Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few Frugal Notes Today....

First of all, on the way home, I saw some "leftover" rummage sale items next to a garbage can. I stopped and picked up a beautiful dark blue glass candle holder with star and moon design. My bathroom is done in that design so this is a perfect free addition! Then, I picked up a kids coat rack. It's got teddy bears and a heart, very country looking. It was loose and needs to be tighten. My husband said he could do that no problem. I am thinking of adding it the rummage sale pile or freecycling it. Don't know yet. Too cute to just throw it in the land fill.

Then, even though I told my hubby not to worry about it, he searched through my coupons and found 1 more Marcal free up to $4.00 coupon, and several of the free up to $1.00 coupons. He went back to Big K today because he had to go to Janesville for his plasma donation. He picked up 20 rolls of double roll Toilet Paper. Before coupons: $14.25..after coupons $8.18. That's about 41 cents a double roll, that is a decent price since the cost has gone up so much, so he bought them.

Also, my threshhold for shopping per month is $250.00. I have added up all of the month of May out of pocket expenses. $245.30, BUT that includes the Menards Trip and we are getting back $83.80 in rebates!!!! Also, that includes the gifts and weed wacker from Menards, which really don't qualify for my grocery budget!!! So, I feed my family, my cats, and supplied the house with cleaning products, paper products, and health and beauty products for under $250 again this month. :)

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