Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few Freebies and Coupons and Other Random Comments

Coupons for Gain Laundry Detergent They will send them in the mail.

Sure Deodorant Coupon

JC PENNY's Rewards
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Sample of Quaker True Delights

Free Sample of Rachel Ray Dog Food

Sample of Dove Shampoo and Conditioner

Sample of Under Jams

That is it for now, I am heading to bed. I am planning to go to Pick n Save on Saturday. They have Ground Turkey $1.00 a pound!! We are going to stock pile!! Also, I have some other things I have coupons for. I am also planning to stop at Walgreens sometimes soon. I haven't picked up the freebies this month, so I am hoping they still have some. If not, oh well!!

Also, you may have noticed in my TV piece that said I shop once every 5 weeks, well, due to my husbands lay off, that has changed a bit. I am still not doing ANY big shopping trips ( nothing over $50.00) but, when we have to run into a neighboring town, I will see what I need from their loss leaders and pick up those items and that is it.

I changed this only because of our financial situation, as soon as he is working, I will go back to that style of shopping because of our busy lifestyle. :)

Also, we paid off the VAN yesterday!!! And I paid off 2 medical bills today!!! THANK GOD!!!! We now have less than $2,000 in monthly expenses including our home. Hopefully we can make it through this tough economic time!! Also, praying to GOD that my husband finds a job!!


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just me said...

I am so glad I saw you on the news and that you have this blog. My DH was just layed off and we need to get frugal fast! Thank you for posting so much useful info!!!

Frugalmommie as been on WITI FoxNews6 Television Milwaukee, WTMJ620 Radio, Several local newspapers, The Wisconsin State Journal, and is in a feature article in All You Magazine in the April 2009 edition.