!!

So, when you check out, on the payment page it will say do you have a coupon or gift certificate. Check the box and fill it in with the HOLIDAYMAGS code and then in the Gift Card Code, copy the Pass Code you got from the Facebook page.

I picked "Cat Fancy" Magazine. So I will get one year for $2.00!!!

New Recycle Bank points!!! Autumn "Green Your Seasons"

As many of you know, I LOVE RecycleBank because you can earn points and get some awesome coupons!!! My free McDonald's Coupons, cat food coupons and soda coupons all come from Recycle Bank.

Now, RecycleBank has a new point Earning opportunity! You can go visit their "Green you Seasons". By doing the quizzes and the pledges, you can earn over 50 points! There is also a Q-Tip Quiz and you can earn 25 points from that. There is a KASHI challenge for 10 points. Earth Choice will give you 5 bonus points for just clicking on their ad on the page!!

I know that Recycle Bank can be a bit time consuming, but I have a daughter who loves to learn about Eco Friendly things, so I have her do it and she knows she is helping mom and learning about the environment. So, it's a win/win!

If you have never heard about Recyclebank,  now is the time to sign up and have some fun. IF you have your current Waste Management Company in  your city connected to RecycleBank, you can be earning points when they take your garbage!!! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a few frugal notes!

Just a few frugal notes....

....Family Dollar has a coupon out for $5.00 off and $25.00 purchase. Follow this LINK and print the coupon.

....also, At Starbucks, between November 17-20 from 2-5 p.m., when you buy one holiday drink, you'll get another one of equal or lesser value for free. Take your pick of your most-loved holiday beverages, including Peppermint Mocha, new Skinny Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Gingerbread Latte and Eggnog Latte.

....On Saturday, Nov. 19th, Pick N Save will once again be doing Double Double Daze!! You can use 10 coupons in each $25.00 transaction and they will be doubled!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do you save on phone bills?

My current AT&T went up a lot! So, my husband and I started looking into how to save on our phone bills.  We are going to try Free Talk. We hooked it up today. Free Talk uses Skype and your regular phone. You pay $30.00 for one year of unlimited Skype and $40.00 for the Free Talk ( One time purchase).  I paid less then the $40 because I used some Swagbucks to get an Amazon Gift Card. Skype allows me to make long distance phone calls for just the $30.00 per year.

So, we now will wait for a few months to see if my phone bill  goes down. My  husband and I are also researching internet connections. AT&T has raised my internet costs and I want to lower it again. So, I will start looking into other options.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coupons at

Walmart now has printable coupons right on their site!! Go to this LINK and print.

Lots of Coupons from Wounded Warrior Project!

Currently, the Wounded Warrior Project has teamed up with Smart Source to bring you "extra" IP Coupons. Follow this LINK, click on the Savings Box and print!

OH!! Just in time for Christmas!!!

I found this too and had to share it! If there is someone special in your life and you want to get an extra special gift, Meijer's has jewelry on clearance!!
Save 70-90% Off Fine Jewelry at

They have some really pretty things! BUT, also if you use Ebates, they offer 1.5% cash back!!! And they have FREE SHIPPING on most jewelry, as long as you choose Ground Shipping!

So, here is what I want! ( My daughter just got her ears pierced!)

3 pair of pearl earrings
$14.99 with Free Shipping.
$2.25 goes to my Ebates Account
Shipping Free!

Perfect for my daughter!!!!

Kellogg's Coupons!!

If you aren't a member of Kellogg's Newsletter, here is your chance to sign up!!

Join today and SAVE. It's FREE!

Good Deals at Walgreens this Week!

Walgreens has a coupon for Green Giant Veggies this week. .69 cents a can with coupon. Use the .50 cent coupon from todays paper.

+ .69
- .50
.88 cents,  which is .44 cents per can.
Also, Walgreens has an IVC coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes of Crackers
2 boxes for $5.00
- $1.00 IVC
- $1.00 off 2 boxes from coupon in today's Smart Source
OOP is $3.00 or $1.50 a box!

