Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do you save on phone bills?

My current AT&T went up a lot! So, my husband and I started looking into how to save on our phone bills.  We are going to try Free Talk. We hooked it up today. Free Talk uses Skype and your regular phone. You pay $30.00 for one year of unlimited Skype and $40.00 for the Free Talk ( One time purchase).  I paid less then the $40 because I used some Swagbucks to get an Amazon Gift Card. Skype allows me to make long distance phone calls for just the $30.00 per year.

So, we now will wait for a few months to see if my phone bill  goes down. My  husband and I are also researching internet connections. AT&T has raised my internet costs and I want to lower it again. So, I will start looking into other options.

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