Sunday, May 24, 2009 we went shopping...even I can't believe it!

So Yesterday,We did that big shopping trip, I wasn't in the mood to shop again for a long time......but my husband's weed wacker died today! He really uses the weed wacker alot, we live along a creek and the weeds are bad. So, I said,"Okay, let's use the Menards Rebate Certificates and get you a weed wacker." I had $87.00 in rebate certs, and the weed wacker was $94.00. So here is what I got:

Transaction 1:
Weed Waker $94.00
10 Green Shopper Bags 98 cents each, Free after rebate
Bag of onion bulbs, 99 cents on clearance
Trowel and Cultivator, $1.00 each, 50 cent rebates on each
2 Jar Air Freshners $1.00, Free after Rebate
Bottle of Car Wash, $5.00, Free after Rebate
2 bottles of Nano Glue, $5.00 each, Free after Rebate
4 6pk of Veggies for my garden, $1.69 each

Total: $137.73
After Rebate Cards (OOP): $50.57
Then I am getting back in rebates: $27.80

Then, I went to the service desk to get a raincheck on a rebate item I wanted, They told me they had it in stock, the problem is that with Free Rebates you have to spend $10.00 to qualify, so I had to come up with another $10 in purchases. ( my husband wanted to return everything and start over, but I wanted to just pick up a few more things, so we decided to do that)

Transaction 2:
Box of Ice Pops, $2.87, $1.00 rebate
Olive Oil, $4.76
Root Beer, $3.00
Bugles, $1.24 a bag ( Okay, this stuff is for a gathering tomorrow for Memorial day!)
2 Rag Rugs, $1.00 each, FREE after Rebate
3 Jar Air Freshners, $1.00 each, Free after Rebate
5 boxes of Crayola Model Magic with Paint Sets, $10.00 each, Free after Rebates, I am going to save these as gift for kids, either Christmas or Birthdays!

Total (OOP): $71.46
Then I am getting back in rebates: $56.00

So, OOP was $122.03, and I am getting $83.80 back in rebates. Which means everything really will cost me $38.23. Not bad for $209.19 worth of stuff ( and a Weed Wacker..LOL)


pennyscents said...

Do you have to submit a seperate rebate form for all of the items that you purchased that have a rebate, or does Menard's have a rebate form where you submit all items on one form?

Frugalmommie said...

All the rebates can be sent together in one envelope. The only rebate that was different was the Ice Pops, that rebate was on the box.

:) Good Question

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