Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Went to Walgreens

There wasn't anything on my list of things to buy, but I had $20.00 in RR's that I needed to spend or they expire tomorrow. SO, I decided to buy more treats since the kids can bring them for snack time at school.

I bought
7 2liter bottles of soda ( figured with the holidays we will need them, we had no soda in the house)
9 rolls of toilet paper
4 8 packs of cheese crackers
1 box of cheese gold fish crackers
3 cans of cranberry sauce
2 6 packs of raisins
1 box of clearance candy ( for my son's reward)

Total after RR's: $1.09

Then I got a refund check in the mail today and my husband got 2 bags of handme down clothes from family. :) Yeah!!

Stay Frugal everyone!!

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