Monday, February 9, 2009

Where do you get all those coupons...

Well, I have had many emails about my Fox 6 segment. They are asking where I get all my coupons. So here is what I do:

First, I have two papers delivered every Sunday, One Big city and One Local paper. I get the grocery store ads and the coupons.

Two, I get coupons from the internet. IP coupons are typically higher in value because you use your own paper and ink. They have SHORT expiration dates too. So you have to keep your eyes open. Also, Some stores don't allow IP coupons, You need to ask. I have been known to talk to managers to get my IP coupons allowed. YMMV!

Three, My kids have a job when I am shopping. Their job is too watch the coupon spitters. Those red boxes that have coupons. They also look for tear pads and other forms. I typically don't use them the same trip but I refile them when I get home and can look at them.

Four, gas stations and liquour stores. Some gas stations have tear pads for drinks. I will grab a few coupons from the tear pad. ONE of my pet peeves is someone who takes them all! DON"T DO THIS!! You will ruin it for everyone! Anyways, I grab them then on double coupon days, you can get those single serve drinks cheap. Example: Kwik Trip had 50 cents off one bottle of Nestle Chocolate Milk. I took 4 coupons, saved them and then when I was at the grocery store, they were on a $1.00 deal. Since I was in Janesville picking up a freecycle item, I stopped and picked them up along with my other groceries. Liquor stores. NOT all liqour stores do this, and some people feel it's not right, BUT some wine bottles have hang tags. Most of the time those hang tags are for coupons WITH THE PURCHASE of the wine. BUT, occasionally, they will say WITHOUT WINE PURCHASE or NO WINE PURCHASE NECESSARY. Those are just coupons. I will grab about 3. Again, I refuse to be greedy, I feel I am blest enough!

Fifth, Get coupons from others. My Mother in law, My mother, My grandfather, and several ladies at church who don't coupon are more than happy to save coupons for me. I even have my Father in Law up north, when he is shopping with my Mother in Law, find coupons and tear pads for me.

Six, Trade. I don't buy coupons, that defeats the purpose of using coupons. I do trade though. I have cats, no dogs, but I trade my dog food coupons for cat coupons. I don't have any babies in the house anymore, but I can trade baby coupons for items I will use. Recently, while visiting family. I found $2.00 Swimmer Diaper coupons at a local waterpark, they were in the lobby. I grabbed 2 inserts. ( Yes, I asked if I could take them) Now, my kids don't need them, but I traded them for one free box of Smuckers Uncrustables. Which was a treat for my kids, because I typically will not buy those.

That is all I can think of right now. I will post again when I have more questions come in. I had one person ask how I organize my binder. You can find that under "coupon binder" in my blog.

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