Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Point Programs

Penny commented that she would like to learn about point programs. I am going to list what I do, but you have to learn as you go and there are other programs that I don't do.
I do My Points, Swagbucks , Buzz Agent, FreeRide, and e-Rewards. Then I collect product points from Coke Points, Fresh Step Paw Points, and BTFE (Box Tops for Education). I also participate in the Speedy Rewards (gas station) point program and my credit card point program. My husband and I will use the credit card for gas, then I pay it off every month and we get points for the purchases from the gas station and points on the credit card ( only do this if the card in paid off, if you are paying interest, the points aren't worth it!)

If you are interested in My Points, I can refer you and you will get 250 points upon sign up. Post a comment that you are interested, and I help you sign up. My points has Surverys you can earn points on, and emails that you can earn points on. You can also purchase things through their site. Every year I purchase my Entertainment book through them.

Same with Buzz Agent and FreeRide, you can contact me for the link to join. BuzzAgent has campaigns you can join, but they also have surveys, those surveys can pay in you MY POINTS ( that is the option I take). Freeride has points that pop up when you visit and click on the links in their site. Limit is 10 per day. Also, you can watch videos for more points.

E- Rewards, my husband does. I also do a few survey sites. Examples are Harris Poll Online and Shopper Hotline Surveys. I don't do to many because sometimes they can be time consuming.

I also do Shopper’s Hotline, that is a program that is not online (their website is but the program is not). I scan my groceries and other purchases every time I shop, I get points for scanning, and then the points get changed into money and put on a Visa Gift card.

I typically try to find Visa Gift Cards for my points because you can use those anywhere. I also try to get BlockBuster Gift cards, Walgreens, or Walmart, because those are stores we use most often. We don't have cable or dish TV, just an antenna, so renting movies (free or cheap) is one form of entertainment for us.

There are TONS of point programs on the internet. You just have to find what works for you. There is one for TV watchers (I don’t have time for TV so that one isn’t for me) There are many different programs, just search them out!

Here are some tips I have:
1. If they want your credit card info, then it's not a good point program, don't sign up! (same goes for freebies, if it's truly free, then they don't need your CC number).
2. Set up a separate email account for point programs and freebies. That way, you can have your friend’s email you at one email addy and your "advertising" email at a separate account, thus not cluttering up your email account.
3. Spend a little amount of time every day on point programs, I typically spend under 15 minutes at night, I go to the sites, click on the links or use the search engine and that is it.

One, last thing, I also do E-bates. Ebates is great because you go through it when you make an online purchase. I used them for Christmas gifts and got $28.00 back. Here is the link EBATES . You get $5.00 when you sign up and make your first purchase.

Any more questions? Just Post a comment!! THANKS!!!


Penny said...

Thank you for all of the information. I would like it if you could send me the links that you mention in your post.

Frugalmommie said...

Penny, email me a frugalmommie22@hotmail.com, I need your email addy and first name. Then I will email you links to the point programs mentioned.


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