Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wonderful Frugal Day!

What a nice day we had...and out of pocket I spent $1.69..

First stop, the library. The kids each got one computer game and some new books. They also each picked out a video for the week. The library has puzzles, computers for the kids, coloring corner and many games. So, the kids can not only read but play there as well. All for free (well, we pay for it with our taxes anyway!).

Second stop, the aqua center. Today was their open house. So, we got to swim in the water park for free. We got lemonade and popcorn, also free. Then the kids wanted Nachos. The chips were free, but we bought the cheese cups (50 cents each kid).

Third Stop, Used our Block Buster coupons. 3 movie rentals after coupons, 69 cents. :) The kids are going to have a movie night tonight!

Forth, my daughter was given some ceramic things to paint, so we got out our paints and painted. It cost us nothing because the ceramic things were given to her and I have some paints and brushes from a freecycle give away. So we have spent part of the afternoon painting. I am taking a break right now to write this.

What a fun day for my kids. We spent time as a family and spent very little money.

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