Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walgreens Trip...

So, I was sorting coupons when I got "the itch" to go out and get the Soft Soap deal at Walgreens. I found my Soft Soap coupon and headed out.

After several transactions, I picked up:

5 bottles of Soft Soap body wash
9 containers of Mentos Gum
3 rolls of Renyold's Wrap
1 Lip Gloss

Total before coupons: $35.71
After coupons: $6.51
I also got a coupon for another Free Body Wash and $2.00 Register Reward for next time!!!!


pennyscents said...

I am trying to figure out what coupons you used to be able to get sooo much off. I have 1 SS M/C and 1 Rey M/C. I do plan to go to Wags this week to pick up some other deals. I did Wags for the 1st time last week. Very overwhelming! I am still determined though. If you could be kind enough to list what coupons you used for this trip. It would really help a newbie like me! All of your help is appreciated. Thank you!!!!!!!

Frugalmommie said...

HI Penny,
The Renyold's coupon was $1.00 off any wrap except 25 sq. ft. It expires 4/22 and came out a few weeks ago in the sunday paper.

Mentos Gum was on sale for 2 for $2.00. I had coupons (9 of them) for $1.00 off any flavor of Mentos Gum. So, with coupon, all 9 packs were free. This coupon was from the sunday paper from a month or so ago.

The Soft Soap was dumb luck. I planned on getting the BOGO deal. They have a deal at Walgreens Buy one get a RR for your next one free!! I used a $1.00 coupon off the first one. The $1.00 coupon was from Feb. All YOU Magazine. I used it and a RR for a free bottle came out. I then went and picked up the free bottle and ANOTHER COUPON spit out. I did this 6 times before the coupon STOPPED spitting out. I have NO IDEA if this will happen for everyone! I am sure Walgreens will catch the glitch and figure it out and stop it. But it worked for me, I hope it works out for others!!

Frugalmommie said...

Also, wanted to add. If you have the February ALL YOU magazine $1.01 off Soft Soap Body Wash Coupon, it $2.99 for the first bottle and you get a coupon for the second bottle for free. So that is still $1.50 for a large bottle of body was that typically costs $4.59 at my store. So, if your Walgreen's isn't rolling the coupons, it's still a good deal.

pennyscents said...

Hi Angela,
I went to Wags again this week. I didn't have a really good experience and would like to share this info with you to see if you can help me and possibly some of your other follower's too.
Here was my list for Wags:
Bic razor $4.99-$2MC-$1EZ-$2ER=free
Bic Razor again
Skintimate S.C. $2.99-$2.99RR=free
Skintimate shaving cream again
Natural Chap stick$1.99-$1.99RR=fre
Gain $11.99-$1MC-$3RR=$7.99
tried to do again, but was not able
Hall's cough drops $1.39-$1MC=.39
Comet 2/$1-Wags coupon
Energizer 8 pk. $5.99-$1MC=$4.99
One A Day $1.49-$1.49 ESR=free
Walitin 30ct. $6.99-$6.99 ESR=free
2 Cokes BOGO +2 hershey's bars=.89
My plan was to do 2 check outs. 1st check out: all of the RR stuff, except for the Bic Shavers because there was a limit of 1.
I was then going to take and use my RR to check out the rest butI was told that I couldn't use any MC with my 2nd order at all, because the RR were MC's and you can not use both. the Manager was very nice, but I still left really confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and wanted to cry. I have run into some bad circumstances like alot of other people out there. Death in the fam, med probs, IRS probs, & financial probs. I am a chritian woman similar to yourself, and I know that things will work themselves out. I do feel a lil bit desperate to make this work now though. Which causes me to get kinda emotional about it. Thank goodness I did hold my composure and did not start crying. I just don't know that I can deal with the frustration of Wags. Did I do something wrong? How would you have checked out in this case? I know I am asking a lot. I hope that you and your fam are doing well, and of course, I always appreciate your help! God Bless!!!

Frugalmommie said...

Penny, First of all, Good for you for not crying! I know that learning this can be fusterating! Also, I am not sure your Manager was completely honest with you. Please remember some Wags are coupon friendly, some are not. You CAN use RR's and MC's together..let me explain.

As far as your transactions, your first transaction would have cost you the total amount - minus MC's because you would get the RR's with your reciept. The Wags was right in telling you that RR's are like MC's. Let's see if I can explain this to you.

If you have 10 items, you can use MC's on 9 items and the RR on the 10th. SO, I am sure you are asking yourself how do I do this!???

Here is how: If I have 9 razors on sale and I have 9 MC coupons, but I want the RR to cover the balance of the cost. I find something CHEAP ( like those 70 cents pizzas or clearance medicine for my DH I bought a few trips ago) to cover the 10th items.
9 Razors at $2.00
I have 9 $1.00 Razor coupons.
$18.00 - $9.00 in coupons gives me a $9.00 balance. Then I have a $9.00 RR. I buy the 70 cent pizza ( or whatevery I can find cheap as a filler). The last RR "attaches" to that filler item but takes the complete $9.00 off. So I pay for the filler item, 70 cents plus tax, but the RR covers the balance of the cost.

Does that explain it? If not I will try to explain it again.

My question to you is, did you get the RR's? How much do you have in RR's now? Maybe I can help you with a seniro that will work for you.

pennyscents said...

Thank you very much for responding.
I should have told you what my actual total was for everything.

My total that I was charged for everything that I bought was: $33.81-5.6%sales tax=$31.92.

This is how I figured what my total should have been:
+I would still get $8.50 in EZR.
I forgot to tell you that I bought the Reynold wrap for .89-$1MC too.

I see the example of what you do. Is there anyway that you can break it down with what I bought this week. I think it would help me better understand.
Again, Thank you for everything!

pennyscents said...

I just saw the bottom part of your post. I got $15. in RR, $3 of which I was told that I had to use next time.

Frugalmommie said...

Ok Penny,
Here is how I would have done your order (if I understand your items you listed)

first transaction:
1 biz razor deal,$1.99 after coupons and IVC and get the $2.00 RR's
1 skintimate deal, $2.99 the $2.99 RR's
So, out of pocket $5.00 (figure tax) and you will have $4.99 in RR's.

Second transaction:
Get the Gain Laundry Detergent.
Pay 11.99, use the $1.00 MC
Get the chapstick. $1.99.
use the RR's from the first transaction. $11.99 - $1.00 coupon- $2.99 RR( from the skintimate deal in Transaction 1) =$8.00 out of pocket and you will get a $3.00 RR on the Gain and a $1.99 RR on the Chapstick. Total of $4.99 RR ( plus you still have the $2.00 RR from Transaction one)

Third Transaction:
Pick up the Halls, Comet, Energizer, One a day, Waltin, Coke and Herseys. The coupons you had MC for the Halls, Energizer, Coke and Herseys. You didn't have MC coupons for the One a day, Waltin and Comet. So you can use RR's and they will be "attached" to those products. Then, after the Trasaction, you can send in for the rebates. So I total your items to be $16.86, - coupons ( which I don't have the amounts for the soda/herseys,so my numbers may be a bit off). Then minus $6.99 in RR's and you will have a Out of Pocket somewhere between $6.00 and $8.00.

And finally, if you are doing the Bic Razors and Skintimate again, do that as a final transaction and save those RR's for next time.

I hope this makes sense. It's kinda hard because I don't have all the prices and numbers.

I hope that helps. If not, you can email me again. :0

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