Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Frugal is your Halloween?

Since I am a working mom of 2 kids, I am always busy and trying to play catch up. So, am I ready for Halloween? YEAP! I am! I would love to hear your tips for a frugal Halloween, but here is how we did ours!

Candy... Bought One bag of Hersey's Chocolate Snack Bars, $1.99 on sale and I used a $1.00 off coupon. So I paid $1.06 with tax.What doesn't get taken by the trick or treaters will be saved for winter S'Mores in the fireplace!  Bought the clearance suckers at Walgreens. On clearance for $1.50, Used $1.00 RR's. So I paid $1.17 for 2 bags. Enough for the trick or treaters.

Costumes....Bought last year at Walmart 90%  clearance, kept in rubbermaid. I paid $1.49 for my son's costume and my daughters was about .70 cents for all the pieces ( orange wings, orange skirt and orange fairy wand set)

Pumpkins...My son got a little one from Church school. Then, we went to a local farm where the pumpkins were $2.00 each for the medium ones. 2 pumpkins = $4.00. Patterns from the internet - Free!

Decorations... My daughter made tissue paper ghosts and we used a black garbage bag to make a spider on our front lawn. Using raked leaves, filling the black garbage bag and then long black garbage bags strips for arms. :)  Done.

Gift bags for my son's class at school.... Pencils ( Disney Princess and Disney Cars, from Clearance Valentine packs, NO, they don't have hearts or anything on them!), Halloween Stickers ( Walmart 90% off clearance from last year), Pencil Top Erasers (Full Box, .39 cents after rebate from Menards), Tattoos ( don't remember what I paid, I bought TONS of them on clearance a LONG TIME AGO). And candy ( Again, from Walgreens Clearance Suckers!).  So, I probably put about $4.00 into everything for these!) Even the plastic bags I used were from Menards Rebates!

Party..our local downtown businesses have a free fun Halloween Party for the kids. We will be attending that in our costumes. 

That is it! I can do face painting on my daughter for her orange butterfly princess costume.

That is it. Simple, Effective...and inexpensive!

What are you doing to keep the costs down and the fun up??

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