Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frugal Notes

Well, a couple of frugal things happened today. Since this is my blog, I am going to brag...So, skip this blog post if you don't want to hear it....LOL

I got a free car wash.

Then I went and used my free yougart and free uncrustables coupons, found a big bottle of tea on clearance for 25 cents. So, my out of pocket was .24 cents after tax because they do a bag credit at the grocery store which really lowered my cost. :) All of that will be saved for our water park trip for an upcoming weekend trip. It happens there is a conference in a nearby town for my career. We saved enough cash for me to attend the conference. One of the perks is that the water park is in the conference center/hotel. So, my kids get to go to the water park while I attend the conference. :) So, I told the kids I couldn't afford to eat out much, so I bought the uncrustables, yougart and the drink bottle for the hotel room so we don't spend a bunch of money on eating out. We will go out at least once. The kids have their McDonalds Free Happy Meal coupons, so we will "treat" them to those. So, spending .24cents will save us a bunch of money on eating out. :)

Then I got my new scanner today for Neilsen Home Panel. I will scan my groceries and they will pay me to do it. :) Gotta love that!

On top of it, we actually heard good news on my husband's job search. He got a call back on an interview and there is a chance he will have a second interview. Granted, it's not a job offer, but it means there is a chance, which is better than what has been the last 10 months!  :) He is really interested in the company and they seem very interested in him! YEAH!

We have sat down and figured out our debt snowball. We have 2 "snowflakes" coming ( if you know debt snowball lingo, you know what a snowflake is!!) One is on a savings account that we totally didn't realize we could have access too and in February we will have our tax refund. So, if you take those two "snowflakes" we can pay off the balance on the credit debt AND my car. We will be debt free from everything but the mortgage!! Time for baby step #3 ( Again, a Dave Ramsey thing and debt snowball thing!)

So, despite my husband not working much ( he is working part time, minimum wage at a fast food joint about 15 to 25 hours a week for about 2 months now), I have picked up 2 side jobs and still work my full time job. God has been abundant with blessing recently!!! We have been able to save up enought to get life insurance on both of us ( never had that before). And get both cars tuned up, and ready for winter, including brakes and tires for the van. Nothing put on credit card!!!

This has been a long journey that started almost 8 years ago. But knowing that soon, we will be debt free and able to save for our kids education, our retirement and protect our family with insurance, really gives me a huge piece of comfort. All this of this has been through God! WOW, in 8 years we have bought a home, have had 3 lay offs, a baby, husband had emergeny care on a spiral fractured leg, a car completely breaking down and so many other bumps along the way.

And it's taught me alot!!! It's taught me to make do with what I have, be satified with what I have, not to want, WANT, WANT!!!

Stay Frugal!!!!


Amy said...

Praise the Lord, God is GOOD! Good luck on the second interview!!

Nick + Amber said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Angie.

God is SO good! I'm so glad you can see in retrospect how He has provided for you, and guided you along the way.

pennyscents said...

You have every right to brag!!!
Good work and good luck to your husband. I will say a prayer for you, and your family.


Dixie said...

Thanks for letting us know what the Lord is doing in your life. You and your family are such an inspiration.

Nina W. said...

That's awesome, Angie, that you can keep lowering your debt, and such a positive outlook on life, even with all that has happened. Keep it up! :-)

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