Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good, Interesting coupon article

I wanted to post this article LINK from the NY Times about couponing. I found it both interesting and funny. They state in the article that families are going back to board games and family dinners at the dinner table. In our home, board games are a common occurance and we almost never eat out. So, I guess I once weird life is more normal now?? Haha!

Couponing use has spiked. I know that many questions came from the article written about our family in the newspaper. I was called everything from crazy and OCD to amazing and wonderful. ( Laughing) It's amazing people perspectives on couponing! And it's interesting how that is changing.

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Nick + Amber said...

I also read in the media how board games, staying at home, and couponing are becoming more frequent. However, like you, this has always been part of my life - even before marriage when my parents were bringing me up. I guess it's just a new lifestyle for those who haven't always lived this way. I feel lucky and blessed, though. Thanks for your continued advice and deal-findings!

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