Hair Scrunchies $2.99, get a $2.00 RR back.

Today's Sunday Coupons!

Just a few coupons to point out today.

If you get the Smart Source, you may want to see if it has the $1.00 off 2 International Delight Creamers. Often Pick n Save will have these on sale during their Dollar Days. If you go on a day that double coupons, you can double the coupon and get a few bottles. Along those same lines, There is a Heluva Sour Cream Dip coupon for .75 cents off. Again, during Dollar Days, Pick N Save will put the small containers on for $1.00. With this coupon, that will make it .25 cents a container.

Also, in the Smart Source, are Sierra Mist coupons for .55 cents off ONE bottle! Often you can find the bottles for $1.00, when you do, you can pay .45 cents for a 2 liter!!

There is also a thin insert of Everyday Saver coupons. In that, there is a coupon for .50 cents off 2 cans of Green Giant Veggies. There are no size restrictions. So, if you find the small cans or there is a Dollar Sale, you will be able to pick up canned veggies pretty cheap!

McDonalds BOGO Coupons!

Check your paper this morning! Mine had a McDonalds coupon book! It was full of BOGO coupons. They expire at the end of the year. My kids will love this!! I only take them to McDonalds if I have a coupon or some great deal. :) Between their Halloween Coupons and these, we should be able to get a nice deal.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great DS Game Deal at!!!

IF you are trying to get ready for Christmas...then you want to see this! You can buy 3 Nintendo DS games on for $30.00. That is $10 a game ( Shipping is $1.97). You can pick up this deal at this LINK! Hurry! I am unsure of how long this will last!!

Free Kotex Sample

Free Kotex this LINK.

Hey Readers....

Once again, I have been slacking! I haven't written this past week due to my crazy hectic schedule. In the last week, I haven't done any shopping. We are still on the 5 week menu plan I made. We did get free tickets to the model railroad show so today we did that. I have been being frugal by just working and making sure I pack a lunch and snacks.

The kids have used a few of their McDonald's Treat coupons but beyond that, we have been keeping the spending down. I have noticed that our phone bill and water bill have gone up. So, we are going to try FreeTalk with Skype to see if that will bring our expenses down. We have some Amazon credit, so we didn't pay much for the Free Talk. I will report back to whether it was worth it.

Today was Pick N Save Double Dazes but I didn't go. I didn't it after the last few trips.

Overall life has been busy and I will try to post some deals this week!

Friday, November 4, 2011

25 free photos from Walgreens!!

Hurry! I don't know how long this will last!! Walgreens has a coupon code for 25 free prints. Use the coupon code FORU25 and then you can pick them up for free from your local store or pay to have them shipped!

You can also try the photo code FREE4X6 for 25 more free photos. This one expires tonight or tomorrow, so hurry!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good McDonald's Coupons now at RecycleBank!!

If you are a RecycleBank Member, now is the time to cash in those points if you like McDonalds! They have coupons for free cones, free Fruit and Maple Oatmeal OR small Smoothies for 100 points!!! If you have been doing the different point opportunities, then you should have enough for 2 or 3 coupons!!!

Not a member of RecyleBank? Find out more about how to join and earn points at this LINK!

Olay $10 Rebate!

Olay just came out with a new rebate! Spend $30 and get a $10 rebate back! Follow this LINK for the form! Purchase may not include Pro-X Devices and Refills. You will need to have an original receipt and the UPC codes. Purchases must be made by Dec. 31st, 2011 and mailed by January 14,2012.

This week at Walgreens they have Olay Body Wash, B1G1 50% off and they have Olay Regenerist on sale for $20.99. When you purchase the Regenerist, you get a free CoverGirl Lip Perfection.

Here is a scenerio:
1 Olay Regenerist, $20.99
1 CoverGirl Lip Perfection, Free with purchase
2 Olay Body Washes, $4.99 each
Total $30.97
Minus 1 .50 cents off coupon from the P&G Brand Saver Nov. 2011.
OOP: $30.47 plus tax.
Get the free lipstick and $10.00 back. So $20.97 for the regenerist, 2 body washes, and a lipstick.

