Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Target and Walgreens trip...

Spent $22.00 but I got $30.00 back in RR"s and Gift cards! YEAH!!

First stop, Walgreens.
2 Halloween pencils ( .12 cent fillers on clearance)
2 Halloween Bags ( 12 cent fillers on clearance, will use for gift bags, they don't look halloween like)
1 Almay Makeup ( on sale for $9.99 and has a $10.00 RR back)
Total: $11.05 ( with tax)
Used my RR"s from the last trip, so after RR's it was $3.05
GOT $10.00 back in RR"s!

Second Stop Target:
Bought 10 Glade Oil Candles, On sale for $2.50, had BOGO coupon ( from newspaper and coupon spitter), then when you buy 5 you get a $5.00 gift card
Total: 25.00 - $12.50 in coupons and my $5.00 gift card from the cereal deal: Paid $8.46 (with tax), got $10.00 in Gift cards for next time. I will use these candles and candle refills for christmas gifts.

Third stop, another Walgreens:
Picked up another Almay Make up because I needed it;
$10.54 with tax, got $10.00 back in RR's.

SO, spent out of pocket $22.05 and I got $30.00 back in Gift cards and RR's for next time.


cmkuks said...

I've been doing that Glade one - it's awesome!

pennyscents said...

I have also been going the Glade candles deals. You can also submit the SC Johnson rebates on those too for a really nice MM deal.

I am just curios why you didn't take advantage of the rest of the Almay bogo 50% off?

You could have bought one of the Pure blends foundation for $9.99.

Then picked up a Almay pure blends mascara for half off. They are $7.00 something B4 the 50% off. The cost of the mascara would be around $3.50. You then get a $5.00 RR on that item too.

I personally am not going to do this deal. I never wear foundation, and I have enough mascara. Plus I'm an Avon lady.

Frugalmommie said...

I didn't do the rest of the deal because I have 8 free mascaras in my stockpile free from the Double Kmart event. I just needed the foundation.

Frugalmommie said...

I am sending in for the SC Johnson Rebate. Thanks for reminding me! The funny thing is that I posted that rebate and then forgot about it!! LOL!!!

pennyscents said...

I'm glad I could help! :)

I should tell you my Target, Glade Candle, SC Johnson Rebate story.

Last week I bought 25 of the holiday (4oz)candles, and 2 of the 3+1 refill packs. I used a lot of different coupons that I had gotten from online, from the papers, and also from inside the candle tins.
In the end I paid $2.21 for all 25 of the candles. If I take the $5.00 gift cards into effect. I did do 5 separate trans, so I was able to use my GC's right away.

I sent in my 3 $5.00 rebates, so I will be getting $15.00 back.

I also submitted 3 rebates for my sister in law. I had another receipt form a different Glade purchase that I had made at K-mart. It was during dbl days, so I got those free too. Anyways, I submitted the 3 for my sister in law b/c she is always giving me coupons, and I did not want to see the rebates go to waste either.

So I spent $2.21, plus the cost of postage. I am getting $15.00 back, and my sister in law is get $15.00 too. $2.21 spent, $30.00 back. Not bad!!!

Frugalmommie said...

Penny, that is fantastic!!!! Great Job. I bought 15 candles between the 2 transactions. I am adding the candles to teacher gifts and gifts for a few friends.

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