Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's Episode: Dealing with Cashiers ...and my Toys R Us buys...

So, I heard about the Toys R Us Deal of the Day (sorry I didn't post about it. I heard about it after dinner and I didn't want to disappoint you all with a deal that was ending). Anyways, the deal of the day was Buy 1 Get 1 Hasbro Card Games. I grabbed the coupon from yesterday's paper, Buy 2 card games and get one free. I also grabbed the $5.00 off $20.00 Star Wars Coupon and the $5.00 off $25.00 Toys R Us coupon that was mailed to me.

Anyways, I drive to Toys R Us...a half hour drive. I arrived and notice no sign near the games about the deal of the day. I went to customer service and asked them about it. They said there was no deal and I was wrong. I then told them it was in an email I recieved. They said that their had to be a coupon on it and that if I didn't have the coupon, I couldn't do it.  At this point I was fusterated. I walked around the store until I found a manager, I explained the situation and he said that Yes, he would find a coupon code for me and honor it.

So, off I went to the register. The girl rang me up ( while on the phone so I couldn't talk to her) and then the assistant manager explained that since I didn't have the deal of the day coupon, I couldn't do the deal. I left the register and walked out. I didn't fuss, but I did tell them that I wasn't happy.

Now, I didn't want to drive all the way home for a coupon that I knew didn't exsist. The deal of the day was sent by email. So, I sat in my car and thought. Down the road was a Best Buy...I decided to drive there and ask them if I could get on the internet.  They said sure and I looked up the deal of the day. Sure coupon necessary. I wrote down the website address where the deal of the day was located and drove back to Toys R Us.

I walked in and went to the service desk again. I asked for the manager. He came up, I explained the situation. I showed him the website address that had the deal. He said that he would "try" to see if he could push the deal through but made no promises. Of course, the deal went through by the computer. Then I handed him my other coupons. I thanked him for honoring his store deal. I told him I wasn't trying to start trouble, but felt it was necessary to show them that their was no coupon necessary.

So, Here is my transaction. :)
Star Wars Text Messenger Toy $11.99
Star Wars Light Saber $7.99
Hasbro Card Game Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish $5.99
Hasbro Card Game; Yahtzee Hands Down $5.99
Hasbro Card Game; Monopoly Deal $5.99
Hasbro Card Game: Sorry! Revenge $5.99

Total: $44.93
Minus $5.99 for the free game - Deal of the Day
Minus $5.99 for the Sunday Paper B2G1 coupon
Minus $5.00 Toys R Us Coupon Home Mailer
Minus $5.00 for Star Wars IP Coupon
Came to $23.76 with tax. Now, I could have only bought 3 games, but I wanted each one of my kids to get 2 games so I paid a bit extra. I know other coupon shoppers did better than me...but I was happy with the outcome.

Now, as for dealing with the cashiers...
1. be willing to walk away. ( get your coupons back!)
2. talk to a manager.
3. Don't get angry or raise your voice. The nicer you are..the more they will be willing to work with you.
4. if all else the corporate number. In this day and economic age, the stores really do want to keep their consumers. They spend tons of money on advertising..but bad word of mouth does alot of damage. :)
5. Explain why you believe you are right.
6. THANK THEM When they fix the problem!!!

:) Even us seasoned couponers get an unhappy cashier every now and then. :)

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