Hallmark coupon $5.00 off any $10 purchase!!

Right now, on Facebook, you can go to Hallmark and click on the special offers! They have a coupon for $5.00 off any $10.00 purchase. The coupon expires on Nov. 13th, 2011. Coupon states One Coupon per customer.
Follow this LINK to get yours!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pick N Save is doing DOUBLE DAZE AGAIN!!!!

Well, they just announced they are going to do it again! This Saturday, Nov. 5th, they will allow you to use 10 double coupons instead of 5 with a $25.00 transaction!  Which means if you have a $25.00 transaction, and you use 10 $1.00 double coupons, you will pay $5.00 OOP!

Start getting your coupons ready!!! Who is going this Saturday? hum...should  I go???

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Awesome Jello Deal!!

Here is a great way to get some cheap Jell-o! Go the right hand side of my blog, scroll through the Coupon Box ( Orange in color) until you get to the $1.25 off 3 Kraft Products coupon. Print the coupon. Then, next week at Walgreens, Jell-o is on sale for .59 cents a box!

.59 cents * 3 is $1.77 - $1.25 coupon is .52 cents!!! Or .18 cents a box!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Doubles Trip To Pick N Save...and other menu planning notes!!!

Well, Dragged my husband out of bed this morning ( He is already back in bed!) to hit the Pick N Save Super Doubles. I did 5 transactions (50 coupons). It was a stock pile trip, not a menu planning trip. I did 66% savings. A lot of the shelves were emptied, but I did get some freebies and good deals. I have done inventory of my stockpile EXCEPT for the freezer, which I still want to do this weekend. So, I will replan my menu plans for the month of Nov.

Here is my 5 transactions all in one.

8 boxes of Breakfast Scambler Sandwiches, $2.99, $1.00 coupon that doubled. 
2 packages of Chicken Hot Dogs, on sale .78 cents each
2 4 pound bags of sugar
1 pack of Charmin TP
1 package of Italian Sausage
1 10 pack of razors
2 packs of Pillsbury Brownie Bites
3 boxes of Hot Cocoa
12 cans of Healthy Select Soups, 2/$4.00, I had $1.00 off coupons, making them .50 cents each
3 bags of Bear Creek Soups, $2.99, $1.00 coupon that doubled.
9 containers of yogurt ( I used these for work) $1.00 each, had 3/$1.00 coupons that doubled.
4 4pks of Yogurt Delights ( I will also use for work) $1.88 each, had .50 cents off coupons that doubled
30 cans of cat food ( on clearance for .29 cents a can and I had a $1.25 off coupon)
1 box of Mrs. T's Perogies, on sale $2.39, I had a $1.00 coupon that doubled
4 boxes of Tic Tacs, $1.29 each, $1.00 off coupons that doubled
10 packs of 5 React Gum, on clearance .74 cents and I had a 2 $1.00 off coupon that doubled. I did get overage on this,  normally Pick N Save doesn't do overage.
3 packs of Xtra Gum, $1.29 and I had .50 cent off coupons that doubled, ( again, my husband and daughter chew a lot of gum so I stockpiled at these prices. I do note that these are not necessities)
2 bags of shredded cheese ( cheap quesdillas), on sale
1 block of cheddar cheese,  on sale
3 boxes of Capri Sun Drinks, I had $1.00 off coupons that doubled

So my total before coupons was $200.04 and after was $66.79. Basically a 66% savings. My daughter also asked the stocker, and got, 28 Langer Juice Coupons. So, I will be able to pick up 28 more juices over at Woodman's before the end of November. I haven't bought juice (except for Capri Suns) since summer. Which has saved us nicely.

Now, I have to work on my menus for Nov. I was blessed with a bunch of free bread from church. We received buns, loafs of bread, garlic rolls, etc. And I was blessed with lots of tomatoes, banana squash and pumpkins. So I have to fit those into the menu.

