Thursday, March 31, 2011

Went over to Walgreens for the Friends and Family Day coupon.....

Well, my son needed nighttime pull ups and we were getting low. So, I decided to use the 20% off Friends and Family coupon. I went over there and I was happy to see they were on sale for $5.99! Then I looked at the coupon and saw that it said no diapers. So I went to ask if I could use the coupon on the pull ups, since they aren't diapers. As I posted in the past, my Walgreens is typically AWESOME but one assistant manager. Well, it happened to be that assitant manager on duty and when I went and asked, she didn't even look at the coupon, she just said,"NO!" and walked away.
So I put back the pull ups, except for one bag ( since I needed them) and went to the counter with my other items. When the cashier rang everything up, the pull ups got the 20% off on the coupon! I smiled and looked at the cashier and explained that the assistant manager told me,"no" but the computer just took it off. The cashier said that if the computer took it off, she would honor the coupon on the pull ups! I was thrilled and asked if I could get more, she said sure! I went back and bought 2 more packs! I told the cashier that I didn't want her in trouble and asked again if she was sure. She said,"Yes, it's not a problem. Those are not diapers."

So I am happy to have my stockpile of pull ups. I still love my Walgreens!

Here is my transaction:
3 bags of Walgreens Sleep Pants ( pull ups)
2 packs of Trident Vitalty Gum, .85 cents each after the discount coupon and I had a BOGO coupon too
Colgate, on sale for 2 for $6.00, I had $1.50 of coupons, plus I got the 15% off the discount coupon and a $4.00 RR back!
Total: $17.98 and a $4.00 RR.

I also stopped at Walmart and picked up the free easter candy with the Mars Coupons. :)  Iwas all free, except for one egg. I paid $1.06 for 9 M&M filled eggs. We are ready for Easter!


Jess said...

Oh now the comment works! Did you get the $10 mail-in-rebate for the pullups too? You have to get $25 worth of W stuff (including diapers and pullups) and the cat machine prints a $10 mail in rebate. My friend was in last night and did this (I helped) with the $2 coupon plus F&F discount and will get the rebate too. Really good deal.

Also, our Pick N Save had a sign out that all Saturdays until April 23 are Double Play days (double ten coupons). Cool. I thought it was just tomorrow.

Frugalmommie said...

No, I didn't get the rebate! DARN! Was it for the Walgreens Sleep Pants? Or actual Huggies Pull Ups? I would have loved that rebate! I bought 3 packs, how many packs did you need to buy!

Also, I know tomorrow is Double Double but I didn't know that it was every Saturday!!! I didn't get that from email advertising people..humm...exciting! Have to find out more! YEAH!!

Thanks for the heads up! Please let me know what else you find that I can add to this blog! my email is

Jess said...

If you look in the Walgreens April Coupon Book there is a page describing the rebate but it's a form that prints at checkout. I think it's for any "W" brand items but am not sure. Will work for diapers and the W training pants though. You have to buy $25 (not including the $2 coupon) and mail off for $10 back. We had to buy extra packs yesterday since the 20% off did not count towards the rebate!

Thanks for posting deals on your blog- very helpful!

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