Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool Deal at Target!

My kids have Leapsters. It a hand held educational gaming toy. Target has 2 of these games for $15.00 on sale (full price is $25.00). They have Wall*E and Star Wars. Also, coupons.com has $5.00 any Leapster Game. I printed those coupons. Sent my husband over to buy them

2 Leapster Games $30.00
2 Coupons off -$10.00
4 Gift Cards from the Quaker Oatmeal Deal -$20.00
OPP: $1.65 (tax)

YEAH!!! 2 games for $1.65!! I am going to put these in the Easter Baskets!!! YEAH!!!

My Easter Baskets are now ready to be filled in two weeks. :)
My Daughter will get:
WallE game ( Target Deal, Free)
Disney Jams CD ( free from Disney Rewards codes)
Crayola Tools Markers ( Menards Rebates items)
Disney Princess Hair and nails kids ( 99 after christmas clearance)
Mentos gum ( Free from Walgreens)
Dora Toothbrush ( Almost free, Walgreens)
4 small disney photo frames ( Free from a clothing share)
Juicy Fruit Gum ( Free after coupon)

My Son will get:
Star Wars Game ( Target Deal, Free)
JUMP IN music CD ( Disney Rewards, Free)
Crayola Tools Markers ( Almost Free, Menards Rebate)
Mentos Gum ( Walgreens, Free)
Diego Toothbrush ( Walgreens, Almost free)
Cars Paintset ( 75 cents after clearance)
Juicy Fruit Gum ( free after coupon)
Stuffed animal doggie ( 55 cents after clearance, walgreens)

So, most of the itesm were free or close to free. :)

Stay Frugal!


Kapinni said...

You are amazing! I read your article in all you lastnight...thanks for being so dang amazing!

~Kathy from Just Frugal

Frugalmommie said...

Awww, thanks Kathy, I appreciate your kind words. I don't feel amazing. I am just an average mom. :)

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