Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meat Deals at Sentry!

Sentry has there meat deals today and tomorrow, 20% off any meat you can fit into the brown paper bag. Since I wanted to go back for my deoderant and razors, I figured this would be a good chance to check out the meat deals. ( Sorry about the coupons in the background!)

Here is what I bought:

2 6pks of Dino Yougarts, Free Coupons
1 cup of Yougart, Free Coupons
2 package of Turkey Bacon, $2.89 each, 20% off, then $1.00 off coupon
1 package of Brats., $4.99, 20% off, then a .50 cent coupon that doubled
2 bags of Chicken Nuggets, $2.50 a bag, 20% off, then .55 cent off coupon on each
2 boxes of Sausage Links, $1.99 a pound, 20% off, then .35 cents off coupon that doubled
2 XL Burritos, $1.00 each, 20% off
2 Lunchables Subs, $2.19, 20% off, and .75 off coupons
1 Ring Bologna, $2.49, 20% off and .50 cents off coupons that doubled
2 Sure Deo., .99 clearance, had $1.00 off, made .01 overage
2 Gillette Deo. .99 clearance, had $2.00/2, made.02 overage
2 Right Guard, .99 clearance, had $1.00 off, made .01 overage
1 Venus Razor Refill, $2.99, had $4.00 off coupon, made $1.01 overage

Total before any discount: $43.31
After 20% off meats, Coupons, Bag refunds: $13.56

:) Then, Transaction 2:
3 Gillette Deo.
2 Sure Deo.
1 Intuition Plus Razor Refill
2 3pk of Quattro Titanium Razors
Total before coupons: $17.16
After coupons and bag refund: $1.11

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Nick + Amber said...

That meat sale sounds a-MA-zing! I wish any grocery stores around my area did double coupons or awesome meat sales like that!

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