Thursday, September 24, 2009

Starting to plan for Christmas!

I have gotten 4 $10.00 Swagbucks Mastercards. I have enough Swag bucks to get another one, which I plan on ordering. So, I will have $50.00 to spend on Christmas gifts!

Also, I traded and garbage picked enough Coke Points to get another $10.00 Subway gift card. I will save that as a Christmas Gift too!

I have started my list of who gets what.
I don't have nearly the stockpiled gifts as I have had in the past.  So I am going to have to stretch the $$$ big time for Christmas this year.


Nina W. said...

I cannot believe how well you are able to stretch a dollar! You are awesome, FrugalMommie! Please feel free NOT to include cousins & their kiddos in Christmas gifts this year, if that will help. :-) I mean, we always appreciate it, but it is so totally not necessary. Thank you!

On Eagles Wings said...

tI'm new to all of this. Could you please tellme what Swag bucks are? And how you get them? Thanks Nichole

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