November has 30 days, not including Thanksgiving.

30 breakfasts

11 at home lunches
20 at work lunches for me
10 at work lunches for my husband

29 dinners ( Not counting Thanksgiving)

So, I have to figure that out and make a menu from my inventory, stockpile. I plan not to grocery shop much in November.  Except for what I need to bring to our family Thanksgiving meal.

Hurry! Target has a great deal on Squinkies Teatime Suprise Playset!!

I have no idea how long this will last! But, if you need a girls gift for Christmas, this one is great!!! Today's Daily Deal at Target is the Squinkies Teatime Surprise Playset. It's on the daily deal for $7.99 ( full price $11.99). First, you need to sign up for an account. Then use the coupon code TGT75HFN for a $5.00 off credit! Also, since this is a daily deal, you don't pay shipping! So, $7.99 -$5.00 is $2.99 plus tax!! Mine came to $3.43 cents SHIPPED!!!  Follow this LINK and pick this up before it's gone!! It's a daily deal, so once it's sold's gone!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Deal on an Olay Gift Set from! has a great deal on Beauty Products Gift Sets! ( you want to use this for a gift!) You can pick up a $10.00 Olay Gift Set (LINK), then pay thge $1.97 shipping. Once you get the gift set, you want to save the receipt because, inside the box, there is a gift card for a free magazine subscription.  On that gift card, you can chose to NOT get the free magazine and pick the $9.99 magazine value instead!!!

So you mail in the rebate and get $9.99 back! So, your OOP for the gift set will be $1.97! The fine print states one rebate per mailing address, so if you can use your work address or a family members, you may be able to do a few gift sets!

These will make great gifts for teachers!!!

(If you want more information, the Allure Website has all the information about the rebate! Here is the LINK!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boston Market: Free Kids meal with Adult meal during Halloween!!!

Get one free kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal anytime during the Halloween weekend! You can find the coupon at this LINK!

Free Dr. Pepper 10!!

Check your email if you are a Speedy Rewards Member!! The November  Newsletter has a coupon for a Free 20 oz. Dr. Pepper 10!

Groupon Deal: $40 The Body Shop Gift Cert for $20.00!!!

I can't believe I missed this one!!! I was sent this yesterday, but somehow I missed it!! You have to try to still get in on this one!! $40 gift cert for The Body Shop for only $20! That would make a great Christmas Gift!!!  Follow this LINK and get in while you can!!!

How Frugal is your Halloween?

Since I am a working mom of 2 kids, I am always busy and trying to play catch up. So, am I ready for Halloween? YEAP! I am! I would love to hear your tips for a frugal Halloween, but here is how we did ours!

Candy... Bought One bag of Hersey's Chocolate Snack Bars, $1.99 on sale and I used a $1.00 off coupon. So I paid $1.06 with tax.What doesn't get taken by the trick or treaters will be saved for winter S'Mores in the fireplace!  Bought the clearance suckers at Walgreens. On clearance for $1.50, Used $1.00 RR's. So I paid $1.17 for 2 bags. Enough for the trick or treaters.

Costumes....Bought last year at Walmart 90%  clearance, kept in rubbermaid. I paid $1.49 for my son's costume and my daughters was about .70 cents for all the pieces ( orange wings, orange skirt and orange fairy wand set)

Pumpkins...My son got a little one from Church school. Then, we went to a local farm where the pumpkins were $2.00 each for the medium ones. 2 pumpkins = $4.00. Patterns from the internet - Free!

Decorations... My daughter made tissue paper ghosts and we used a black garbage bag to make a spider on our front lawn. Using raked leaves, filling the black garbage bag and then long black garbage bags strips for arms. :)  Done.

Gift bags for my son's class at school.... Pencils ( Disney Princess and Disney Cars, from Clearance Valentine packs, NO, they don't have hearts or anything on them!), Halloween Stickers ( Walmart 90% off clearance from last year), Pencil Top Erasers (Full Box, .39 cents after rebate from Menards), Tattoos ( don't remember what I paid, I bought TONS of them on clearance a LONG TIME AGO). And candy ( Again, from Walgreens Clearance Suckers!).  So, I probably put about $4.00 into everything for these!) Even the plastic bags I used were from Menards Rebates!

