Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad news....and free pizzas

Dear Readers, I try to keep my personal life off my blog. This blog is my journey to be debt free, but since this concerns my journey, I am posting it.

Tonight, my husband came home from 7:30pm..not 7:30 am like he normally does. Yeap, he was laid off. He only had this job 9 months. He loved this job and this lay off really will hurt us. My job ends the day school ends, June 2009.

I have no idea what we will do at that point. So, I am going to have to freeze my Credit card pay off date. We will make minimum payments on our credit cards and save whatever money we can into our emergency fund.

I have to hold onto hope that my husband will get unemployment. That will help, but it will be about half what his take home was. I pray he gets unemployement.

I am hurt, angry and in shock...I am going to have to put my frugal ways to the test. Think of what more I can sell and pray God has a reason for this.

On a side note: Tonight, I got 4 free pizzas at Walgreens...I needed to use that RR before it expired.


Jan said...

I'm sorry Angie. On the bright side, you are ahead of the game already, because you KNOW how to live on less.

I'm sure your husband will find something long before the school year ends. Good luck to both of you!

~Tricia~ said...

Still in my thoughts and prayers.

Robin said...

Sorry to hear your news. My husband was laid off in October. It's been tough. Our frugal skills will get us through. Praying for you.

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