Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip to Menards

We needed cat litter badly. We have a house full of cats. So, Arm and Hammer Cat Litter was on sale at Menards. I had some IP coupons and I had over $100 in Rebate Cards from Menards. So I figured that was the best OOP choice.

We went to Menards and picked up 4 boxes of Cat litter, 4 12pk boxes of microwave popcorn, one baking soda and one laundry detergent. I used coupons on everything I bought, found some great peelies on the cat litters and used my Menards Rebate Certificates. So, nothing spent out of pocket and I have a few rebates to send in on the popcorn and the laundry detergent.

I am still not spending any money on food.


On Eagles Wings said...

Hello agian. I really do love your site. I am learning a lot about all this. But, once again I was wondering where you get Rebate caards from? I know menards has rebates i have used them before. But how do you stock up on 100$ in rabate cards? Thanks Nichole

Frugalmommie said...

Menards has lots of rebates. These last bunch of cards was from the back to school sales. I got lots of backpacks, paper, pencils, pens, scissors, etc. for my stockpile and then got the rebates on them. Then I "roll" them. "Rolling" means that I use those rebate cards to buy other rebate items, etc.

Example. I bought all the Crayola Rebate Deals they had. I got about $50.00 from that rebate. When I got the rebate checks, I used those checks to buy the back to school supplies and then sent in for those rebate checks so nothing was spent out of pocket. Then I got those rebates back and use them this time. This time there wasn't as many rebates, but we are trying not to spend any money, so we used them to buy cat litter.

Hope that answers your question, otherwise post again and I will try to answer more questions.

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