Friday, November 27, 2009

Did you go Black Friday Shopping?

I did go...I am pretty much done buying gifts except for the 3 men gifts and 1 woman gift. I spent $140, paid cash and can pretty much take a deep breath and not have to worry about Christmas.

Please post in the comments section if you went, what you bought and did you feel it was worth it?


Tammy said...

I did go shopping, or at least attempted to. Got to Walmart by 4:00 only hoping to get one item(the notebook computer for $197)only to be told it was already sold out! We asked how that could be when the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5. They apparently were handing out tickets and had already done so by 2:30. I really wish they would've stated this in their ad or online but they didn't. It was a total waste of time. The crowds seemed to be much larger than last year and people were much more rude. The police had to be called for people fighting over toys, An Office Max employee gave a friend all of the doorbuster computer tickets who in turn tried to sell them to my friend in the parking lot. My friend got the manager and called the cops. I really didn't think the deals were that great and I definitely will not go shopping on Black Friday anymore!

Frugalmommie said...

Tammy, that was the one thing that I wanted and didn't get. FOR THE SAME REASON you didn't get it. Sorry that it didn't work. We don't go Black Friday Shopping to get the electronics.

mickeynjoe said...

We got to Toys-R-Us at 12:20. They opened at midnight, but just as we walked up they were locking the doors! They were over capacity and they said that people couldn't move. The manager said that it would be a half an hour before he would open the doors. We ended up waiting 2 hours and they still wouldn't let us in so we left! We went to stand in line for Old Navy. The ads said they opened at 3 and they were giving away free Wii Rock Band games. We waited outside for a little under an hour. Then they opened the mall and our line moved inside. We get to Old Navy and the manager said that they didn't open until 5am. She said it was in the fine print that you were suposed to call each store! So we left and went to Sears. Got a kids digital camera (1/2 off), sleeper pjs (sale), and a mini video recorder (1/2 off). On the way back to the car I saw the Old Navy manager coming to the front of the door so we stopped and hung out with the crowd for a little bit. She started passing out the wristband for the games. They weren't being very organized, so people were pushing and making a big mob...SO I got into the middle of it and got the LAST wristband! Yeah! I asked the sales lady and she said I didn't have to wait for the store to open. I just needed to come back the same day. Then we went to the Walmart in Waukesha...What a zoo! Got 2 Wii games for $7 each, a large picture collage frame for $7, transformer double packs for $8, a little pet shop play set for $9, bath towels for $2, and a few other things I can't remember right now! Then we went to Kohls. I was armed with my 15% off card. I got myself and son winter jackets and boot (40% off). I got a matchbox plane for $2, a flece blanket for $3.99, and a magic bullet blender for $39 after rebate. Then we went to Kmart. I got the boxes for Hershey Pot of Gold candy. They were on sale for $3.99 and I had 3 coupons for a $1 off! Each box was $2.99! I got B2G1 lego sets. They were regulary $9.99 each, so I paid $20 for 3. I got a few more things that were also on sale. Then we went to Walgreens. I used my register rewards for the previous day ($10 worth - I had bought $10 worth of shampoo the previous day and got the rewards!). I got 2 webkins - B1G1, vitamins B1G1, M&M's 2/$2 after instant rebate, and Dixie plates 2/$5 plus I had a $1 off 2. I also bought the large box of crayons for $1.99 and got a $1 register reward. Overall, a very productive day! I spent $281 and saved approx. $257 from the origional prices! Only a few presents left!

Frugalmommie said...

Mickey! You did great!!!

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