Party..our local downtown businesses have a free fun Halloween Party for the kids. We will be attending that in our costumes. 

That is it! I can do face painting on my daughter for her orange butterfly princess costume.

That is it. Simple, Effective...and inexpensive!

What are you doing to keep the costs down and the fun up??

Walmart New Price Matching Policy!

For the Holiday Season, Walmart is going to Price Match Items even AFTER you buy them! So, if you buy something at Walmart between Nov. 1st and Dec. 25th, then see an advertisment for the exact same item somewhere else, you can bring back the receipt and item and Walmart will give you a gift certificate for the difference!!!

 Some exclusions do exist, so make sure you read the fine print. Here is the LINK to the article on MSN.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Double Double Daze at Pick N Save!!!

Pick N Save just announced that Saturday, Oct. 29th, they will be doing Double Double Dazes! That means they will accept 10 double coupon for each $25.00 transaction!! I am going to start going through my coupons and getting ready. This will be great because I would like to do a stock pile trip!!! I just confirmed this with my store, please check your local store for more details!!

Good Deal on Klennex Cool Touch!

Walgreens has Klennex Cool Touch Tissue on sale 2/$3.00, then you get a $1.00 RR. Also, there are sunday coupons that are .50 cents off one box ( they expire 10/30/11).

So the transaction would be
-$1.00 ( 2 .50 cents coupons)
OOP 2/$2.00
and get a $1.00 RR

Also, Walgreens has candy on sale with IVC for $1.99,  if you use this coupon LINK for the $1.00 off any ONE will pay .99 cents for a bag. You can print up to 2 coupons!

Crayola 2011 Holiday Rebates!!

Here is the 2011 Crayola Holiday Rebate LINK ! If you are planning to buy any Crayola Items as Christmas Gifts, this will be a way to save a bit of money!

Blockbuster Express New Codes!

Here are some new Blockbuster codes! These codes expire 10/28 and are valid on the $1  Regular DVD Rentals. You can use them on Games or Blue Rays.
  • 52ABDP8
  • 53BPSP5
  • 33JBHG4
  • 33WHZS5
  • 63JRTW5
  • 73SGLM3
  • 22MAYB2
  • 64KJRD4
  • 37CDJS2
  • 73KWMR8
  • 22KRFT9

Friday, October 21, 2011

Get a free "treat" from Pizza Hut when you sign up for their Hut Lovers Email program!

Sign up for Pizza Hut's Hut Lovers Email and get a free "treat" with your next order. Follow this LINK to sign up!

Target Beauty Bag!

Back on August 29th, I posted about the Target Beauty Bag! Well, it came in the mail today! It included the bag, $20 in coupons( which are Target coupons so the can be combined with manu. coupons!), sample of John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner, Burt's Bee's Body Lotion, Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner, Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner, and Pond's Cleansing Towelettes.

Cool Freebie!

Local Readers: Milwaukee Co Zoo has free Family Day!

Nov. 5th and Dec. 3rd will both be Family Free Days! That means admission is free! All Visitors will get in free, but will still have to pay for parking. So, if you are up to walking in, you can park on the street and walk in for free. For more information,visit:

Enjoy the Animals!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Arm and Hammer Coupons!

Arm and Hammer came out with new IP Coupons!  Here is the LINK and you can print each coupon twice!

Free Sample of Aveeno Living Color Hair Care Sample

Walmart has a free sample of Aveeno Living Color shampoo and conditioner! Follow this LINK and click on the brown box that says, "Free Sample" down at the bottom of the page or in the middle of the page with the Arbor Day Tree.

.09 cents for a McDonald's Hamburger!!!!

