Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trip to Pick n Save...Free Groceries!

I went to Pick n Save. I had a $15.00 gift card from a Christmas Gift and a small amount of money left on my shoppers hotline card.

Transaction 1:
6 boxes of Cereal
Cocoa Puffs
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cookie Crisp
Fiber One Shreadded Wheat
Banana Nut Cherrios

Before coupons: $20.34
After coupons: $6.84

Used the gift card for the $6.84 and I got a FREE Gallon Milk catalina. :)
Even with out the gift card, $6.84 divided by 6 boxes is $1.14 a box of cereal.

Transaction 2:

2 dozen eggs
2 ham steaks
2 small bottles of OJ
bottle of French Dressing
2 loafs of white bread
2 pounds of bananas
1 gallon milk

Before coupons: 22.84
After coupons: $4.69

I also put that on my gift card. I will get a $3.00 Ham Rebate too. So, then my total will be $1.69.

Then I stopped at Kwik Trip

3 bags of milk
2 bottles of OJ

Total $4.29 put on my shoppers hotline gift card.

So, nothing out of pocket. :) Good trip! Now for those of you who say, Well, I couldn't do that, I didn't have the gift card. My out of pocket would have been $15.82 and the cereal alone was $20.34 before coupons. SO, it still was a great deal. The coupons I used were Sunday paper coupons and some wine tags. It's still a good deal. The amount of time I spent, looking at the ad and grabbing my coupons was less than a 1/2 hour and the time in the store was about 45 minutes, but that was because I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy the ham and OJ. :) Glad I did!


Jess said...

Well done at Pick and Save Angie! What time is breakfast at your house?

Just Frugal said...

That is SO awesome!

Frugalmommie said...

hey Jess....Do you need cereal? I have over 12 boxes right now! Yikes! My kids will eat it all though..they would eat cereal at every meal if I let them!! Hehehe!!

:) Thanks!

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