Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If you do Swagbucks....read this!

As you know, Swagbucks has plenty of Gift Cards that you can get for free with the web's premier digital dollar. What could be better than getting to save money without even spending money?! Especially during the holiday season. We've got a wide variety of Gift Cards in our Swag Store; from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to Starbucks to Sephora to CrazyDogTShirts to iTunes to PayPal to Target and more. We have these available in the Swag Store all the time and they're always free to you by using your Swag Bucks.

But, we're going to make what's already an awesome system even better. Here's how...

Every day of the week we will pick one Gift Card in our Swag Store and "blow it out"! Starting on Black Friday (November 27th) we'll drastically cut the price to much less than we normally have these cards at and you can scoop up as many as 2 for far less than their full price. We won't announce which gift cards are the blowout card of the day but if and when you find it, go to town. Some gift cards may be the blow out gift card of the day more than once and at different blowout prices. That means you should probably explore the Swag Store every day just in case we're blowing out one of your favorite online store's gift card. We will do this all the way up until January 1st, 2010.


pennyscents said...

Hi Angie,
How did you get this message? I am a member of Swagbucks, but I never get any messages like this. I even saw on another blog that they had a dbl swagbucks day on that particular day. I left a comment there asking how they knew when it was a dbl day, but no one ever got back to me. If you could help me with more info that would be great.


Frugalmommie said...

Hi Penny,
I got that message in an email.

As far as getting double swagbucks, I Haven't heard about that. Matter of fact, I don't do much swagbucks games or code hunts, I only do searches daily!!


Frugalmommie said...

Hi Penny,
I want to correct myself..I didn't get that in an email, It was posted on their website. Sorry, I was thinking of something else when I posted that and I wanted to make sure I corrected myself!!!

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