I wanted to give you a heads up on this! Some area McDonald's are selling Halloween Coupon Booklets for $1.00. The coupons are good starting November 1st but they have NO EXPIRATION DATE! In the coupon booklets are coupons for free apple slices, apple juice or milk, free small cone and free hamburger! The coupons state "Valid at participating US McDonald's. Must present coupon before ordering. One free item per certificate. Limit one certificate per person per visit.  Void if Auctioned, sold, copied, or duplicated."

So, 12 coupons for $1.00!! That comes out to .083 cents per cost for the coupon!! 9 cents for a hamburger! I was lucky enough to get 2 coupon books! You may want to check out your McDonalds and see if they are selling the Halloween "Treats Pack" coupon books!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Box of Royal Canin Select Cat Food!

Royal Canin is a great cat food ( I know my cats have had it!) Now, you can sign up for a free box! Awesome Freebie! Follow this LINK to sign up!

Free Sample of Bliss Aromatherapy!

Nice! Free Sample of Armoatherapy Bliss Shower Gel, and Body Butter! Follow this LINK! I can't wait to get this one!!

Quizno's Coupon! Free Chips and Drink!

Quizno's has a new coupon! Get Free chips and a Free Drink with any regular sub or salad purchase! Follow this LINK to get the coupon!

WOO HOO! New Photo Book Deal!!

Groupon has a great new deal! If you love Photo Books like I do, you won't want to wait! For $15.00 you get a $50.00 gift cert for Mix Books!! That is a great deal, go to this LINK to get in on this deal!!!

Find Local Deals 50% - 90% Off

Monday, October 17, 2011

$10 Gift Card to Dave and Buster from Coke Rewards

Right now, At Coke Rewards, you can pick up a Dave and Buster Gift Card for only 180 points!!! Go to this LINK for the information and to grab yours!!

One more trip..To Walmart

Okay, I won't post photos because I am in the middle of making dinner. But, again, they are remodeling my Walmart so I am getting all sorts of great clearance items!! Today, they put out all overstock and clearance shoes. Any clearance shoes were an additional 50% off the clearance tag! So, I spent $13.00 and I got 5 pairs of shoes! 3 pairs for my son ( I got different sizes, so he can grow into them), myself a pair of shoes and my daughter some nice dress up shoes! WOO HOO!!

Coupon Available again for Super Sticky Post IT notes

Post it Notes have had some great coupons before, now they brought this one back!

Follow this LINK for an IP Coupon for $1.00 off any Super Sticky Post It notes, AND $1.00 off any $4.00 purchase of Super Sticky Full Adhesive Notes AND $1.00 off Pop Up Post it note Dispenser. Coupons Expire 11/31/11.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Disney Rewards Codes! 50 points

10 points each!


Disney Rewards Points!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Great shopping trip at Walmart!

I haven't posted a shopping trip for awhile because I have been busy and because I haven't grocery shopped in over 2 months. My family has been living off our stockpile: Frozen ground Turkey, bread, Veggies, etc.  So, I need to plan a Grocery Trip. But I wanted to use the cat treat coupons and my Walmart had them in stock.

With that said, I went to Walmart today to pick up the free cat treats! In the process, my Walmart had $1.00 clothes on clearance!! My Walmart is remodeling to become a Super Walmart, so I got some great deals! I got $125.17 worth of items for $21.30!! I was thrilled!

Here is what I got:
5 packs of Crave Cat Food Snacks $1.47, used Free Coupons
1 CoverGirl Blush $3.74
1 CoverGirl Foundation $6.54, Used the $8.00 Coupon from Sunday Paper
2 Baby Outfits, $1.00 each on clearance
Box of Pampers Baby Wipes (420 count), On Clearance for $5.00 ( I didn't have a coupon!OH! but it was a great deal!)

1 plastic school box, .10 cents on cleance
2 2pks of Sharpie Markers, .50 cents on clearance
1 pouch of instant potoates, .98 cents, used Free Coupon
3 trays of Whiskas Cat food, .49 cents each and I had a B2G1F coupon
4 pairs of Swim Trunks. My son has asked me to buy these before, but they were $9.00 full price! Got on clearance for $1.00 each!!
3 short sleeve cute girls t-shirts! $1.00 each on clearance.
1 men's polo shirt $1.00 on clearance ($8.87 full price)

Total OOP was $ 21.30.

