Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to get Debt Free.

We are down to $2,970 left on our credit cards. We started 8 years ago with $52,000. Mostly in credit card but also with medical and legal bills too. We had hoped to be credit card free by th end of the year, but looking at our budget, it will be quite difficult to do.

So, our new goal will be to have half of it paid for by the end of the year. $1485. Then have the other half paid for by March 2010.

We are keeping track of every penny we spend. We are looking for opportunites to make some side cash by cleaning, pet sitting or other things.

We are going to try to sell some more on ebay or craigslist. Whatever we can to make our goals.

Once we hit this goal, the next will be to pay off the one car loan we have left.

Why are we doing this?
The biggest reason is we would like to have money in the bank and not worry about layoffs or other emergencies.  Second, we feel more financially secure knowing we aren't getting eatten alive by mounting interest rates.  Third, we want to retire without worring about financial security.

I will keep posting my goals and my successes...I will keep posting my notes. :)

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Nick + Amber said...

I know that being debt-free is a huge step and huge feat for many people. Best of luck to you, and continue to share your stories with us! I know I appreciate it!

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