Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shopping trip...

With Kmart having super doubles, many coupons are expiring next week and my husband going into town to give plasma, I decided to do a little shopping. :) This is pretty much it for awhile. I am going to take a bunch of items over to the humane society for some doggies and kitties. :) Also, the rest of this week, I will record what I have in stockpile, I want to see how long all this lasts, since I normally don't shop for 4 to 6 weeks, and recently I have been shopping like crazy!!!

Okay...here is the trip...

2 Gillette Body Washes
2 boxes of Band Aids
Soft pink fleece top (Packer logo)
Soft gray matching pants (Packer Logo)
Long sleeve t shirt (Packer logo)
1 Mega Pack of Pull ups
3 bags of Cat Food
1 box of Tea
1 box of Total Cereal
2 bags of Sun Chips
2 bags of Fritos
1 bag of Cheetos
2 boxes of Post Trail Mix Cereal
Total Before Coupons and Clearance:$138.16
After Clearance and Coupons and my $10 gift card from last month's trip: $20.66
I have to comment that the cashier this time was wonderfully pleasant, the store was nicer and they had most of what I was looking for in stock. Much better experience than last trip!!!

Then I went to Menards:

Woman's Jeans
6 packs of Crayola Marker "tools" (For their Easter Baskets)
2 Soft Soap Refills
Total: 42.11
I am getting $27.00 in rebates. I am currently waiting on $91.50 in Menards Rebates. This will really help come summer when we need seeds, potting soil, and plants. :)

Then I stopped by Logli's.

2 boxes of Glad Sandwich Bags 100 count ( this will last a long time, I haven't bought any in ages, and I needed to finally throw out the ones I have reused.)
2 boxes of Fruit Snacks
3 bottles of Gaterade
4 packages of Nylons
1 bag of Fritos
2 cans of OJ
1 rice soup bowl
1 gillette shampoo/body wash ( 14 cents after coupon)
1 bottle of vanilla
1 bag of shredded cheese
2 bottles of Sure Deodarant (yes, they were free!)
6 containers of Sauve Deo. (yeap these were free too!)
1 Dry Idea Roll On (Free)
Box of Hello Kitty Band Aids (Free)
2 4 pks of Yo-Plus Yougart cups
2 boxes of Wheat Thins Cheese Crackers
2 doz eggs
4 jars of Pace Salsa (all free)
5 Pepperidge Farm Garlic Breads
3 Ham Steaks
1 bag of Bagged Chicken Dinner (on clearance)
one bottle of garlic seasoning (on clearance)
Total Before Coupons: $97.51
After Coupons: $26.80

And Finally Walmart:

3 ALL YOU Magazines (for some friends who wanted copies of the article)
7 Mascaras (They were sold out at every Walmart I have visited, but this one had 3 racks of them! I think it's because they were priced $6.67 so I had to pay 20 cents per mascara where the other Walmarts were all $6.47) I didn't clean them out. I left at least 20 or more there!
2 Gauze pads (I got a IP coupon in a ROAK envie! So I wanted to use it before it expired!)

Total before coupons: $56.67
After coupons: $11.50

Total before coupons: $334.45 Total spent: $101.07. 69.8% in savings and I am getting $27.00 back in rebates. I got myself a cute pink and gray outfit. Not a bad trip.

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