Saturday, February 14, 2009

Debt Reduction!

During my husband's lay off, I have taken on an extra job. I am now working 3 jobs and he is collecting unemployment. He is applying for every job he can find, so far nothing has popped up. We are still hopeful things will happen and he will find something.

Anyways, I told you my debt snowball had to be frozen, well, it has for the most part. BUT, this past Friday, we had a windfall of money. It's enough to pay off our VAN. Since I know that this summer, I will be without my full time income and my one part time job ends in may, I want to cut our monthly expenses as best I can. The van payment will be a big cut in our expenses. So, my husband will be going to the bank tomorrow to pay the van off.

We also got our State Refund back and we put that directly into our savings account. I want to make sure our emergency fund is well padded for the summer months.

We are going to keep watching our pennies and doing everything we can to be frugal. Couponing, Freecycling, Point programs, hand me downs and clothing exchanges. In May, My husband will curbside shop as the college kids move out.

We will still be putting about $100 on our debt during the next few months, but summer will be very tight. I will keep you posted. :)


Penny said...

Hi Angela,
I recently contacted you and have been following your blog ever since. The wine tag coupon's was a really great tip for you. Thank you. I did feel kind of awkward though walking around taking some of the tags off of the bottles (I did not take all of them). Anyway, I am contacting yo uon this particular blog comment of yours because it talks about your points programs. Which ones do you participate in? I have found that there are so many online and you just get roped from one site to the next. In the end you don;t even know where you are anymore. Would love som advice. Thank you and God Bless! Penny

Frugalmommie said...

I will blog about this topic on my next post! Thanks PENNY!!!

PS..I never take all the wine tags either, but I do take 3 to 4. By not taking them all, I am sharing with others AND not taking advantage!

Penny said...

Could you please let me know the point's program that you mentioned where you can get gift card's? Are there any good survey site's to get involved in? If so, which one's do you use? Like I said when I originally blogged you, I have been roped into one site that just leads to another, and another. I started getting 60 e-mail's a day when I was participating in surveys. I am still learning. I really appreciate your help, and think that it is just wonderful of you to put yourself out there to help other's when you are obviously so busy. Thank you!

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