Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Coupon Binders

I got an email from a reader recently asking me about my coupon binders. I decided to take photos and show you what I do to keep organized. I have two binders, one is for foods and one is for everything else. My purple binder is for my food coupons and it has a front flap. I keep scissors, pens, calculator and a gift wrap cutter in there. Then the inside front has an accordian file. I put my ads and my coupon policy information in those files. Then my pouches; the first pouch is for coupons I am going to hand to the cashier and the red zip pouch has two pockets, One pocket is for coupons I plan to use ( I also use envelopes for seperate stores and keep those in the accordian file until I get to the specific store) the other pocket is for coupons my kids and I find while shopping, which I will sort and go through later when I get home. I purge my binder once a month, getting rid of expired coupons. MY blue binder is for everything that is not food. It's exactly the same as my food one but it doesn't have the flap on it and the supplies. It has two pouches for coupons.
I take my binders with me when I shop, so if I come across a clearance or unadvertised special, I have my coupons with me. I use photo pages to keep coupons in. Most people use baseball card holders but those are to small for my comfort.
Below is everything in pictures.. post any questions!

My Coupons Binder:

My front flap:

The Store Ads:

My coupon pouch:

My shopper cards and gift cards:


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