Monday, March 23, 2009

Walgreens Clearance and Rebate items

Went to Walgreens this morning to pick up some of the rebate deals. I ended up finding that they were clearancing out razors and deoderant. So, I got out my coupons and found a few good deals.

Here is my transactions.

Transaction one:
Schick Quatro Razor (had a free MP3 exercise arm band inside)
Gilette Fusion Razor
Guinness Men's Slippers ( On clearance)
2 bottles of Natural Solutions Bathroom Cleaner
Right Guard PRofessional Deoderant
Dry Idea Deoderant
2 boxes of Kitchen Garbage bags

Total Before Coupons: $62.87
Total after coupons and RR's: $21.11
And I got another $4.00 RR for the last transaction.
I am sending in for $10.00 in refunds on this transaction.

Transaction two:
3 more packs of Reach Dental Floss
Total: $9.50
After coupons: $8.00. I was expecting to get a $6.00 RR like last week ( I thought it was a deal through the end of the month, I was wrong, it was $3.00 RR)
So, I got the $3.00 RR for the last transaction.

Transaction three:
Schick Intution Razor
3 refill 4 packs of Soleil Razors
2 Degree mens Deoderants
2 Degree Womens Deoderants
2 snack pizzas
Total before coupons: $50.92
Total after clearnace discounts and coupons: $13.67
Total after my RR's from the other two transactions: $6.64

So, out of pocket I spent $35.75 and I am getting $10.00 back in rebates. The one Razor had 8 free music downloads and another razor had this armband that you can put your MP3 Player in while you are exercising. I needed the garbage bags, running low on those.


Anonymous said...

I can not figure out this Walgreen's stuff. I am a kind of afraid to start too after hearing some of the hard times that people are given. Between the register Rewards, Man. coupons, and not knowing what I am supposed to actually get or be able to do when I purchase some of these products I am very confused.

Frugalmommie said...
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Frugalmommie said...

I DELETED THE OTHER ONE Because I wanted to fix a few spelling errors!!

HI Penny,
Yes, some Walgreens aren't coupon friendly, I understand that. But, most are and I encourage you to try.

As far as knowing what to do. You can use your manufacters coupons and you IVC ( Walgreens coupons) together. The RR spits out of the register after you pay. YOU CAN use the RR on another transaction. The rules with the RR, as far as I know them, is that you must have an item for each coupon. SO, if you have 6 deoderants, you can use 5 coupons and one RR. Make sense? This is why I always buy some small thing so I can use my RR's. Example, I found those "snack pizzas" for 70 cents. :) I have 6 deoderants and 6 coupons, I need to find something to "attach" to my RR. So, my RR may be for $6.00 but I can buy 70 cent snack pizza and it will take it off.

Also, if you get an RR for a deal, you can't do that deal again and apply the RR. Example: I bought 3 dental floss, I got a $6.00 RR. I CAN'T BUY 3 more dental floss and use that $6.00 RR towards it. I have to use that $6.00 RR on other deals. BUT, I can use other RR's that I may have towards that second transaction.

Email me or leave more comments if I can help explain it more. I understand it can be complex. I remember when I first started, I thought I would never get the hang of it. Now, I can't imagine NOT doing it!!!

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