I will post my grocery shopping trip as soon as I get out there to do it!

Kids get free Spooky Pancake at IHOP!

Count Spatula - IHOP's Scary Face Pancake - reminding you to bring your 12-and-under kids to IHOP, Friday, October 28 from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., for our free Count Spatula Scary Face Pancake Giveaway. For more information and to get a free WAKE UP Phone call from Count Spatula, follow this LINK and sign up!!

Offer valid at participating locations, October 28 from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. only. One per child 12-and-under. No purchase necessary. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Dollar $5.00 for $25.00 coupon

There is a coupon good for Oct. 15th and 16th at Family Dollar Store, the coupon is for $5.00 off of $25.00 purchase. Follow this LINK to print the coupon.

Free Cookie for a Book from Great American Cookies!

Here you go! Here is a free cookie from Great American Cookie for donating a book!  Here is the LINK.

Hallmark Gold Crown Coupons!!

IF you have a Hallmark, you should be a member of the Gold Crown Club. Right now, on Facebook, they have 2 awesome coupons! One is for $5.00 off any $10.00 purchase and one is Buy One Card, get the second card free!  Follow this LINK for the Facebook page!

Renuzit Try Me Free Rebate

Right now, Renuzit has 3 new Holiday Fresh Accents Air Freshners. Buy one, send in the rebate and get your money back! Follow this LINK for the rebate form!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Deal from!

My Haunted has a deal on Saveology from get a $20.00 credit for only $10.00.  This website has lots of smaller "goodies" if you don't want to give candy. They had cute pencils, toys and bags. You will have to pay shipping as well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speedy Rewards, free bag of chips!

Check your Speedy Rewards October email, there is a coupon for free Lay's Chips!!!

Office Depot FANTASTIC deals!!!

Become a Worklife Rewards member at Office Depot and pick up these fantastic deals this week!

*K-cups Coffee $11.99, get the money back on your Worklife Rewards card
*Iris 3 Drawer unit, On sale for $15.99 to $16.99, get the entire amount back on your Worklife Rewards card
*Uniball Pink Ribbon Gel Pen, Pack of 12 for $19.49, get the entire amount back on your card.

There are lots more!! Be sure to check it out!

BlockBuster Express Codes

These codes are good only tonight! They expire tomorrow! Hope someone can use them!

expires 10/03/11

Free Tai Pei Product!

TODAY! At 3pm (eastern time), go to their website and sign up for a free product! Go to this LINK at that time and sign up for a free product coupon.

Welcome October! Some Frugal Notes!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, September is over, time to get those binders and files cleaned out!

Second, Get a newspaper today!  There are lots of inserts! P&G BrandSaver, Hasbro Toys, General Mills, Pepsi Co, Red Plum and a large Smart Source!! The Smart Source has some good coupons including: Ricola BOGO coupon, $1.00 off One Box of Celestial Seasonings Tea, and $1.00 off one Activia Multipack.  In the Red Plum, There is BOGO coupons for Sauve Shampoo and Kids Shampoo! Those will be great with a sale. There is also BOGO coupons for Tresemme and Dove Hair Care, and Vaseline Lotion.

Also, in the Red Plum, there is $1.00 off 1 Men's Dove Deoderant and $1.00 off one Men's Body Wash. Again, if these go on sale, that will be a great deal.

Also, in the Red Plum, There is a TARGET coupon for .50 cents off any Vick's Cold and Flu or Cough Relief. IF you combine that coupon with the Manufactures coupon that is in the P&G Brandsaver Paper today  for $1.00 off any VICKS product, you should be able to pick up some cough drops or cold medicine at a pretty nice price!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dial NutriSkin Lotion Sample

Walmart has a free sample again! Dial NutriSkin Lotion sample is now available. Go to this LINK and sign up for this freebie!

