Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Frugal Happy Day!

A co worker at work asked me if I wanted the clothes she cleaned out of her closet. She said that some were maternity, so I would just have to go through them. I had no problem with that, she has given my clothes in the past and they are all very nice.

I went through it, about 1/2 I rebagged to give someone else, they were either too big or maternity, but the other 1/2 were really nice clothes! I am so excited! I practically have a new wardrobe!! Between Steve and Barry's Going out of Business sale and now this! I really have some nice, comfortable, and pretty new stuff!! ( new to me anyways!!)

It's true I won't use half the clothes, but I have a rule. If someone offers me something (clothes, movies, books, etc) I always say yes. 2 reasons; One, I can use it myself or Two, I can find someone else who can use it. Hand me downs and pass them on's are great frugal ways of saving money and getting free things!

*************** Other Notes***************
Also, in the mail, I got my $5.00 Starbucks gift card from Swag Bucks!! Cool! Less then a month and I already got a gift card!!! I am saving up for the Target one next!!

My Posts about my trip to Pick N Save this past week ended up on Channel 6's News Blog Front Page. Kinda cool! :) I know with the bad economy more people are struggling. I hope that I can be a help to anyone who really wants to learn. Thank you for the email about my coupon binder. If anyone has any more questions...feel free to post them!

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