Monday, November 23, 2009

Haven't posted alot lately....

I haven't posted alot's been quiet around here as far as shopping. I have been trying to figure out more ways to bring in INCOME and less ways to have it fly out the door. :)   I am picking up some odd jobs to bring in extra money. And believe it or not, I don't plan on buying much on Black Friday!!! First of all, money is tight. Second, I got most of my shopping done. Third, I am not a early riser and crowds are my favorite so there isn't the thrill there.

You can do Black Friday searches in your Swagbucks search, you will find lots of options. BUT, please remember so basic rules. Rule Number One: Quanities are limited, so don't expect to get the product! IF you do, GREAT! but be prepared to be disappointed. Rule Number Two: this year due to the economy, you may not find the best prices on Black Friday. As it gets closer to christmas, retailers will be scrabbling to make sales, and the prices may acutally drop! Rule Number Three: Do your research!! Know the fine print! If you buy something electronic, can it be returned after opening? Rule Number Four: Have you ever heard of model swapping? Retailers will have a model number on their product, then they will make a "lower" version of the same product without all the bells and whistles and sell that model on sale. Please make sure you know what you are buying.

I do plan on going to Walmart. They will price match all competers ads. Walmart will had kids jackets and boots on sale. Not a christmas item, but a good chance to get some nice things for my kids.

I hope all you Black Friday Shopping goes well!! I hope you shop smart!! Don't max out those credit cards!! Will it be worth it in July 2010 when you are still paying on interest?? Ugh!!

Stay Frugal!!


cmkuks said...

I have saved $45 in Target giftcards to use on BF. Also, a lot of places will have their BF pricing on their websites Thursday, so you can avoid the crowds and still get the deals...

Frugalmommie said...

cmkuks, yes, I could shop on line to avoid crowds, but then you pay shipping. Also, I have most of my christmas shopping done, so no need to go crazy shopping this weekend.


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