Free Purina Pet Pads ( Rebate)

IF you are training a puppy, or help at animal shelters, this freebie is for you! On the Purina Pet Gear Facebook page, there is a rebate for Free Pet Pads

One (1) Purina® Pet Gear Training Pads 20 count carton at any Walmart Store between August 1, 2011 Thru October 31, 2011 to receive a rebate for the amount of the purchase up to $8.00, while supplies last.

You can get to their Facebook page from this LINK and you can do the rebate online or in paper form.

THEN! You get an even better deal because there is a $2.00 off coupon at this LINK

Rare Silk Milk $1.25 coupon on FaceBook

Silk Soy Milk has a rare $1.25 coupon Facebook. Follow this LINK and print yours!

Awesome Pepsi Coupons!!

Pepsi/Frito Lay has come out with some fantastic coupons!! Follow this LINK and click on the coupons you want and print!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mega Block COUPONS!!!

These will probably go fast! Register with Mega Blocks family Club and get lots of coupons!! Follow this LINK and sign up!

Walgreens Free Collage AGAIN!

WOW! Walgreens really has done a lot of these! Get a free Photo Collage TODAY ONLY! Use code COLLAGE during check out and then pick it up tomorrow! Go to and click on photo! Make your collage and then set it up for pick up at your local store!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Sample of Kids Gummy Vitamins

Disney Vitamins has a free sample! Follow this LINK and sign up!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coke Points double on Powerade and Coke Zero!!

WOO HOO! Starting today, through 9/26, get double points on Coke Zero and Powerade CAPS!! So if you collect Coke Rewards, now is the time to cash in any Powerade and Coke Zero! You will get 6 points instead of 3!

Monday, September 19, 2011

All You Magazine has Free Idahoan Potatoes!

If you bought the Oct. 21st ALL YOU Magazine, page 83 has a coupon for Free Idahoan Potatoes. You can choose AuGratin, Scalloped and Loaded Baked. The coupon expires 12/31/11.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another great deal at Walgreens!!!

Another deal I found at Walgreens this week:

First Transaction:
Tom's Toothpaste or Deoderant is on sale for $3.99, use the $1.00 coupon in today's Smart Source Coupon Section, Pay $2.99 (plus tax)  and get a $2.00 RR back.

Second Transaction:
Then, go buy the Hyland's Nighttime Cold and Cough 4 Kids. It's on sale for $4.99, use the $2.00 off RR from the  first transaction. Pay $2.99 ( Plus tax) and get a $4.99 RR BACK!!

So OOP is $6.00 (Plus tax), but you have a $4.00 RR for next time and you have 2 more stockpile products.

OR Second Transaction:
Go buy Blistex Cold and Allergy Lip Soother, On sale for $2.00, use the $2.00 RR and pay nothing but tax. And get a $2.00 BACK!

So your OOP is $2.99 ( plus tax), but you have a $2.00 RR for next time. :)

Free Prevacid 24 hour at Walgreens

If you got the Sunday Paper Coupons today, there was a coupon for $4.00 off and a rebate for $15.99 on Prevacid 24 hour. This week at Walgreens has Prevacid 24 on sale. Sale Price thru Sep 24, 28 ct., 15 mg.

Sale Price $19.99 - $4 Less coupon savings in most Sunday papers* - $15.99 Less mail-in rebate in most Sunday papers** = So you pay $15.99 and get it back in a refund.

Christmas is WHEN??? Great Amazon Toy Deals!

If you haven't started to think about Christmas...I completely understand...I don't want to think about it either, BUT it's 15 weeks away. Which will go faster than you want to think about it! So, I started to think about what I am going to do. I have lots of people to buy for this year, I have debt again, and I don't want to do the Black Friday Shopping like I did last year..I spent the entire night out AND went over my budget.

With that said, I started looking at Amazon, with their $25.00 super saver shipping, there is A LOT of great deals!!! Here are just a few I found, many at 60% off!!!

And some video game deals for the Wii!

And DS Games

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.