Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ways to help others... you read my blog, you probably think,"WOW, does she have enough razors, toothbrushes, candles, cat food,etc??"

I wanted to share with you what happens with some of these items and other ways I use my shopping skills to help others. These are ways you can help others too.

First of all, my stockpile has helped me with Church donations (the church asks everyone to bring in food, personal items, etc. to help needy families). I don't always have the money to donate, but I can always put together a bag full of items that others may need.

Second, Pet supplies have been donated to local shelters.

Third, I have traded coupons to help other women who need them.

Forth, many ( not all) food pantries want your extra coupons. Since food pantries are only to help supplement families food shortage. Many pantries (including my local one) take your extra coupons and put them out for the families to look through and take what is needed. Many of these families can't afford Sunday papers so they don't get the chance to pick up the coupons that are in them.

Fifth, teach others. I use these blog and just talking to people who are interested to teach them ways to save. Not only using coupons, but stockpiling, reusing, reducing debt, etc. By teaching them, They can also teach others and the word is spread.

In these economical difficult time, try to use your skills to help others. If you end up getting 12 packs of razors ( like I did), keep half for your stockpile and donate half to a local shelter. I am sure some homeless father going for a job interview would be relieved to use it for his next job interview. If you kids outgrow their clothes, donate them to a clothing exchange. There are so many ways we can help each other and support each other.



Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about donating what ever you can. I do go ahead and get free products and samples for things that I personally do not use just so that I can donate them. I have been following your blog since you were on the Fox 6 news. I am still learning and trying to teach other people what I am learning too. It really amazes me that some people don't want to know ("They don't have the time"). I went to Pick N Save on Wednesday (double coupon day). I spent $85. and saved $106. in coupons alone. This doesn't even include the sales savings. Maybe now I can get their attention. Thank you so much for all your help!!! I haven't had a chance to look into points programs, etc... yet. Also, I find Hot Coupon World to be really overwhelming for a newby like me.

Frugalmommie said...

Hot coupon world is a HUGE information source, and yes, it can be overwhelming. My advice for using their site is to pick ONE STORE that you shop at and read the threads on that store. Start learning and then try other topics.

GREAT JOB on the couponing at Pick! $106 is a great savings!!

Your welcome for the help. I will keep posting as I have time and keep trying to help other too!

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