Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menards Trip! and a life update...

Trip to Menards

2 - 3pk of Klennex facial Tissue $5.99, -50 cent coupons from sunday paper, with $2.00 rebate on each
10 rolls of paper towels, on sale 10 for $4.00
4 bottles of Hawiian Punch Drink, on sale for $1.24, with 75 cent rebate on each

Total $21.82
Minus $1.00 in coupons
Then I used a $20.00 refund credit from my last shopping trip with rebates
So, out of pocket .82 cents and I am getting $7.00 back in rebate certificates again!!

:) We are now fully stocked on klennex again (yeah! We were getting low!) and I have plentry of paper towel.

I plan to stop at Super Walmart tomorrow for a few cheapies and freebies! I will post later!!

Also,************Life Update********* Just to let you know what is going on financially. As some of you know I work Full time in a school, and part time in a college and part time in a church. My college job ended this week due to the semester being over. And, to my sadness, I was forced to leave my church job after 6 years. (long story I won't share here). So, I am now just working my school job and that ends June 12th. As of June 12th, my husband and I will both be unemployeed( unless he finds a job). I go back in Sept. So, my summer will be challenged with how much money I can save and how much I can live off my stockpile. My husband will collect unemployment so we will have to live on that.
We aren't completely credit card free as we have hoped but by June we should have it under $4,000. Which is a mole hill comparted to the mountains we have faced in the past.

Also, my husband started the garden. We are planting Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, garden beans, peas, radishes, and more. I will keep you posted on how we do!!


pennyscents said...

From what I have learned about you in the short time that I have been following your blog you are one very determined woman. I know that you will work everything out no matter what. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless!!! :)

Frugalmommie said...

Thanks Penny!
I really was upset at first, but now, I realize we have enough money to get through summer and I am thrilled to have the whole summer with my kids. And I may still work summer school! Still, It's time to let someone else stress over the church's business! I did it for 6 years! IF the priest doesn't want me, OH WELL! His loss!!

:) Stay Frugal Penny! THANKS for the prayers!!


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